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Retirement and Pensions News Headlines

Perplexed by your pension? You're not alone - we lift the lid on what you need to do when you reach retirement
Source: Mail Online - 23rd January 2017
Britons now enjoy more flexibility on how to access their pension savings than ever before, but so much choice can make finding the right option a little confusing.
There are fairer ways to set the pension age – but politicians are ducking them
Source: The Guardian - 22nd January 2017
A rise to 70 is rumoured to be on the way. Surely there must be more creative, flexible ways to meet the growing needs of an ageing population
Grandparents miss out on tax credits that could boost state pension
Source: The Guardian - 20th January 2017
Little-known scheme could put thousands of pounds back into pensions of grandparents who take time off work to look after grandchildren under 12
The state pension perk worth £4.5k in retirement: 100,000 grandparents helping to raise children are urged to claim benefit
Source: This Is Money - 19th January 2017
Around 100,000 grandparents taking on childcare duties could be unwittingly losing credits towards a state pension worth thousands of pounds, new research reveals.
Pensions: What to watch out for in 2017
Source: Moneywise - 19th January 2017
Even after the introduction of the pension freedoms in 2015, the government continues to tinker with pensions legislation as pressure on budgets continues.
Hundreds of thousands of retired Britons in EU 'may be forced to return'
Source: The Guardian - 18th January 2017
Campaigners say pensioners in countries such as Spain will have to go back to UK if they can no longer get free healthcare
Revealed: How YOU could be left with a shrunken state pension due to duff Government forecasts dating back decades
Source: Mail Online - 18th January 2017
Tens of thousands of workers are facing a poorer retirement because Government numbercrunchers bungled important financial forecasts during the past few decades, official records reveal.
Taking lump sums early leads to poorer retirement say Just
Source: Actuarial Post - 18th January 2017
This year, more people in the UK than ever before will reach their 55th birthdays1 – the age at which they have the right to start to accessing lump sums from pension savings.
Pension freedoms: Lump sum take-up could lead to widespread pension poverty
Source: City A.M. - 18th January 2017
Britons are set to take advantage of accessing lump sums from pension pots at record levels in 2017, something that could increase the chances of widespread pensioner poverty, a retirement specialist has warned.
Pension pot tax traps
Source: FT Adviser - 18th January 2017
From an advice perspective, maximising pension savings in the run-up to April, along with any unused annual allowance from previous years, will be high on the adviser action list for appropriate clients.
The state pension perk worth £4.5k in retirement: 100,000 grandparents helping to raise children are urged to claim benefit
Source: This Is Money - 18th January 2017
Around 100,000 grandparents taking on childcare duties could be unwittingly losing credits towards a state pension worth thousands of pounds, new research reveals.
‘Young people set to choose Lifetime Isas over pensions’
Source: Money Marketing - 18th January 2017
Over a quarter of millennials think the Lifetime Isa will be a more tax efficient retirement savings vehicle than auto-enrolling in a workplace pension.
Pensioners plunged into debt by the annuity U-turn: They borrowed money on the promise of a lump sum – and have now been left stranded
Source: Mail Online - 18th January 2017
Trusting pensioners have been plunged into crippling debt after the Government axed plans to let savers cash in their annuities.
OAPs are using their homes to top up retirement spending
Source: Express - 17th January 2017
Older British homeowners are withdrawing nearly £6million worth of property equity every day to bolster their retirement spending.
Finding a way to make right-sizing work: how paying retirees to downsize could happen
Source: Yahoo Finance - 16th January 2017
Retirees could be paid to downsize potentially freeing up thousands of larger properties to families, it has been revealed..
Judges win claim over pension scheme changes
Source: BBC - 16th January 2017
The government has lost a legal case over the way it changed the pension scheme for the UK's judges in 2015.
Equity release in UK reached new records in 2016
Source: Property Wire - 16th January 2017
Equity release lending in the UK broke the £2 billion barrier for the first time in 2016, marking a landmark year for the sector, new figures show.
The new retirement: how an ageing population is transforming Britain
Source: The Guardian - 16th January 2017
Traditional views of retirement are being swept away. In a new series, we consider what that means for the retirees of today – and those of the future 
The government may pay you to downsize
Source: AOL - 16th January 2017
Older people may get financial incentives to downsize - will it work? 
Retirees, It May Be Time To Get Your Head Out Of The Sand
Source: Forbes - 16th January 2017
Just imagine this picture: you have worked your entire life, you have appropriately managed your money, and you are now looking forward to bobbing around in the surf and building sand castles with your grandkids. 
Hard Brexit means retiring later, Britons warned
Source: The Guardian - 16th January 2017
Drastic cuts to migration will skew the ratio of working-age people to pensioners, delaying pension payments, modelling for the Guardian shows
Retirees' income grows 13% since financial crisis, but income falls elsewhere
Source: Money Observer - 15th January 2017
Retired households in the UK have seen their annual income grow by 13 per cent since the financial crisis while the rest of the UK has experienced a decline.
Retire? No way! Boom in total of 80-plus workers as fitter OAPs flock to part-time jobs
Source: Mail Online - 14th January 2017
The number of workers in their eighties and nineties has doubled in five years, figures show.
How to get a pension of £20,000 by the time you retire
Source: BBC - 14th January 2017
We keep being told to save more for our retirement.
But how big a pension will we need, and how much should we be putting away to pay for it?
Is the Govt about to reinvent the wheel on pensions?
Source: Money Marketing - 14th January 2017
Advisers are being warned to brace themselves for another year of disruptive pensions policy which could see the idea of long-term savings turned on its head.
Retirees: Here’s what’s keeping you from starting a business
Source: Market Watch - 13th January 2017
Retirement is a great time to start a business, when you no longer have the financial, family and time obligations you once did. But many people just can’t bring themselves to do it.
Hundreds of workers and retirees at British car parts manufacturer are rescued from the pension lifeboat
Source: Mail Online - 13th January 2017
Hundreds of workers and retirees will have their pensions protected after they were rescued in a deal that unions hope will set a precedent.
Petition calls on MPs to take action on pension charges
Source: Citywire - 13th January 2017
A letter calling on the government to take action over transparency in pensions has been sent to MPs.
Everything you need to know about how and when to retire and how to survive on a pension
Source: Mirror - 13th January 2017
More than half of people over 55 have no idea when they will be able to afford to retire, so here are some questions you need to ask yourself before you do
Will Brexit Be Hard Or Soft On Pension Savers?
Source: iExpats - 13th January 2017
British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit strategy is becoming clearer – but millions of expats across Europe are waiting to hear how her plans will impact their pensions.
Equity release market hits new record
Source: Moneyfacts - 12th January 2017
The equity release market went from strength to strength last year, and now, new figures have confirmed what was already predicted – lending has surged to an all-time high, with retired homeowners withdrawing a record £2.15 billion from their homes!
UK inequality narrows but many working people are worse off
Source: Guardian - 11th January 2017
Boost in pensions is main driver of rising standards for low-income groups, ONS figures show
Thinking of leaving Britain for sunnier climes? Why Benidorm is the place to retire to
Source: BT - 11th January 2017
Looking to retire somewhere sunny but not too far away? Take a hint from the ITV series Benidorm - this Spanish resort might be just the place for you.
Half of over-55s have no clue when they can afford to retire
Source: Professional Pensions - 11th January 2017
Half of people aged over 55 have no idea when they can afford to retire despite being within a decade of state retirement age, according to research.
Retired see income soar but downturn leaves working people worse off
Source: Independent - 11th January 2017
The latest figures show retirees are riding an income wave, while thsoe who work lose out.
Retired British expats 'outstrip European pensioners using NHS'
Source: BBC - 11th January 2017
Many more expat UK pensioners rely on European healthcare under reciprocal healthcare agreements than UK-based European pensioners rely on the NHS.
I won't U-turn on women's pensions: Blow to retirement age campaigners as new minister says there's 'no hope' of reform
Source: Mail Online - 11th January 2017
It's a scorching hot Saturday morning in the middle of July and Richard Harrington and his brother are driving towards Hampstead, North London, for lunch with their elderly mother.
Pensions freedoms - where are we now?
Source: FT Adviser - 11th January 2017
Time flies - it is now 21 months since pension freedoms were introduced and with them the radical reshaping of the sector
Mortgage nightmare hits millions of pensioners
Source: AOL Money - 9th January 2017
In many cases older people are keen to move into retirement properties, such as bungalows, in attractive parts of the country.
Aviva ties up with LinkedIn to hunt for millions of lost pension pots
Source: Citywire - 9th January 2017
Aviva UK is in talks with LinkedIn to create a scheme to track millions of forgotten pension pots, dubbed ‘the UK’s biggest Treasure hunt’.
Rising retirement age means that smart saving is more important than ever
Source: Sunday Express - 8th January 2017
WHO WANTS to work forever?
For most people the answer will be “not me, thanks”, but if the Government has its way, they may have little choice.
Almost 50% of workers have this major retirement regret
Source: Motley Fool - 7th January 2017
Over the past five years, multiple surveys and studies have shown that around 50% of all savers in the UK aren’t putting away enough for retirement.
Debt worries thwarting traditional retirement plans
Source: Financial Reporter - 6th January 2017
Over a fifth of retirees are using the 25% tax-free portion of their pension pot towards debt repayments rather than investing in traditional retirement plans, according to online investment site True Potential Investor.
Sorry millennials, you're never going to retire
Source: AOL Money - 6th January 2017
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I really do, but someone has to say it. If you are under 40, the age of retirement has passed on.
You might be SHOCKED by the world’s BEST places to retire in 2017
Source: Express - 5th January 2017
THE BEST places to retire have been outlined in a report, listing the very best countries in the world to head to when you hit 66.
Final salary pension deficit of biggest listed firms in UK 'hits £137bn'
Source: The Guardian - 5th January 2017
Consultancy says combined deficit has trebled from £39bn in previous year despite stock market ending year on high
Treasury could wreck pensions, says ex-minister: Government accused of short-sightedness that could threaten the futures of young people
Source: Mail Online - 5th January 2017
Treasury could wreck pensions, says ex-minister: Government accused of short-sightedness that could threaten the futures of young people
British retirees watch 'frozen' pensions disappear, campaigners hope Brexit brings change
Source: ABC - 4th January 2017
For British pensioners who retire abroad, the world is split in two. Countries where UK pensions are indexed — where they rise automatically every year to keep up with inflation — and countries where they are not.
Altmann slates the triple lock
Source: FT Adviser - 4th January 2017
Former pensions minister Baroness Ros Altmann has spoken out on the triple lock stating it fails to address the needs of the oldest and poorest in the UK
Everything you need to know about the new state pension – what it pays and when you get it
Source: Mirror - 4th January 2017
It pays £155.65 a week, or £44.47 a week, or nothing. You get it at 65, or 66, or 67 or far more. This is what what you need to know to understand the new state pension
Government plans to 'raise pension age to 70' blasted in new report highlighting UK's growing rich-poor divide among an ageing population
Source: Mail Online - 4th January 2017
Supposed government plans to raise the pension age in Britain to 70 have been slammed by a leading industry body.
Must older married women wait for husbands to reach retirement age to get state pension? Steve Webb replies
Source: This Is Money - 4th January 2017
If a married woman reaches state pension age before her husband, does she receive her pension then or does she have to wait until her husband reaches his state pension age?
Gov't under pressure on triple lock in state pension review
Source: Citywire - 3rd January 2017
The government's triple lock policy has come under increased pressure as part of John Cridland's review of the state pension. 
Debate: is the new means test for the aged pension fair?
Source: The Guardian - 3rd January 2017
The government claims that changes to the aged pension make the system fairer by targeting wealthy retirees. But are the changes genuinely progressive?
What you need to know about pensions in 2017: How Brexit, a threat to tax relief, and state pension age changes may affect you
Source: Mail Online - 3rd January 2017
How negotiations for Britain to leave the EU play out is one of the big unknowns of the next few years, but there are bound to be consequences for the finances of pensioners and savers approaching retirement.
State pension age should not increase further, PLSA says
Source: Money Marketing - 3rd January 2017
The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association says it does not want to see the state pension age increased any more because it would disadvantage groups of people with lower than average life expectancies.
So what does 2017 hold for our pensions?
Source: Wales Online - 2nd January 2017
Partner at Quantum Advisory Stuart Price looks ahead at the big issues set to have an impact on pensions this year.
Saving a little extra makes a big difference to retirement
Source: Mail Online - 1st January 2017
New Year's resolutions can be invigorating.
It's a brand new year and a chance to do things right. As such, some resolutions tend to show up again and again on lists, such as save more, spend less and lose weight.
Life really does begin at 50: 2017 will be the year for the over 50s
Source: Express - 30th December 2016
Oldies with attitude are set to embark on a wide array of new adventures in 2017 -- and they have issued a warning that they do not suffer fools gladly, according to a new report yesterday.
How to start 2017 in the best financial health: Pensions Minister RICHARD HARRINGTON offers saving tips
Source: This Is Money - 30th December 2016
With 2017 nearly here, many of us will be thinking about our finances and getting to grips with our savings, writes Pensions Minister Richard Harrington.
Steve Webb: Pension tax-free lump sums set for ‘extinction’
Source: Money Marketing - 30th December 2016
Chancellor George Osborne is to announce a dramatic overhaul of pensions taxation, according to former pensions minister Steve Webb, including the “extinction” of tax-free cash.
How sex can be so much better for the over-50s: Mature lovers draw on their life experiences to make them better partners
Source: Mail Online - 29th December 2016
There aren’t many twentysomethings who would envy the sex lives of those over 50.
But maybe they should.
New calls for state pension payouts to be made available at earlier age
Source: Express - 28th December 2016
TWO out of five people favour overhauling the state pension so that it could be taken at an earlier age, albeit at a reduced rate, according to a survey.
Pension freedom rules set to be changed
Source: FT Adviser - 28th December 2016
Changes are being made to the pensions tax rules less than a year after the introduction of pension flexibility in April 2015
HMRC to end salary sacrifice as we know it
Source: FT Adviser - 28th December 2016
HM Revenue & Customs has revealed how it will limit any tax and national insurance contributions savings from salary sacrifice schemes
Philip Green demands Dominic Chappell pays into BHS pension deal
Source: The Guardian - 28th December 2016
Retail tycoon wants Pensions Regulator to also make former owner contribute to settle £571m deficit in pension scheme
Brexit vote to change in retirement plans for one in four people over 55
Source: Mirror - 27th December 2016
Just over one in four people approaching retirement have changed their plans in some way following the vote to leave the EU, survey finds
UK government trails new plan to help retain older workers
Source: Relocate Magazine - 24th December 2016
The UK government is set to introduce an employer-led strategy aimed at encouraging older people to stay in work longer. It follows new data showing a preference for more flexible working in the run up to retirement.
One in five know little or nothing about pensions, DWP research finds
Source: FT Adviser - 23rd December 2016
One in five people know little or nothing about pensions, according to research for the Department for Work and Pensions.
7 Ways QROPS Give Expats More Money In Retirement
Source: iExpats - 23rd December 2016
Many expats think about the Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) in terms of a way to take a larger tax-free cash lump sum on retirement – but they come with plenty of other incentives as well.
Would new pension protection rules stop a repeat of BHS? Why MPs want the 'nuclear deterrent' of huge fines to protect final salary schemes
Source: Mail Online - 21st December 2016
MPs are calling for massive 'nuclear deterrent' penalties for firms that try to avoid pension responsibilities to reduce the chances of BHS-style fund collapse happening again.
Beware tax trap for families who inherit pension savings from old-style schemes
Source: Mail Online - 21st December 2016
Older savers risk leaving their loved ones with hefty tax bills if they pass on their pensions after they die.
Government criticises 'inefficient' debt and pensions advice bodies
Source: The Guardian - 20th December 2016
Treasury and DWP consult on new body to replace Money Advice Service, Pensions Advisory Service and Pension Wise
2017 Predictions: maintaining momentum for an aspirational retirement key
Source: Property Week - 20th December 2016
The Government reaffirmed its commitment to home ownership in 2016. We’ve seen renewed promises of affordable homes, more initiatives to help first time buyers save and a booming buy-to-let market.
Retirees' income expectations rise 4% in 2016
Source: FT Adviser - 19th December 2016
Retirement income expectations rose for the third year in a row in 2016, with people who retired this year expecting to receive on average £17,700 a year, a Prudential survey of 1,000 retirees has revealed
Lords examines Pension Schemes Bill
Source: Parliament - 19th December 2016
The Pension Schemes Bill will have its report stage, a further chance to examine the bill and make changes, in the Lords on Monday 19 December.
Retirement developments can offer a ready-made social life, says Deborah Stone
Source: Express - 18th December 2016
WITH just one week to go until the big day it is worth remembering that for some people Christmas is a time of loneliness more than celebration.
Pensions Regulator fires BHS warning shot with £255m Coats Group deal
Source: The Guardian - 17th December 2016
Watchdog’s record settlement with thread maker shows it will continue talks even after launching legal proceedings
Have fun in your 50s: it’s the key to living longer, science says
Source: The Guardian - 16th December 2016
A positive outlook in middle age can make you live longer, a UCL study has found. We ask over-50s how they keep themselves happy and contented
Fresh row over Lifetime Isas ignites after Government issues late rule change on 25% exit penalty
Source: Mail Online - 16th December 2016
A late change to the Lifetime Isa over the 25 per cent exit penalty has sparked fresh criticism from ex-Pensions Minister Steve Webb, who accused the Government of causing confusion and 'making up the rules as it goes along'.
Greece passes pension deal in defiance of bailout creditors
Source: BBC - 15th December 2016
The Greek parliament has defied the international creditors providing Athens' bailout funds and voted through a one-off payment to pensioners.
Providers voice concerns on limits to UK pension transfers
Source: International Adviser - 15th December 2016
The UK government’s plans to tighten rules on transferring money out of pensions to tackle widespread fraud, has been described as “anti-consumer” by Rops provider Momentum Pensions,...
'It terrifies me': Britons in Europe on how Brexit is going to affect them
Source: The Guardian - 15th December 2016
Britons living elsewhere in EU tell how they fear their pensions, healthcare and right to remain will disappear
Coalition defends pension changes after union robocall blitz
Source: The Guardian - 15th December 2016
Human services minister says ACTU’s calls targeting pension changes ‘another disgraceful union campaign aimed at putting fear into vulnerable Australians’
Cost of living squeeze in Britain's biggest cities 'hits pension savings' - and Brighton's really feeling the pinch
Source: Mail Online - 15th December 2016
The rising cost of living in some of Britain's biggest cities is hampering people's ability to save money into a pension for retirement.
FCA considers £1m compensation limit to increase protection for pensioners
Source: The Guardian - 14th December 2016
Financial Conduct Authority to review safeguards against risk of financial firms going bust as pensioners favour drawdown products to annuities
Labour targets pensioners with pledge to keep triple lock
Source: The Guardian - 14th December 2016
John McDonnell sets out measures in bid to attract over-65s, who turned away from party in 2015 election
Does your annuity have small print that says you can sell it? We found one example and experts say there’ll be more
Source: Mail Online - 14th December 2016
Insurers are flouting the small print in their own contracts by refusing to let savers cash in their small annuities, Money Mail can reveal.
Watchdogs demand urgent action as 300,000 pension savers STILL face rip-off fees three years after shock probe
Source: Mail Online - 14th December 2016
More than 300,000 pension savers are still being charged rip-off fees three years after a report uncovered widespread exploitation of people trying to provide for old age, officials have found.
Enjoying retirement could help you live longer, study finds
Source: Belfast Telegraph - 14th December 2016
Enjoying retirement could be the key to a longer life, a new study suggests.
Inflation rise spells disaster for pensioners
Source: AoL Money - 13th December 2016
The latest inflation figures revealed that prices are rising faster than anyone had expected. The 1.2% rise in November was the highest since October 2014, and has led to speculation that it will rise even further in 2017 - as the impact of the weak pound filters though into shop prices.
UK pensions changes set to affect British expats
Source: Expat Forum - 13th December 2016
British expats who are concerned about their pension investments when the UK leaves the European Union need to be aware of new changes announced by the Government, particularly if they are planning to move back.
State pension 'must increase above inflation'
Source: FT Adviser - 13th December 2016
The state pension will need to increase above inflation or earnings, regardless of whether or not the triple lock remains beyond 2020, pensions consultancy Hymans Robertson has argued
Baby boomers' binge-drinking epidemic: Study reveals surge in over-50s consuming excessive amounts of alcohol
Source: Mail Online - 13th December 2016
Baby boomers are binge-drinking more and more, new research reveals.
An analysis of federal data stretching from 2005 to 2014 shows a 19 percent increase in the number of over-50-year-olds drinking excessive amounts of alcohol in one sitting.
Auto-enrolment: self-employed and low-paid could benefit
Source: The Guardian - 13th December 2016
Those who work for themselves and those with multiple jobs each paying below the £10,000 are currently losing out
Self-employed and low-paid could be auto-enrolled into pensions after a Government review next year
Source: Mail Online - 13th December 2016
The Government plans to examine the plight of the self-employed and other workers excluded from pension auto-enrolment by age or level of earnings during a sweeping review next year.
Rising property price joy for retired homeowners who enjoyed tax-free windfall of £26,000
Source: Express - 13th December 2016
PENSIONER homeowners have enjoyed a tax-free windfall of £26,000 this year on the back of rising property prices.
Property wealth for retired homeowners increases £26,000
Source: What Mortgage - 12th December 2016
Retired homeowners have gained an average of £26,000 tax-free this year from their houses, new analysis from over-55s financial specialist Key Retirement shows.
Britons face pensions shortfall of £370,000
Source: FT Adviser - 12th December 2016
The so-called 'Sandwich Generation' of 45 to 54-year-olds are facing an average pensions shortfall of£370,000, a study has found
Everyone with a pension is a prime target for scammers - and it pays to be one step ahead of the crooks
Source: Mail Online - 11th December 2016
With eight scam calls per second and millions of consumers randomly contacted by strangers about their pension every year, protecting savers from the clutches of fraudsters is a high priority.
Pensions boost for millions of savers as firms told to FREE customers in bad policies
Source: Sunday Express - 11th December 2016
SAVERS sold unsuitable pensions over the past three decades should be allowed to give up their policies without penalty, a financial regulator has said.
'I don’t want fraud putting retirement at risk – so I’m backing the Mail on Sunday's campaign', says the MINISTER FOR PENSIONS
Source: This Is Money - 11th December 2016
Fraudsters and scam artists are criminals who target and prey on society’s most vulnerable. They are an evil that needs to be tackled.
Pensioners with final salary schemes 'should be allowed to cash in part of their pot and keep income from the rest'
Source: Mail Online - 10th December 2016
The six million-plus pensioners with final salary pensions should be given an option to convert only part of their pension into cash as opposed having to choose between all or nothing, a pensions expert has saidsaid.
Pensions minister challenged on lifetime allowance
Source: Money Marketing - 10th December 2016
Pensions Minister Richard Harrington has faced calls from advisers to abolish the lifetime allowance.
Defined benefit pension transfer values 'shooting up'
Source: BBC - 10th December 2016
Six million people with defined benefit pensions have seen their transfer values shoot up in the last year, according to a big insurance company.
Indigenous man's disability pension claim rejected twice despite loss of eye
Source: The Guardian - 9th December 2016
Pension assessor rejected claim by 64-year-old ‘Mr A’, whose doctor had said he required 24-hour care after cancer surgery
Options for retiring baby boomers looking after their parents are on the rise
Source: Express - 9th December 2016
FAR from “having it all”, many baby boomers are spending their retirement caring for their ageing parents – and, according to government figures, it’s a future more of us can look forward to.
PENSION CRISIS: 10m workers forced out of workplace before retirement age
Source: Express - 9th December 2016
MILLIONS of older workers have been forced out of the workplace before they planned to retire, leaving serious consequences for their pension pots.
Think tank slams pension freedoms
Source: FT Adviser - 9th December 2016
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has warned that pension reforms championed by former chancellor George Osborne could lead to some people outliving their savings.
Many DB schemes are ‘just treading water’
Source: Money Marketing - 9th December 2016
The Pension Protection Fund says little progress has been made in closing a total £222bn deficit on UK defined benefit schemes, with many schemes “just treading water”.
Source: The Irish Sun - 9th December 2016
‘Pensions apartheid’ in Britain as gap between public and private sector pensions grows to become one of the widest in developed world
Final salary pension schemes pivot to overseas stock markets
Source: The Guardian - 8th December 2016
Pension Protection Fund finds funds are shifting from UK stocks to foreign shares and government bonds to reduce risk
Consultation planned for closure of British Steel Pension Scheme
Source: Investment & Pensions Europe - 8th December 2016
Tata Steel is to consult with unions on the closure of the British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS) and the introduction of a defined contribution (DC) fund.
Two in five people forced to give up work before planned retirement age
Source: The Actuary - 8th December 2016
It has been found that 38% of retirees are forced to give up work before their planned retirement age, according to research by Aegon.
'Tough' year for final salary pensions
Source: BBC - 8th December 2016
Conditions for final-salary pension schemes will be "tough" in 2017, a review of the sector suggests, with many simply "treading water".
Half of UK workers 'have their heads in the sand over pensions' - but are you one of the 6% who is saving enough?
Source: This Is Money - 8th December 2016
Half of Britons adopt an 'Ostrich mentality' of burying their heads in the sand when it comes to retirement savings.
Brits should work into their 70s to boost life expectancy, says UK's top doctor
Source: Evening Standard - 8th December 2016
Working into your 70s can help boost life expectancy, the UK's chief doctor has told Brits.
Age is just a number Brits should put off retirement and work into their 70s to keep fit, top doctor Dame Sally Davies claims
Source: The Sun - 8th December 2016
Professor Dame Sally Davies says staying in employment will keep older people physically and mentally well
Warning over workers having an ‘ostrich mentality’ when it comes to saving for retirement
Source: Express - 8th December 2016
MILLIONS of workers have an ‘ostrich mentality’ when it comes to saving for their old age, one of the UK’s oldest building societies has warned.
Workers nearing retirement FACE financial hardship in old age due to financial demands
Source: Express - 8th December 2016
EMPLOYEES nearing retirement face financial hardship in old age because they are sandwiched between conflicting financial demands
The real reason we don't save for retirement
Source: AoL Money - 7th December 2016
Retirement doesn’t feel real - for sound psychological reasons - so how can we possibly plan for it?
Beware the salesmen flogging pension deals in marketing emails
Source: Mail Online - 7th December 2016
Savers should beware marketing emails urging them to buy annuities.
The rates on annuities, which pay an income for life, have plunged, meaning many people are waiting for these rock-bottom payouts to rise.
Two in Five pensioners fear running out of money
Source: Actuarial Post - 7th December 2016
MetLife have published new research showing that two out of five pensioners, the equivalent of 4.4 million, fear running out of money in retirement as they don’t have enough guaranteed income
Check your State Pension age
Source: NI Direct - 7th December 2016
Use the online calculator to find out when you'll reach State Pension age; your Pension Credit qualifying age; and when you'll be eligible for free bus travel.
Vladimir Putin to QUIT? ‘Nature loving’ Russian hardman reveals shock retirement plans
Source: Daily Star - 6th December 2016
VLADIMIR Putin has revealed his plans for retirement – sparking rumours he could soon stand down.
Is rising life expectancy a social benefit or burden? Half of over-65s think we view living longer as a financial problem
Source: Mail Online - 6th December 2016
Living longer is being viewed more as a problem by society than a benefit, say half of over-65s.
Hundreds of millions lost in tax relief on pensions
Source: FT Adviser - 5th December 2016
A fifth of Britain's 7.9m personal pension savers have not claimed the full amount of tax relief they are entitled to, according to IFA firm True Potential
More pensioners putting income at risk by linking to stock market, warn experts
Source: Express - 3rd December 2016
PENSION freedoms have increased the number of retirees linking their income to risky stock market investments, which could lead to a nasty shock in the event of a financial downturn or crisis, experts have warned.
Prison officer leaders reach deal on pay and conditions
Source: BBC - 2nd December 2016
Leaders of the prison officers union have reached a deal over pay and conditions following concerns about jail safety, the Ministry of Justice has said.
Advice for pensioners in Yemen
Source: GOV.UK - 2nd December 2016
Due to the security situation in Yemen we are currently unable to process some State Pension payments through the Yemeni banking system.
There are fairer ways to set the pension age – but politicians are ducking them
Source: The Guardian - 1st December 2016
A rise to 70 is rumoured to be on the way. Surely there must be more creative, flexible ways to meet the growing needs of an ageing population
UK consumers think retirement finances are less important than European peers
Source: Money Marketing - 1st December 2016
UK consumers think money is less important for a good quality of life in retirement than their European peers, according to Chase de Vere research.