Pensions and Retirement News

Pension scammers ordered to repay £13.7m by High Court
Source: Pensions Age - 24th January 2018
Four pension scammers have been ordered to repay £13.7m, after The Pensions Regulator won a High Court battle today (23 January 2018).
Retirement hastens onset of dementia
Source: The Times - 24th January 2018
Retirement may mean more time and less stress but it also puts people at risk of dementia.
HMRC updates pensions' tax relief forecast for employers - Tilney
Source: What Investment - 23rd January 2018
Andy James, the head of retirement planning at Tilney, comments on the HMRC's estimated cost of pension tax relief reaching £41 billion.
Cold call pension scammers ordered to repay £13.7m by court
Source: Citywire - 23rd January 2018
Four individuals behind an occupational ‘pension scam’ have been told by the High Court to pay back £13.7 million to their victims following a prosecution led by The Pensions Regulator (TPR).
Retirement linked to a decline in memory
Source: NHS - 23rd January 2018
"Retirement causes brain function to rapidly decline, warn scientists," The Daily Telegraph reports, before adding that "workers looking forward to enjoying a long and leisurely retirement after years of toil, may need to think again".
Equity release levels hit 15-year high
Source: Pensions Expert - 23rd January 2018
Equity release deals over 2017 smashed the £3bn barrier for the first time, following £838m of lending in the final quarter of last year.
Nearly half of pensioners puzzled by pension freedoms
Source: Citywire - 23rd January 2018
Huge swathes of the older population still do not fully understand the effect of the pension freedoms, as these figures collected from a survey conducted by Old Mutual Wealth show.
UK Pension Deficits Widen in December
Source: Chief Investment Officer - 23rd January 2018
The total deficit of the nearly 5,600 pension plans covered by the Pension Protection Fund’s (PPF) PPF 7800 Index increased £16.2 billion to £103.8 billion during December,...
Pension and tax savings clients may be missing out on
Source: Money Marketing - 23rd January 2018
Five overlooked government credits and allowances advisers should look out for
Pensions minister backs default guidance for pension freedoms
Source: Money Marketing - 23rd January 2018
The government will look at how individuals who exercise pension freedoms can be given “a further nudge” to take guidance, pensions minister Guy Opperman says.
High Court rejects BT’s plans to reduce pension benefits
Source: Moneywise - 23rd January 2018
BT’s plans to reduce its pension deficit by cutting the benefits it pays to its members has been rejected by the High Court.
Retirement wealth seen as a bigger worry than health
Source: The Actuary - 23rd January 2018
More people are concerned about their wealth in retirement than they are about staying fit when they are older, according to research released today by Aegon.
Cost of pension and NI tax relief set to surpass £41bn
Source: Citywire - 23rd January 2018
The government is set to spend £41 billion on pension and national insurance tax relief for the current tax year, new HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) figures have revealed.
UK universities face disruption as staff back industrial action
Source: The Guardian - 23rd January 2018
Higher education staff at 61 universities vote to protest over proposed changes to pensions
Six reasons to delay an annuity purchase
Source: Your Money - 23rd January 2018
Annuities provide retirees with a guaranteed income for life but before locking in, here are six reasons why you may want to delay the purchase.
Theresa May to clamp down on companies that put pension schemes at risk
Source: Pensions Age - 23rd January 2018
Prime Minister Theresa May has said the government will “set out new tough new rules for executives who try to line their own pockets by putting their workers’ pensions at risk” in Spring, ending an “unacceptable abuse”.
10 things millennials should do now so they can retire early
Source: Business Insider - 23rd January 2018
The days of getting a job for life with a secure pension are long gone. Nowadays, you'll have to rely much more on your own initiative to create pension arrangements, especially if you're planning on early retirement.
Lower life expectancies, discount rate tweaks could reduce U.K. pension deficits
Source: Pensions & Investments - 23rd January 2018
Lower life expectancy assumptions and tweaks around calculating retirement benefits paid by companies could lower aggregate pension deficits of U.K. FTSE 350 companies by £45 billion ($62 billion), Willis Towers Watson estimated.
Would be expat retirees warned over dodgy investments
Source: Emigrate - 23rd January 2018
If you’re looking to plan for an expat retirement in a totally new environment, you need to take care your investments are secure.
Universities face 14 days of strike action over pensions
Source: BBC - 23rd January 2018
Top universities face 14 days of strike action, starting next month, if a row over planned changes to staff pensions is not resolved.
Just How Big a Social Security Hit Do Early Retirees Take?
Source: Yahoo Finance - 22nd January 2018
Getting the most you can from Social Security is an important part of ensuring your financial security after you retire.
May warned over knee-jerk executive pay reform after Carillion collapse
Source: City A.M. - 22nd January 2018
Theresa May was warned today not to make knee-jerk reforms to executive pay following the collapse of Carillion.
Theresa May's pensions clampdown is too late after Carillion collapse
Source: Mirror - 22nd January 2018
Labour's Debbie Abrahams says the move to tighten up the pensions framework is closing the door after the horse has bolted
EU pension fund on brink of collapse: Taxpayers will have to bail out hundreds of MEPs
Source: Express - 22nd January 2018
A PENSION fund for Euro MPs is almost bankrupt and will have to be bailed out by taxpayers, according to Germany's biggest daily paper.
Why the industry has got it all wrong on retirees
Source: Money Marketing - 22nd January 2018
Not everyone wants to conform to a prescribed, industry-standard retirement
Are we heading for a pensions apocalypse? How to protect your savings
Source: The Sun - 22nd January 2018
The UK's pension black hole now stands at an eye-watering £88billion
A mid-life MOT will help people plan their pension
Source: The Times - 22nd January 2018
Today the House of Commons debates serious measures to address the provision of debt advice, pensions guidance,...
Ten Scottish public sector bosses have pension pots worth over £1.5million, research reveals
Source: The Scottish Sun - 22nd January 2018
The massive sums that quango bosses and NHS chiefs have lined up for their retirement were blasted as a “national scandal”
Theresa May: I will fine greedy bosses who betray their workers
Source: The Guardian - 21st January 2018
Irresponsible company bosses who “line their own pockets” while failing to protect workers’ pension schemes are to be hit with huge fines, under plans to be announced by Theresa May’s government within weeks.
Beware the vultures circling over gold-plated pensions: Should you transfer out of your final salary scheme?
Source: This Is Money - 21st January 2018
Workers are being warned to ignore ‘vulture’ advisers hoping for rich pickings from exploiting widespread fears over the financial security of employer pension schemes.
PM to stop private sector 'pension abuse'
Source: BBC - 21st January 2018
The government will stop workers' pensions being put at risk from "executives who try to line their own pockets", the prime minister has said.
No place for police in British Steel pension probe, says trade body boss
Source: Professional Adviser - 20th January 2018
There is no place for police involvement in British Steel pension transfer cases as there is no evidence of a crime being committed, according to Libertatem director general Garry Heath.
PENSIONS CRISIS: Britons 'FAILING to make saving for old age a priority'
Source: Express - 20th January 2018
BRITONS are failing to make saving for their old age a priority as they fall into a short-term saving trap, experts have warned.
Barclays pension members take bank to court
Source: FT Adviser - 20th January 2018
Several members of the Barclays defined benefit (DB) pension fund have presented objections in court to changes that that will see the scheme become part of the split-off investment banking business.
New shadow pensions minister to tackle pots ‘robbed by greedy bosses’
Source: Money Marketing - 19th January 2018
Labour has appointed a new shadow pensions minister to replace Alex Cunningham, who resigned earlier this month.
'Poor' British Steel pensions advice reviewed by police
Source: BBC - 19th January 2018
Reports Port Talbot steelworkers have been given poor pensions advice are being looked into by police.
Barclays staff raise concerns over pension scheme security
Source: Money Marketing - 19th January 2018
The work and pensions secretary Esther McVey has been urged to intervene to protect the pensions of over 200,000 current and former Barclays staff as the UK bank reorganises its pension scheme.
Barclays ‘trying to pull a fast one’ with pension change, Esther McVey told
Source: The Times - 19th January 2018
Esther McVey, the work and pensions secretary, has been asked to intervene to protect pensions promised to 200,000 present and former Barclays staff...
Police probe British Steel pension fraud claims
Source: Financial Times - 19th January 2018
Only half of transfers of retirement cash by Port Talbot workers were suitable, says FCA
Carillion drafted in BHS pension chief days before collapse
Source: Sky News - 19th January 2018
Chris Martin's Independent Trustee Services will be involved until the PPF absorbs Carillion's pension schemes, Sky News learns.
Mothers and grandmothers protest over pension cuts
Source: Belfast Telegraph - 19th January 2018
Pension rights were changed in 2012 leaving thousands of women with reduced state pensions.
Most babyboomers say they'd rather splash cash now than put it towards their children's inheritance
Source: This Is Money - 18th January 2018
The majority of over-50s would rather spend their money now than give it to their kids, research by life insurer SunLife has found.
Over 50s will come to dominate self-employed workforce by 2024, report claims
Source: Workplace Insight - 18th January 2018
The number of over-50s in work is rapidly increasing, so much so that this demographic is set to make up the majority of the UK’s self-employed workforce within the next seven years.
1 in 3 Tata steelworkers who transferred their pensions were given the wrong advice
Source: Wales Online - 18th January 2018
A third of British Steel pension scheme members were given bad advice on transferring their pensions, according to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) watchdog.
TATA, BHS and Carillion: Why so many UK-based firms risk staff pensions
Source: Express - 18th January 2018
THE CARILLION collapse and the exposure of the 27,500 member pension scheme to massive losses on their retirement savings has increased scrutiny on the government over the protection offered to savers in light of the TATA and BHS pension controversies last year.
UK Pension Incomes Hit Pre-Recession High
Source: Chief Investment Officer - 18th January 2018
Britons planning to retire in 2018 are expected to live on an average annual income of £19,900 ($27,328), which is its highest level since the financial crisis of 2008, according to research by Prudential.
UK government pressed over Carillion pension deficit
Source: Financial Times - 18th January 2018
Funding gap nearly doubled from £317m in 2015 to £587m at the end of 2016
Shock on the way for thousands of top earners facing unexpected pensions tax bill
Source: iNews - 18th January 2018
Tens of thousands of Britons are facing an unexpected tax bill because of recent changes to the pensions system designed to claw money back from higher earners.
Melrose promises to 'safeguard' GKN pension schemes after £7.4bn bid
Source: Pensions Age - 18th January 2018
Melrose has promised to “fully safeguard” the pension schemes of engineering firm GKN, following a £7.4bn takeover bid.
Warning that workers who cash in final salary pensions face being hit with huge tax bills
Source: This Is Money - 17th January 2018
Workers who cash in final salary pensions risk being hit with huge tax bills, experts warn.
Panic as Barclays dumps pensions of 250,000 workers into risky casino banking arm
Source: This Is Money - 17th January 2018
Barclays has been accused of endangering 250,000 workers' nest eggs after dumping responsibility for its pension fund onto its casino banking arm.
It's the SKI season as over-50s live the high life
Source: Express - 17th January 2018
THE over-50s are now more active than ever as they spend their children’s inheritance enjoying the time of their lives in their later years.
Carillion latest: Pension trade body warns of scammers taking advantage in aftermath of collapse
Source: Independent - 17th January 2018
'One in six pension holders in the UK have been contacted by a company – other than their provider – to discuss making changes or transferring their pension'
Fears over GKN's £2bn black hole: Pension guardians issue rare warning over sale of engineer to asset-stripper
Source: This Is Money - 17th January 2018
The guardians of the GKN pension scheme have fired a warning shot to predators circling the firm over the gaping black hole in its retirement pot.
What now for collapsed Carillion’s workforce’s pensions?
Source: Pensions Insight - 17th January 2018
With the news that construction giant Carillion has gone into liquidation with a pension deficit of nearly £1bn, Stuart Price, Partner and Actuary at Quantum Advisory,...
Carillion pension crisis; government fast-tracks investigation into firm
Source: Pensions Age - 17th January 2018
The Business Secretary, Greg Clarke, has ordered a fast-track investigation into the directors of Carillion.
Britons put themselves at long-term financial risk
Source: FT Adviser - 17th January 2018
Short-term saving mentality has put the future of millions of UK adults into jeopardy, a behavioural psychologist has claimed
Almost 40m people 'sleepwalking into an uncertain future' - why you need to wake up now
Source: Mirror - 17th January 2018
How living for today can destroy your future - and the steps to take to sort it out however old you are
Retirement shock: Seven in 10 Britons have not planned for life after work
Source: Express - 17th January 2018
SEVENTY-SEVEN per cent Britons have no idea why they will do when they retire or how they will cope financially.
After Carillion how many firms can the pensions lifeboat rescue?
Source: The Guardian - 17th January 2018
The Pension Protection Fund can absorb the firm’s liabilities but the spotlight is now on others with big pension deficits
War disablement pension rates 2018
Source: GOV.UK - 17th January 2018
The 2018 war disablement pension rates have been announced.
Older Britons don’t want to return to a “golden past”—but they do want to press the “stop” button
Source: Prospect Magazine - 17th January 2018
Ever since the seismic shock of the 2016 referendum, Westminster has been preoccupied with defending the “will of the people”—with both sides asserting a supreme interpretation of citizens’ deepest impulses.
UK savers in the dark on planning for retirement
Source: Professional Pensions - 16th January 2018
Four in five members of UK pension schemes do not know how to utilise savings pot for retirement, according to research by MFS International.
Carers lose out on millions of pounds because they fail to claim pension credits
Source: The Sun - 16th January 2018
The credits would add £237 a year to a carer’s pension, or more than £4,700 across a 20 year retirement - a total loss of £700million
PPF to oversee Carillion pension schemes after firm collapses
Source: Pensions Age - 16th January 2018
The defined benefit pension schemes of crisis-hit Carillion will enter the Pension Protection Fund (PPF), after the government contractor entered liquidation today (15 January 2018).
Tom Selby: How do we solve a problem like the state pension?
Source: Professional Adviser - 16th January 2018
A report from the Government's own actuary published towards the back end of last year made pretty terrifying reading for anyone interested in the UK's future finances
U.K. construction company Carillion’s collapse puts 6,000 Canadian jobs at risk
Source: The - 16th January 2018
Carillion Plc filed for compulsory liquidation after failing in a last-ditch effort to shore up finances and get a government bailout.
'REWARDED FOR FAILURE' Fury as boss trousers £600k bonus as Carillion collapse leaves 20,000 jobs at risk
Source: The Sun - 16th January 2018
Critics have blasted the Richard Howson's earnings as being 'rewarded for failure'
Carillion: nearly 30,000 staff face pension cuts
Source: The Times - 16th January 2018
Almost 30,000 employees of Carillion are likely to suffer cuts to their pensions after the collapse of the construction company.
How to Start Saving at 18 to Retire at 36?
Source: Yahoo Finance - 16th January 2018
In financial calculations, the compound interest factors in the best interest of those who start saving in as early as their 20s.
Retirees could miss out on £236m in tax savings by not taking advice
Source: Your Money - 16th January 2018
People could miss out on £236m in potential tax savings in 2017/18 by failing to take advice when they retire.
Pensions gap: Rich and poor FURTHER apart since new pensions freedoms
Source: Express - 16th January 2018
THE gap between rich and poor pensioners has widened since the launch of new pensions freedoms, retirement experts are warning.
Millions face pensions crisis as 10% more retirees amongst UK's poorest
Source: Financial Reporter - 15th January 2018
The number of pensioners among the poorest 10% of people in Britain grew to 1.4 million in 2016/17, making up 38% of the group, Just Group analysis shows.
New shadow pensions minister to tackle pots ‘robbed by greedy bosses’
Source: Money Marketing - 15th January 2018
Labour has appointed a new shadow pensions minister to replace Alex Cunningham, who resigned earlier this month.
State Pensions still crucial for all but 'the lucky few'
Source: Choose - 15th January 2018
PENSIONERS rely on State Pensions for up to 78% of their retirement income, and up to 86% when benefits are included.
Millions of workers 'are missing out on pensions perk' that could save you money
Source: Express - 15th January 2018
EMPLOYEES are missing out on a tax perk that cuts the cost of retirement advice by up to £310 a year.
DWP: Women and men on equal footing for workplace pension participation
Source: Money Marketing - 15th January 2018
The same proportion of men and women now contribute to a workplace pension, according to the Department for Work and Pensions.
Carillion pension schemes transfer to industry lifeboat
Source: Financial Times - 15th January 2018
Around 28,000 members of Carillion’s 13 UK pension schemes will now be transferred to the Pension Protection Fund, the industry lifeboat for collapsed companies.
Why you will soon have to pay more of your wages into a pension scheme
Source: Plymouth Herald - 15th January 2018
AutoEnrolment contributions go up this year and in 2019, but your boss has to pay in too
Is my state pension wrong – and running out?
Source: Which - 15th January 2018
Fears have been raised that the state pension will run dry in a couple of decades. Which? examines the claims
State pension funding will be depleted by 2035, GAD warns
Source: - 15th January 2018
The UK Government’s auditing body has warned that funding for the national state pension could be depleted by 2032.
Pensions are becoming more volatile than ever, and something must be done
Source: Express - 15th January 2018
BRITAIN is now divided into a nation of pension haves and have-nots as the lucky ones retire on generous company and personal pensions while others barely scrape by on what the state provides.
Pension relief is ‘helping most high earners to retire tax-free’
Source: The Times - 14th January 2018
Research shows relief system heavily favours the wealthy
Women and men ‘now on equal footing’ in terms of workplace pension participation
Source: yahoo Finance - 14th January 2018
Women have caught up with men when it comes to workplace pensions saving participation, the Government has said.
Millions caught in cold-call scams
Source: The Times - 14th January 2018
Fraudsters are plundering retirement savings, but the government has been slow to respond
The Retirement Savings Mistake That 68% of Baby Boomers Regret
Source: Yahoo Finance - 14th January 2018
As the baby boomers retire in large numbers, they're finally getting the chance to see how well their retirement planning (or lack thereof) has paid off.
Retirees: are you taking the right risk?
Source: Your Money - 14th January 2018
Those approaching retirement now have more choice on how and when they use their pension pot, but whether you take on too much, too little or the wrong kind of risk could see your income fail to keep up.
Don't want free movement? Kiss your state pension goodbye then
Source: Herald Scotland - 13th January 2018
SCOTLAND, it seems, is cooling in its support of free movement of people.
How to invest for the best returns in retirement: Reckless risk-taking or playing too safe can run your pot dry
Source: This Is Money - 13th January 2018
Many retirees are at risk of bungling their pension finances by falling into one of two easily avoidable traps, according to new research.
Steelworkers' pensions subjected to 'feeding frenzy' by advisers
Source: The Guardian - 13th January 2018
Frank Field accuses FCA of not protecting workers over concerns at how the British Steel Pension Scheme was treated during Tata’s merger
Top challenges for new work and pensions secretary
Source: BBC - 13th January 2018
What are the key issues facing new Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey?
‘How should we best invest our £150,000?’
Source: The Times - 13th January 2018
Our experts advise a couple coming back to the UK to be with family
Are the state pension's days numbered? Listen to the This is Money podcast
Source: This Is Money - 12th January 2018
Planning on relying on the state pension to keep you afloat in retirement? After listening to this week’s podcast, you might want to have a rethink.
Most babyboomers willing to spend kids' inheritance
Source: FT Adviser - 12th January 2018
The majority of people aged 50-plus want to enjoy life, not save their money to pass on to their kids, research has revealed.
Brits retiring this year will get £1,800 more than those in 2017
Source: Mirror - 12th January 2018
The "class of 2018" anticipates having a more generous income - at hundreds more than those who quit work 12 months ago
State pension forecasts misleading on pot size
Source: FT Adviser - 12th January 2018
State pension forecasts can be showing more income than the individual will receive, since it will include contracted out savings even though if these are cashed out by the individual.
UK pension funds sell stocks as market triggers bubble warning
Source: The Star - 12th January 2018
If the basic tenet of investing is knowing when to buy and sell, the stock market boom has taken that decision out of the hands of some money managers.
People retiring in 2018 have the highest income expectations in a decade
Source: Independent - 12th January 2018
Report finds those retiring in 2018 expect to have an income of £19,900 a year
Retirement income hits record high; employees say it's still not enough
Source: Professional Pensions - 12th January 2018
Average retirement income has hit a record high of £19,900 but half of employees planning to retire this year believe it won't be enough, research by Prudential reveals.
The pension crisis and how to survive it - we explain all
Source: Mirror - 12th January 2018
The state pension fund is running out - Tricia Phillips explains what this means as well as how you can ensure that whatever happens, you can face life after work with confidence
Retirement income hits record high but uncertainty continues
Source: Financial Reporter - 12th January 2018
The 10 per cent rise from last year is even more impressive given the economic and political uncertainty that savers are having to cope with
Retirement incomes to hit 'record high'
Source: FT Adviser - 12th January 2018
This year’s retirees are projected to retire on the highest average amount on record, according to research.
Brits retiring this year will get £1,800 more than those in 2017 - how much they'll get
Source: Mirror - 12th January 2018
The "class of 2018" anticipates having a more generous income - at hundreds more than those who quit work 12 months ago
Why Playing It Safe With Your Savings Could Hurt You During Retirement
Source: Yahoo Finance - 12th January 2018
The stock market may be surging, but Americans are still pessimistic about the future, according to a study from United Income.
Retirees in 2018 'have highest income expectations in at least 10 years'
Source: Professional Pensions - 12th January 2018
PEOPLE retiring this year have the highest typical expectations for their incomes in at least 10 years, a report has found.
Private pension growth boosts rich and poor divide
Source: Professional Pensions - 12th January 2018
Retired households are increasingly relying on private pension provision for income, but there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor, Office for National Statistics (ONS) show.
Workers retiring this year can expect RECORD high of almost £20k annually
Source: Express - 12th January 2018
WORKERS retiring this year expect a record high pension of almost £20,000 annually, according to a new report.
UK pension incomes hit pre-recession record high
Source: Scotsman - 12th January 2018
Average retirement incomes have hit a new record high of £19,900 for people planning to stop work this year – £1,000 more than people who gave up work last year and higher than before the recession hit a deacde ago...
Ex-BHS boss guilty over failure to provide pension data
Source: BBC - 12th January 2018
Dominic Chappell, who was in charge of BHS when it went bust in 2016, has been found guilty on three charges of failing to provide information demanded by The Pensions Regulator.
Thousands of pensioners are extracting cash from their homes to pay off spiralling credit card debts, study reveals
Source: This Is Money - 11th January 2018
Rising numbers of older homeowners are extracting cash from their homes to pay off spiralling debts in retirement, new figures suggest.
AJ Bell: five problems new work and pensions secretary must fix
Source: Citywire - 11th January 2018
As Esther McVey becomes the fifth secretary of state for work and pensions since 2012, AJ Bell's Tom Selby sets out five challenges she will have to tackle in her new role.
Pension funds grow for sixth consecutive year
Source: Moneywise - 11th January 2018
Pension holders will be cheered by the news that pension and drawdown funds have had another good year – reaching six consecutive years of growth.
State pension forecasts misleading on pot size
Source: FT Adviser - 11th January 2018
State pension forecasts can be showing more income than the individual will receive, since it will include contracted out savings even though if these are cashed out by the individual.
Source: Freelance UK - 11th January 2018
Campaigners pushing to give freelancers employee-style rights if such workers end up paying employee levels of tax may have to factor-in pensions being a perk they’re happy to forego.
The Government is churning out wrong state pension forecasts - shouldn't they come with a warning? Steve Webb replies
Source: This Is Money - 11th January 2018
Millions of people get state pension forecasts from the Department for Work and Pensions, and rely on their accuracy when planning their finances in retirement.
Beware official pension forecasts: Hundreds of thousands could be told the wrong sums – and they might not be accurate for another year
Source: This Is Money - 11th January 2018
Savers are being warned to beware of errors on state pension forecasts after a This is Money reader discovered his latest statement was wrong.
State pension timebomb: Experts warn millions could retire with less cash as fund runs out of cash
Source: Daily Record - 11th January 2018
Government statistics say the National Insurance Fund will run out of cash by the mid 2030's thanks to the strain caused by our ageing population.
Over-55s released record £3bn of equity from their homes last year in sign baby boomers are using their properties to pay for retirement
Source: Mail Online - 11th January 2018
Older homeowners released a record £3billion from their homes last year in a new lending boom.
Women do more housework than men in retirement but study says it keeps us healthy
Source: iNews - 11th January 2018
Elderly men across Europe and the US spend less time doing housework than their female counterparts, new research has revealed.
Challenging times ahead for pensions sector
Source: FT Adviser - 11th January 2018
With MPs spending so much of their time debating Brexit and related issues, many areas of public policy will get a bit of breathing space when it comes to new legislation or regulation.
Millions of workers face lower state pensions as ageing population empties the pot
Source: Mirror - 11th January 2018
The Government’s Actuary’s Department has revealed the National Insurance Fund, which pays the state pension and other benefits, will run out of cash by the mid-2030s
Republicans retiring in record numbers fuel fears of losing House at midterms
Source: Guardian - 11th January 2018
The Democrats need to win 25 seats to take control of the House of Representatives in 2018 and there are now 31 open seats held by Republicans
Statistics show fewer Brits heading for retirement in Europe
Source: Emigrate - 11th January 2018
Statistics are showing a sharp decrease in the numbers of Brit retirees abandoning the home country and setting up in European destinations.
5 ways life could change for retirees in 2018
Source: Market Watch - 10th January 2018
Because of the recently passed Republican tax bill, the way people donate to charities, and even where they decide to live, could be affected next year.
Home equity release market expanded at a record rate in the UK in 2017
Source: Property Wire - 10th January 2018
Retired home owners cashed in more than £3 billion of property wealth last year as the equity release market expanded at a record rate, a new analysis shows.
State pension coffers 'will be empty' by 2033 without govt support
Source: Professional Adviser - 10th January 2018
The latest Government Actuary's Department (GAD) projections suggest the National Insurance fund used to pay out the state pension will be exhausted by 2033.
Britain’s pension shame: Millions struggling to live on just £7,000 a year
Source: Express - 10th January 2018
MILLIONS of Britain’s elderly are reliant on a basic state pension of just £7,000 a year to pay the bills and live in retirement.
Millions relying on just £7k a year in retirement
Source: FT Adviser - 10th January 2018
The poorest pensioners are relying on the state pension for three quarters (78 per cent) of their income, according to research from the Pensions Policy Institute (PPI).
State pension costs to trigger national insurance hike
Source: FT Adviser - 10th January 2018
National insurance contributions will need to rise by 5 per cent to sustain the state pension, the government's own analysts have warned.
Treasury must find more money to fund state pension, gov't actuary says
Source: Citywire - 10th January 2018
The body responsible for advising the government on the state pension has said National Insurance contributions may have to rise by 5% to fund the state pension over the long-term.
Research finds that British consumers receive 4,200 nuisance calls every minute
Source: Which - 10th January 2018
New research has found that British consumers were subject to 2.2 billion nuisance calls and texts in 2017. This breaks down to 4,200 calls and texts every minute.
Millions of workers face £120 hike in National Insurance bills to help fund the state pension
Source: Mail Online - 10th January 2018
Millions of workers face higher National Insurance bills to fund state pensions, the government's own analysts have warned.
National insurance ’will need to rise’ to pay for state pension
Source: Financial Times - 10th January 2018
Employer and employee contributions must increase by billions, says report
Aegon calls for gov’t to cut stamp duty to fund retirement
Source: Citywire - 9th January 2018
Aegon has called for the government to cut stamp duty for those approaching retirement as new Conservative ministers have been announced.
Report looks at North Yorkshire's ageing population
Source: The Nothern Echo - 9th January 2018
BY 2025 nearly a third of North Yorkshire’s population will be aged 65 and over, according to a new report – but those in the wealthiest areas are already living 13 years longer than those in the poorest.
Carers miss out on £700m state pension benefits
Source: FT Adviser - 9th January 2018
Carers of disabled people are missing out on £700m in state pension benefits, since a scheme designed to help these professionals in retirement has failed to reach 97 per cent of its target group.
Reshuffle throws up new pension minister
Source: FT Adviser - 9th January 2018
Esther McVey, MP for Tatton in Cheshire, has been appointed secretary of state for work and pensions, replacing David Gauke, who moves to the justice department.
Astonishing 97% of eligible carers missing out on £237 a year - who can claim it
Source: Mirror - 9th January 2018
It's the benefit almost no one claims, but if you spend time looking after people in need you could be missing hundreds of pounds a year
Over a MILLION pensioner households missing out on thousands of pounds of state benefits
Source: Express - 9th January 2018
MORE than a million pensioner households are missing out on thousands of pounds worth of State Benefits.
UK pension deficit falls by GBP84 billion
Source: Institutional Asset Manager - 9th January 2018
The deficit of defined benefit (DB) pension schemes for the UK’s 350 largest listed companies decreased from GBP84 billion at the end of 2016 to GBP76 billion at the end of last year, a fall of over 9 per cent, according to Mercer’s 2017 Pensions Risk Survey.
Pensioners miss out on state benefits entitlement
Source: Money Observer - 9th January 2018
Four in 10 pensioners who are eligible for state support are failing to claim any benefit and miss out £1,013 on average as a result, according to financial services provider Just Group. In a survey of 217 of their clients,...
Drawing your pension without advice may lead you to DIY SOS
Source: Press and Journal - 8th January 2018
Research shows UK consumers are increasingly accessing pension drawdown – a way of taking money out of your pension to live on in retirement – without taking advice.
Government urged to ban nuisance calls and texts from claims firms
Source: The Guardian - 8th January 2018
Study finds UK consumers bombarded with 2.2bn calls and texts from pensions, PPI and insurance claims firms in 2017
Part-time carer? Ensure you earn state pension entitlement by getting the national insurance credits you’re due
Source: Moneywise - 8th January 2018
Carers who don’t qualify for carers allowance might not be receiving the national insurance credits (NICs) they are due, which means they could lose out on valuable state pension contributions.
Pension risk as US watchdog warns savers of bitcoin ‘scammers’ and ‘bogus investments’
Source: Express - 8th January 2018
A MAJOR finance fraud watchdog has warned investors that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum and ripple are risky investments, often favoured by hackers and crooks.
Businessman Dominic Chappell who bought BHS from Sir Philip Green for £1 'failed to respond to three requests for information during probe into £500million pensions black hole'
Source: Mail Online - 8th January 2018
The former owner of BHS has gone on trial over claims he failed to hand over information to an investigation into the collapsed retailer.
Consumers bombarded with 4,200 cold-calls a minute
Source: FT Adviser - 8th January 2018
Consumers were bombarded with 2.2 billion nuisance calls and texts in the last year, approximately 30 per cent of which were directed at those aged 65 plus, research revealed.
Majority of retired homeowners missing out on full benefits entitlement
Source: Financial Reporter - 8th January 2018
Six in ten pensioner homeowners are missing out on hundreds – in some cases thousands – of pounds of extra income by failing to claim their full State Benefits entitlement, according to Just Group research.
My wife wants to keep our house while I get my pension in divorce, but I need somewhere to live - what should I do?
Source: This Is Money - 8th January 2018
My wife and I are soon to have a 'clean break' divorce. Her lawyer is wanting me to sign over the house in its entirety that I have paid for all my working life in exchange for not touching my pension.
Thousands of carers miss out on MILLIONS of pounds towards their pensions
Source: Express - 8th January 2018
TENS of thousands of carers are missing out on hundreds of millions of pounds in pension rights.
Prudential launches retirement seminars tour
Source: FT Adviser - 8th January 2018
Prudential will be focusing its 2018 series of nationwide seminars for financial advisers on retirement and pension transfers.
Carers lose out on millions of pounds because they fail to claim pension credits
Source: Sun - 8th January 2018
The credits would add £237 a year to a carer’s pension, or more than £4,700 across a 20 year retirement - a total loss of £700million
U.K. Pensions Should Expect Cash Windfall in 2018, Consultants Say
Source: Institutional Investor - 8th January 2018
Under pressure from the U.K.’s pensions regulator, companies are pouring money into their defined benefit plans.
Retired? You're Probably Ignoring Your Biggest Risk Factor
Source: Yahoo Finance - 7th January 2018
The stock market loves to surprise people with unexpected ups and downs, and if the market crashes immediately before or during your retirement, it can wreck your carefully laid retirement plans.
Be on your guard, says JEFF PRESTRIDGE, the new year is prime time for mugging savers’ money
Source: This Is Money - 7th January 2018
It is a sad fact that conmen and fraudsters continue to proliferate, looking to rob us of our hard earned money at every opportunity.
The eco guide to pensions
Source: The Guardian - 7th January 2018
Vast amounts are paid into Britain’s pensions schemes and, sadly, much of it still goes into supporting fossil fuels
It’s time to act as NS&I’s ‘pensioner bonds’ mature
Source: The Guardian - 7th January 2018
The investment grew at a whopping 4%, but if you don’t cash in your bonds they will automatically be reinvested
How to think about investing your pension in retirement
Source: This Is Money - 5th January 2018
Savers nearing retirement and choosing to remain invested need to think about how they use their pension pot.
Editor’s comment: Cold comfort for retirees from the UK state pension
Source: Money Observer - 5th January 2018
A casual glance at the UK’s much-overhauled pension system might lead one to conclude that it’s moving in the right direction.
Should the pension auto-enrolment age fall? Eight in 10 Moneywise users say ‘yes’
Source: Moneywise - 5th January 2018
More than eight in 10 (83%) users believe the pension auto-enrolment age should be reduced, according to the results of our latest poll.
Can my husband's ex-wife claim on his state pension, and would this reduce what he gets? Steve Webb replies
Source: This Is Money - 5th January 2018
My husband is in receipt of his state pension and I will receive mine in my own right in a few years’ time.
Pension dashboard could be a 'white elephant'
Source: FT Adviser - 5th January 2018
The pension dashboard project will only work if the consumers are the top priority, warned Darren Philp, director of policy at workplace pension provider The People's Pension.
Thousands could face surprise pensions tax bill
Source: Which - 5th January 2018
Complex rules restricting tax relief on pension contributions could result in an unexpected tax bill – and thousands of Brits could be caught out.
Alarm over RISKS taken in rush to cash in gold-plate pension schemes
Source: Express - 5th January 2018
MORE baby boomers are set to cash in their gold-plated pension plans this year in an attempt to take advantage of new pension freedoms.
TATA steel’s pension nightmare: Thousands face BHS-style problems
Source: Express - 5th January 2018
THE PENSIONS of 8,000 British steelworkers at plants in Llanwern, Caerphilly and Port Talbot are under threat after staff at TATA were allegedly offered poor advice from “regulated” advisory firms.
This is the amount we'll all need to save before we can retire, apparently
Source: Cosmopolitan - 5th January 2018
You've been working for at least five years and it all feels like too much, doesn't it? How many times do you day dream about that wonderful moment you're able to pack it all in and retire for good?
What you MUST know about pensions in 2018: How a clampdown on advisers, action on rip-off charges and anti-fraud moves may affect you
Source: This Is Money - 5th January 2018
Brexit might dominate the landscape but until a deal is struck other matters will be of more immediate concern to pensioners and people still saving for old age.
Government PENSIONS WARNING: MPs under increasing pressure to change saving schemes
Source: Express - 5th January 2018
THE Government is coming under mounting pressure from Scottish Widows to help people save more for their retirement.
Pension fraudster flees Spain after scam collapses
Source: Emigrate - 5th January 2018
Over 300 British expats have lost up to €20 million to a pension fraudster who fled Spain after his scams were discovered.
Three considerations when planning your expat life overseas
Source: Emigrate - 5th January 2018
Moving overseas at any age is becoming a favourite option for a increasing number of people worried about the direction their home country is taking.
Top expat retirement havens for 2018
Source: Emigrate - 5th January 2018
Results of a recent survey show the top ten listings for expat retirement are changing fast.
More baby boomers to cash in on gold plated pensions in 2018
Source: Actuarial Post - 4th January 2018
According to Willis Towers Watson the dramatic increase in defined benefit pension transfers will continue in 2018 as more baby-boomers cash in their gold-plated pension schemes.
Cut incidental spending and retire with an extra 10k a year
Source: Actuarial Post - 4th January 2018
Research from Scottish Widows reveals that many people could have as much as £9,853 in additional annual income in retirement just by cutting back on ‘little luxuries’
How fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated and can con you out of your pension
Source: Independent - 4th January 2018
Unexpected phone calls over the weekends, fake threats of scams, fake bank accounts – they’re all things we need to look out for.
Baby Boomers are Rewriting Retirement History
Source: Yahoo Finance - 3rd January 2018
Can you a remember a time when retirement didn't exist? It wasn't that long ago. And we might be heading that way again, because today's "retirees" have a lot they still want to accomplish.
British expat retirees worldwide feel the pain of shrinking sterling
Source: Emigrate - 3rd January 2018
Brexit’s effect on sterling has eroded the spending power of hundreds of thousands of British expats worldwide.
Earning the UK average salary? You need a £300,000 pension pot to keep your standard of living in retirement
Source: This Is Money - 3rd January 2018
A person on the UK average salary now needs to build up a pension pot of over £300,000 to be able to maintain their current lifestyle in retirement, new analysis has shown.
Pensioners will need a pot of THIS much to maintain their lifestyle into retirement
Source: Express - 3rd January 2018
WORKERS on the average UK salary need a pension pot of more than £300,000 to maintain their lifestyle in retirement.
Five important issues to consider before cashing in your pension
Source: Money Observer - 3rd January 2018
Introduced in April 2015, far-reaching changes to the rules around pension access brought freedom and choice on how to take income in retirement - including the option of cashing your pension in altogether.
UK private pension deficits fall £11bn
Source: FT Adviser - 3rd January 2018
The shortfall of all UK private defined benefit (DB) schemes has decreased by £11bn in one month, to £150bn at the end of December, according to data from JLT Employee Benefits.
£300,000 pension pot needed ‘to maintain current lifestyle in retirement’
Source: Yahoo Finance - 3rd January 2018
Pension savers on average earnings face needing to build a pot of more than £300,000 typically to buy a retirement income big enough to maintain their current lifestyle, analysis suggests.
Could your home hold the key to funding your retirement?
Source: What Mortgage - 3rd January 2018
Equity release has grown in popularity recently as a financial solution for those approaching retirement, offering older homeowners the opportunity to unlock the wealth tied up in their property without the stress and emotions of selling the family home.
The savings mistake that could cost you your future - how to take cash out of your pension pot the safe way
Source: Mirror - 3rd January 2018
Drawdown is a way of using your pension pot to provide you with a retirement income - but some people risk getting a poor deal on what they have saved
Is it time for another regulatory overhaul?
Source: Pensions Expert - 3rd January 2018
The unpalatable but necessary lessons from the British Steel Pension Scheme have raised difficult questions about the UK’s pension system and suggest that our policy objectives may require some careful reconsideration.
Dip in life expectancy will trigger a surge in pension deals this year, say experts
Source: This Is Money - 3rd January 2018
A dip in life expectancy will trigger a surge in pension deals this year, experts believe.
REVEALED: This is how YOU could add £10,000 a year to a pension for a wealthier retirement
Source: Express - 3rd January 2018
SWAPPING take-out food for a home-cooked meal and taking the bus instead of a taxi could add £10,000 a year to a pension, experts say.
Millions of Britons face retirement disaster as they are in 'the dark' about their pension
Source: Express - 3rd January 2018
TENS of millions of Britons face a retirement disaster because they have no idea how much pension they will have when they stop work.
This is why middle-aged people in Britain are actually getting HEALTHIER
Source: Express - 3rd January 2018
BRITAIN’S middle-aged are getting healthier as they exercise more and eat better than they did when they were younger.
Student debt results in '20% lower pensions for graduates'
Source: Professional Adviser - 2nd January 2018
The cost of paying back student debt could reduce graduate pension pots by almost 20% compared with previous generations who received grants and had no fees to pay, analysis from Royal London has shown.
Ros Altmann: Automatic pension guidance is the bold reform industry needs
Source: Money Marketing - 2nd January 2018
The work and pensions select committee must be applauded for urging the Government to do more to protect the public
Keeping track of pensions - EXPRESS COMMENT
Source: Express - 2nd January 2018
MANY of us would prefer not to think about our pensions partly because we fear that we will not have enough money after retirement.
Falling life expectancy expected to spur pension deals
Source: Financial Times - 2nd January 2018
More businesses likely to shift schemes to insurers in 2018, consultancy says
Savers have lost £400million in old pension pots
Source: Express - 2nd January 2018
MILLIONS of savers have lost track of their pensions with barely half knowing who their actual provider is, a study reveals.
Forget glamour ...and invest for the long term, says JEFF PRESTRIDGE
Source: This Is Money - 1st January 2018
I have always believed that the best way to accumulate wealth is by investing – while keeping your debts to a minimum.
Retirement villages could be the answer to loneliness crisis as charity estimates 1.2million elderly people in Britain feel isolated
Source: Mail Online - 31st December 2017
Christmas and New Year are times when families get together and people enjoy each other’s company. But as they do so, attention always turns to those who are less fortunate and do not have people they can see easily over the festive period.
21 ways to boost your pension in 2018
Source: Which - 31st December 2017
Increasing your pension savings in 2018 can set you up for a lifetime of financial security – and with our tips, saving more doesn’t need to be a burden.
Key Considerations for Retirees Relocating in 2018
Source: Morning Star - 31st December 2017
Aging in place or doing the relocation two-step may be a better choices for many retirees.
Millennials to secure 'inheritance boom'
Source: BBC - 31st December 2017
Millennials will benefit from the biggest "inheritance boom" of any post-war generation, but it will be too late to solve housing struggles and wealth inequality, a report says.
Millennials set to inherit huge property wealth - but only when they're 61
Source: City A.M. - 30th December 2017
Millennials are in line to make huge property gains from their parents - but not until they themselves reach retirement age.
Could you be owed a pension pot worth thousands? £400million of savings remain unclaimed as just 47% of workers know who theirs is with
Source: This Is Money - 30th December 2017
A new year is often seen as a prime time for sorting out finances and many households will be going into 2018 with intentions to up their savings, pay off debts or get a better-paid job.
21 ways to boost your pension in 2018
Source: Which - 30th December 2017
Increasing your pension savings in 2018 can set you up for a lifetime of financial security – and with our tips, saving more doesn’t need to be a burden.
Why It’s Harder to Save for Retirement Today Than 50 Years Ago
Source: Yahoo Finance - 30th December 2017
Having enough money to retire comfortably is tougher now than it used to be — at least that’s what many Americans think.
Sir Philip Green poised to recover £13million from money set aside for bailing out BHS pension scheme
Source: Mirror - 30th December 2017
The billionaire faced demands tonight to hand this cash to the thousands of workers left out of pocket by the collapse of the store group
Getting real about withdrawing cash from pension savings
Source: Emigrate - 30th December 2017
Pension scammers won’t be eradicated until all retirement savers get real about their financial options.
Ros Altmann: Automatic pension guidance is the bold reform industry needs
Source: Money Marketing - 30th December 2017
The work and pensions select committee must be applauded for urging the Government to do more to protect the public
Could you be owed a pension pot worth thousands? £400million of savings remain unclaimed as just 47% of workers know who theirs is with
Source: This Is Money - 29th December 2017
A new year is often seen as a prime time for sorting out finances and many households will be going into 2018 with intentions to up their savings, pay off debts or get a better-paid job.
Pensions warning: Student loans cutting into graduates savings
Source: Express - 29th December 2017
PENSION savings will be smaller for graduates by tens of thousands of pounds due to the substantial student loan repayments, it has emerged.
Pension schemes newsletter 94 - December 2017
Source: GOV.UK - 29th December 2017
Newsletter 94 published by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in December 2017 containing updates and guidance on pension schemes.
Majority of savers don't know who their pension provider is
Source: Financial Reporter - 29th December 2017
Millions of savers have admitted to losing track of their pensions savings, with just 47% saying they know who their provider is, according to new OneFamily research.
Pension changes coming in 2018 will mean THIS for UK savers
Source: Express - 28th December 2017
PENSION holders can expect a raft of changes in the year ahead, speaks exclusively to industry experts from across the financial world analyse the best and the worst of what’s to come for savers in 2018.
PENSION WARNING: Retiring workers told to shop around or face CRIPPLING hidden fees
Source: Express - 28th December 2017
RETIRING workers are being warned to shop around or be hit by crippling hidden fees on their pensions which could see them run out of cash years earlier than expected.
Watershed year for equity release in the UK home lending market
Source: Property Wire - 26th December 2017
The membership of the Equity Release Council in the UK has increased annually by 23%, rising to 219 from 178 at the same time last year,...
Workplace pension uptake in Glasgow is highest in Scotland
Source: Evening Times - 26th December 2017
More people in Glasgow have enrolled in the workplace pension scheme than anywhere else in Scotland.
Cambodia cracks down on retirees and expat businesses
Source: Emigrate - 26th December 2017
Once the easiest of all Southeast Asian countries as regards expat long-stay visas, Cambodia is now cracking down with new regulations aimed at retirees and those requiring business visas.
Raise a glass this Christmas to campaigners who fought corrupt bankers, pension scandals and 'feudal' property, says RUTH SUNDERLAND
Source: This Is Money - 25th December 2017
Fighting for justice from large companies can be a long and lonely road. Those who attempt it are likely to be patronised, fobbed off and branded as nuisances or nutters as big organisations use every trick in the book to make them go away.
Steelworkers face huge pension cuts as Tata completes merger
Source: The Guardian - 23rd December 2017
Stephen Kinnock demands government step in over default plan for 122,000 members of British Steel pension scheme
Filipino Retirement Authority names Angeles City as expat pensioner paradise
Source: Emigrate - 23rd December 2017
The mayor of Angeles City in the Philippines has received an award for his work in helping the city to become number one for expat retirees.
Workers reluctant to save more
Source: Moneyweek - 23rd December 2017
Five years after its launch, the UK’s auto-enrolment pension reforms have led to a surge in membership of private pension schemes – but there are now fears that plans to extend the scheme will dilute this success.
Pension minister reveals plans for 2018
Source: FT Adviser- 22nd December 2017
I want to be a champion for savings and pensions. I made this clear in my inaugural speech at the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association annual conference in October and it continues to apply.
What choices do BSPS members have?
Source: FT Adviser- 22nd December 2017
The British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS) is closing and its members need to decide what to do with their money by 22 December.
Last chance for steel pension members to switch schemes
Source: BBC - 22nd December 2017
Thousands of current and former steelworkers must decide by the end of Friday whether or not to join the new Tata-backed pension scheme.
The Pension Mistake 40% Of Us Are Making
Source: Forbes - 22nd December 2017
Nobody wants to work forever. The thought of being able to pack up work for good, kick back and enjoy your later years doing what you actually want to do - whether that’s traveling the world or spending more time with the grandkids - is an extremely attractive one.
UAE considers offering expat pensions
Source: Emigrate - 22nd December 2017
If you’re heading for a hopefully long-term relocation in the UAE, you may be able to save for your retirement via a new expat pension scheme.
Pension funds set to transform British businesses doing good
Source: Reuters - 22nd December 2017
Britain is mulling legal reform to encourage pension funds to invest more of their billions in businesses with a positive social impact, such as green energy and social housing.
Thousands of UK Toys R Us jobs saved after deal with pensions body
Source: The Guardian - 21st December 2017
Retailer agrees to inject more than £9m into scheme as Pension Protection Fund and creditors back insolvency plan
TOYS R SAVED Toys R Us AVOIDS administration by agreeing last-minute deal over pensions – but a third of stores will STILL close
Source: The Sun - 21st December 2017
TROUBLED retail giant Toys R Us has staved-off the threat of administration after reaching a deal with the UK's pension lifeboat.
2017: A year in pensions
Source: Pensions Age - 21st December 2017
For a year that has seen Brexit takeover the agenda, it has still been a busy one for pensions. From the appointment of a new pensions minister, to government reviews and consultations, pension scheme closures,...
‘Lethargic’ government blamed for lost generation that can’t ever retire
Source: Independent - 21st December 2017
It has been the biggest savings shake-up in a generation and a very long time coming.
British Steel pensions scandal: the story so far
Source: Citywire - 20th December 2017
A pension scandal is brewing in Port Talbot, as steelworkers' defined benefit scheme is restructured. Here's how the story has developed.
What do you REALLY need to save for retirement? How to work out the income you require and the pension pot that demands
Source: This Is Money - 20th December 2017
It's the million-pound question: how much is enough when it comes to saving for retirement?
‘Lethargic’ government blamed for lost generation that can’t ever retire
Source: Independent - 20th December 2017
Latest review of the workplace pension sidesteps major shortcomings
Expat retiree exodus now heads for Asian countries
Source: Emigrate - 20th December 2017
Foreign retirees are flocking to Asian destinations to avoid freezing winters, political chaos and cost of living hikes.
TICKING TIME BOMB Are we heading for a pensions apocalypse? How to protect your savings
Source: The Sun - 20th December 2017
The UK's pension black hole now stands at an eye-watering £88billion
Retiring early might kill you, says new research
Source: Financial Review - 20th December 2017
We already know you're better off financially the later you begin claiming Social Security.
Retiring early could kill you – especially if you're a man: Data reveal striking link between 'early takers' and premature death
Source: Mail Online - 20th December 2017
People who retire early die sooner than those who keep working past 65, a new data analysis reveals.
Study reveals chasm between supply and demand in retirement housing
Source: Showhouse - 20th December 2017
A survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of Retirement Homesearch shows that 19% of UK over-50s believe it is ‘likely’ that they will spend their autumn years in a purpose-built retirement community.
Tis' the season for shopping stress - particularly if you're older! People over the age of 50 have even MORE anxiety about Christmas gifting than anyone younger
Source: Mail Online - 20th December 2017
Struggling with the holiday shopping this year? The bad news is, knowing what to buy gets harder with age.
UK retirees benefit while workers’ living standards fall – ONS
Source: Financial Times - 20th December 2017
Living standards in the UK have come under particular strain this year as the weak pound drives up inflation,...
More people than ever are saving for the future thanks to pension reforms
Source: Birmingham Mail - 20th December 2017
Pensions Minister Guy Opperman says Automatic Enrolment is helping more people save into a workplace pension
Steve Bee: Make way for the next generation of Waspi women
Source: Money Marketing - 20th December 2017
Mishandling of the recent rapid increases in the state pension age have had a devastating effect on many women
Don’t fall for a pension scam
Source: Moneywise - 20th December 2017
Ever been offered an investment opportunity in burial plots, Carribean hotel rooms or a guaranteed return from Uruguayan soya beans?
Nest processing up to 1,500 new employers a day
Source: FT Adviser - 20th December 2017
Government-backed workplace pension scheme the National Employment Savings Trust (Nest) is processing up to 1,500 new employers a day, as the deadline for the last companies to join auto-enrolment approaches.
Labour MP proposes new pensions bill
Source: FT Adviser - 20th December 2017
Labour MP John Mann yesterday (19 December) presented to the House of Commons a Bill to require providers to pay pension benefits to people with ill health prior to their retirement age.
Regulators warn steelworkers of transfer dangers
Source: FT Adviser - 20th December 2017
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), The Pensions Regulator (TPR) and The Pensions Advisory Service (Tpas) have written to steelworkers that asked for a defined benefit (DB) pension transfer value warning them of the dangers of cashing out their savings.
Steelworkers facing threat to pensions as they rush to close their retirement schemes before it gets too expensive
Source: This Is Money - 20th December 2017
Thousands of steelworkers are likely to lose some of their pension benefits in the rush to close their retirement scheme before it gets too expensive, the man in charge has warned.
Pensioners triple income drawdown take
Source: FT Adviser - 20th December 2017
Income drawdown withdrawals have close to tripled in the last five years, new figures obtained from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have shown.
UK pensions lifeboat votes against Toys R Us UK rescue plan
Source: Mail Online - 20th December 2017
Britain's pensions lifeboat said on Tuesday it had voted against Toys R Us UK's proposed rescue plan, casting doubt on the plan's progress ahead of a crucial creditors meeting on Thursday.
UK facing ‘midlife savings crisis’
Source: The Actuary - 20th December 2017
The UK’s ageing workforce is facing a midlife savings crisis, with one-fifth of people in their fifties and sixties currently unable to put aside anything for retirement.
University staff could lose half their retirement income
Source: FT Adviser - 20th December 2017
The proposal to close the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), the biggest private defined benefit (DB) scheme in the country,...
Retirees enjoy freedom - but many still worry about money
Source: Financial Reporter - 19th December 2017
Britain's retirees are revealing the good, bad, and unexpected aspects of retirement, in Legal & General's survey of over 2000 customers - revealing funny, poignant and interesting truths.
Steel pensions: Decision deadline 'cannot be extended'
Source: BBC - 19th December 2017
The deadline for British Steel pension members to decide on their future arrangements cannot be extended, the head of the scheme has said.
Here's How 24% of Baby Boomers Are Solving Their Retirement Crisis
Source: Yahoo Finance - 19th December 2017
It's no secret that Americans are woefully unprepared for retirement, and those inching closer to it by the day are no exception.
Auto-enrolment extension? 69% of teens say yes!
Source: Moneyfacts - 19th December 2017
As the Government announces plans to lower the automatic enrolment age for pension saving from 22 to 18, a new study has found that 69% of 16 to 21-year-olds think that extending auto-enrolment would be a good idea.
Boost for fossil fuel divestment as UK eases pension rules
Source: The Guardian - 19th December 2017
Exclusive: pension schemes will be free to dump fossil fuel investments after government drops ‘best returns’ legal rules
MP produces plan to solve Waspi pension problem
Source: FT Adviser - 19th December 2017
Liberal Democrat MP Stephen Lloyd is calling for the government to abandon its plan to cut corporation tax to 17 per cent by 2020 and use that money to help women affected by an increase in the state pension age.
Most Americans Plan to Work Part-Time in Retirement -- but Whether They Get to Is a Different Story
Source: Yahoo Finance - 19th December 2017
With Americans living longer these days and approaching retirement with insufficient savings, it's not surprising that many are coming to embrace the notion of working part-time during their senior years.
Clashes as Argentina congress debates pensions
Source: BBC - 19th December 2017
Argentina's Congress has been debating pension reforms for the second time in a week amid more violent protests in the capital, Buenos Aires.
Drop in pension auto-enrolment age worth £50,000
Source: International Adviser - 19th December 2017
The UK’s Department for Work and Pensions has confirmed that the auto-enrolment age will be lowered to 18-years-old, a move that could see some savers £50,000 better off after 40 years.
Brazil tries to avert credit downgrade as pension reform doubts grow
Source: Mail Online - 19th December 2017
Brazil's Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles will speak to major credit rating agencies on Thursday as the government scrambles to avoid a sovereign debt downgrade due to growing doubts that its proposed pension reform can rein in surging public debt.
Toys R Us facing administration before Christmas with loss of 3,200 jobs due to pensions black hole
Source: The Sun - 19th December 2017
The troubled store needs to strike a deal with the UK's pensions lifeboat or risks going under
Government publishes ambitious plans to give millions a more financially secure retirement
Source: GOV.UK - 19th December 2017
The review of automatic enrolment includes major recommendations that will set millions of people on the path to a more financially secure retirement.
Retirees rush to make use of pension freedoms
Source: - 19th December 2017
Investors continue to make significant use of pension freedoms, finds data from the UK’s financial regulator.
U.K. government plans to expand auto-enrollment eligibility
Source: Pensions & Investments - 19th December 2017
The U.K. government plans to bring an additional £3.8 billion ($5.1 billion) per year into the country’s retirement system by broadening the criteria for automatic-enrollment eligibility.
Pension reforms too late for middle-aged, says Sir Steve Webb
Source: Express - 19th December 2017
A former pensions minister has criticised a lack of urgency in government plans to encourage workers to save more for their retirement.
National Disaster in the making? Millions of pensioners not saving enough for retirement
Source: Express - 18th December 2017
MORE than SIX million middle-class pensioners have not saved enough for retirement, a study has warned.
Retirees enjoy freedom - but many still worry about money
Source: Financial Reporter - 18th December 2017
Britain's retirees are revealing the good, bad, and unexpected aspects of retirement, in Legal & General's survey of over 2000 customers - revealing funny, poignant and interesting truths.
U.K. government publishes auto-enrollment review
Source: Pensions & Investments - 18th December 2017
The U.K. government plans to bring an additional £3.8 billion ($5 billion) per year into the country's retirement system by broadening the criteria for automatic enrollment eligibility.
Pensions: government skips self-employed pledge
Source: Citywire - 18th December 2017
Retirement experts accuse government of breaking manifesto pledge by not extending successful auto-enrolment policy to self-employed.
UK savers pull £15.3bn from pension pots in a year via drawdown
Source: Financial Times - 18th December 2017
The amount taken by UK investors from their pension pots in flexible income has more than doubled over the past five years, according to new data.
Port Talbot steelworkers' pension help 'grossly inadequate'
Source: BBC - 18th December 2017
Action to protect steelworkers' pensions has been "grossly inadequate", a committee of MPs has said.
Lethargic pension reform risks "lost generation" of savers
Source: Herald Scotland - 18th December 2017
THE “shockingly lethargic” pace of UK pension reform risks creating a lost generation of people unable to afford to retire, a former pensions minister has warned.
You should work for longer to get a higher pension - OECD
Source: Independent IE - 18th December 2017
Workers who stay in employment beyond 66 would defer the full pension but claim higher payments when they finally do retire under a scheme outlined by the OECD.
Middle class pension crisis: More than SIX MILLION people not saving enough for retirement, warns study
Source: Mail Online - 18th December 2017
More than six million middle-class workers are failing to save enough for their retirement.
Pension victory for all! Campaigning... it's the heart of what we do, says JEFF PRESTRIDGE
Source: This Is Money - 18th December 2017
Sometimes, especially when Christmas and New Year approach, it is good to be reminded of the great campaigning work our money section does to safeguard the finances of readers.
Workplace pension starting age to be LOWERED to 18 years old by 2020
Source: Express - 17th December 2017
AUTOMATIC enrolment into a workplace pension is to be extended to 18-year-olds in a drive to get youngsters to save for later in life.
British Steel pension scheme members ‘preyed on’ by financial firms
Source: The Guardian - 16th December 2017
MPs hear claims that financial advisers are targeting steelworkers so they can pocket huge fees
Civil servants in department for Work and Pensions pocket £44 million in bonuses despite huge benefit frauds and errors
Source: Mail Online - 16th December 2017
Bureaucrats at the Department for Work and Pensions have pocketed £44 million in bonuses while presiding over huge fraud and errors in welfare benefits.
FCA warns retirees at home and abroad about free pension advice
Source: Emigrate - 16th December 2017
The UK’s Financial Conduct Agency watchdog has delivered an uncompromising warning that ‘free pension advice’ is nothing but a scam.
Average salary staff not tempted by retirement advice
Source: FT Adviser - 15th December 2017
Less than 10 per cent of those on the average UK salary have paid for financial advice as part of their retirement planning, according to data from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.
Why my mother is already telling me, aged 25, to pay into a pension
Source: iNews - 15th December 2017
Discussing the facts of life is a conversation most parents dread having with their children. But it’s not always sex and relationships they’re squeamish about. The harder topic, surprisingly, is pensions.
Sweden to raise earliest retirement age to 64
Source: Yahoo Finance - 15th December 2017
Sweden said Thursday it would raise the earliest retirement age from 61 to 64 in order to secure future pensions, following a broad cross-party agreement.
Millions face PENSION CRISIS: Britons are warned YOU are NOT saving enough to live
Source: Express - 15th December 2017
A SAVINGS crisis is stopping Britain’s older workforce from putting enough money by for their retirement, experts said yesterday.
Furious women storm out of Commons chamber yelling 'shame on you' at Tory minister in protest over pensions
Source: Mirror - 15th December 2017
Dozens of purple-clad Waspi pension protesters turned their backs on Tory Guy Opperman before staging the mass walkout of the Commons public gallery
Scottish Budget 2017: Pension chiefs call for tax relief ‘clarity’
Source: Scotsman - 15th December 2017
Pension experts have called for “urgent clarity” regarding tax relief following the introduction of additional income tax bands in the Scottish Budget.
43% of over 50s workers only "occasional" pension savers
Source: Financial Reporter - 15th December 2017
One in five (18%) workers in their fifties and sixties are unable to save anything for their retirement, while millions more are unaware of how much they need to be able to retire, according to new research from Aviva.
Why Consulting Can Be Better Than Retiring
Source: Fortune - 15th December 2017
By 2011, at age 53, Warren Dodge was primed for retirement. He had spent 29 years at Accenture as an information technology and change management expert, culminating in a senior partner position at the global consulting firm.
Pensions tax relief warnings as Scotland confirms income band changes
Source: Money Marketing - 15th December 2017
Scotland has introduced a new set of income tax bands, but pensions experts warn that the changes could cause issues with pension tax relief calculations.
Women are more miserable than men until their mid-80s when they are widowed and begin enjoying retirement
Source: Mail Online - 14th December 2017
Women are more miserable than men for almost their entire lives and are happier only in their mid-80s, according to a new NHS survey.
British Steel pension advice 'trial by Twitter' under fire
Source: FT Adviser - 14th December 2017
A financial adviser working with members of the troubled British Steel pension scheme has criticised attacks in the media on those helping steelworkers transfer out of their lucrative defined benefit pensions.
Millions of Britons suffer 'mid-life savings crisis' in run-up to retirement, with many having no clue how much they need
Source: This Is Money - 14th December 2017
Nearly a fifth of workers in their 50s and 60s are going through a 'mid-life savings crisis' in the run-up to their retirement.
What would happen if MPs suddenly learned they have to wait for their pensions
Source: iNews - 14th December 2017
What would the reaction be from the 151 MPs born in the 1950s if there was a specific change to their state or private pension that only affected them as a group?
Revolt at BT: Profits hammered and staff uproar over pensions as telecoms giant goes to war with the regulator
Source: This Is Money - 14th December 2017
BT faces a damaging row with its own staff as bosses struggle to draw a line under a year of turmoil.
Fifth of older UK workers saving nothing for retirement, research reveals
Source: Independent - 14th December 2017
Many older workers are 'occasional' or 'absent' savers, meaning that they save infrequently or on an ad-hoc basis, with no clear savings goal
How much will it cost to get your home 'retirement ready'?
Source: Property Reporter - 13th December 2017
A new report from Key Retirement has revealed that the average cost to get your home 'retirement ready' could be more than you think.
Pensions minister: Data protection key to prevent dashboard scams
Source: Money Marketing - 13th December 2017
Savers will only be engaged in the pension dashboard if they have trust and confidence in the information it provides, according to the pensions minister.
Thousands missing out on £30,000 in state pension
Source: Which - 13th December 2017
A little-known National Insurance credit could top up the state pension of over 20,000 Britons – but around £480m is yet to be claimed.
What is the Winter Fuel Payment and can I claim it? The age group that qualifies - and what you need to know
Source: Mirror - 13th December 2017
It's a scheme designed to support vulnerable people over the colder months - are you or someone you know entitled to it?
Pensions timebomb: Workers will have to pay 5pc of salary in new scheme - OECD
Source: Independent IE - 13th December 2017
Workers face paying 5pc of their salary from their 20s onwards to help defuse the pensions timebomb, which has left Irish people with some of the worst entitlements in the developed world.
Women pension gap: Females forced to curb spending after hike in State Pension Age
Source: Express - 13th December 2017
ALMOST two thirds of the women hit by a surprise hike in their State Pension Age have been forced to curb their spending in a bid to plug the financial gap, a new survey has found.
Visa options for retirees heading for Thailand
Source: Emigrate - 13th December 2017
Checking all Thailand’s visa options for those over 50 years of age is the best way to ensure a trouble-free retirement.
Local authority pension funds diversify assets away from equities
Source: Pensions Age - 12th December 2017
Local authority pension funds have moved away from equities to bonds and alternative assets over the last decade, Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute has found.
UK pensioners receive smallest proportion of working income in developed world, says new study
Source: Independent - 12th December 2017
The UK’s retirees are facing the greatest drop in income when they stop work compared with pensioners in other developed countries, research from an influential think tank has revealed,...
Steelworkers' pro bono guidance saves two men £60k on first day
Source: Professional Adviser - 12th December 2017
A pro bono initiative set up by an adviser, that offers guidance to British steelworkers on their pensions, has saved two steelworkers a combined £60,000 in its first day.
My adviser charges nearly £3k a year to help invest a pension worth £200k - is that a fair price?
Source: This Is Money - 12th December 2017
I am writing with regards to my private pension and would be obliged if you could offer some advice on management charges.
Nearly half of employees are concerned their pension will not last in retirement, survey finds
Source: Professional Pensions - 11th December 2017
Over a third (37%) of 50- to 75-year-olds are unsure when and how to access their pension, Old Mutual Wealth and YouGov research reveals.
Ban pension cold-calls now, demand MPs: Call for 'urgent action' to stop the elderly handing over their life savings to fraudsters
Source: Mail Online - 11th December 2017
A ban on pension cold-calls must be brought forward to stop the elderly being duped into handing over their life savings to fraudsters, MPs will say today.
Workers weigh pension opt-out as contributions set to rise
Source: Citywire - 11th December 2017
Survey by insurer Aviva shows more than one in 10 savers are thinking of opting out of workplace pensions rather than paying higher contributions.
Protect savers from cold-call pension fraud by law, MPs urge
Source: The Guardian - 11th December 2017
Report by work and pensions select committee says legislative action is needed to keep savings safe from scammers
Workers weigh pension opt-out as contributions set to rise
Source: Citywire - 11th December 2017
Around 12% of workers are thinking of opting out of their workplace pension when minimum contributions rise next April, according to Aviva.
MPs demand default pension guidance in urgent scam action
Source: FT Adviser - 11th December 2017
The work and pensions select committee wants consumers to seek guidance by default before they can access their pension pots as part of its fight against pension scams.
China's pension funds struggling to cope with ageing population-state media
Source: Mail Online - 11th December 2017
Thirteen pension funds in regions and administrative units around China only have enough money to pay less than one year's worth of pensions, media reported on Monday, as the country struggles with an ageing population and shortfalls in the nation's pension schemes.
Ban cold calls now to stop pension scammers
Source: Parliament - 11th December 2017
The Work and Pensions Committee says Government should act now, through the Financial Claims and Guidance Bill, to ban pension cold calls and make people either take or expressly opt out of guidance before they can access their pension pot.
Retiring in 2018? Here Are 5 Tax Moves to Make Now
Source: Yahoo Finance - 10th December 2017
If you're gearing up for retirement, you probably have a number of questions on your mind. Where will you live? How will you spend your days?
A pension for Christmas
Source: Pensions Expert - 10th December 2017
Defined benefit funding levels are at their highest point since 2014, but employers continue to close schemes they see as a burden.
Almost half of pre-retirees ignorant of pension freedoms
Source: FT Adviser - 10th December 2017
Almost half of those approaching retirement are either unaware of pension freedoms or don't know the impact they will have on them, research has shown.
New funds can provide young savers with a safe track to retirement by gradually switching from shares to bonds
Source: This Is Money - 10th December 2017
Savers in their 20s can now stash money away for retirement in funds that automatically chop and change their investments as they grow older.
The best pensions in the world: how 30 countries rank
Source: Citywire - 8th December 2017
How 30 countries stack up when it comes to pension systems, according to the annual Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index.
Older entrepreneurs employ more staff than start-ups run by younger people
Source: The Guardian - 8th December 2017
The older generations are the new entrepreneurs, creating employment and driving national productivity, according to research by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR).
Britain’s self employed workforce will be DOMINATED by over-50s by 2024
Source: Express - 8th December 2017
THE UK has a rapidly increasing over-50 work force and this demographic will make up the majority of the UK's self-employed workforce within the next seven years.
Why early retirees should prepare for austerity
Source: Market Watch - 8th December 2017
You’re frugal. You’re in your 50s. And you’re ready to retire.
“I’m not rich,” you muse. “But I’ve saved up. I’m debt-free. Maybe I can stop working now and make my money last as long as I do.”
Extra pension contribution helps wrestle back annual allowance
Source: Citywire - 7th December 2017
A pay rise means Mary may have to submit to increased tax charges. But by taking steps to reduce her annual income below the threshold, she can prise back her full allowance.
Is saving 11% of your income enough for retirement?
Source: Moneywise - 7th December 2017
UK investors save more than the average European investor, according to new research, but is it enough for a good retirement income?
Millennial workers save the most
Source: Moneyfacts - 7th December 2017
Millennials are often thought of as being bad with money, yet research from Close Brothers and the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) shows that this may be unwarranted, as this age group actually saves more each month in non-pension savings accounts than other generations.
Pension freedom withdrawals to empty pots in 12 years
Source: FT Adviser - 7th December 2017
Many people are drawing too much from their pensions and severely underestimating their life expectancy, a report has warned.
JTI discriminated against worker, 66, on grounds of age
Source: BBC - 7th December 2017
A tobacco firm discriminated against a 66-year-old employee by refusing to offer him the same redundancy terms as younger staff, a tribunal has ruled.
Long-term gig workers could benefit from over £22,000 in employer pension contributions if granted employee status
Source: Business Matters - 7th December 2017
Gig economy workers wrongly labelled as self-employed could be missing out on over £22,000 in employer pension contributions, according to research by the Pensions Policy Institute (PPI).
Debt-laden pensioners poorer than a decade ago
Source: FT Adviser - 7th December 2017
UK savers have endured a decade of changes in pensions, not least the fact people retiring in 2017 face a lower expected annual income than those who retired in 2008.
Pensions warning over changes to Scottish tax rate
Source: Money Marketing - 7th December 2017
Proposals to change the rate of income tax in Scotland could cause confusion over pension tax relief, providers have warned.
Complex pension trends are leaving retirees cash-strapped
Source: Business Live - 7th December 2017
A return to the principles of traditional pension schemes would help to ease money woes
5 Retirement Moves to Make Before 2018
Source: Yahoo Finance - 7th December 2017
Whether you're actively retired or still in the planning stages, December 31, 2017, marks a pretty key date for you.
Explainer: Retirement at age 70 - what do the new rules mean?
Source: The Journal IE - 7th December 2017
THE MANDATORY RETIREMENT for civil servants is to rise from 65 to 70 under new measures announced by Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe today.
British Steel Pension Scheme extends transfer value deadline
Source: Citywire - 7th December 2017
The British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS) has extended the deadline for members who have received a cash equivalent transfer value (CETV) to decide whether to transfer out.
UK pensioners receive smallest proportion of working income in developed world, says new study
Source: Independent - 6th December 2017
The UK’s retirees are facing the greatest drop in income when they stop work compared with pensioners in other developed countries, research from an influential think tank has revealed,...
UK state pension is the least generous amongst advanced economies
Source: Moneywise - 6th December 2017
The UK’s state pension is the least generous amongst advanced economies, according to a report from a respected think tank.
What You Could Learn About a Successful Retirement From Current Retirees
Source: Time Money - 6th December 2017
Despite all the talk of a retirement crisis — and fears of people running through their savings too quickly — a new study has found something interesting:...
9 destinations in Europe where retirees are happy and housing is affordable
Source: Business Insider - 6th December 2017
After working several decades in a cubicle, who wouldn't want to retire to a warm European seaside town?
Where does Britain stand in the world league table of pensions? The answer will shock you
Source: Express - 6th December 2017
BRITAIN’S state pension was once the envy of the civilised world and the blueprint for other nations to follow.
Why are final salary pension schemes selling shares?
Source: Money Observer - 6th December 2017
Following the publication today of the Pension Protection Fund’s Purple Book – its annual update on the health of the UK’s defined benefit pension schemes – financial provider Hargreaves Lansdown is warning that conservative investment strategies will lower returns and force employers to increase their contributions.
What were the best funds and sectors in 2017?
Source: Money Marketing - 6th December 2017
China and UK smaller companies are among the funds that have led performance in 2017, while absolute return continues to have a poor run and index linked gilt funds disappointed.
16,000 military wives could be losing out on £500m of state pension, warns Sir Steve Webb
Source: Express - 6th December 2017
MILITARY wives are in danger of losing out on nearly £500million pounds in state pension rights, it was claimed last night.
Record £661m bailouts for pension funds that go bust with successful small firms footing much of the bill
Source: This Is Money - 6th December 2017
Failed pension schemes were propped up with a record £661million by the industry lifeboat last year, with successful small companies footing a huge chunk of the bill.
UK retirees expect to receive 29% of working salary as pension
Source: Your Money - 5th December 2017
Working people in the UK expect to earn less than a third of their salaries as their retirement income, far below their peers in other countries around the world.
Pension wolves preying on steelworkers highlight scandal of cash strapped retirement schemes
Source: Independent - 5th December 2017
More than two thirds of final salary pension schemes lack the funds to meet their liabilities. It will take years to fix the problem
UK pensions among lowest of advanced nations, says OECD
Source: BBC - 5th December 2017
The UK's state pension is one of the least generous among the most advanced economies in the world, according to a new report.
EU court adviser says Britain was wrong to refuse transgender woman's pension
Source: Reuters - 5th December 2017
Britain’s rejection of a transgender woman’s claim for a women’s state pension because she was still married to her spouse from before her transition is discriminatory, an EU court adviser said on Tuesday.
UK pensioners face sharpest income drop in retirement
Source: FT Adviser - 5th December 2017
UK pensioners are falling below the poverty line due to the low levels of state pension, a report has claimed.
Final salary pensions to become a thing of a past within a decade – and experts are blaming the regulator
Source: City A.M. - 5th December 2017
Britain's remaining final salary pension schemes will be extinguished within a decade, leading experts warned today.
One in nine UK pensioners have deferred state pension
Source: Professional Adviser - 4th December 2017
One in nine UK pensioners - more than 1.5 million people - have deferred their state pension, according to data held by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).
Government’s state pension top up flopped
Source: FT Adviser - 4th December 2017
The government’s state pension top up scheme – which for 18 months allowed men aged 65 or older and women aged 63 or older to increase their pot by up to £25 a week – has been revealed as a failure, with only 5 per cent of people taking it up
Labour council is warned to shift £250m pension fund ABROAD in case Corbyn wins election
Source: Mail Online - 4th December 2017
A Labour council has been warned to invest some its pension fund offshore to protect against the risks of a Jeremy Corbyn government.
FCA issues fresh warning on 'free' pension advice
Source: FT Adviser - 4th December 2017
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is reminding customers of the risks of transferring their defined benefit (DB) pensions to a new scheme
Debt-hit middle aged workers are increasingly forced to dip into pension pots
Source: Express - 4th December 2017
OLDER workers are increasingly dipping into their pension pots or taking on extra debt to pay their bills before they hit retirement.
Children and pensioners being pushed into poverty again, report warns
Source: iNews - 4th December 2017
More pensioners and families with children are falling into poverty again because of increasing living costs and Government welfare cuts, a major study of finances among Britain’s poor is warning.
Poor pensioners?
Source: FT Adviser - 4th December 2017
Pensioners are meant to be better off than ever before, but recent figures suggest the purse strings are tightening and there was no helping hand from the government in the Autumn Budget.
Poverty hits more children and pensioners, says charity
Source: BBC - 4th December 2017
Thousands of people are struggling to make ends meet in the UK every day, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has said.
The ‘unretired’: coming back to work in droves
Source: Financial Times - 4th December 2017
Rising numbers of older people are swapping pensions and hobbies for corporate life
The collapse of Palmer & Harvey is to be investigated by MPs as concern mounts about a huge pension fund deficit.
Source: This Is Money - 4th December 2017
Frank Field, chairman of the Commons Work and Pensions Committee, said he was also ‘massively concerned’ by news that bosses received millions of pounds from the wholesaler as losses grew.
Fifth of UK population now in poverty amid worst decline for children and pensioners in decades, major report reveals
Source: Independent - 4th December 2017
Hard-fought progress towards tackling poverty is in peril, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation says as the Government's entire Social Mobility Commission quits
‘Corbyn fear’ sees pension fund body advise Labour council to invest abroad
Source: The Guardian - 3rd December 2017
Document by London CIV warns Camden local authority in London against pouring cash into UK infrastructure
Nigel Farage admits he will keep his £73,000 EU pension, saying 'why should my family suffer?'
Source: Mirror - 3rd December 2017
The former Ukip leader has been accused of staggering hypocrisy after it emerged he was in line for the bumper payout, after decades spent complaining about waste in the EU
Millennials set to defy expectation with comfy retirement
Source: Independent - 3rd December 2017
We know how the generational finance argument goes. Older Brits are clinging on to all the cash, property and pension deals.
Renting in retirement: How feasible is it?
Source: BBC - 3rd December 2017
Home ownership can be a thing of beauty. Just as you don a pair of fur-lined slippers and spend more time on the golf course, you find you have paid off your mortgage.
Tory MP branded out-of-touch for saying 'what's wrong with a 65-year-old woman taking an apprenticeship?'
Source: Mirror - 2nd December 2017
Rachel Maclean made the jaw-dropping comment as MPs voted to help 2.6million women who had their pension age pushed back - defeating the Tory government
'Out of touch' Tory MP tells WASPI women to take apprenticeships
Source: Professional Adviser - 2nd December 2017
MPs have overwhelmingly backed a motion calling on the government to give more help to 'WASPI' women born in the 1950s who have been left financially worse off by the acceleration to the state pension age while a Tory MP suggested those affected look into apprenticeships.
Slowdown of longevity improvements is not a long-term trend – Webb
Source: Pensions Age - 2nd December 2017
The industry should not view a slowdown in longevity improvement as a “long-term trend”, as the latest statistics from the Office for National Statistics still show life expectancies are rising, Royal London director of policy Steve Webb has warned.
Don’t fall for a pension scam
Source: Moneywise - 2nd December 2017
Ever been offered an investment opportunity in burial plots, Carribean hotel rooms or a guaranteed return from Uruguayan soya beans?
Number of pensioners renting houses to SOAR above a million by 2032
Source: Express - 2nd December 2017
THE number of pensioners living in rented homes will treble in the next 15 years, researchers say.
Pensions aren’t the ticking timebomb – rents are
Source: The Guardian - 2nd December 2017
Non-homeowners currently in their 50s face having to find huge amounts of money to pay ever-escalating rents
Is this the calm before the storm as all eyes are on Brexit
Source: Actuarial Post - 1st December 2017
JLT Employee Benefits (JLT) has updated its monthly index, showing the funding position of all UK private sector defined benefit (DB) pension schemes under the standard accounting measure (IAS19) used in company reports and accounts.
Soaring UK life expectancy statistics could see pensions ages lifted to 70: AJ Bell
Source: International Investment - 1st December 2017
The Office for National Statistics has today published its latest estimates of UK life expectancy with increased life expectancy likely to force a further increase in proposed changes to the state pension age to be readjusted from 68 to 70.
Universities staff could lose £200k in retirement
Source: FT Adviser - 1st December 2017
The proposal to close the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), the biggest private defined benefit (DB) scheme in the country, could leave staff £200,000 worse off in retirement
Pension sharks target steel workers at factory gates: Rogue advisers travel 350 miles to dupe employees out of thousands of pounds
Source: This Is Money - 1st December 2017
Rogue financial advisers have been making 700-mile round trips to lure steelworkers into transferring their pension funds at the factory gates.
How many 1950s women still don’t know they are affected by pension changes?
Source: iNews - 1st December 2017
More than 3 million women have lost out because of the changes to pension law, and more than 3,000 in my own constituency of Swansea East have been unfairly treated by the changes to the state pension.
Warning: A Retirement Hurricane Is Coming!
Source: Yahoo Finance - 1st December 2017
Like so many others, this summer and fall I watched as hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria rolled in from the tropics and caused widespread destruction in the U.S. and elsewhere.