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Retirement and Pensions News

Retirement: Grand reasons to move house
Source: Express - 20th September 2017
AT a time when you might expect downsizers to be moving into small properties, many are opting for new-build family homes with room to look after their grandchildren.
Over 50s eye buy to let for retirement income
Source: Moneywise - 20th September 2017
Retired investors look set to give the buy-to-let market a boost with new research revealing that more than one in 10 over 50s want to buy an investment property when they retire.
Retirement dream: The once lonely resident who now lives the happiest life
Source: Express - 20th September 2017
LIVING in Cornwall was a dream come true for Peggy Bigglestone but when her husband died she realised she was too far from family and friends.
British Airways proposes moving all employees onto new pension scheme in £3.7bn deficit containment plan
Source: City A.M. - 20th September 2017
British Airways has proposed moving all of its employees onto a new pension plan, after it closed its gold-plated scheme in an effort to stop a massive black hole growing further. 
Pensions to British expats could STOP if there is no Brexit deal: Influential MP Nicky Morgan and top firms warn of legal block on future payouts
Source: This Is Money - 19th September 2017
Elderly expats in the EU could see their pension payments stopped if there is a no-deal 'cliff edge' Brexit, the Government has been warned. 
Could a lifeline for older borrowers unable to repay interest-only mortgages be about to arrive?
Source: This Is Money - 19th September 2017
An interest-only mortgage time bomb has been ticking for several years now and there are fears it's about to go off.
Nine out of 10 over-65s use THIS to stay in contact with loved ones
Source: Express - 19th September 2017
NEARLY nine out of 10 silver surfers have a Facebook account to keep in touch with family and friends as record numbers of over-65s take to smartphones and tablets.
Why retirement can be a dangerous time
Source: Market Watch - 19th September 2017
Getting your finances squared away is only one part of preparing for retirement — mental preparation is also crucial.
Why a dose of reality is needed for pensions planning
Source: FT Adviser - 19th September 2017
Retirement is no longer the point when you make a one-off decision about how you will pay for your twilight years by simply selecting an annuity.
Downsizing for retirement? Answer these four questions first
Source: BT - 19th September 2017
Downsizing is at the top of the to-do list for many pensioners, in order to save some extra money in retirement. But before you do anything, consider these factors.
Martin Lewis on state pension: How YOU could have a £21,000 SECRET pension
Source: Express - 19th September 2017
MARTIN LEWIS, Money Saving Expert, advised UK nationals that they could have a secret pension hidden away that they don’t even know about.
State Pension: expats living in the EU will still get annual increases after Brexit
Source: Love Money - 19th September 2017
One of the many Brexit fears facing expats living in the EU was that their State Pension would be frozen when the UK leaves in 2019.
MP demands action on expat pensions after Brexit
Source: Money Observer - 18th September 2017
Nicky Morgan, head of the Treasury select committee, has warned that when Britain leaves the European Union British expatriates could be left without pensions.
Expat pensions may not be paid after Brexit, Treasury committee warns
Source: Professional Pensions - 18th September 2017
Expat pensioners may not receive their entitlements if no deal is reached in the Brexit negotiations, the Treasury select committee has warned the Chancellor.
British expats face 'cliff edge' in pensions and insurance after Brexit
Source: The Guardian - 18th September 2017
Minister calls for urgent action to ensure British pensioners in EU do not find payments stopped after Brexit
Have you got a FORGOTTEN pension? £400 MILLION of unclaimed savings – find YOURS now
Source: Sunday Express - 17th September 2017
PENSIONERS have been urged to check whether they're got a forgotten nest egg, with around £400million unclaimed, according to the Government.
Firms to be banned from using cold calling about pensions
Source: Sunday Express - 17th September 2017
FIRMS will be banned from using cold calling about pensions under House of Lords amendments to the Financial Guidance and Claims Bill.
Nearing retirement? 2 stocks you might want to buy
Source: Yahoo Finance - 17th September 2017
If you're getting closer to that point when you can stop setting your alarm clock on a weekday, you may be wondering whether you should be withdrawing from the stock market as well.
Should you cash in on your home to enjoy a wealthier retirement?
Source: AoL - 17th September 2017
The number of equity release mortgages available to older homeowners keen to enjoy their later years using cash tied up in their homes has tripled in the last 10 years, according to new figures from the Equity Release Council.
6 Things You Can Do to Retire by 40, According to People Who Did It
Source: Time Money - 17th September 2017
Retiring by 40 might seem like a pipe dream to most people. But it’s surprisingly attainable if you apply the right knowhow and financial strategies early on to get there.
Retirement planning: pension challenges facing women
Source: Love Money - 17th September 2017
On average women earn less, spend more time out of the workforce caring for children and live longer than men, so it is no surprise to hear they are less prepared for retirement than their male counterparts
Happy Pensions Awareness Day!
Source: Moneyfacts - 17th September 2017
We could all do with getting a bit more engaged with our pensions, with frequent statistics warning that we're simply not saving enough for a comfortable retirement.
OAPs missing out on pension credit
Source: Third Force News - 16th September 2017
Age Scotland is urging older people to claim pension credit, following new figures showing that an estimated 104,000 Scots entitled to the benefit are not receiving it.
Set aside 12 per cent of salary for pension to enjoy comfortable retirement
Source: iNews - 16th September 2017
A major campaign has been running this week to get Britons thinking about their pensions, culminating in Pension Awareness Day today.
Investor Views: "Should I Cash in my £850,000 Pension?"
Source: Morning Star - 16th September 2017
Private investor Andrew Knight fears falling foul of lifetime pension contribution limits if he accesses a scheme from a previous employer
PensionBee under fire over naming and shaming rivals
Source: FT Adviser - 16th September 2017
Pension providers have dismissed claims of bad customer service presented by PensionBee in its monthly round-up of case studies
State pension linked to longevity puts retirement age at 74
Source: FT Adviser - 16th September 2017
The average individual would be spending an extra nine years in work if the state pension age had risen in line with longevity since the end of World War II, research from Hymans Robertson has revealed
How the Bank of Mum and Dad is Britain's most lenient lender (so don't expect your children to pay you back!)
Source: Mail Online - 16th September 2017
One in five UK parents have taken money from their pension, or stopped contributing to it, to help their children financially, according to a new report today.
Have you destroyed your parents' retirement? Surge in cash flowing from mums and dads to adult children
Source: Mirror - 16th September 2017
Parents just want the best for their children, but millions of mums and dads are destroying their ritirement funds to give their adult children a hand
Seven curious facts for Pensions Awareness Day
Source: Professional Adviser - 16th September 2017
Today is Pension Awareness Day and, to mark it, Robert Cochran has unearthed seven curious facts to help you convey to potential and existing clients the importance of saving for retirement
British Steel pension changes will affect thousands on Teesside - here's what you need to know
Source: Gazette Live - 14th September 2017
British Steel pensioners could face much larger cuts than they think :: Campaigners say people are 'unaware of the risks'
Defined benefit pension deficit rises by £40bn
Source: FT Adviser - 13th September 2017
The aggregate deficit of the around 4,200 defined benefit schemes in the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) 7800 Index has increased to just over £220bn
State pension increases will continue for UK citizens living in EU
Source: Money Observer - 13th September 2017
The UK and EU have agreed that the UK will continue paying and uprating state pensions to UK citizens living in EU countries after Brexit and vice versa, according to the Pensions Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA).
Steelworkers will lose more money than they might think under changes to their pensions, it is claimed
Source: Wales Online - 13th September 2017
Former steelworkers in Port Talbot and Llanelli will lose out on more cash than they think when pension changes come into force, it has been claimed.
Ten years on... Millions still paying the price of Northern Rock collapse: How the financial crisis robbed pensioners of half of their income
Source: Mail Online - 13th September 2017
Pensioners are retiring on HALF the income they would have got before the financial crisis struck ten years ago, a major Money Mail report today reveals.
Millions are worried they will have to work until at least 70 before they can afford to retire
Source: The Mirror - 13th September 2017
More than five million over 50s are worried they will have to work until they are at least 70 before they have saved enough to finally retire
‘Workplace robots will widen pension savings gap to £2.3tn’
Source: Financial Times - 13th September 2017
The UK’s retirement savings gap would widen to £2.3tn if Bank of England forecasts of the number of human jobs that could be lost to robots come to pass, according to new analysis.
Why are pensions so unfair?
Source: Professional Pensions - 13th September 2017
Latest SPP research shows the majority of pension professionals believe the current system is unfair. Jonathan Stapleton agrees, but says we shouldn't expect the government to provide a fix
Revealed: the huge pay rises feathering vice-chancellors’ retirement nests
Source: The Guardian - 12th September 2017
While university pension funds are £17.5bn in the red, Guardian analysis shows vice-chancellors retiring on inflated sums
RETIREMENT WARNING: Millions of workers failing to save enough for old age
Source: Express - 12th September 2017
MILLIONS of workers are failing to save enough for their old age despite being worried about paying the bills in retirement, new figures show.
How millennials got a 6-figure start on retirement saving
Source: Yahoo Finance - 12th September 2017
If you've read the latest headlines, you know millennials get a mixed financial rap. Some reports say they're throwing their money away on avocado toast and dining out, while others claim they're killing the earnings of restaurant chains by cooking at home more.
We are Googling the word "pension" a lot more – and it's all George Osborne's fault
Source: City A.M. - 12th September 2017
Pensions are now more popular than ever, in part thanks to former chancellor George Osborne, according to research released today.
‘Protect yourself and be aware. Hang up on cold callers’
Source: Yorkshire Post - 12th September 2017
MANY readers of The Yorkshire Post will be familiar with nuisance calls and have experienced the irritation of having sat down to dinner or a fresh cup of tea and being interrupted by someone trying to sell us something – normally something we don’t need!
Scams could be behind 1 in 12 pension transfers
Source: Money Marketing - 12th September 2017
New data has shed a light on how many pension transfers could be scams, but also raises questions over the potential efficacy of the Government’s cold-calling ban.
One in 12 pension transfers potentially a scam
Source: FT Adviser - 12th September 2017
Scammers could be involved in one in 12 pension transfer requests, according to data from consultancy firm Xafinity
Alarm over teachers who resign before pension age
Source: The Times - 12th September 2017
Tens of thousands of teachers left English schools before reaching retirement age last year and projects designed to persuade them to stay had little impact, according to the public spending watchdog.
Delay drawing pension until next year says expert
Source: International Adviser - 12th September 2017
Financial advisers should tell clients thinking of taking money out of their pension fund over the next few months to wait until next year to make full use of the increase in the Lifetime Allowance (LTA), industry experts are saying.
Third of adults failing to invest for retirement
Source: Peer2Peer - 12th September 2017
AROUND a third of adults (32 per cent) are failing to invest in order to support their lifestyle in retirement, a new study from Close Brothers Asset Management has found.
UK pension system unfair on young people, survey says
Source: Professional Pensions - 11th September 2017
The UK pension system is unfair on young people and the self-employed, a poll by the Society of Pension Professionals (SPP) has said.
Tighter HMRC rules on scam pensions expected post Budget
Source: FT Adviser - 11th September 2017
Legislation on tighter HM Revenue & Customs rules to stop scammers operating fraudulent pension schemes will only be introduced in the third Finance Bill of the year, after the autumn Budget
Confused by pensions jargon? Here's what you need to know.
Source: Money Observer - 11th September 2017
On average, people in the UK live for 240 months after they’ve retired – that’s the equivalent of 240 missed paycheques.
New research shows lack of fairness in UK pensions
Source: Actuarial Post - 11th September 2017
The latest research from the Society of Pension Professionals (SPP) has highlighted an ongoing lack of fairness in UK pensions.
You’ve had fun in the sun, but now it’s time to check the sums
Source: Press and Journal - 11th September 2017
As summer comes to an end and we get back into work mode it is great to look back at a couple of weeks spent stocking up on some valuable R&R (rest and recreation).
UK pension system "unfair" on self-employed and youngsters... but great for public sector workers
Source: City A.M. - 11th September 2017
The UK's pension system is skewed against Britain's self-employed and youngsters, leading professionals in the sector believe.
Retirement jargon buster: Understanding the terminology of Pemsions
Source: Express - 10th September 2017
RETIREMENT planning is one of the most important things you will ever do but many are deterred by confusing rules and impenetrable jargon.
Retiring early is not an idle dream
Source: AoL - 9th September 2017
Why do we invest? For most people, once they get past the stage of merely dabbling at investing, the answer boils down to securing a better - or an earlier - retirement.
RETIREMENT SHOCK: One in seven won't be able to stop working unless they sell family home
Source: Express - 9th September 2017
ONE in seven older homeowners will not be able to afford to retire unless they sell the family home and move into a cheaper property.
Half of new-build retirement homes sell at a loss
Source: BBC - 9th September 2017
Around half of new build retirement homes sold during a 10-year period were later re-sold at a loss, according to exclusive research for the BBC.
Downsizing could free up £112,000 for retirement
Source: Moneyfacts - 8th September 2017
Downsizing to a smaller property is something many people aspire to in later life, and it could have huge financial benefits, with research from Prudential finding a growing willingness to downsize – and a growing cash reward in the process.
Record 9.9m over-50s in work, figures show
Source: BT - 8th September 2017
A record 9.9 million people aged 50 and over are in work, new figures show.
Cream skimmed off Dairy Crest milkmen's pensions
Source: BBC - 8th September 2017
Thousands of former Dairy Crest milk deliverers will have to make do with smaller pension increases.
Retiring later: average Brit now working beyond state pension age
Source: Which - 8th September 2017
Both men and women are increasingly staying at work beyond the state pension age, official figures show – but how much do you need for a comfortable retirement?
Convenience and NOT cash is the reason almost half of over-55s are looking to downsize their homes
Source: This Is Money - 8th September 2017
Some 47 per cent of homeowners aged over 55 plan to downsize their homes in the future, releasing an average of £112,000 in equity from the move, a survey reveals.
British Airways to close pension scheme – UK pension crisis continues
Source: Biznews - 8th September 2017
The decision to close a defined benefit pension scheme will hit tens of thousands of hard-working people in the UK — and it may not be limited to the employees of British Airways.
Downsizing: Over 55s fear being unable to afford present homes after retirement
Source: Express - 8th September 2017
ONE in seven older home owners planning to downsize in later life believe they will be unable to retire unless they move to a cheaper property, a survey has found.
Should you let a 'robot' manage your retirement income?
Source: BBC - 8th September 2017
Automated financial advice delivered by computer algorithm - often dubbed robo-advice - is a fast-growing business. But should you entrust your life savings to a computer?
Now one in ten people are working after the age of 65: Figure has quadrupled in 20 years with record 1.2million in employment
Source: Mail Online - 8th September 2017
The number of men and women working beyond their 65th birthday has more than quadrupled in the last 20 years, government figures showed last night.
British Airways risks strike action over plans to curb pension benefits
Source: The Guardian - 8th September 2017
Unite and GMB unions make veiled threat after airline proposes overhaul to limit payouts from defined benefits scheme
BA seeks to close main pension scheme
Source: BBC - 7th September 2017
British Airways has announced proposals to close its main defined-benefit pension scheme in an effort to tackle what it says is a "significant and growing funding deficit".
Workers retiring earlier than in 1950
Source: BBC - 7th September 2017
Workers are retiring at a younger age now than in 1950, figures show, despite longer life expectancy.
4 Must-Dos Before Retirement
Source: Yahoo Finance - 7th September 2017
There is a laundry list of financial items you should tackle before you retire. After meeting with several hundred people who have recently retired, or are about to, I have concluded that the vast majority of people are not overthinking it.
Here is why Indians are retiring poor with more debt and no pension
Source: Economic Times - 7th September 2017
Indian families borrow and invest in very different ways than families in the US, UK or Germany, and even those in China.
Four out of five Brits unhappy with pension pots
Source: FT Adviser - 7th September 2017
Almost 30 per cent of people over-55 are unsure if they will be able to retire on their current savings, Pension Geeks research shows
Thousands of parents could boost child benefit payments by shovelling more cash into their pensions
Source: Mail Online - 7th September 2017
High-earning parents could claw back child benefits totalling hundreds of pounds every year by topping up their pensions, according to a new study.
Fund new start-ups from pension pots, IoD urges
Source: BBC - 7th September 2017
Older entrepreneurs should be allowed to dip into their pension pot without a tax penalty to fund a new business, a lobby group has suggested.
British retirees in Europe far outnumber EU retirees in the UK
Source: International Adviser - 6th September 2017
There are three times as many Brits over the age of 65 living in other European Union countries than vice versa but they are showing little inclination to rush home ahead of Brexit, figures from the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggest.
Pension transfer demand to grow due to new EU rules
Source: FT Adviser - 6th September 2017
The defined benefit (DB) transfer market is expected to grow even more, since schemes will be obligated to communicate the benefits value to each of their members annually
Why a dose of reality is needed for pensions planning
Source: FT Adviser - 6th September 2017
Retirement is no longer the point when you make a one-off decision about how you will pay for your twilight years by simply selecting an annuity.
Financial watchdog considers bringing back retirement interest-only mortgages
Source: What Mortgage - 6th September 2017
The UK financial watchdog is considering proposals on whether older borrowers should be allowed to take out interest-only mortgages.
Relief for older British expats in the EU! Early Brexit deal looks set to avert threat of frozen state pensions and losing healthcare rights
Source: Mail Online - 6th September 2017
British expats in the EU look set to keep annual increases in the state pension and still get healthcare paid for after negotiators reached early agreement in Brexit talks.
Retiring abroad: Spain revealed as top choice destination for ex-pat Britons
Source: Express - 6th September 2017
SPAIN remains the retirement destination of choice for ex-pat Britons, latest figures show.
Pension savings could boost child benefits, mutual insurer finds
Source: Yahoo Finance - 6th September 2017
Thousands of higher-earning families could boost their child benefit entitlements by saving more money into their pension, according to a mutual insurer.
Buy-to-let purchases driven by pension pot hunters
Source: Property Investor Today - 6th September 2017
Sales of buy-to-let properties continue to be driven by pension “pot hunters”, according to the latest findings from Sequre Property Investment.
A Warning for Britain’s £2 trillion Pension Industry
Source: Institutional Investor - 6th September 2017
A trade group representing British pension funds has warned that weak governance standards could hurt millions of U.K. workers and urged both pension schemes and their regulator to make changes.
Pensions regulator warns of rogue websites carrying anti-scam messages
Source: Money Marketing - 4th September 2017
The Pensions Regulator has warned that rogue pension websites are carrying anti-scam messages to try and trick consumers into thinking they are legitimate businesses.
The digital revolution: robots could help drive down the retirement age
Source: Information Age - 4th September 2017
There is an inherent fear of robots and AI taking over jobs, but these processes should benefit the human worker
Robots and AI can bring down pension age, says TUC
Source: The Guardian - 4th September 2017
General secretary Frances O’Grady calls for debate about who benefits from new prosperity and how workers get a fair share
Millions of self-employed risk poverty in retirement
Source: Express - 4th September 2017
EXPERTS are calling for the auto-enrolment pension scheme to be extended to the self-employed as new figures show millions risk poverty in retirement.
Cold calling ban may be introduced this week
Source: FT Adviser - 4th September 2017
The government might legislate on the pensions cold calling ban as soon as next week in the second Finance Bill of this year, according to Rachel Vahey, product technical manager at Nucleus
Expat Exodus As Brits Flee To Retire In EU Sunshine
Source: iExpats - 3rd September 2017
Would-be expats are flocking to France, Spain and other favourite EU destinations in a bid to stake their claim as European citizens before a Brexit cut-off drops into place.
Pension poverty warning as charity finds one in four elderly people struggles to make ends meet
Source: This Is Money - 2nd September 2017
A charity has sounded a fresh warning about pensioners living in poverty after it found almost one in four people over the age of 65 in the UK are struggling financially.
From a quarter-life crisis in your twenties to a stressful retirement, we look at the five common ages to find yourself on the brink – and how to pull back
Source: The Sun - 2nd September 2017
Yesterday we revealed doctors wrote 573,000 'fit notes' last year to sign off anxious patients of all ages – so it’s not just the fabled mid-life crisis you need to watch
Martin Lewis on your state pension: THIS could make you eligible for THOUSANDS of pounds
Source: Express - 1st September 2017
THE STATE pension in the UK is fairly low, but Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis revealed one way that you could be entitled to thousands extra on your scheme.
Carry on working: Developers get a grip on the need for housing for over-65s still in work
Source: Mail Online - 1st September 2017
What does one do with retirees who refuse to retire? That’s a question housebuilders are having to ask themselves as they seek to attract non-retiring types.
Will your money run out before you die?
Source: AoL - 1st September 2017
Most people will have two types of pension: one from the state and one earned through employment
Make pensioner poverty history
Source: Express and Star - 1st September 2017
We’re told we are baby boomers, when the UK never had a baby boom in the 1950s and 1960s and had the normal 2.2 babies back then. Us old ‘uns remember, we were there.
A better savings policy for the self-employed
Source: Prospect Magazine - 1st September 2017
Politicians have discussed the cost and value of freedom for centuries. These debates normally end up with the platitude that freedom is not free, it comes at a price.
Pension warning: Retirees are making this BIG mistake with income drawdown policies
Source: Express - 1st September 2017
RETIREES are putting their pension income at risk by making key errors with income drawdown strategies, experts have warned.
Almost half of buy to let buyers in UK want to boost their pensions
Source: Property Wire - 1st September 2017
Almost half of buy to let sales in the UK are driven by investors looking for pension returns and overall market is unchanged despite tax changes, new research reveals.
Almost three million pensioners are struggling with their bills: One in four over 65s find it hard to make ends meet despite being eligible for benefits
Source: Mail Online - 1st September 2017
Almost one in four people over the age of 65 are struggling financially, showing there is no end to 'pensioner poverty', a new report claims.
Politicians to probe UK universities pension scheme
Source: Investment & Pensions Europe - 1st September 2017
The UK’s biggest pension fund could be subject to a parliamentary inquiry over its record funding shortfall.
Couple who paid £7k to top up state pensions for wrong years finally win a refund – after weeks in which taxman refused to repay their cash
Source: Mail Online - 1st September 2017
A couple who paid £7,000 for state pension top-ups that proved worthless have finally won a refund, after weeks in which the taxman refused to give their money back.
Brexit healthcare deal is ‘good news for pensioners’
Source: The Guardian - 1st September 2017
David Davis says negotiators have agreed to maintain reciprocal healthcare for British and EU retirees affected by Brexit
The 6 steps to pension freedom - Following the mad rush to plunder pots, it’s time for a calm look at your future
Source: Mirror - 1st September 2017
Older Brits have been cashing in on their life savings like never before after they were given access to them recently - but the mad rush to cash in has left people seriously out of pocket.
Drawdown is booming – so perfect your investments
Source: Moneyfacts - 1st September 2017
The pension freedoms have opened up far more options for retirees looking to spend their hard-saved pension pots, with an annuity no longer the sole option.
Retirees are making this BIG mistake with income drawdown policies
Source: Express - 31st August 2017
RETIREES are putting their pension income at risk by making key errors with income drawdown strategies, experts have warned.
Labour attacks 'scandal' of pension and advice charges
Source: Citywire - 31st August 2017
Labour shadow pensions minister Alex Cunningham has criticised charges imposed upon pension savers and described access to advice in the UK as a 'scandal'.
UK ‘pensions freedom’ retirees warned of losses in market shock
Source: Funds Europe - 31st August 2017
Retirees in Britain’s dramatically changed at-retirement market face years of losses in a market downturn due to their investment holdings, Aegon has warned.
Regulator working on pension transfer template
Source: FT Adviser - 31st August 2017
Industry calls for standard rules to help the defined benefit transfer process have been heeded by the regulator
The hidden cost of the financial crisis on today’s retirees
Source: Money Marketing - 31st August 2017
Those reaching retirement today could have to cope with income some 46 per cent lower than could have been expected immediately before the crisis
The 6 steps to pension freedom - Following the mad rush to plunder pots, it’s time for a calm look at your future
Source: Mirror - 31st August 2017
Older Brits have been cashing in on their life savings like never before after they were given access to them recently - but the mad rush to cash in has left people seriously out of pocket. What you SHOULD be doing
Should You Put Your Countdown to Retirement on Hold?
Source: Yahoo Finance - 30th August 2017
Few milestones in life are as eagerly anticipated as retirement. You may already even be preparing for the magical age of 62 -- the earliest age you can draw Social Security
State pension losers and winners from major National Insurance changes
Source: Express - 30th August 2017
SELF-employed workers face huge changes to National Insurance that will affect their entitlement to the state pension from next year, experts have warned.
Penalised for working at home: Why won’t an insurer cover me?
Source: iNews - 30th August 2017
The Government has been criticised for refusing to support Britain’s lowest paid self-employed workers, who are about to see a fourfold increase in the cost of their pensions contributions.
UK inflation rate increase is bad news for pensions
Source: FT Adviser - 30th August 2017
With UK inflation at a near four-year high, a nationwide financial services consultancy is warning that the deficits of UK defined benefit pension schemes will also increase
Drawdown investment strategies failing to match retirement needs
Source: Money Marketing - 30th August 2017
Drawdown investment strategies are still closely aligned with those for non-drawdown clients, new research shows, despite their differing needs.
Annuities still rate highly despite many taking advantage of their new pension freedoms
Source: Express - 30th August 2017
Annuities still rate highly despite many taking advantage of their new pension freedoms
Transfers of old final salary pensions could be worth ‘a fortune’
Source: Money Observer - 29th August 2017
There are five million people in the UK who have ‘deferred’ pensions – pensions from a previous job – that may be worth as much as 30 times the annual pension foregone.
Pension deficit now equals 70% of UK companies’ entire annual profits fuelling retirement fears
Source: Independent - 29th August 2017
The huge deficit in the pension funds of the UK’s biggest listed firms rocketed last year, adding to concerns over how companies’ schemes will fund workers’ retirement incomes.
IFAs condemn ‘scam’ promising 40% ‘guaranteed’ returns
Source: Money Marketing - 29th August 2017
IFAs have roundly condemned an investment opportunity claiming  to give a guaranteed 40 percent monthly return.
Millions of British workers are sitting on a six-figure pension lump sum without realising it
Source: Yahoo Finance - 29th August 2017
Millions of workers could be sitting on six-figure pension lump sums and not even realise it.
With ‘jobs for life’ increasingly a thing of the past, more people have various smaller pensions from several jobs.
Pension schemes failing retirees on transfers and guidance
Source: FT Adviser - 29th August 2017
Only around one in six defined benefit (DB) schemes offers the choice of a partial transfer to members, despite widespread support from advisers for the option, research from LCP and Royal London has shown
Are you saving enough money for retirement?
Source: Yahoo Finance - 29th August 2017
When I first entered the workforce, a question I had on my mind was: “How much money should I save from my salary every month?”
Pension funds concerned over executive pay gap
Source: Money Marketing - 29th August 2017
More than four in five pension funds are concerned about the gap in pay between executives and staff at listed companies, according to a new survey.
Pension deficit of UK's leading companies equivalent to 70% of their profits
Source: The Guardian - 29th August 2017
UK’s leading plcs have combined deficit of £62bn, with the percentage of their profits higher than in 2009 after financial crisis
Meet the women launching startups in their 50s: ‘I took a deep breath and jumped’
Source: The Guardian - 28th August 2017
With a fifth of new businesses being founded by over-55s, it is a boom time for middle-aged entrepreneurs. We talk to three women who are doing it for themselves
Home owners using equity release to back up savings and boost pensions
Source: Property Wire - 28th August 2017
British home owners are using their properties as a back-up savings account as the average amount of equity released in July hit a record £78,334, according to new figures.
Who has the biggest pension in the civil service? The head of the pensions department! Bureaucrat to retire with pot worth £1.8million
Source: Mail Online - 28th August 2017
The civil servant with the biggest pension pot in Whitehall is the mandarin responsible for making us all work longer before we can retire.
Five more years of work could BOOST retirement incomes by £50,000
Source: Express - 28th August 2017
WORKING an extra five years after retirement age could give a £50,000 boost to pension pots, research shows.
People in Cambridge are some of the most likely to work past retirement in the country
Source: Cambridge News - 27th August 2017
Workers in South Cambridgeshire are some of the most likely in the UK to work past retirement, a new survey reveals.
Millions of Brits sitting on forgotten pension pots worth £800bn
Source: Sunday Express - 27th August 2017
MILLIONS of Britons are unaware that they are collectively sitting on pensions worth £800billion from their former employers’ final salary schemes, according to new research from insurer Royal London.
Solve the great pension puzzle: Should you transfer to a personal plan or hang on to your pot?
Source: This Is Money - 27th August 2017
Millions of people with pensions they are no longer paying into are sitting on a flexible friend that could enhance their financial fitness in retirement.
‘They can’t survive’ Corbyn declares war on the Tories as he vows to challenge PM
Source: Express - 26th August 2017
LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn has said the Tories “cannot survive” and has vowed to challenge Prime Minister Theresa May through the autumn.
Corbyn woos pensioners with pledge to protect triple lock on pensions
Source: News & Star - 26th August 2017
Jeremy Corbyn has said that Labour is ready and able to win an election as he met pensioners on the latest leg of his tour of Scotland.
You can make a million with just £250 and the FTSE 100
Source: AoL - 26th August 2017
If I told you that you could become a millionaire with just £250 and a simple investment in the FTSE 100, you probably wouldn't believe me at first. But while this might seem like an unachievable target, it is entirely possible.
Inflation set to hit pensioners especially hard
Source: Which - 26th August 2017
Retirees will be particularly hard by soaring inflation in coming years, new research from Which? Money has revealed.
Millennials willing to save more in a pension
Source: Moneyfacts - 26th August 2017
It's often assumed that the younger generation doesn't think a whole lot about their financial future, yet research from Royal London shows that this assumption may be unfounded, with a lot of millennials willing to save far more for their pensions than many people think.
Baby boomers' heavy drinking causes 'alarming' rise in hospital admissions
Source: Homecare - 26th August 2017
Alcohol and drug misuse among the over 50s is on the rise, with the number of people receiving treatment in hospital expected to double by 2020, new research suggests.
Which?: people trust banks more than pensions
Source: Citywire - 26th August 2017
The latest warning sign about the state of retirement in the UK shows that only 23% of people trust long-term saving products such as pensions, compared to 40% who trust retail banking.
Expect to spend $275,000 on health care in retirement — even if you're healthy
Source: Yahoo Finance - 26th August 2017
A new analysis from Fidelity Investments estimates that a healthy, 65-year-old couple retiring this year will need $275,000 to cover their health-care costs in retirement. That's up 6 percent from the $260,000 estimate last year.
Gov't must dish detail on pension fraud clampdown
Source: Citywire - 26th August 2017
The announcement this week that legislation to ban cold calling has been widened to include emails and text messages, unless a customer relationship is in place or permission has been given,...
Confusion surrounds age at which savers can access private pensions
Source: Moneywise - 26th August 2017
Savers waiting to hear when they can access their private pensions in future will have to wait longer still, as the government has refused to confirm whether the age at which people start taking their private pension will continue to rise in line with the next state pension age increase.
Over 90% say pensions dashboard could help them save for retirement
Source: Employee Benefits - 26th August 2017
Nine out of 10 parents believe that an online service showing all of their pensions savings would help them to save more for their retirement,...
Concern flagged on burden of new pension scams rules
Source: FT Adviser - 26th August 2017
New limits to pension transfers, which are part of the planned rules on pension scams announced by the government this week, are expected to increase the burden on scheme trustees
Banks more trusted than pensions
Source: FT Adviser - 24th August 2017
Less than a quarter of consumers — 23 per cent — said they trusted long-term financial products, such as pensions, according to a survey of consumer group Which?.
UK Pensioners Face 46% Lower Income Than Before ’07 Crash
Source: CIO - 24th August 2017
UK employees who retire this year  will experience a 46% reduction in their pension income compared to if they had retired in 2007, before the market crash, according to a new report from Fidelity International.
How to BOOST your savings for retirement
Source: Express - 24th August 2017
MARTIN LEWIS has explained how to top up pension pots and boost the state pension in a handy guide - and following his advice could ensure you don’t miss out on hundreds of pounds.
Does guaranteed drawdown have a future?
Source: Money Marketing - 24th August 2017
Demand for guaranteed drawdown products will bring providers back to the market in the future, commentators predict, despite a wave of recent exits.
Retire at 68? We'll be exhausted before then!
Source: Citywire - 24th August 2017
Making the decision to retire is not always an easy one for many people. Any time in your late fifties, provided you have that asset base to provide for yourself and your dependants,...
Transfer delays cost pension savers over £1 billion
Source: Money Observer - 23rd August 2017
Pension transfer delays are costing consumers a total of over £1 billion, according to new research by online pension consolidation service PensionBee – a cost that could be avoided by transferring pensions electronically.
Ex-BHS owner Dominic Chappell prosecuted by pensions regulator
Source: The Guardian - 23rd August 2017
Former bankrupt who bought high street retailer that collapsed a year later is sued for failure to provide information
Young savers take a liking to pensions: Research shows most millennials are willing to throw in extra cash when they get pay rises
Source: Mail Online - 23rd August 2017
Four out of five younger people are saving into pensions and most are likely to stay put when contributions start going up next year, a survey reveals.
Warning over soaring drink and drug misuse among over-50s
Source: Evening Standard - 23rd August 2017
Drink and drug misuse among the over 50s is a "rapidly growing problem", scientists have warned.
Homeowners cashing in pension pots will be ‘more reliant on property equity than ever’
Source: Mortgage Solutions - 23rd August 2017
Homeowners taking advantage of pension freedoms and cashing in their pension pots are being warned they will find themselves needing to release equity from their homes in the future.
Three in four millennials willing to pay more into their pension, says research
Source: Professional Pensions - 23rd August 2017
Some 40% of millennials plan to increase their monthly pension contributions next year, according to Royal London's recent analysis.
Influential MP calls for ‘collective alternative’ DC pensions
Source: Citywire - 23rd August 2017
The Work and Pensions Select Committee will explore a ‘collective alternative’ for workplace defined contribution (DC) schemes.
Martin Lewis on state pension: THIS is how much you should be saving
Source: Express - 23rd August 2017
MARTIN LEWIS, Money Saving Expert, has revealed how much you should be saving for your pension.
UK pension regulator to prosecute former BHS owner Chappell
Source: Reuters - 23rd August 2017
Britain's Pensions Regulator is to prosecute Dominic Chappell for failing to provide information and documents requested during an investigation into the sale of department store chain BHS to him by retail tycoon Philip Green, it said on Tuesday.
PensionBee launches non-advised drawdown service
Source: FT Adviser - 23rd August 2017
PensionBee, the fintech pension provider, has launched a drawdown service for people who do not have an adviser to consolidate and draw an income from their retirement nest eggs
Why more and more over-60s are starting a business
Source: Cambridge News - 23rd August 2017
Far from being ready to retire, many over-50s and over-60s are proving it’s never too late to fulfil ambitions of being their own boss.
4 common money hassles for retirees
Source: AoL Finance - 23rd August 2017
Retirement is supposed to be the time when you kick back, relax, and enjoy life. Yet retired life isn't entirely worry-free; certain financial issues afflict nearly all retirees.
Fidelity: Average retiree's pension is £40,996 smaller than pre-crisis retiree
Source: Professional Pensions - 22nd August 2017
An individual retiring in 2017 will have a pension pot just three quarters of someone retiring in 2007 immediately before the crash, according to research by Fidelity International.
Without action, millennials will be pensioners in poverty
Source: City A.M. - 22nd August 2017
If it is a truth, universally acknowledged, that we have been living in a golden age of retirement, it must also be the case that the golden age will end. Does 2017 mark the tipping point?
Brexit negotiations must include state pension rights - Aegon
Source: Professional Adviser - 22nd August 2017
The outcome of Brexit negotiations could mean UK pensioners are left worse off in terms of state pension entitlement if they have failed to bank 10 'qualifying years' in the UK but have worked elsewhere in the EU, a paper has warned.
Retiring soon? Financial crisis has cut your pension income by 46%
Source: Moneywise - 22nd August 2017
When glancing at a chart of the performance of equity markets over the decade since 2007, the steep falls endured during the financial crisis now look less painful, given the subsequent recovery that has taken place over the past eight years.
PENSIONS WARNING: Retirement income has almost HALVED since credit crunch
Source: Express - 22nd August 2017
WORKERS retiring this year must cope on a pension almost half that of colleagues who stopped work just before 2007 credit crunch.
BBC's £1.8bn pension black hole will swallow a TENTH of the licence fee next year after corporation runs out of options to try and tackle the deficit
Source: Mail Online - 22nd August 2017
The BBC is facing a huge pensions crisis that will take up nearly a tenth of the £174 licence fee next year.
Flexible work in retirement can support a better lifestyle
Source: Citywire - 22nd August 2017
Next time you visit your supermarket, take a look around you. Notice the number of staff clearly well past state retirement age, some very well past it.
Retirement planning needs a tailored, solution-based approach
Source: Hedge Week - 22nd August 2017
It is fair to say that planning for retirement is arguably the most important challenge for individuals, in terms of their financing needs.
Retirees see incomes almost halve since crash
Source: FT Adviser - 21st August 2017
Retirees have seen their incomes almost halve since the financial crash of 2007, according to research by Fidelity International
UK retirement income down 46% since the financial crash
Source: International Adviser - 21st August 2017
People retiring now must cope with pension income that is 46% lower than they could have expected had they retired immediately before the global financial crisis, analysis from Fidelity International has found.
Equity release boost for the buy-to-let market
Source: Mortgage Introducer - 21st August 2017
Retirement Advantage Equity Release has launched the first set of products which allow owners of buy-to-let properties to release equity from those homes they let out.
Industry welcomes gov't commitment to pension cold call ban
Source: Citywire - 21st August 2017
The government has confirmed plans to ban pensions cold-calling, including emails and text messages, but no date has yet been set for implementation.
Simplify pension charges, say employers as majority prefer the idea of a fixed-charge cap
Source: This Is Money - 20th August 2017
Most independent businesses would like to see all workplace pension charges set up under auto-enrolment as a capped, all-in-one fee, says a study.
Cold-call crackdown on rogue pension firms with fines of up to £500,000 after savers lost £5m to investment scams
Source: The Sun - 20th August 2017
ROGUE pension firms will be banned from cold calling after vulnerable savers lost £5 million to investment scams this year.
Pension cold-calling ban to include texts and emails
Source: BBC - 20th August 2017
A forthcoming ban on cold-callers who try to scam people out of their pension savings will include emails and texts, the government has announced.
Tough new measures to protect savers from pension scams
Source: GOV.UK - 20th August 2017
Private pensions cold calling, including emails and text messages, is to be banned.
This Is What Retirees Would Do Differently if They Could Go Back in Time
Source: Time - 19th August 2017
This Is What Retirees Would Do Differently if They Could Go Back in Time
How you can retire at age 45 with £1 million
Source: Yahoo Finance - 19th August 2017
Most people dream of being able to quit the rat race and retire early. At first, this idea may seem like an unrealistic expectation.
Where do pensioners have the best quality of life?
Source: Financial Reporter - 19th August 2017
West Sussex is the county where pensioners have the highest quality of life, according to analysis carried out by Prudential.
Scotland’s ‘Route 66’ named best UK road for retired drivers
Source: Car Keys - 18th August 2017
A recent survey has determined the most retirement-friendly road in the UK. The answer given is a countryside route in Scotland – a 66-mile journey which takes in stretches of the A816 and the A828 and which has been described as the UK’s very own ‘Route 66’.
The horrible squeeze killing retirement incomes
Source: AoL - 18th August 2017
Could rock bottom interest rates destroy your retirement plans?
Savers who cash in their pensions risk running out of cash in retirement after investing without taking advice
Source: Mail Online - 18th August 2017
Savers risk running out of money in retirement due to a surge in families investing their pension pots without advice, a top boss warns.
West Sussex offers pensioners the best quality of life in retirement
Source: What Mortgage - 18th August 2017
West Sussex is the county offering pensioners have the highest quality of life in retirement, according to a new study by Prudential.
Pension pots WARNING: Brits could be 'sleep walking' into POORER retirement
Source: Express - 18th August 2017
THE boss of Britain’s biggest mutual insurer warned that people could be “sleep walking” into a poorer retirement by drawing down lump sums without advice.
Retirement developments: Make friends and stay active if your in a couple or on your own
Source: Express - 18th August 2017
KEEPING physically and mentally active is essential at any age but motivation can be difficult, which is why retirement developments with on-site facilities and plenty of activities can be life enhancing.
PENSION WARNING: How inflation ravages YOUR retirement income by hundreds of pounds
Source: Express - 17th August 2017
RETIREES face a deteriorating standard of living amid surging inflation which wipes spending power of income, experts have warned.
Housing wealth will be crucial in plugging the pensions gap
Source: City A.M. - 17th August 2017
The UK is sleepwalking into a retirement income crisis that cannot be averted by pensions alone.
Royal London drawdown sales spike as chief slams non-advised market
Source: Money Marketing - 17th August 2017
Drawdown and individual pension sales at Royal London rose by more than 60 per cent in the first half of 2017, but the provider has hit out at the non-advised market for failing to protect customers.
Pensions startup ranks traditional providers in 'Robin Hood' index of fairness
Source: Yahoo Finance - 17th August 2017
Online pension manager PensionBee revealed the sky-high exit and management fees charged by some providers, and called for more to be done to protect savers.
Inheritance tax: The trick that allows grandparents to avoid death duty
Source: Express - 16th August 2017
GRANDPARENTS can use an inheritance tax loophole to protect assets and help younger family members with the cost of university, according to experts.
How you can build up a £100,000 pension pot from NOTHING even in your FORTIES
Source: Express - 16th August 2017
WORKERS in their forties have been urged to take action to build a pot that can boost retirement income by up to a third.
Record employment to increase pension savings
Source: FT Adviser - 16th August 2017
According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the number of people in work is at the highest level since records began in 1971, which should boost pension savings
Dementia is our biggest fear say Britain’s over-55s with money worries coming second
Source: Express - 16th August 2017
THE fear of developing dementia in their old age is the biggest concern of millions of Britons aged 55 and over, according to a new report.
Ready to retire? Here are the best cities for seniors
Source: Yahoo Finance - 16th August 2017
In addition to strategic financial planning, preparing for retirement also requires choosing the right location.
Now Lloyds wants to flog you a pension: Concern as bank spots opportunity in pension freedom reforms
Source: This Is Money - 16th August 2017
Bankers at Lloyds are plotting to sell more investment and pension products to customers.
Boost your pension pot by opting in to THIS scheme
Source: Express - 15th August 2017
MARTIN LEWIS, money saving expert, suggests one surefire way to save cash for your pension, and all it involves is a contract with your employer.
Corbyn vows 'flexible' state pension age but won't reveal funding for £20BILLION reforms
Source: Express - 15th August 2017
JEREMY Corbyn has vowed to scrap increases to the state pension age, but has failed to mention how his policies will be funded, raising fears that income could be means-tested.
“Challenging conditions” for personal pensions
Source: Moneyfacts - 15th August 2017
Private pensions are becoming increasingly important, particularly with the Government recently announcing that it's bringing forward the rise in state pension age to 68 by seven years.
Working Part-Time in Retirement Can Be Tricky
Source: Yahoo Finance - 15th August 2017
Working Part-Time in Retirement Can Be Tricky
Self-employed and not saving for a pension? Read this
Source: The Week - 15th August 2017
Some 75 per cent of self-employed workers are not putting money aside for retirement
‘Precarious pensioners’ hope part-time work will help fund RETIREMENT
Source: Express - 15th August 2017
BRITAIN has a new group of “precarious pensioners” hoping part-time work or an inheritance will help fund their retirement, according to a survey.
Labour launches fresh attack on Tory plans to increase state pension age
Source: Yorkshire Post - 15th August 2017
Labour launches fresh attack on Tory plans to increase state pension age
Tory pension plans mean 56,000 people in Theresa May's own constituency will have to work longer
Source: Mirror - 15th August 2017
The government is lifting the state pension age - and the Prime Minister's own constituents are going to lose out
State pension CHAOS: Savers fearing poverty and many don't even KNOW when they can retire
Source: Express - 14th August 2017
CONFUSION over state pension is rife, as millions of savers have no idea of their official retirement age or if they will have enough money finish work, research has revealed.
British pensioners rushing to settle in EU countries ahead of Brexit
Source: Independent - 14th August 2017
British pensioners and people taking early retirement are flocking to settle in European countries ahead of Brexit, amid fears this will become more difficult once freedom of movement ends.
New pension research: Is this really a golden era for retirement?
Source: Sunday Express - 13th August 2017
FOR YEARS the phrase “pensioner poverty” echoed throughout the land, as millions spent their final years on the breadline, but times have changed.
Here’s how savers can pass £1 million on and bypass inheritance tax
Source: Sunday Express - 13th August 2017
SAVVY savers have found a loophole to slash the amount of inheritance tax that their kids have to pay on their cash by giving up their final salary pensions in favour of lump sums.
State Pension: should it be means tested?
Source: Love Money - 13th August 2017
The ever-rising cost of the State Pension has long been a contentious issue. Sarah Coles explores means testing and other funding options.
Millennials, your retirement is dead in the water
Source: The Times - 13th August 2017
Saving for a pension is an impossible challenge for young people today. Something has to change
Saving into pension through work 'now seen as normal'
Source: AoL - 13th August 2017
Workplace pension saving has become "the norm" for many employees, according to research released by the Government.
Tata Steel signs agreement for new pensions deal
Source: BBC - 12th August 2017
Steel company Tata has formally announced it is to separate its UK pension scheme from the business.
The under the radar pension tax scandal
Source: Money Marketing - 11th August 2017
I want to highlight a major pensions injustice concerning employers who choose an auto-enrolment scheme administered on a net pay basis.
Pensions growing battleground in divorce cases
Source: FT Adviser - 11th August 2017
Court orders to split a couple's pensions in the case of a divorce are on the rise, with lawyers seeing a 43 per cent increase in the last year
Tata Steel set to unveil new pension scheme for tens of thousands of workers
Source: The Guardian - 11th August 2017
Scheme to replace British steel pension scheme expected to clear way for Tata to merge European business with ThyssenKrupp
STAMP DUTY SHOCK: Excluding downsizing pensioners from would RAISE £186M, Chancellor told
Source: Express - 10th August 2017
PENSIONERS would be more likely to move to smaller homes if they were exempt from stamp duty, freeing up housing and generating activity in the market worth £186million, according to research.
The retirees with the best pensions in Britain - do you make the list?
Source: Express - 10th August 2017
PENSIONERS enjoying the richest retirements in the country have three 'golden' factors in common, analysis has revealed.
Final salary pensions create massive gap in retirement incomes among baby boomers
Source: Mail Online - 10th August 2017
The retirement income gap between households with a private pension income and those without is growing, according to official figures.
Planning on retiring in the sun? This is how you can
Source: Express - 10th August 2017
MILLIONS of Britons still dream of retiring in the sun, with Spain the most popular destination, but unless you plan carefully it could turn into a nightmare.
Has Brexit changed your plans to live outside the UK?
Source: The Guardian - 10th August 2017
The Brexit vote has triggered a period of uncertainty for British citizens living, or hoping to live, outside the UK. We’d like you to tell us how you’ve been affected
Four tactics to solve tricky pension contribution conundrum
Source: Citywire - 10th August 2017
As Sipp and SSAS trustees and administrators, and chartered financial planners, we find ourselves constantly having to calculate our clients’ maximum pension contribution allowance.
Final Tata Steel pensions deal 'days away'
Source: BBC - 10th August 2017
An announcement is expected within days that would see Tata separate its UK pension scheme from the businesses.
UK Baby Boomers Living Large Off Pensions
Source: Chief Investment Officer - 10th August 2017
Baby boomers in the UK are enjoying a far more prosperous retirement than previous generations, and they have pensions to thank for that, according to a new report from the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS).
Hurdles to overcome for 'unwary' Britons retiring in the sun
Source: International Adviser - 9th August 2017
One in ten UK residents over the age of 50 want to retire overseas, with Spain topping the list of the most popular destinations, but they must do their "homework" first.
Expat stats REVEALED: British in France show crucial difference to French in UK
Source: Express - 9th August 2017
FRANCE has been revealed as the more popular ‘retirement’ destination among British people compared to the majority of French citizens in the UK who come over to work or study.
3 Stocks Retirees Should Consider
Source: The Motley Fool - 9th August 2017
Retirement saving doesn't end when you retire. People are living longer than ever, so it's important to stretch that nest egg to cover those extra years.
Private pension income gap grows for retirees
Source: Sky News - 9th August 2017
The figures prompt warnings from industry experts that younger generations must be prepared to save more for their retirement.
What the FCA’s work tells us about UK pensions
Source: Money Marketing - 9th August 2017
The arrival of the FCA’s retirement outcomes review has seen industry voices focus on the absence of people blowing their pensions on Lamborghinis and the presence of a “drift to cash”.
Where to retire overseas for health, happiness, prosperity and community
Source: Express - 9th August 2017
RETIRING abroad gives you the opportunity to enjoy new experiences and access a better quality of life.
Retirees urged to shop around for drawdown
Source: Moneyfacts - 9th August 2017
Retirees making use of the pension freedoms to access their pension pots have been urged to shop around for their drawdown and annuity plans and seek advice.
ONS report demonstrates the UK’s over-reliance on pensions
Source: Mortgage Introducer - 9th August 2017
The ONS report on retired households demonstrates how over-reliant people have become on pensions as a source of income in retirement, Equity Release Council chairman Nigel Waterson said.
Final salary pensions create massive gap in retirement incomes among baby boomers
Source: This Is Money - 9th August 2017
The retirement income gap between households with a private pension income and those without is growing, according to official figures.
British pensioners the most likely to start a new life in France
Source: The Guardian - 9th August 2017
ONS report finds the majority of Britons moving across the channel are retired, with south-west most popular home from home
Even in your 40s, you can start saving for a £100,000 pension
Source: Moneywise - 9th August 2017
According to Fidelity International, starting pension contributions in your 40s can help you build up a worthwhile pension for retirement.
Inequality between state and private pensions grows
Source: The Money Pages - 9th August 2017
The income gap between for retired households with a private pension and those with a state pension has grown over the last forty years, according to new data form the Office for National Statistics.
'Senior Inflation': The Not-So-Silent Retirement Killer
Source: Yahoo Finance - 9th August 2017
While overall inflation may remain subdued for years, health care costs and other related items that affect retirees the most continue to rise at a sharp pace.
Private pensions give £10,000-a-year boost in retirement: five ways to maximise yours
Source: Which - 9th August 2017
People who have saved into a private pension are better off to the tune of £10,000 a year on average, according to a new study carried out by the Office for National Statistics.
Pensioners have ‘never had it so good’ as average incomes of retired households trebles over past 30 years
Source: Sun - 9th August 2017
Official figures today revealed over 65s have a typical gross income of £29,000 a year – which was just £10,500 in 1977
The UK pensions industry accused of ‘destroying trust’ in pensions
Source: International Investment - 8th August 2017
UK pension commentators and the pensions industry in general are helping to ‘destroy trust’ in pensions, according to a scathing response by the chief executive of UK-based retirement advice company Workplace Solutions.
Automatic Enrollment Boosts UK Pension Participation
Source: Chief Investment Officer - 8th August 2017
The UK’s The Pensions Regulator (TPR), in its fifth annual automatic enrollment commentary and analysis report, said that as of the end of March, there were approximately 7.7 million workers who had been enrolled in pensions offered by 500,000 employers.
'Pensioners have NEVER had it so good' Retiree income better than workers' earnings
Source: Express - 8th August 2017
TODAY'S pensioners are the richest ever, with retirement incomes that rival working households earnings, official data showed.
Hurdles to overcome for 'unwary' Britons retiring in the sun
Source: International Adviser - 8th August 2017
One in ten UK residents over the age of 50 want to retire overseas, with Spain topping the list of the most popular destinations, but they must do their "homework" first.
EU could block member's plans to reverse state pension age rises
Source: Citywire - 8th August 2017
Poland’s ruling party looks set for a clash with the European Union (EU) over plans to reverse the equalisation of retirement ages for men and women.
Pensioners living in golden era as income rise outstrips workers’
Source: The Guardian - 8th August 2017
Gross household incomes for the retired nearly tripled between 1977 and 2016, but only doubled for working households, says ONS
‘My independence has been taken away’: women respond to pension age changes
Source: The Guardian - 8th August 2017
Millions of women who have given a lifetime of service to low-paid jobs in the public sector, often raising children at the same time, are now unable to live the retirement they dreamed about.
'Golden generation' of pensioners are THREE TIMES wealthier than their parents thanks to generous retirement schemes - but their children face being WORSE OFF
Source: Mail Online - 8th August 2017
Pensioners are almost three times better off than four decades ago thanks to bumper retirement provisions, according to a new analysis.
Pensions experts warn of ‘complacency’ as data shows retirees richest for 40 years
Source: Money Marketing - 8th August 2017
Leading industry figures have warned against “complacency” over pension provision despite new figures showing that the average income of retired households has almost tripled over the past 40 years.
Don’t be afraid to spend money in retirement ... or you might die rich but unhappy
Source: Yahoo Finance - 8th August 2017
Many people who have saved millions of dollars to retire comfortably are now scared to spend it.
Baby boomers receive huge pension windfall but retirement inequality widens, official figures reveal
Source: Independent - 8th August 2017
Older people have received a huge financial boost over the last 40 years as the value of private and workplace pensions has soared, official statistics show.
Brits relying on workplace pensions for a third of their retirement income
Source: CIPD - 8th August 2017
People in the UK now expect roughly a third (32 per cent) of their retirement income to be funded by workplace savings, a new survey has found.
EU countries top Britons’ favourite retirement destinations despite Brexit
Source: Moneywise - 8th August 2017
Spain remains the most popular destination for retirees looking to start a new life overseas, according to the latest research from Retirement Advantage. It’s followed by France, Portugal and Italy.
Private pension income gap widens, figures show
Source: AoL - 8th August 2017
The retirement income gap between households with a private pension income and those without is growing, according to Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures.
Financial traps lurk for the unwary who retire abroad
Source: FT Adviser - 8th August 2017
Unwary pensioners looking to retire to the sun without careful planning risk falling into some expensive pitfalls, advisers have warned, as new figures suggest as many as one in ten UK pensioners want to retire abroad
Pension jackpot for many baby boomers
Source: BBC - 8th August 2017
Older people's income has received a massive boost from private and workplace pensions in the last 40 years, official statistics show.
Older homeowners lack funds for a comfortable retirement
Source: FT Adviser - 8th August 2017
A growing number of UK adults are arriving at retirement not having paid off their mortgage, not having enough income or without adequate savings, according to a new report
More divorcees targeting their ex’s pension
Source: Moneywise - 7th August 2017
The number of court orders forcing divorcing couples to split their pensions has reached a record high, according to Collyer Bristow.
Retirees are choosing alternative lifestyles
Source: Citywire - 7th August 2017
The generation now moving into retirement is the generation that lived through the summer of love in 1967, the psychedelic phenomenon of the late 1960s and early 1970s,...
How Do You Know When You're Ready to Retire?
Source: Yahoo Finance - 7th August 2017
There has long been this image -- perpetuated by advertisements, TV shows and movies -- of a guy in his mid-60s who just can't wait to retire.
UK world-leading in workplace pension importance
Source: Moneyfacts - 7th August 2017
A newly released global study has revealed that the UK is world-leading when it comes to ensuring workplace pensions are a key aspect of retirement income.
Pensions growing battleground in divorce cases
Source: FT Adviser - 7th August 2017
Court orders to split a couple's pensions in the case of a divorce are on the rise, with lawyers seeing a 43 per cent increase in the last year
Fair? Under 55s face 78% exit fees to move pension
Source: Citywire - 7th August 2017
The case of a Friends Life client who was charged a 78% exit fee to move to a different pension provider has prompted calls to change rules.
Get your state pension back on the RIGHT track: Millions of Britons are in for a nasty shock over their retirement income
Source: Mail Online - 7th August 2017
Workers aged 40 and over are being urged to obtain a forecast of their state pension to avoid huge financial disappointment when they reach official retirement age.
Scotland should not have to pay twice to mitigate brutal Tory policies, says Mhairi Black
Source: Daily Record - 7th August 2017
Our columnist is furious that the Scottish Parliament has to fill in financial gaps to give people what they are due by diverting cash from other crucial areas.
Accessing your pension before the age of 65 is the 'new norm'
Source: Irish News - 7th August 2017
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which is the regulator for the financial services industry, has issued a warning to pension savers about the dangers of making major financial decisions without consulting a financial adviser.
FTSE 100 Firms Pay £15 billion a Year to Pensions – And It’s Not Enough
Source: Chief Investment Officer - 7th August 2017
Over the past 10 years, FTSE 100 companies have funded their defined benefit pension plans with approximately £150 billion ($197 billion);...
Over 50s strike gold with guide
Source: News Guardian - 7th August 2017
The Golden Guide, a free local advice guide for over 50s, proved so popular last year it has been updated and republished better than ever.
Experts warn savers to be wary of cashing in ‘gold-plated’ pensions
Source: Scotsman - 6th August 2017
Pensions that promise savers a certain level of income when they retire are highly prized and increasingly rare.
Death of retirement: Can the UK afford the state pension?
Source: BBC - 6th August 2017
On New Year's Day 1909, more than half a million people aged 70 and more, who had worked all their lives, had passed a means test and were of good character queued up at their post offices for an old age pension of five...
Get your state pension back on the RIGHT track: Millions of Britons are in for a nasty shock over their retirement income
Source: This Is Money - 5th August 2017
Workers aged 40 and over are being urged to obtain a forecast of their state pension to avoid huge financial disappointment when they reach official retirement age.
Victory for the Mail as the NHS bans fat cats' pension ruse: New rules will stop top staff cashing in by retiring for just 24 hours and then returning to the same job and salary
Source: Mail Online - 4th August 2017
A revolving-door scandal that allows NHS executives to ‘retire’ for just 24 hours before being rehired for exactly the same role is to be banned in a victory for the Mail.
Pension allowance limits lay tax traps for retiring couple
Source: Citywire - 4th August 2017
Barbara is 55 and her husband Bob is 64. Both are in good health and their adult children are establishing themselves financially.
Robbing grandson Peter to pay grandpa Paul’s pension is unfair
Source: City A.M. - 4th August 2017
Do you want the good news or the bad news first?
The good news is that on average, the UK population is living longer. The bad news is if we want to make the most of our extra years, someone has to pay the price.
State Pension rise could insurance loophole that puts workers at risk
Source: Yahoo Finance - 4th August 2017
The Government’s decision to speed up the increase in the State Pension age could cause problems for many people with income protection.
Retirement not an option for millions of Brits - and employers just aren't ready to deal with it
Source: Mirror - 4th August 2017
For millions of lower-paid Brits, retirement age is now meaningless - but will you even be able to keep working as you get older?
Has Article 50 increased the risks to pension savers?
Source: FT Adviser - 3rd August 2017
The government has been tinkering with pensions for the past few years and with Brexit discussions between the UK government and EU underway, there could be increased risks for those saving into a pension pot
A 78 PER CENT fee to move a pension? Saver, 36, condemns Friends Life's 'scandalous' £477 exit penalty to transfer a £615 pot
Source: Mail Online - 3rd August 2017
A horrified saver has discovered he faces a 78 per cent exit penalty to move an old Friends Life pension pot - exposing the large loophole in the Government's drive to stamp out excessive fees.
Millions refunded in overpaid pension tax
Source: Tax Assist Accountants - 3rd August 2017
HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has confirmed it has refunded over £26 million in the last three months alone to individuals aged 55 and over who paid too much income tax when drawing down money from their pension savings.
Why we must stop bashing pension freedoms
Source: Money Marketing - 3rd August 2017
The new flexibilities provide much better retirement outcomes but there is more to be done to ensure the system works fairly for all
Baby boomers expect to work past their state pension age
Source: Express - 3rd August 2017
LARGE numbers of baby boomers expect to work past their state pension age, according to a report urging more "ageing-friendly" employment opportunities.
Retirement not an option for millions of Brits - and employers just aren't ready to deal with it
Source: Mirror - 3rd August 2017
For millions of lower-paid Brits, retirement age is now meaningless - but will you even be able to keep working as you get older?
Pension scammers targeting over-50s - what cons to look out for...
Source: Express - 2nd August 2017
PENSION scammers are ramping up their activity with one in five older savers being targeted in the last three months.
What you need to know about data protection
Source: FT Adviser - 2nd August 2017
From 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will have direct application in the UK
Drop of more than a million women receiving state pension, says report
Source: Public Finance - 2nd August 2017
The number of women receiving the state pension has dropped by more than 1.1m between 2010 and 2016, an Institute for Fiscal Studies report has found.
11 million people to downsize their homes within 20 years
Source: Independent - 2nd August 2017
The UK could be on the brink of a huge property shift as 5.7 million consider moving to smaller homes, new research suggests, but they have few suitable homes to move to.
Universities’ pension deficit sparks fears tuition fees might rise
Source: Moneywise - 2nd August 2017
Massive increases to the universities final salary pension scheme deficit is leading to concerns that already controversial tuition fees may have to rise.
Raising the state pension age to 63 leaves households up to £74 a week poorer and pushes some into poverty, according to IFS
Source: The Sun - 2nd August 2017
RAISING the state pension age to 63 has left households up to £74 a week worse off and pushed some of them into poverty, research shows.
Are you a woman in your 60s affected by changes in retirement age?
Source: The Guardian - 2nd August 2017
Women aged between 60 and 62 are an average of £32 a week worse off due to changes in the state pension age. We’d like to find out how this affects you
Britons NOT prepared for retirement: Shock number have NO understanding of pension system
Source: Express - 2nd August 2017
BRITONS are not prepared for retirement with more than a quarter of us admitting to having little or no understanding of the UK pension system, according to new research.
Are young pension savers taking TOO LITTLE risk? Low-cost NEST scheme steering twentysomething workers into cautious funds
Source: Mail Online - 2nd August 2017
Younger savers are traditionally told to take greater investment risk as they build up a pension, and only ease off as they approach retirement or in old age.
A million women £32 a week worse off thanks to pension age changes
Source: The Guardian - 2nd August 2017
IFS says increased UK state pension age is lifting earnings from employment but only partially offsetting reduced incomes from other benefits
How state pension age changes will impact advice
Source: Money Marketing - 2nd August 2017
Whether they like it or not, many in the industry can see where the Government is coming from in bringing forward the state pension age increase to 68 seven years earlier than planned.
Painful as it may be, raising the pension age for women is justified
Source: Independent - 2nd August 2017
The only alternative would be to load more taxes on to the younger generation. This would not be fair
Older women poorer after pension age change, says IFS
Source: BBC - 2nd August 2017
More than a million women in their early 60s have become poorer as a result of delays to their state pensions, according to a new study.
George Osborne's decision to hike pension age has plunged thousands of women into poverty
Source: Mirror - 2nd August 2017
Hiking the female pension age has plunged thousands of older women into poverty, a damning report reveals today.
Savers 'rush' to open cash Lifetime Isas
Source: BBC - 1st August 2017
As many as 28,000 savers have opened Lifetime Isas with the only provider offering a cash version of the product.
4/5 of UK organisations failing to prepare for the ageing workforce
Source: ONREC - 1st August 2017
A major study by Capita Resourcing has found that despite the over 50s now forming a third of the UK workforce, 74% of older workers feel that employers aren’t doing enough to recruit them.
Are young pension savers taking TOO LITTLE risk? Low-cost NEST scheme steering twentysomething workers into cautious funds
Source: This Is Money - 1st August 2017
Younger savers are traditionally told to take greater investment risk as they build up a pension, and only ease off as they approach retirement or in old age.
Pension confusion abounds as retirement funding gap looms
Source: Actuarial Post - 1st August 2017
According to new research from Close Brothers Asset Management more than a quarter (27%) of British adults do not understand the UK pension system,
Support for Mortgage Interest: mortgage borrowing and claiming in retirement
Source: GOV.UK - 1st August 2017
This report examines why people are taking mortgages into retirement and why they may rely on Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI).