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Retirement and Pensions News Headlines

One in seven will retire with no pension
Source: FT Adviser - 22nd March 2017
Prudential has warned too many people nearing retirement have not saved any money into a pension and will be overly reliant on the state pension for income.
One in five women will retire with no pension savings this year - more than double the number of men
Source: This Is Money - 22nd March 2017
The number of women retiring without a pension is dwindling, but they are still more than twice as likely to have no savings as men, new research shows.
We need a fresh look at pensions in divorce
Source: Money Marketing - 22nd March 2017
Pension simplification and the freedom and choice regime have changed the face of retirement so significantly the impact on areas such as divorce cannot be ignored.
Property investment has ‘consistently delivered’ for retired homeowners
Source: Property Investor Today - 22nd March 2017
Growth in UK house prices has seen over-65 homeowners’ property wealth hit a new record of £1.072trn, according to new analysis by Key Retirement.
Nearly one in seven workers retiring this year have made no financial provisions, study reveals
Source: Independent - 22nd March 2017
A pensioner retiring after 6 April and relying solely on the new flat-rate state pension would have a weekly income of £159.55, or just short of £8,300 a year
Think tank pushes retirement income defaults
Source: FT Adviser - 22nd March 2017
The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) has proposed that “auto-protection” should be added to auto-enrolment schemes to prevent savers from running out of money later in life.
The impact of pension freedoms two years on
Source: Money Observer - 22nd March 2017
Two years after the introduction of pension freedoms in April 2015, new research by Age Partnership shows that 65 per cent believe the pension reform was one of George Osborne's better ideas and 47 per cent have actively considered accessing their retirement pot.
10 Reasons Why Females Over 50 Are More Active Than Those Under 30
Source: Female First - 21st March 2017
Some of the reported differences between the groups may reflect the greater proportion of people who are retired or in part-time employment.
Three in four over-50s say they are lonely: Warning millions are suffering in silence because they have not told their family how they feel
Source: Mail Online - 21st March 2017
Britain's older generations are suffering an ‘epidemic of loneliness’, with almost three-quarters describing themselves as lonely, a disturbing study revealed yesterday.
Ex-Bank boss calls on Govt to put pensions before Brexit
Source: Money Marketing - 21st March 2017
Former Bank of England governor Lord Mervyn King says politicians are obsessed with Brexit to the detriment of more fundamental issues such as pension saving and long-term care.
Treasury rejects calls for pension annual allowance u-turn
Source: FT Adviser - 21st March 2017
The government has confirmed it will move ahead with the planned cut to the money purchase annual allowance, ignoring the industry's near-unanimous opposition to the policy.
Best-paid former BHS executives gain most from Green's pension deal - UK lawmakers
Source: Euronews - 21st March 2017
British retail tycoon Philip Green’s deal with the regulator to plug a hole in the pension schemes of collapsed department store BHS will see a small number of the highest-paid former managers benefit the most, a parliamentary committee said on Tuesday.
AGE OF DISCRIMINATION Millions of over-50s face prejudice at work, in shops and even from their GP, study finds
Source: The Sun - 20th March 2017
MILLIONS of over-50s have suffered age ?discrimination at work, in shops and even in ?their local GP surgery, the UK’s biggest-ever study into life after 50 has found.
British pensioners in Spain worry Brexit could force them to return to UK
Source: Yahoo - 20th March 2017
Spain is home to more than 100,000 British pensioners. Most moved there many years ago to enjoy their retirement with the understanding that they would be able to export their pension and healthcare rights with them.
OUTRAGE as Hammond plans tax raid on PENSIONS to fill £2billion budget blackhole
Source: Express - 20th March 2017
CHANCELLOR Philip Hammond is facing demands to ditch a planned tax raid on pensions and cut the international aid budget to plug a £2 billion black hole in his finances.
New bombshell for self-employed: pay 400% more NICs … or lose state pension
Source: The Guardian - 19th March 2017
Despite the chancellor’s NICs U-turn, those who earn below £6,000 still face a five-fold increase – unless the government acts before next year
It may be a case of prepare a proper pension or prepare for poverty
Source: The Scotsman - 17th March 2017
Most of us don’t think about our pensions until we reach a certain age – despite the fact that for most workers it is the most important benefit they receive after pay.
New figures reveal over-50s are the fastest growing part of workforce
Source: Herald Scotland - 16th March 2017
SCOTLAND is enjoying a historic boom in “grey workers” as hundreds of thousands of people enjoy better health in their 50s, 60s and 70s.
Why am I losing inflation benefits of my Guaranteed Minimum Pension? Steve Webb explains knotty rules and how they changed in state pension overhaul of 2016
Source: Mail Online - 16th March 2017
Former Pensions Minister Steve Webb is This Is Money's Agony Uncle. This week, he answers a reader who had Guaranteed Minimum Pension rights under an old employer's final salary scheme.
Household incomes crept up last year, DWP figures show
Source: BBC - 16th March 2017
A generational divide in UK households' income growth has been confirmed in the latest government figures - but incomes are little changed in the last year.
Workers 'IGNORING the importance of a pension when job hunting'
Source: Express - 16th March 2017
WORKERS are ignoring the importance of a pension when they look for a new job, is has been found.
Housing wealth 'crucial' to retirees
Source: FT Adviser - 16th March 2017
Four in ten homeowners expect their housing wealth to form a "crucial" part of their retirement income, research by Now: Pensions has revealed.
Women in their 50s are now more likely to get married than women in their early 20s
Source: Mail Online - 16th March 2017
Women are now more likely to wed in their early 50s than their early 20s as people put off tying the knot to focus on careers.
Research shows large number of retirees not taking advice
Source: Actuarial Post - 16th March 2017
LV= has published research thats reveals a worrying number of consumers aged over 55 are not planning to take financial advice when they retire.
Could property pay  for your retirement? Investing in bricks and mortar is much less attractive than it was, but there's still money to be made
Source: This Is Money - 15th March 2017
Property, it's fair to say, is our national obsession. For many of us, our home is our castle.
Retirement sector housing in UK not providing enough choice, says new report
Source: Property Wire - 14th March 2017
Housing for older people in the UK is being ignored by the Government which is failing to provide the choice that is needed despite the publication of its recent Housing White Paper, it is claimed.
Why you are NEVER too old to take on a pension: How even over-60s can profit from the generous tax perks
Source: Mail Online - 14th March 2017
Do you want to boost your savings? If you use a pension, you’ll reap some very handsome rewards. And you don’t have to be earning a fortune to do so.
RETIREMENT SHOCK: Millions will have to MOVE homes to fund life in old age
Source: Express - 14th March 2017
MILLIONS of homeowners will have to sell up and move to fund their retirement, according to new report.
Pressure grows on Co-op Bank over pension deal: Bank of England calls for swift action to split up group's £10bn scheme
Source: Mail Online - 13th March 2017
The ailing Co-operative Bank has been ordered by the Bank of England to hasten plans to split up the £10 billion pension scheme it shares with its former parent the Co-operative Group.
50 things everyone should do before they turn 50- how many have you done?
Source: Evening Times - 13th March 2017
Researchers have identified the top 50 things everyone should do before they turn 50 - such as getting a tattoo, seeing the Northern Lights - and having sex on the beach.
The Falklands war hero fighting for his state pension
Source: The Guardian - 12th March 2017
Roger Edwards served as a navy officer in the Falklands, and retired there. Now he feels betrayed by the UK government
The 10 best cities to live in if you want to retire early
Source: Business Insider UK - 12th March 2017
Why is it that private companies feel they cannot afford defined benefit pension schemes for their employees but the Government has no trouble at all providing them for public servants?
Steve Bee: Pensions are pay and should not be unwound
Source: Money Marketing - 10th March 2017
Why is it that private companies feel they cannot afford defined benefit pension schemes for their employees but the Government has no trouble at all providing them for public servants?
New charge targets British expat pension savers
Source: Relocate Magazine - 10th March 2017
A little noticed provision of Chancellor of the Exchequer Phillip Hammond’s Budget on Wednesday was to impose – with immediate effect – a 25 per cent tax on UK expatriates moving their retirement pots out of the country.
Pension freedoms raise five times more than expected
Source: FT Adviser - 9th March 2017
The amount of money raised through the pension freedoms has far outstripped what the government had previously estimated due to higher taxes from larger withdrawals
LATE RETIREMENT Spring Budget 2017 – State pension age rise and personal allowance increase which will benefit thousands
Source: The Sun - 9th March 2017
But several pension changes are being enforced from April 6 this year, thanks to announcements made in George Osborne’s Budget last year.
Bonds, Isas and pensions: budget measures that affect consumers
Source: Guardian - 9th March 2017
Measures include a 2.2% savings bond, a crackdown on subscription traps and a rise on Isa limit to £20,000
Budget 2017: what does it mean for pensioners?
Source: AOL Money - 9th March 2017
Pension savers breathed a sigh of relief today as fears that Chancellor Philip Hammond would use the Spring Budget to slash pension tax breaks proved unfounded.
Chancellor slaps 25% charge on people who move pensions abroad to dodge UK tax bills
Source: This Is Money - 9th March 2017
The Chancellor is to slap a 25 per cent charge on savers moving pension pots abroad where this is a blatant move to avoid paying tax in the UK.
Study reveals a link between retirement village living and life expectancy
Source: Starts At 60 - 9th March 2017
A study undertaken by the International Longevity Centre has found residents at one retirement village are living for longer than the average life expectancy.
Government nets £2.6bn from rush to cash in pensions
Source: Citywire - 8th March 2017
Budget reveals government set to net three times more tax than first thought from pension freedoms, alongside crackdown on overseas pension schemes.
Budget 2017: What it means for YOU? Self-employed, savers, pensioners, and motorists
Source: Express - 8th March 2017
CHANCELLOR Philip Hammond has laid out the Government's spending plans in a speech to parliament, featuring tax rises and major changes for household budgets.
Over-40s undercook cost of living in retirement by half - and one in eight don't know how big their pension pot should be to retire comfortably
Source: Mail Online - 7th March 2017
Eight out of ten Britons in their forties don’t know how big their total pension pot should be in order to retire comfortably as the the cost of living is underestimated by 50 per cent, research suggests.
Budget 2017: what can we expect?
Source: AOL Money - 6th March 2017
The major announcements we know about, those we suspect are coming, and the wish list
Despite her assurances, Theresa May doesn’t care about EU-based expats
Source: The Guardian - 6th March 2017
The government seems to be in no hurry to remove us from the limbo we’ve been in ever since the Brexit vote
Over half of women haven't started saving for retirement
Source: Financial Reporter - 6th March 2017
Research conducted by YouGov on behalf of digital investment manager, Scalable Capital, in the UK and in Germany, has revealed that not having enough money to fund a comfortable retirement was the main financial concern for over two fifths (44%) of both men and women in the UK.
Philip Green: Arcadia will double pension fund contributions
Source: The Guardian - 6th March 2017
Owner of Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and other retailers will increase payments to £50m a year, after deal reached over BHS
Tax free pension cash for elderly mooted in Budget plans
Source: Citywire - 6th March 2017
The elderly may be allowed to withdraw pension cash from their pension pot tax free, under plans to be announced in this week’s Budget.
What the Spring Budget 2017 could mean for your pension
Source: iNews - 4th March 2017
The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, will deliver the Spring Budget on Wednesday. This sets out the Government’s spending plans for the year and should give an insight into its plans for a post-Brexit Britain.
Government's 'stealthy' way to shave its pension tax bill
Source: Professional Adviser - 4th March 2017
Government changes to the GAD table, used to calculate capped drawdown limits, may push investors to swap from a capped drawdown policy into a flexi-access policy, and in doing so trigger the MPAA, according to Suffolk Life's Jessica List.
Retiring in the city could cost £21,000/year
Source: Moneyfacts - 4th March 2017
Most people look forward to the day they can hang up their work clothes and start enjoying retirement, yet worryingly few consider the cost involved.
BMW's UK workers to be balloted for strike action over pension changes
Source: Reuters - 4th March 2017
British workers at BMW's Mini and Rolls-Royce car plants are to be balloted for strike action over plans by the German automaker to close the firm's final salary pension schemes, Britain's biggest trade union said on Friday.
Pensions are pay and should not be unwound
Source: Money Marketing - 3rd March 2017
Why is it that private companies feel they cannot afford defined benefit pension schemes for their employees but the Government has no trouble at all providing them for public servants?
Will you retire on £21k a year? Most savers fear they will miss ideal income goal for comfortable old age
Source: This Is Money - 3rd March 2017
The majority of workers in the UK's biggest cities are pessimistic that their pensions will provide for a comfortable old age, new research reveals.
Pensions BOOSTED by record stock markets but savers cautioned
Source: Express - 3rd March 2017
PENSION savers are set to see the value of retirement funds jump after stock markets hit fresh record highs this week.
DWP blocks Nest's plans for income drawdown
Source: FT Adviser - 3rd March 2017
The government has blocked a proposal by the National Employment Savings Trust to provide income drawdown products to its members
Newcastle people are among most confident in UK they can afford a comfortable retirement
Source: Chronical Live - 3rd March 2017
Survey analysed what people thought they needed each year to fund their life after work and the results are in
Pensioners receiving overseas income could face Revenue fines
Source: The Irish Times - 3rd March 2017
Thousands of pensioners in receipt of overseas retirement income could find themselves facing fines and even prosecution if their tax affairs are not in order by May.
UK divided over how much workers are saving for retirement
Source: MSN - 3rd March 2017
Workers in Plymouth, Newcastle and Manchester are the most confident that they are saving enough to enjoy a comfortable retirement, according to a survey.
MPs investing in cigarette companies, oil giants and 'tax avoiders' through their pension scheme
Source: Independent - 3rd March 2017
The Parliamentary Contributory Pension Fund also invests in several US tech giants accused by MPs themselves of avoiding tax
U.K. government tells NEST it can't offer retirement income options
Source: Pensions & Investments - 3rd March 2017
U.K. government tells NEST it can't offer retirement income options
Brace yourselves - 70 is the new retirement age
Source: Cambridge News - 3rd March 2017
Older workers are bracing themselves to continue working until they are 70, according to new research by the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development.
Budget 2017: Stamp duty and pension changes predicted in Philip Hammond's speech
Source: Express - 3rd March 2017
CHANCELLOR Philip Hammond will present his first Spring Budget on March 8 and lay out his financial plans for the country, as the UK gears up for Brexit.
Steve Webb: What to expect from this year’s big pension reviews
Source: Money Marketing - 2nd March 2017
There are two big reviews due this year that will shape the future of the pensions landscape for a long time to come.
EU WILL NOT pay for UK Lords pension pots: German MEP blasts peers' £10m Brussels pensions
Source: Express - 2nd March 2017
A GERMAN MEP put down chances of British peers receiving their multi-million pound pensions payouts from Brussels.
Philip Green’s knighthood not necessarily saved by BHS pension scheme payment, says Iain Wright MP
Source: Independent - 2nd March 2017
The billionaire owned BHS for a decade and a half before he sold the ailing department store chain to Dominic Chappell, a serial bankrupt with no retail experience, for £1 in 2015
UK pensions deficit up £50bn in February
Source: Daily Record - 2nd March 2017
The analysis by the PwC Skyval Index, based on the Skyval platform used by pension funds, shows that it will take until 2050 to halve the value of today's total liabilities
JOB FOR LIFE Young Brits face working for 50 years and retiring beyond 70 to pay for inflation-busting OAP pensions, new report claims
Source: The Sun - 2nd March 2017
New retirement age would be above the official life expectancy in 190 areas of England and Scotland
State pension age will be higher than life expectancy if 'triple lock' not axed, say MPs
Source: Express - 1st March 2017
THE state pension will have to rise above the age of expected life expectancy in parts of the country if it is to keep rising at its current rate, MPs have warned.
Savers warned: Pension tax relief could be SLICED in March Budget
Source: Express - 1st March 2017
SAVERS have been urged to invest into pensions ahead of next week's Budget, amid fears the Chancellor could slash tax relief.
Keeping triple lock will push state pension age above 70, MPs say
Source: Citywire - 1st March 2017
MPs on the work and pensions select committee have released a report which claims continuing with the triple lock could mean the state pension age (SPA) could be pushed above 70.
Raising pension age will mean many people die before getting it, say MPs
Source: The Guardian - 28th February 2017
Government should move away from ‘triple lock’ guarantee, says work and pensions select committee
Retirement planning at the end of the tax year
Source: FT Adviser - 28th February 2017
Advisers are encouraged to discuss with clients the benefits of paying pension contributions to minimise a client’s tax bill
Raising the retirement age is once again short changing some of Britain's hardest workers
Source: Mirror - 28th February 2017
If the age was raised to 70, the majority of men in 188 impoverished English and Scottish neighbourhoods would be dead before they could claim a penny
Self-Employed Not Saving Enough To Retire
Source: iExpats - 28th February 2017
Nearly nine out of 10 self-employed workers are not saving enough to provide enough money for a decent retirement, a new study has revealed.
Martin Lewis: How YOU could add £13,000 to your PENSION with this trick
Source: Express - 27th February 2017
BRITONS could be missing out on up to £13,000 when it comes to their pension. Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert, explains how to make the most of your savings with a few handy tips.
The New Retirement: we've relied on readers' feedback and have not been disappointed
Source: The Guardian - 27th February 2017
Comments have largely been insightful, sometimes heartwarming, and often a poignant reminder of the passing of time
Why your retirement nest egg could be hit for £20,000: Government floats plan to weaken inflation protection
Source: Mail Online - 27th February 2017
The Government has set out its thinking on the future for work pensions where employees are promised a retirement income according to a combination of how long they have worked and their salary (defined benefit schemes).
How the Pensions System is Failing Women
Source: Morningstar - 27th February 2017
Thanks to auto-enrolment, more people are adequately saving for retirement than before, but the scheme unfairly penalises women
Working later is not answer to your pension problems
Source: AOL Money - 27th February 2017
Plan to stay in work to close the pensions gap? Do you know how long you have to keep working?
New pension shock: Millions will see retirement dreams shattered
Source: Express - 27th February 2017
MILLIONS will be condemned to work on into their 80s because they are not saving enough for their retirement.
Why baby boomers are hitting the bottle like never before
Source: The Guardian - 26th February 2017
As an 18-year-old in 1966, I would go to the pub on a Saturday night with five girlfriends, before an alcohol-free dance at the local “palais”.
Were YOU mis-sold your pension? Prudential and Standard Life review annuity sales
Source: Express - 26th February 2017
TWO pension giants are set to pay out millions of pounds to customers who were left with lower levels of retirement income after being sold the wrong annuities for their circumstances.
Top tips to boost your state pension: Steps you could take now to ensure a more comfortable retirement
Source: Mail Online - 25th February 2017
For most of us, the state pension makes up an important part of our income when we retire, providing a boost to workplace pensions or other savings.
Nearly two-thirds of pension pots fully cashed in
Source: Moneywise - 25th February 2017
Two years on from the launch of the pension freedoms, a new report by the Financial Conduct Authority shows what the changing retirement income market looked like in the third quarter of 2016.
EU THREAT TO PENSIONS: Mass migration blamed for £30 billion a YEAR 'economic catastrophe'
Source: Express - 24th February 2017
The comprehensive paper - How the £30 billion cost of EU migration Imperils Pensions & Benefits - by the thinktank Global Britain has blown apart claims that the UK needs EU migration to support its pension system.
EU THREAT TO PENSIONS: Mass migration blamed for £30 billion a YEAR 'economic catastrophe'
Source: Express - 24th February 2017
The comprehensive paper - How the £30 billion cost of EU migration Imperils Pensions & Benefits - by the thinktank Global Britain has blown apart claims that the UK needs EU migration to support its pension system.
UK's first LGBT retirement home announced by Manchester city council
Source: Independent - 24th February 2017
'It is imperative that we move now to support older people before it’s too late,' says deputy leader Bernard Priest
How to guarantee an income in retirement
Source: AOL Money - 24th February 2017
One in six are worried they'll need to ask their kids for money during retirement
One in six parents could need to ask children for retirement cash
Source: Mail Online - 23rd February 2017
One in six over-40s are concerned they will need to ask their children for financial support in retirement, a study has found.
UK self-employed among least prepared for retirement in the world
Source: Business Advice - 23rd February 2017
Britain’s self-employed could be failing to make adequate preparations for retirement, as new research reveals they are some of the least likely in the world to contribute to a pension.
Parents who will have to ask children for retirement funds: One in six over-40s admit to being worried they haven't put enough money aside
Source: Mail Online- 23rd February 2017
Parents who will have to ask children for retirement funds: One in six over-40s admit to being worried they haven't put enough money aside
'Unfair decision for widows to make' over police pension
Source: BBC - 23rd February 2017
Pension rules for police widows in Wales and England have been called "antiquated" and "manifestly unfair".
Why firms put £47,000 less into women's pensions?
Source: AOL Money - 23rd February 2017
Women are set to suffer in retirement, because their employers are putting less money into their pensions.
50% do not know how much they have invested in their retirement savings
Source: Employee Benefits - 23rd February 2017
Half (50%) of respondents do not know how much they have invested in their retirement savings, according to research by Portus Consulting.
Living longer: Men surviving eight years and women four years more than 25 years ago
Source: Express - 22nd February 2017
HALF of the UK population now lives until they are well into their eighties, new official figures show today.
Treasury must extend tax stability pledge to pensions
Source: Citywire - 22nd February 2017
The Treasury decided to get the tax relief guessing games under way early this year when, on 3 January, it published a ‘Ways to Save in 2017’ leaflet that failed to acknowledge the existence of pensions as a retirement savings option. 
Dorset is top UK retirement destination
Source: The Breaker - 22nd February 2017
Dorset has been selected as the top county in the UK to retire to, that’s according to a survey by a national holiday cottage company.
UK self-employed among world's least pension prepared
Source: FT Adviser - 22nd February 2017
British self-employed workers are among the least likely in the world to contribute to a pension, global research by Aegon has revealed.
Police widow pension rules in Wales 'antiquated and unfair'
Source: BBC - 22nd February 2017
Pension rules for police widows in Wales and England have been called "antiquated" and "manifestly unfair".
Life begins at 65! Better lifestyles and healthcare will mean an extra 21 years' retirement for men and another 23 for women
Source: Mail Online - 22nd February 2017
Retirement was once seen as a time to wind down, relax and quietly enjoy one’s last few years.
Leave or Remain? The final salary pension decision
Source: Unbiased - 22nd February 2017
Final salary pensions may be gold-plated, but are you also sitting on a transferrable gold mine?
Pensions changes could cost 11 million Britions thousands of pounds in final payments
Source: Independent - 22nd February 2017
One option proposed in a new Government Green Paper would see firms linking annual rises to the consumer price index measure of inflation, rather than the higher retail price index
New threat to RAID pensions: Retirees could see savings pot plummet by staggering £20,000
Source: Express - 21st February 2017
MILLIONS of workers could see their final salary pensions plummet by £20,000 over a lifetime in a bid to cut costs for struggling businesses, it emerged yesterday.
Heartbreak for retiring cop after 35,000 signature petition to let his police dog partner retire with him is REJECTED
Source: The Sun - 21st February 2017
POLICE have rejected a retiring cop’s request to have his police dog finish up her service alongside him.
Martin Lewis - following these rules YOU could be eligible for THOUSANDS in pension credit
Source: Express - 21st February 2017
MARTIN LEWIS, money saving expert, revealed that Brits up and down the country are missing out on thousands of pounds - and this is what they should do to claim.
Baby Boomers set for disappointing retirement
Source: AOL Money - 21st February 2017
Baby Boomers are widely considered as the generation who have had everything: free higher education, secure jobs, booming property prices, and generous final salary pensions.
Millions of pensioners could be MUCH worse off after changes to work schemes
Source: Mirror - 21st February 2017
The Government is considering allowing struggling firms to suspend giving people annual increases to their pension income when times are tough
Millions of pensions threatened with cuts
Source: iNews - 21st February 2017
Pension payments could be reduced for millions of pensioners on generous final salary schemes under plans being considered by the Government to help financially “stressed” businesses.
Abbey Life under fire over pension transfer
Source: FT Adviser - 21st February 2017
Abbey Life has been criticised by the Financial Ombudsman Service for delaying a pension transfer and then recalculating the transfer value to a lower amount
Pensions changes could cost 11 million Britions thousands of pounds in final payments
Source: Independent - 21st February 2017
One option proposed in a new Government Green Paper would see firms linking annual rises to the consumer price index measure of inflation, rather than the higher retail price index
Nine-million strong 'grandparent army' help to save parents £16bn a year in fees for childcare
Source: Mail Online - 21st February 2017
An ‘army’ of grandparents are saving parents more than £16billion a year in childcare costs, a report claims today.
Over 50s remain big spenders
Source: FT Adviser - 20th February 2017
Over 50s are continuing to spend on cars, home improvements and holidays, with the trend partly driven by retirement, a survey shows
British widow in France refunded over pension advice
Source: International Adviser - 20th February 2017
A British widow has been refunded for poor advice she received from a UK adviser while living in France.
Pensioners could be left thousands of pounds poorer as government considers ditching inflation protections to save struggling final salary schemes
Source: Mail Online - 20th February 2017
Suspending or slashing annual inflation-linked increases to pensions is being floated by the Government as a way to help cash-strapped final salary schemes.
Pension changes could cost 11m Britons thousands of pounds
Source: The Guardian - 20th February 2017
Government green paper discusses giving annual rises based on CPI, not RPI, which could cost average of £20,000 over lifetime
Vauxhall pension black hole 'could scupper' buyout
Source: The Week - 20th February 2017
A black hole in the Vauxhall pension scheme estimated to be about £1bn "could scupper" the proposed buyout of the carmaker by Peugeot, says the BBC.
Self-employed living in La La Land when it comes to pensions
Source: Actuarial Post - 20th February 2017
Research by Aegon has revealed that many of the self-employed are not taking adequate steps to prepare for their future retirement.
The retirement village where women are living years longer than everyone else
Source: Independent - 20th February 2017
Women in a Surrey retirement village are living years longer than even the wealthiest who live elsewhere, new research has found.
UK Vauxhall pensions 'could scupper GM Peugeot sale'
Source: BBC - 20th February 2017
Plans to sell the European arm of General Motors - including Vauxhall - to France's PSA Group could be derailed by the deficit in GM's UK pension scheme, an expert says.
Peers in the pocket of Europe: Lords told to declare fat EU pensions ahead of their debate on Brexit
Source: Mail Online - 20th February 2017
Peers with generous EU retirement packages were last night urged to declare them publicly before intervening in this week’s Lords debate on the Brexit Bill.
Members of Britain’s biggest pension scheme fear Tory money-grabbers will put retirement income at risk
Source: Mirror - 19th February 2017
The local government workers’ schemes have 5.4 million members and funds valued at £213 bill
25% of Brits retiring this year are STILL in debt - how to get out of the red fast
Source: Mirror - 18th February 2017
If you're worried about how you will cope financially when you leave work - you're not alone
One in four UK retirees burdened by unpaid mortgage or other debts
Source: The Guardian - 17th February 2017
Numbers retiring in debt in 2017 is highest for seven years with nearly 40% still owing payments for debts such as interest-only mortgages
Workers taking debts into retirement now commonplace thanks to big mortgages and easy credit
Source: This Is Money - 17th February 2017
The number of people retiring in debt could reach a record one in four this year, according to research.
Debt in Retirement Rises 30%
Source: Morning Star - 17th February 2017
Nearing retirement? Remember to pay down expensive debt alongside your pension savings plans as repayments can eat into your retirement income
Baby boomers bash back with facts of life in work and retirement
Source: The Guardian - 16th February 2017
Philip Inman’s article (Baby boomers, pay your dues, 14 February) ignores some important facts.
How £9,000 pension turned out to be worth NOTHING: Newsagent saved for 11 years but was stunned to discover 'service fees' had left him penniless
Source: Mail Online - 16th February 2017
David Borthwick is no stranger to hard work. The 57-year-old gets up in the dark to open his family newsagents in Edinburgh at 3am every day.
20% retirees using ‘rule of thumb’ drawdown to be cashless in 30 years
Source: Pensions Age - 15th February 2017
One in five people taking a yearly retirement income of 4 per cent will run out of money in 30 years, Aegon has found.
Hard Brexit could lead to higher state pension age
Source: FT Adviser - 15th February 2017
A so-called hard Brexit that puts the brakes on immigration could lead to the state pension age increasing by 18 months for workers under the age of 40, according research from Hymans Robertson
Terrible mistake empties pensions when you need them most
Source: AOL Money - 13th February 2017
Will your pension last for the whole of your retirement? A new report out today reveals that there's a real risk that millions of people could end up ...
Brexit could force young people to retire even later due to low immigration
Source: Independent - 13th February 2017
The under-40s stand to lose the most from less inward migration, which would mean fewer working-age people for every pensioner
Just retired? You're probably better off than colleagues who left their job 13 years ago: Divide opens up between older and younger pensioners
Source: Mail Online - 13th February 2017
A stark divide in wealth has opened up between younger and older pensioners, figures show.
Why rich pensioners should pay more tax
Source: The Guardian - 13th February 2017
The average pensioner income is now higher than that of a working-age person. This is unfair, and unaffordable
The Best Places to Retire in Britain
Source: Anglotopia - 13th February 2017
When it comes to retiring, the UK is home to many excellent destinations for living out your final years whether you fancy a house by the sea, a picturesque cottage in a pretty village or an inner-city townhouse.
Reality Check: Are pensioners better off than workers?
Source: BBC - 13th February 2017
The claim: Pensioners are on average £20 a week better off than working-age people.
Unite workers at BMW threaten action over plans to shut UK pension scheme
Source: The Guardian - 13th February 2017
Len McCluskey warns of ‘serious industrial action’ by UK staff if carmaker persists with scrapping pension scheme despite record profits
Brexit immigration cuts could force Brits to work for a lot longer and possibly for smaller pensions
Source: Business Insider - 13th February 2017
Immigration cuts as a result of Brexit will push up the UK's retirement age, according to the head of a leading business group, meaning Brits will be forced to work for a lot longer than they do now.
Pensioner incomes 'outstrip those of working families'
Source: BBC - 13th February 2017
Typical pensioner incomes now outstrip those of working-age people, a report from the Resolution Foundation says.
'I have never before in my life been so frightened about saying what I think': Former Pensions Minister tells of the perils of speaking out on Article 50
Source: This Is Money - 13th February 2017
Baroness Ros Altmann, one of the loudest voices on the subject of the pensions crisis, has never been a shrinking violet.
Tories spend £10 billion of pension cash and ignore retired miners receiving as little as £10 a week
Source: Mirror - 11th February 2017
Labour MPs in former pit constituencies want a halt – and are demanding future windfalls go to former miners and their families instead
Is 90 too old to work? Meet the golden oldies still earning in their twilight years
Source: Independent - 10th February 2017
According to Age UK there are currently around 1.25 million people in work aged 65 and above
New pensions rule jeopardises retirement for millions
Source: AOL Money - 10th February 2017
Finance experts are warning that the latest government plan to move the goalposts on pensions threatens to throw retirement plans into chaos for millions of people.
Has retirement had its day? Four in ten Brits don't think they will ever stop working, survey finds
Source: This Is Money - 10th February 2017
Retirement has become a distant dream for many with almost 40 per cent of Britons of the belief that they will never retire, a Mintel survey has revealed.
Legal win could alter the finances of millions
Source: Independent - 10th February 2017
A landmark legal case looks set to overturn the way millions of unmarried couples’ finances are treated.
Men in 20s earn £12,500 less than generation before; and how to beat broadband price rise
Source: The Guardian - 10th February 2017
Also, supreme court backs woman’s right to late partner’s pension, and homes near airports
Eight of the best places to retire abroad
Source: Saga - 10th February 2017
Forget Australia or the south of France, here are some of the cheapest and most beautiful places to move to when you finish work.
UK households spend an average of £1.9 million across their lifetime
Source: The Money Pages - 10th February 2017
The average UK household spends an average of £1.9 million over the course of a lifetime, according to a new report.
How a British household spends £1.9m over a lifetime - and the average 50-year-old has already spent £1m
Source: This Is Money - 10th February 2017
Households in Britain spend an average of £1.9million over the course of a lifetime, an analysis of official data reveals.
We'll NEVER get to retire fear four in ten workers: More also believe their retirement will not be as comfortable as their parents
Source: Mail Online - 10th February 2017
If the prospect of eventually retiring is the only thing getting you through the day, this may not be the news you were hoping for.
War Pension Scheme payments increases from April 2017
Source: GOV.UK - 10th February 2017
The new rates of pensions and allowances payable under the War Pension Scheme from 10 April 2017 have now been announced and are available here.
'Live now, pay later' generation urged to start saving for retirement as report shows they're MUCH worse off than parents
Source: The Mirror - 9th February 2017
Work and Pensions Secretary Damian Green warned employees to begin pumping into their pension pots, as he defended protections for today’s OAPs
UK supreme court backs woman's right to receive late partner's pension
Source: The Guardian - 9th February 2017
Ruling marks significant extension of unmarried cohabitees’ rights and could affect millions of families.
A Northern Ireland woman who was refused payments from her former partner’s pension has won her battle to extend benefits automatically to those who are unmarried.
Young and old plagued by dodgy cold calls about pensions
Source: Mail Online - 9th February 2017
Some 7% of those approached have accessed some or all of their pension as cash as a result of being contacted by phone, email or letter, the survey by Phoenix Group found.
'CARAVAN CONMAN' Pensioners ‘face financial ruin after being tricked into buying holiday chalets thinking they were permanent retirement homes’
Source: The Sun - 9th February 2017
William Flannigan allegedly knew 'perfectly well' that the pensioners would not be able to live in the bungalows all year round
UK supreme court backs woman's right to receive late partner's pension
Source: The Guardian - 9th February 2017
Ruling marks significant extension of unmarried cohabitees’ rights and could affect millions of families
Pension scheme forced to payout to unmarried partner
Source: FT Adviser - 8th February 2017
A Local Government Pension Scheme has been told it must pay a survivor's pension to the unmarried partner of a dead member, more than seven years after his death
Unemployed, seeking work and over 50
Source: BBC - 7th February 2017
Being made redundant hurts no matter at what age - but what happens to those who lose their jobs later in life?
Councils must tackle 'impending' retirement housing gap
Source: LocalGov - 7th February 2017
Councils should be legally required to ensure there are enough retirement homes in their local area when making housing plans, a think tank has said today. 
Pension freedoms steps up a gear
Source: FT Adviser - 7th February 2017
Early this year HM Revenue & Customs revealed the number of retirees accessing their newfound flexibilities had almost trebled since the first quarter of the pension freedoms back in 2015. 
Pensioners at risk of UK housing shortage
Source: FT Adviser - 7th February 2017
Pensioners facing housing shortages could become a significant problem if the government fails to address the property crisis, a think-tank has warned. 
Want to retire early? Focus on this figure
Source: AOL - 7th February 2017
Unless you're of an entrepreneurial bent or earn a footballer's salary, spending less and saving more is vital if you dream of retiring early.
Grandad, 91, named Britain's oldest supermarket worker - and has no intention of retiring
Source: Express - 6th February 2017
Grandad, 91, named Britain's oldest supermarket worker - and has no intention of retiring
Flexible retirement age: an idea whose time has come?
Source: The Guardian - 6th February 2017
A rising state pension age and dwindling savings mean some will never achieve prosperous retirement. Perhaps it’s time to revisit an idea from the 19th century
The Pension Advice Allowance – will you use it?
Source: Moneyfacts - 6th February 2017
The Government has announced fresh plans for the Pension Advice Allowance, a scheme designed to let retirement savers access £1,500 from their pension pot, tax-free,...
Steve Bee: Are we nearing the final days for pensions?
Source: Money Marketing - 6th February 2017
I have been working in the pensions industry for almost five decades now. In that time, I have been witness to a great deal of upheaval in what seems like an unnecessarily ever-changing sector.
Ros Altmann: Why Ministers must rethink retirement
Source: Yorkshire Post - 6th February 2017
OVER the past two years, the importance of encouraging and enabling older people to keep working if they wish to, has increased significantly....
Work until you DROP! Ministers WILL raise retirement age to 74 - shock Treasury prediction
Source: Express - 4th February 2017
BRITONS in their 20s face decades of hard work ahead of them as the Treasury predicts the retirement age will rise by 10 years to 74 as the cost of living longer spirals out of control.
Drive to urge older people to delay retirement to fill post-Brexit job vacancies
Source: iNews - 3rd February 2017
A drive to dissuade older people from retiring early has been announced by the Government to help offset an expected fall in numbers of foreign workers after Brexit.
Impact of Brexit on UK pension funds revealed
Source: FT Adviser - 3rd February 2017
UK funds were a major drag on pension returns in 2016, in what was overall a strong year for pension fund performance, figures from Moneyfacts have revealed.
Savers to be able to access £1,500 tax-free for pension advice
Source: GOV.UK - 3rd February 2017
People planning their retirement will be able to withdraw up to £1,500 from their pension pots tax-free to pay for financial advice, under plans unveiled by the government today.
Have your say on the Pension Schemes Bill
Source: Parliament UK - 3rd February 2017
Do you have relevant expertise and experience or a special interest in the Pension Schemes Bill [Lords], which is currently passing through Parliament?
Retirement planning? Couples, mind the age gap
Source: Yahoo Finance - 3rd February 2017
An age difference in your relationship doesn't just mean your favorite bands are from different decades.
Five Retirement Rules For The Over 50s
Source: iExpats - 2nd February 2017
Retirement is just around the corner if you are in your fifties and the odds are you are spending a lot of time thinking about when to stop working.
Entire UK soon to be 'heavily' reliant on state pension
Source: FT Adviser - 2nd February 2017
The head of John Cridland's state pension age review team has warned that in 20 years' time all income deciles will "depend heavily" on the state pension for their retirement income.
UK Expats Should Consider Final Salary Pension Transfers
Source: Wealth Monitor - 2nd February 2017
Expats who have a UK-based pension should consider transferring their final salary pensions, according to financial planning firm Guardian Wealth Management.
'Knowledge gap' leads retirement savers to unnecessary risk - MetLife
Source: Professional Adviser - 2nd February 2017
A lack of choice and adequate understanding are combining to push retirement savers to take unnecessary risks with their pensions pots, according to a report from MetLife.