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Retirement and Pensions News Headlines

‘UK faces a pensions time-bomb’
Source: Money Marketing - 26th May 2017
The World Economic Forum has issued a dire warning which calls on the Government to impose faster pension age rises as it earmarks the UK as one of several countries facing a “pensions time-bomb”.
Pension Regulator website 'now fixed'
Source: BBC - 26th May 2017
A computer glitch at The Pensions Regulator - which prevented employers from registering for auto enrolment pensions - has now been fixed, the regulator has said.
UK told to prepare for workforce of 80-year-olds
Source: Professional Adviser - 26th May 2017
The UK should prepare for a workforce of 80-year-olds and impose faster pension age rises to avoid a quadrupling of the savings gap to £25tn, the World Economic Forum has said.
Working for the joy of it? Two in five over-50s may delay retirement... and fondness for their job is the main reason
Source: Mail Online - 25th May 2017
Enjoyment is the top reason offered by over-50s for wanting to stay in a job past official retirement age, new research reveals.
More than a third of planned retirees still financially support their family to the tune of nearly £260 a month
Source: Independent - 24th May 2017
These expenses are likely to cost retirees an average of £62,000 over the course of their retirement
Hundreds of thousands of older couples set to miss out on tax breaks and pension rights because they aren't married
Source: Mail Online - 24th May 2017
Hundreds of thousands of older couples set to miss out on tax breaks and pension rights because they aren't married
The great annuity betrayal: Robbed of 65% of pension income... the loyal customers callously sold rip-off deals
Source: Mail Online - 24th May 2017
Pensioners who were sold rip-off annuities are being left with miserly incomes because of flaws in plans to help victims.
Could you cash in a dud annuity? Insurance giants vow to try to help savers stuck with meagre deals get lump sums
Source: Mail Online - 24th May 2017
Major pension companies are investigating ways to let savers cash in their small annuities, Money Mail can reveal today.
Beware heading for safe havens before retirement: Cutting investment risk could leave pensioners stuck for cash later on, experts warn
Source: This Is Money - 24th May 2017
For years, the process of shedding your nest egg of riskier assets and replacing them with supposed sure bets as retirement edges closer has become the default approach for savers.
Sick 'pension scam' revealed
Source: AoL - 24th May 2017
The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) is investigating a number of companies offering the chance to invest in 'storage pods', saying that they appear to be nothing but a pension liberation scam.
Retirees worried their money won’t last
Source: Moneyfacts - 24th May 2017
Financial concerns can be pressing at any age, but arguably even more so during retirement, when many people have left work and have little means to top up their income.
More people 'may miss out on tax breaks due to rise in older cohabiting couples'
Source: Express - 24th May 2017
OLDER couples who live together without getting married risk losing many thousands of pounds in tax and pension benefits, according to new analysis.
UK workers underpaid £200 per year in order to fund 'gold-plated' pensions
Source: Independent - 23rd May 2017
Young and low-paid workers take the worst pay hit in order to fund defined benefit schemes which they are the least likely to benefit from 
Workers 'are losing out on £200 a year in pay' thanks to employers' struggles to fund pension deficits
Source: This Is Money - 23rd May 2017
Workers are losing out on an average £200 a year in pay because their employers are struggling to fund growing pension deficits, a think-tank claimed today.
Working in retirement: Job satisfaction set to drive up number of older workers
Source: Express - 23rd May 2017
JOB satisfaction is set to drive up the number of older workers in UK workplaces, a survey has found.
Workers 'suffer £200 pay cut' to fund pension deficits
Source: BBC - 23rd May 2017
Workers may be suffering from lower pay as a result of their employers spending millions of pounds to keep their pension schemes afloat.
'We are counting pennies' Retired expats in Spain face crisis over 'punishing Brexit' deal
Source: Express - 21st May 2017
A GROWING number of elderly British expats living on the Costa del Sol in Spain are voicing concern all their rights will be "washed away" with Brexit, amid an uncertain future.
General election 2017: Labour steps up push for pensioner vote
Source: BBC - 20th May 2017
Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to protect pensioners from Conservative "attacks" on their income as he steps up his push for older voters.
Brussels wants Britain ‘to pay for its £55BILLION pensions pot’ after Brexit
Source: iNews - 20th May 2017
THE European Union wants Britain to contribute to its staggering £55billion pensions pot for decades after Brexit.
Changes to state pension age hit women like me the hardest. We will no longer be ignored
Source: iNews - 20th May 2017
I have spent the last two years fighting for what me and millions of women across the country rightly deserve: our state pensions.
EU fatcats want BRITAIN to help fund their £166,000 gold-plated pensions for decades to come
Source: Mail Online - 20th May 2017
Brussels expects Britain to help fund its gold-plated £55 billion pension pot – which gives the average EU official £59,000 – for decades to come.
UK election looks set to send expat pensions into deep freeze
Source: The Nation - 19th May 2017
The UK’s Conservative Party has vowed to abandon the so-called triple lock on pensions if they win next month’s general election.
Reality Check: How many pensioners are living in poverty?
Source: BBC - 19th May 2017
The claim: 1.7 million pensioners are living in poverty and a million in fuel poverty.
Ideas on what to do with all the leisure time you’ll gain
Source: Money Sence - 19th May 2017
For those who are still salaried employees, “slaving and saving” for a seemingly rosy future retirement, the prospect of escaping the daily corporate grind may seem quite alluring.
Retirees shrug off Trump and Brexit fears
Source: FT Adviser - 19th May 2017
Brexit and US President Donald Trump are the least of older people’s retirement concerns, Fidelity International’s research revealed
UK retirees cash out to bolster Bank of Mum and Dad
Source: Property Reporter - 19th May 2017
An increasing reliance on the bank of Mum and Dad is one of the reasons that retirees are releasing funds from their home.
Bizarre pension tax rules are costing freedoms savers
Source: Money Marketing - 19th May 2017
Pension freedoms have been hugely popular. While few have blown their life savings on the mythical Italian sports car, many have enjoyed the ability to choose how much of their pension they want to spend now,...
General election 2017: Ed Miliband says Tory manifesto shows 'nasty party well and truly back' - politics live
Source: The Guardian - 19th May 2017
Ed Miliband, the former Labour leader, has said that the publication of the Conservative manifesto shows that “the nasty party is well and truly back”.
Election 2017: If more young people actually voted, would it change everything?
Source: BBC - 19th May 2017
Young people prefer Labour over the Conservatives, according to opinion polls. But the majority don't vote. So if they did, what would happen?
Think tank warns double lock won't boost nation’s finances
Source: FT Adviser - 19th May 2017
The switch from the state pension triple lock to a double lock proposed in the Conservative manifesto does little to resolve the pressures an ageing population will put on the public finances,...
Election 2017: State pension triple lock battle lines drawn
Source: BBC - 18th May 2017
Pensions experts say Conservative plans to reduce the generosity of the state pension are a risk, but widely anticipated.
Conservatives to end state pension triple lock
Source: FT Adviser - 18th May 2017
The Conservatives will abandon the state pension triple lock after 2020 and replace it with a new double lock, the party's general election manifesto revealed today (18 May).
Will the election provide clarity on future of the state pension?
Source: Money Marketing - 18th May 2017
The election campaign has thrown the focus firmly back on state pensions and what we can hope, or expect, to receive in our later years.
Retirement savers want an end to retirement rule changes
Source: Actuarial Post - 18th May 2017
An independent study* from MetLife shows that retirement savers are demanding an end to retirement planning rule changes as they grapple with the complexities of the new pension freedoms.
Pension freedoms confuse half of savers
Source: FT Adviser - 18th May 2017
Retirement savers are demanding an end to retirement planning rule changes as they grapple with the complexities of the new pension freedoms, a study from MetLife revealed
Tories warn Labour policies create £58bn black hole
Source: FT Adviser - 18th May 2017
Chancellor Philip Hammond is warning that pledges claimed in the Labour party manifesto will create a £58bn black hole
Theresa May seizes winter fuel payments from millions of the richest pensioners in Tory manifesto raid
Source: Mirror - 18th May 2017
More than 12million pensioners claimed the payment of between £100 and £300 last year - but it will no longer be available to all if the Tories in the general election
What you must know about Lib Dems' pension promises
Source: FT Adviser - 17th May 2017
Reform of tax relief and a commitment to the triple lock for the duration of the next parliament were the key pension proposals in the Liberal Democrats manifesto unveiled today (17 May).
Labour opposes further state pension age increases in manifesto
Source: Money Marketing - 17th May 2017
Labour has come out fighting on pensions in an election manifesto that would roll back state pension age increases and commit the party to supporting the Women Against State Pension Inequality campaign and the state pension triple lock.
Tata Steel moves to safeguard UK arm by offering £550m for pensions scheme
Source: The Guardian - 16th May 2017
Indian-owned company would help prevent its British business going bust by paying into former British Steel scheme
Retirees Are Too Pessimistic on Their Investments—And It's Costing Them
Source: Time - 16th May 2017
Growing old and cranky is a cliché that rings less true every time Jane Fonda walks on the set or Danny DeVito appears in a new movie.
State pension age changes: Will Labour or the Conservatives increase the retirement age?
Source: Express - 16th May 2017
LABOUR has pledged to freeze the state pension age at 66 if the party wins the general election. But will the Conservatives raise the state pension age further?
Reproduction was exhausting. So don’t write us off at work just because we’re over 50
Source: Irish Times - 15th May 2017
A couple of weeks ago I sat on a panel to discuss a subject dear to my heart: what people in their 50s and 60s should do with themselves professionally now that everyone is going to live for ever.
Conservatives promise new rules to protect pensions
Source: FT Adviser - 15th May 2017
Prime minister Theresa May has promised the “greatest extension of rights and protections for employees by any Conservative government in history”.
Pension fraud hits monthly record high of £8m
Source: Money Marketing - 15th May 2017
Figures from the City of London Police show losses from pension scams hit a record high in March of £8.6m.
How to have a long and healthy retirement
Source: The Guardian - 15th May 2017
It’s a time when we’re supposed to find happiness, but post-work life is often associated with severe health problems. Here are some tips to help you live long and prosper
UK pension scam losses hit record high in March
Source: Financial Times - 14th May 2017
Losses from pension scams climbed to a record high of £8m in March, weeks before the UK government shelved measures to protect elderly savers from fraudsters.
General Election 2017: State pension could be cut by £800 a year under Labour policy
Source: Express - 14th May 2017
LABOUR's plans to scrap hikes in the state pension age could mean cutting the benefit by around £800 a year or adding almost a third of a trillion pounds of debt to the state, according to experts.
Marriage break-up costs could wipe out a sixth of retirement income when divorced people reach old age
Source: Mail Online - 13th May 2017
Divorce could slash retirement income by around a sixth as the cost of splitting up and embarking on separate lives takes a toll on couples' finances, new research suggests.
Why assuming the right life expectancy, inflation rate is critical to 'retiring' happily ever after
Source: Economic Times - 12th May 2017
Planning for retirement should ideally start the day you start working.
Can you guess the career moves these 20 footballers made after retiring in our quiz?
Source: Mail Online - 12th May 2017
Despite the huge wealth that footballers amass throughout their careers today many still look for a job or an activity to keep themselves occupied for the second halves of their lives.
Over 50s have all the cash - and they're not afraid to spend it
Source: AoL - 12th May 2017
The over 50s outspent their younger counterparts for the first time in 2016 - splashing out an impressive total of £376 billion on the good things in life.
Labour plans to hold pension age at 66 could cost UK more than £300bn
Source: The Actuary - 12th May 2017
Proposals in the Labour party’s leaked manifesto to hold the state pension age at 66 could see costs run to £300bn, according to analysis by Hargreaves Lansdown.
Retirement properties to fight isolation in ready-made communities
Source: Express - 12th May 2017
MOVING to a retirement village or apartment offers the chance to make friends in a ready-made community but it doesn’t mean residents have to cut themselves off from other locals.
Webb: Scrapping state pension age rise would cost Labour £300bn
Source: Money Marketing - 12th May 2017
Labour’s leaked manifesto proposal to scrap the planned pension age rise will cost taxpayers around £300bn, says former pension minister Steve Webb.
UK Retirement Incomes Hit 33-month High as Record Numbers Turn to Personal Pensions
Source: The Market Oracle - 11th May 2017
A new report by Moneyfacts has revealed an ongoing improvement in retirement incomes at a time when HMRC statistics show that personal pension membership and contributions are at record highs.
Britain's booming pension funds see retirement income surge by 12 per cent
Source: Express - 11th May 2017
THE typical pension fund has surged over the past year, pushing retirement income to its highest level since the summer of 2014, analysis has revealed.
How To Let Your Children Retire As Millionaires
Source: iExpats - 11th May 2017
Pensions can be child’s play for British expats looking to make tax-effective savings for their kids.
Investors turn to state pension for regular retirement income - research
Source: Professional Adviser - 11th May 2017
Fewer than a quarter of savers plan to buy an annuity; instead, they are likely to rely on the state pension to generate an income stream in retirement, according to research from CoreData.
Retirement incomes hit 33-month high
Source: Moneyfacts - 10th May 2017
Being comfortable in retirement can all come down to the level of income you have, which in itself can be determined by your pension savings.
Nearly half a million Scots saving more into their pensions
Source: Midlothian Advertiser - 10th May 2017
It’s been just over two years since the introduction of some of the most radical reforms to UK pensions in a generation, the pension freedoms.
Millions set to miss out on full state pension
Source: iNews - 10th May 2017
The Government has been criticised for leaving pensioners in a state of “total confusion” about why some are not receiving the full state pension.
Equity release pays out £7m per day
Source: Moneyfacts - 10th May 2017
Equity release continues to perform strongly, with the sector continually hitting new records as more and more people realise the value of accessing their property wealth in old age.
Vast majority of Britons expect to work well past pension age as a lack of savings delays retirement
Source: This Is Money - 10th May 2017
An increasing majority of Britons expect to work past the traditional retirement age as many worry their pension pots and low returns on savings will not be enough to get by, new research suggests.
Savings crisis traps millions into later retirement
Source: Actuarial Post - 10th May 2017
According to new research from Canada Life Group Insurance the proportion of UK employees who say they will work beyond the age of 65 is at an all-time high,...
Millions of people missing out on the full state pension due to ‘confusing’ system
Source: The Sun - 10th May 2017
Millions of workers voluntarily paid a lower rate national insurance in exchange for a lower state pension as part of a "contracting out" scheme
Labour's stealth pension tax RAID: Corbyn's plans set to hit retirement savers
Source: Express - 10th May 2017
MILLIONS of people saving for retirement are set to have pension tax relief slashed under Labour's tax plans outlined ahead of the General Election, according to experts.
UK government breaks legal deadline to reveal state pension age increases
Source: Independent - 10th May 2017
The Government has broken a legal deadline to announce any changes to the state pension age, leaving millions of voters in the dark about their future pension pots.
Shocking amount of British workers fear they will work until 85-years-old
Source: Express - 10th May 2017
AN UNNERVING amount of British workers fear they may have to keep working until their mid-80s.
Pensions And Retirement For Expats
Source: iExpats - 10th May 2017
Moving overseas does impact on your retirement savings depending on how your pensions are structured and your status as an expat.
Millennials will need £1m pension pot to retire
Source: Financial Reporter - 10th May 2017
Millennials will need a £1m pension pot to fully retire, according to research by international advisory and accountancy firm Mazars.
Younger people resigned to working beyond retirement age
Source: AoL - 10th May 2017
A record number of people believe they will work beyond the age of 65 - with some expecting to be in a job into their 80s, a study shows.
Life-expectancy TIME BOMB: Worry over workers running out of cash in old age
Source: Express - 9th May 2017
WORKERS are sleepwalking into a life-expectancy time bomb which could see them run out of money in old age as they underestimate how long they are likely to live, a new report warns.
50 MPs back fight to divest parliament pension fund of fossil fuels
Source: The Guardian - 8th May 2017
Cross-section of MPs urge £612m pension fund to show greater leadership and “take climate change seriously”
5.5 million over-50s would switch account if their local bank closed
Source: The Money Pages - 8th May 2017
Research by Saga has revealed that 5.5 million over-50s will be forced to switch their account if their local high street bank disappears.
Would you make the Retiree Rich List? 1.7m spend £1m in retirement
Source: Moneywise - 8th May 2017
While the list is reserved only for the super-rich, there is another exclusive club ‘The Retiree Rich List’ which now has a surprising number of members.
Millions could outlive their financial plans
Source: Actuarial Post - 8th May 2017
New research from Aegon warns that the temptation to rely on national life expectancy figures, could mean millions outlive their financial plans.
'I nearly lost my £10k when a letter was sent to my old address': The pensions letter you need to take note of when changing jobs - or it could cost you dear
Source: Mail Online - 8th May 2017
A 33-year-old worker almost lost a £10,000 pension pot because a letter got delayed during his house move, in a case that highlights the importance of keeping old workplace schemes updated on your whereabouts.
Lib Dems to keep triple lock on state pension
Source: FT Adviser - 8th May 2017
The Liberal Democrats have promised to keep the "triple lock" on state pensions but plan to scrap the winter fuel allowance for pensioners with incomes above £45,000
General election 2017: Lib Dems pledge winter fuel cuts to protect pensions
Source: BBC - 6th May 2017
Wealthier retirees would lose their annual winter fuel payment under Liberal Democrat proposals to protect the "triple lock" on state pensions
State pension: Axing triple-lock has 'minimal savings and would hit poorest hardest'
Source: Express - 5th May 2017
STATE pensions and the so-called triple-lock are a key battleground ahead of the General Election, but scrapping the guarantee would only save the Government small amounts of cash, analysis has showed.
Life expectancy changes could see UK pension deficit cut by £310bn
Source: The Actuary - 4th May 2017
A slowdown in improving life expectancy may result in £310bn being wiped from the UK’s collective defined benefit (DB) pension deficit, according to analysis by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).
Prince Philip to step down from carrying out royal engagements
Source: BBC - 4th May 2017
The Duke of Edinburgh is retiring from royal duties this autumn, Buckingham Palace has announced.
Prince Philip retires from royal duties: What will the Duke of Edinburgh do next?
Source: Express - 4th May 2017
BUCKINGHAM PALACE has announced that Prince Philip will retire from public engagements in the autumn. But what will he do next?
State pension one-upmanship risks blowing a hole in UK finances
Source: Citywire - 4th May 2017
An arms race has begun. Opposing strategists are finalising plans. Weapons are being geared up.
Brits shy away from a place in the sun, plus it's the last day to spend old fivers
Source: The Guardian - 4th May 2017
Also, how whiplash is funding a £20bn gravy train, and our Consumer Champions lock horns with Bovis and NatWest
Our pensions system has lost its purpose
Source: Money Marketing - 4th May 2017
A snap general election and everything is up in the air again. It may mean more changes to our pension system.
How much is the state pension triple lock really worth - and could any Chancellor brave out another 75p furore if it was scrapped?
Source: Mail Online - 4th May 2017
The future of the state pension triple lock could hang on the result of the election on June 8. Prime Minister Theresa May, the favourite to win, has so far resisted pressure to commit the Tories to the valuable guarantee while Labour has promised to keep it until 2025.
Crackdown on cold caller pension scams postponed as plan is dropped from Finance Bill
Source: Mail Online - 4th May 2017
Plans to crack down on pension scams are among measures quietly dropped by the Government.
Pension deficits could fall £310bn on life expectancy slowdown
Source: Money Marketing - 4th May 2017
The value of defined benefit pension deficits will be slashed in half if life expectancy increases continue to slow, according to a PwC analysis.
Make sure your pensions lasts you out: five steps you can take to manage drawdown in old age
Source: Money Observer - 3rd May 2017
As more people manage their own finances through retirement, Alistair Wilson, head of retail platform strategy at Zurich UK, outlines five simple precautions.
Your state pension explained: What is the retirement age in the UK and how do you claim?
Source: Express - 3rd May 2017
NEW state pension rules will change the retirement age by 2018, leaving many Britons unsure about the future. Find out what your retirement age is and how you can claim your pension.
Over-65 mortgage debt set to double
Source: Moneyfacts - 3rd May 2017
The path of homeownership is changing. No longer is it typical for someone to buy a home in their 20s, trade up in their 30s and 40s and pay off the mortgage in their 50s and 60s – these days,...
Bizarre pension tax rules are costing freedoms savers
Source: Money Marketing - 3rd May 2017
Pension freedoms have been hugely popular. While few have blown their life savings on the mythical Italian sports car, many have enjoyed the ability to choose how much of their pension they want to spend now,...
Pension triple lock worth just £2 extra per week
Source: FT Adviser - 3rd May 2017
Labour has pledged to keep the state pension triple lock, the Tories have not, yet according to analysis pensioners' benefit from the policy only by a couple of pound per week
Anyone planning their retirement should be worried about the Tory government's plans
Source: Daily Record - 3rd May 2017
Joan McAlpine says Theresa May refuses to shoot straight over triple-lock pensions as thousands face penury in old age
One in seven get to retirement with no pension
Source: AoL - 2nd May 2017
One in seven people aged 55-65 are approaching retirement with no private or workplace pension of their own.
Call to scrap state pension for rich draws criticism
Source: Money Marketing - 2nd May 2017
Pensions experts have criticised comments made by a leading economist at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development that wealthy UK citizens should see their state pensions cut.
48% say financial education would help them save for retirement
Source: Employee Benefits - 2nd May 2017
Just under half (48%) of respondents believe that financial education would help them to save for retirement, according to research by Capita Employee Benefits.
FTSE firms face pension 'difficulty'
Source: BBC - 2nd May 2017
Some of the UK's biggest companies face "difficult discussions" over their growing pension deficits, according to a pensions consultancy.
UK should not give a state pension to the rich, says OECD
Source: Money Observer - 2nd May 2017
Britain should not give a state pension to the rich and should instead spend the money to boost benefits for the poor, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
Tories plan tougher regime on company pensions
Source: FT Adviser - 2nd May 2017
Prime Minister Theresa May has announced plans to protect the pensions of workers against irresponsible behaviour by company bosses, should the Conservative party win at the general election
What is the state pension age? What amount are YOU entitled to?
Source: Express - 1st May 2017
NEW Government rules on State Pension ages will come into effect in 2018 leaving millions of Brits in doubt about the future. Find out what the retirement age is and whether or not it will change for you.
Poorest face ‘double whammy’ if Tories ditch triple lock on pensions
Source: The Guardian - 1st May 2017
Plans to ditch the triple lock on the basic state pension would represent a “double whammy” for the poorest pensioners, many of whom have already lost out under this month’s new flat-rate pension,...
Pensioners will carry on hoarding cash if state won’t step in
Source: The Guardian - 1st May 2017
Without government investment in care and housing, the baby boomers will naturally hold on to their money
Mapped: where the highest-earning pensioners live
Source: Which - 30th April 2017
Residents of the City of London received an average annual pension income of more than £49,000 in 2014, a whopping 33% rise on the previous year, figures from HMRC have revealed.
May vows to protect pensions from 'unscrupulous bosses'
Source: BBC- 30th April 2017
Theresa May has announced plans to protect pensions from "unscrupulous" bosses if she wins the election.
UK is last in self-employed pensions league as 52% do not have a retirement plan
Source: This Is Money - 30th April 2017
Britain has come bottom for retirement provision in a survey of the self-employed in 15 countries around the world.
Wealth accumulated via mortgage repayments hits record £62.7bn
Source: Financial Reporter - 29th April 2017
Wealth accumulated by UK homeowners through mortgage repayments rocketed to a record £62.7 billion in 2016 – paving the way for housing wealth to play a vital role in funding later life, according to a new report by the Equity Release Council.
Altmann: Stop the lifetime allowance cuts
Source: Money Marketing - 28th April 2017
I wanted to start my new column for Money Marketing with a subject that has been hitting the headlines again: the dangers of the constant reductions in the lifetime allowance.
UK ministers delay response on state pension age
Source: Financial Times - 28th April 2017
The UK government has delayed its response to a report that recommended raising the state pension age for millions of Britons.
Wealthy over 65s should be STRIPPED of STATE PENSION to 'fund benefits boost for poor'
Source: Express - 28th April 2017
The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development believes "rich" Britons - millions of whom have paid into the system through National Insurance contributions for decades - should lose their pension entitlement entirely. 
'Pensions have an image problem': Government body admits workers believe in property rather than saving for retirement
Source: Mail Online - 28th April 2017
That Britain is obsessed with property is nothing new, but now one of the top bosses of Pension Wise - the Government's pension guidance service - has admitted pensions are seen as property's 'poor relation'.
Why the pensions 'triple lock' has become a key general election issue
Source: Yahoo News - 28th April 2017
In the last Prime Minister’s Questions before the 2017 general election, Theresa May refused to guarantee the “triple lock” policy that guarantees pensions will rise in line with inflation, earnings or 2.5% – whichever is highest.
Pension Schemes Bill receives Royal Assent
Source: FT Adviser - 28th April 2017
The Pension Schemes Bill has received Royal Assent, bringing in improvements for the regulation of occupational pensions
RETIREMENT WARNING: Millions of workers making NO financial plans for cost of old age
Source: Express - 28th April 2017
MILLIONS of middle-aged workers are making no financial plans to help with the cost of any care they may need in old age, worrying new figures reveal today.
To avoid being seen as 'PM for pensioners', Theresa May will probably abandon the triple lock – but she shouldn't
Source: Independent - 28th April 2017
The Prime Minister and her advisers have clearly been swayed by some of the most vocal – and questionable – special pleading of recent years: on the part of the so-called millennials (and their parents)
From having virtually NO savings to avoiding the gym in favour of binge-watching Fawlty Towers – the secret lives of fifty-somethings revealed
Source: Mail Online - 27th April 2017
The average fifty-something prefers Queen over The Rolling Stones, Grease over Ghostbusters and loves watching repeats of Fawlty Towers and Only Fools and Horses, according to new research.
Should we ditch the pensions triple lock? SIMON LAMBERT on how a measly 2.5% rise became so divisive
Source: This Is Money - 27th April 2017
It says a great deal about our low growth and low wage world that whether to give pensioners a 2.5 per cent annual pay bump is so hotly debated.
Ex-pensions minister says keeping triple-lock protection will HINDER future generations
Source: Express - 27th April 2017
FORMER Pensions Minister Baroness Altmann has called on Theresa May to drop the triple lock protection on increasing the state pension, branding it “illogical”.
UK should axe state pension for rich people, says OECD
Source: The Guardian - 27th April 2017
Scrapping payments to wealthiest 5% to 10% would allow government to give more to people in greater need, says thinktank
Theresa May 'to KEEP pensions triple lock due to General Election voter backlash fears'
Source: Express - 27th April 2017
THERESA May could keep the triple lock on pensions – despite fears the Prime Minister could scrap the longstanding Tory promise in the upcoming manifesto, sources have claimed.
HMRC Still Suspects QROPS Are Breaking Pension Rules
Source: iExpats - 27th April 2017
Some Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) financial centres may still be breaking UK pension rules.
Escape pensioner poverty – can you claim benefits?
Source: Moneyfacts - 27th April 2017
Pensioner poverty is an ongoing concern, and it appears that things aren't getting any better, with research from Age UK highlighting that millions of people are struggling financially after they hit retirement – which is why they're urging people to check if they're eligible for benefits.
Theresa May guarantees pensioner incomes but REFUSES to promise triple lock protection
Source: Express - 27th April 2017
THERESA May has guaranteed that pensioner incomes will continue to rise if she is returned as Prime Minister in the election.
Theresa May wants to keep pension 'triple lock'
Source: Citywire - 27th April 2017
Conservatives debate whether to follow Labour and commit to maintaining expensive 'triple lock' promise protecting state pension. 
Greece's pensioners to suffer MORE: Europe demands austerity as debt hits £268BILLION
Source: Express - 26th April 2017
GREEK politicians are being told to go after the country's already squeezed pensioners as it faces yet more austerity measures.
Over 50s wish they hadn't retired so young
Source: AoL - 26th April 2017
Rising state pension ages may not be such a bad thing - because most retired people wish they'd kept working later in life.
Get moving, grandad! Exercise improves brain health in the over 50s
Source: The Guardian - 26th April 2017
A recent meta-study suggests that regular exercise improves the functioning of the brain in people aged 50 and over. How does that work, and is it even surprising?
Reprieve for savers and older workers pension and dividend allowance cuts are put on hold by the election
Source: Mail Online - 26th April 2017
Thousands of savers and older workers still saving for retirement have been given a last-minute reprieve from controversial plans on dividends and pension recycling that could have seen their tax bills rise.
UK pension funds failing to protect worker rights in investment policies
Source: Investment & Pensions Europe - 26th April 2017
UK pension funds lag their peers in the rest of Europe when it comes to having responsible investment policies referencing labour rights, according to a study by the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF).
Pension freedom withdrawals top £10bn
Source: Money Marketing - 26th April 2017
Consumers have taken advantage of the pension freedoms to withdraw more than £10bn from their pots, latest HM Revenue and Customs data shows.
UK pension funds drop the ball on workers rights
Source: Independent - 26th April 2017
Most European pension funds have policies in place designed to promote the rights of workers. Amid a heated debate over workplace conditions, the UK is a lagging behind
Escape pensioner poverty – can you claim benefits?
Source: Moneyfacts - 26th April 2017
Pensioner poverty is an ongoing concern, and it appears that things aren't getting any better, with research from Age UK highlighting that millions of people are struggling financially after they hit retirement – which is why they're urging people to check if they're eligible for benefits.
Stuttering Theresa May repeatedly refuses to commit to triple lock for pensioners
Source: Independent - 26th April 2017
The Prime Minister refused to directly answer whether the safeguard for pensioners would survive post-election when asked by the SNP's Westminster leader Angus Robertson
UK could face €10bn bill for 'underfunded' EU staff pension scheme
Source: Investment & Pensions Europe - 26th April 2017
The UK could face a bill of between €7.7bn and €10bn for its share of the EU officials’ pension and benefits funds, according to a comprehensive study of European finances.
Over 45s spend more time planning holidays than their retirement
Source: Moneywise - 26th April 2017
Pre-retirees spend more time planning their holidays and redecorating their homes than planning their retirement.
One in five retirees more likely to seek advice post-Brexit
Source: Financial Reporter - 26th April 2017
19% of this year’s retirees are more likely to seek financial advice due to uncertainty caused by the decision to leave the EU, according to research from Prudential.
What Is The Appropriate Planning Age For Retirees?
Source: Forbes - 26th April 2017
The relationship between how long you'll live and your sustainable spending rate is a difficult piece of the retirement planning puzzle.
One in four retirees fear Brexit will wreck their retirement plans
Source: City A.M. - 26th April 2017
More than a quarter of those planning to retire this year are worried that Brexit will have a negative impact on their financial plans.
Reprieve for savers and older workers pension and dividend allowance cuts are put on hold by the election
Source: This Is Money - 26th April 2017
Thousands of savers and older workers still saving for retirement have been given a last-minute reprieve from controversial plans on dividends and pension recycling that could have seen their tax bills rise.
Exercise 'keeps the mind sharp' in over-50s, study finds
Source: BBC - 26th April 2017
Doing moderate exercise several times a week is the best way to keep the mind sharp if you're over 50, research suggests.
£72,000 - The value of of a university degree at retirement
Source: Aviva - 25th April 2017
Analysis by Aviva suggests that going to university could boost your pension fund by £72,000 at retirement.
Today’s data from the Department for Education[1] shows that young graduates (aged 21 to 30) earn on average £6,000 more each year than non-graduates.
Early access to pensions advice could face tax sting
Source: Money Marketing - 25th April 2017
Pension experts have expressed concerns that savers accessing their pensions early to fund advice could be inadvertently giving up some of their pension rights.
Two years of pension freedoms: what’s changed for retirees?
Source: Money Observer - 25th April 2017
The pension freedoms introduced in April 2015 are now two years old.
They’ve ushered in a revolution in how people can access their pensions and secure a retirement income, but what do they mean for you?
Over 50s wish they hadn't retired so young
Source: AoL - 25th April 2017
Rising state pension ages may not be such a bad thing - because most retired people wish they'd kept working later in life.
PENSION WARNING: Ditching 'triple-lock' protection will only cut costs in the short term
Source: Express - 25th April 2017
DITCHING the state pension ‘triple-lock’ protection will only cut costs in the short term because Britons are still failing to save enough for their retirements, experts warned today.
Top pitfalls when you reach retirement and how to avoid them
Source: This Is Money - 25th April 2017
For many of us, retirement conjures images of rest and relaxation, more time to travel and get things done around the house and in the garden.
Nearly two million UK pensioners below poverty line
Source: P2P Finance News - 25th April 2017
NEARLY two million UK pensioners are living below the poverty line and one in four struggle financially, new research claimed on Tuesday.
2 FTSE 250 growth performers that could fund your retirement
Source: Yahoo Finance - 25th April 2017
I wonder how many estate agency businesses dare to carry on their trade without listing the properties they are selling on marketplace sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla.