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Pension scammers who cheated £1million from victims in 'financial difficulty' jailed
Source: Express - 24thd April 2018
BUSINESSMEN who cheated cash-strapped pension holders out of £1million and blew the money on gambling, holidays and cars, were jailed yesterday.
Scotland's population ageing faster than rest of UK, finds report
Source: The National - 24thd April 2018
SCOTLAND is failing to “future-proof” for a rapidly ageing population, a charity has warned.
Drip-feed Drawdown - a tax efficient pension income solution
Source: FT Adviser - 24thd April 2018
As more clients than before are entering pension drawdown, your role as an adviser is so important in converting their pension pot efficiently into a regular income stream and ensuring this income is sustainable.
These 2 retirement concerns have Baby Boomers worried the most
Source: AOL - 24thd April 2018
Though many workers look forward to retirement and the opportunity to break free from the daily grind, it's also a worrisome prospect, particularly from a financial perspective.
UK frozen pension victims still fighting for their rights
Source: Emigrate - 24thd April 2018
British would-be expats are again being warned to check whether their UK state pensions will be frozen once they’ve moved to their chosen country of retirement.
Moving house during retirement: It’s TIME to be YOURSELF
Source: Express - 23rd April 2018
Retirement gives you time to do what you want, whether that’s learning tai chi or setting off to explore the world.
25% of Baby Boomers Plan to Retire Before Age 65. Here's What You Need to Know if You're One of Them
Source: Yahoo Finance - 23rd April 2018
Many workers dream of retiring early and enjoying their freedom while they're relatively young. In fact, a good 25% of employed baby boomers think they'll retire prior to age 65, according to new data from the Insured Retirement Institute.
How quickly can you spend your pension? Well, how long have you got?
Source: The Times - 22nd April 2018
There’s a problem with planning for retirement: none of us knows when it will end. But there are ways to hedge your bets
I built my net worth to over $500,000 in 4 years — here are the 10 best pieces of advice I can give you about money
Source: Business Insider - 22nd April 2018
When I was 23, I found myself $25,000 in debt.
I graduated college with $20,000 in student loans, which will be paid off later this year, and $5,000 in credit card debt.
Here’s how to retire abroad — without any tax surprises
Source: Yahoo Finance - 22nd April 2018
Kelly Hayes-Raitt traded Los Angeles for a small lakeside town in Mexico and life out of a suitcase — and she's planning on retiring that way.
More than 7 million working women at risk of losing £30,000 at retirement over state pension 'shambles'
Source: Mirror - 22nd April 2018
The average man currently gets a £153.86 a week pension, compared to an average £125.98 for women
War hero’s battle shows up our ‘inhumane’ frozen pensions policy
Source: The Guardian - 21st April 2018
RAF veteran received a paltry £38.80-a-week state pension – because he moved to Australia
Women receive almost £30,000 less from state pension over typical 20-year retirement
Source: Daily Record - 21st April 2018
A Which? study revealed that the average man receives £153.86 while the average woman gets only £125.98.
Stuck in Jamaica: 'My pension, my house and my kids are in the UK'
Source: The Guardian - 21st April 2018
Everyone in Jamaica knows someone who “lives in foreign” – the Jamaican expression for abroad.
How to build up £1 million in savings as quick as you can - the tips you need to know
Source: Mirror - 21st April 2018
Fancy the life of luxury in retirement? Then you'll need to save a significant pension pot
Prudent OAPs paying off the mortgage instead of splashing out
Source: Express - 20th April 2018
PRUDENT pensioners are not taking advantage of new pension freedoms to plunder their retirement pots and buy a Lamborghini - they are paying off the mortgage instead, according to new figures.
Women who retire early can miss out
Source: Reuters - 20th April 2018
Women have a math problem when it comes to retirement: On average, they retire two years earlier than men but they live five years longer.
Equity release lending doubles in two years
Source: The Actuary - 20th April 2018
Lending activity in the UK equity release market hit a record £870m in the first quarter of 2018 – 120% more than the £394m registered in the first three months of 2016.
Pensions least complained about products in financial services
Source: Professional Pensions - 20th April 2018
Decumulation and pensions were the least complained about products in the second half of 2017, according to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
The pros and cons of drawdown
Source: FT Adviser - 19th April 2018
Drawdown post-pensions freedoms has given people more flexibility as to when and how they can access their money, but what are the other benefits and indeed the challenges to this approach?
Pension news: OAPs risk 'losing THOUSANDS' from 'frozen pensions' if they retire abroad
Source: Express - 19th April 2018
WORKERS dreaming of retirement in the sun could lose out on tens of thousands of pounds worth of state pension if they pick the wrong country, campaigners say.
Five tax traps to avoid in retirement
Source: Financial Times - 19th April 2018
Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of people planning to retire across the UK this year?
Why is property investment best for your pension and retirement?
Source: What Investment - 19th April 2018
Any article such as this should start by pointing out that property or a pension is a false premise.
Poor Westpac advice cost dream retirement
Source: Mail Online - 19th April 2018
Westpac admits a senior financial planner gave poor advice to a couple that cost them their dream retirement.
How to build up £1 million in savings as quick as you can - the tips you need to know
Source: Mirror - 19th April 2018
Fancy the life of luxury in retirement? Then you'll need to save a significant pension pot
More Than Half of Americans Are at Risk of Retiring Broke
Source: Yahoo Finance - 19th April 2018
If you're falling behind on your retirement savings, you're not alone. Roughly 61% of Americans have less than $100,000 in total savings, and around 42% of those people have saved $10,000 or less, according to a recent GoBankingRates survey.
State pension possibilities for freelancing expats in the Netherlands
Source: Emigrate - 19th April 2018
The Netherlands is fast becoming a first choice destination for freelancing expats, but many don’t appreciate the fact that they’ve rights to social security and even a pension.
Raising retirement age may hit least-educated workers hardest
Source: Business Insider - 19th April 2018
Reuters Health - People with little education and low socioeconomic status are more likely to leave the workforce in midlife for health reasons than better educated and higher-status workers,...
New figures show equity release for UK home owners has doubled since 2016
Source: Property Wire - 18th April 2018
Equity release lending in the UK has more than doubled in the last two years to reach £870 million in the first quarter of 2018 resulting in almost £10 million of housing wealth being withdrawn a day.
Rising life expectancy puts great strain on our pension pot
Source: Express - 18th April 2018
BRITONS are living in fear of running out of money in retirement as rising life expectancy puts more pressure on their pension savings.
High Court rules no limitation period on recovering pension overpayments
Source: Professional Pensions - 18th April 2018
The High Court has ruled that there is no statutory limitation period in which to recover pension overpayments under a defined benefit (DB) scheme, as long as this is by adjusting future payments.
Have YOU lost £1000s in HM Revenue & Customs online blunder? Here’s what to do
Source: Express - 18th April 2018
HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has apologised to British taxpayers for failing to take down a flawed tax relief calculator that gave users inaccurate and misleading advice.
Self-employed workers need more help to fund retirement: RSA
Source: Financial Reporter - 18th April 2018
A report published by the RSA today exploring the issues facing self-employed workers as they save for retirement has put forth four pillars of retirement security,...
One year out, Brexit is still a major pensions risk
Source: Pensions Expert - 18th April 2018
The UK’s decision to leave the European Union has significant implications for the pensions industry and will continue to do so long after the UK’s formal exit.
Pension freedoms set to cost UK companies GBP25bn
Source: Actuarial Post - 18th April 2018
Xafinity Punter Southall, the largest pensions consultancy in the UK specialising solely in pensions, investment and administration services has revealed that pension freedoms could cost UK companies £25bn.
Webb slams HMRC for pension tax calculator blunder
Source: Money Marketing - 18th April 2018
Former pensions minister Steve Webb has urged HM Revenue and Customs to take down a web page which gives users the wrong information about how much money they can put into pensions.
Call for UK pensions tax relief at flat rate of 30%
Source: Financial Times - 18th April 2018
Move would encourage lower earners to save more, says former Blair adviser
Two in five over-55s worry about cash running out in retirement
Source: Moneywise - 17th April 2018
More than four in 10 over-55s are worried their money will run out in retirement.
Record numbers stay in work beyond 50
Source: FT Adviser - 17th April 2018
The number of active workers aged 50 and over has reached a record high of 10.39m according to data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).
New retirees overly-pessimistic about life expectancy
Source: Professional Pensions - 17th April 2018
Soon-to-be and recent retirees significantly underestimate their longevity, expecting a lower chance of survival to old age compared to official estimates, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).
How messing with employee pensions can backfire on companies
Source: The Conversation - 17th April 2018
With pension funds in a state of crisis, many organisations are trying to change the costly schemes they have in place, including the umbrella group for UK universities, Universities UK, and telecoms company BT.
Baby Boomers Are Falling Down on Emergency Savings -- and Putting Their Retirement at Risk
Source: Yahoo Finance - 17th April 2018
Have you ever pulled out of your driveway only to have your car stall moments later? Or come home from work to find that your heating system went kaput and your house is a freezing mess?
How to use your tax refund to save for retirement
Source: Yahoo Finance - 17th April 2018
A lot of baby boomers are heading into their golden years in a challenging position.
The freedom not to choose
Source: Pensions Expert - 17th April 2018
Editorial: Default options for would-be retirees are the industry’s new darling, as poor support for savers at retirement still blights the UK pension system.
One in three UK millennials will never own a home – report
Source: The Guardian - 17th April 2018
Thinktank predicts half will be renting in their 40s and a third ‘by time they claim pensions’
Third of UK’s millennials will ‘rent into retirement’
Source: Financial Times - 17th April 2018
Radical tax changes, extra funding and reform of private sector needed, says report
Liz Weston: Beat the retiree crowds to these 5 places abroad
Source: Business Insider - 16th April 2018
Coronado in Panama once had pristine beaches and not much else. Today the resort town is a haven for U.S. and Canadian retirees, with strip malls, fast-food joints and a lot of people speaking English.
Britons risk being left short of income in retirement as they end up living longer than expected
Source: This Is Money - 16th April 2018
Britons risk being left with insufficient financial resources in retirement as they generally expect to die much earlier than they actually do, a think-tank has found.
Call for artificial intelligence-driven pension dashboard
Source: FT Adviser - 16th April 2018
Technology firm Dunstan Thomas is advocating the development of an artificial intelligence (AI) robo-device for the pension dashboard,...
Survival underestimation may impact annuity uptake
Source: Monet Facts - 16th April 2018
New research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has found that people in their 50s are underestimating their chances of surviving to the age of 75+.
Britons living in rest of EU are mainly working age, not over-65s
Source: The Guardian - 16th April 2018
The majority of British migrants living in Europe are of working age, even in Spain, the most popular EU country for UK citizens to settle in, new figures show.
EU rules blamed for lack of pension income fix
Source: FT Adviser - 16th April 2018
European regulation Solvency II could be hampering a possible solution for creating long-term retirement income for the mass market.
What is the background to the pension freedoms?
Source: FT Adviser - 16th April 2018
The background to the overhaul of the pensions industry, which has come to be known as pension freedoms, was the perception the market for retirement was not working properly.
IFS: Predicting longevity key to better retirement planning
Source: Money Marketing - 16th April 2018
Advisers need to have a better grasp of how long clients will live in order to make successful retirement plans, according to research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies.
Workplace pensions: 5 ways the Government can improve auto-enrolment
Source: Love Money - 16th April 2018
Auto-enrolment, and workplace pensions in general, have been a success. However, one pension firm thinks there is a lot of room for improvement
Why Bristol is the worst city in the UK to retire
Source: Bristol Post - 16th April 2018
You might be a long way off thinking about retirement, or perhaps it’s only a few years away, but if you’ve assumed the city you live in is the best place to enjoy your old age, it may be time to think again.
Industry takes axe to pension jargon
Source: FT Adviser - 16th April 2018
Thousands of changes have been made by pension providers to the documents they give consumer materials, after a two-year industry initiative to make pensions language simpler, clearer and more consistent comes to an end.
People don’t save enough for retirement because they live longer than they think they will, research finds
Source: Independent - 16th April 2018
Those in their 50s and 60s underestimate chances of survival to age 75 by around 20 percentage points and to 85 by five to 10 percentage points, study finds
How five-a-day rule could help grow the pension you deserve
Source: Scotsman - 16th April 2018
April’s pay packets will be looking a bit lighter for some, as new rules come into force which mean more cash is being funnelled into workplace pensions.
Plight of middle aged who believe they are heading for poverty in retirement
Source: Express - 14th April 2018
TWO in three Britons in the 35 to 50 age group believe they are heading towards a poverty-stricken retirement.
We're at the edge of a retirement crisis
Source: Pensions Insight - 14th April 2018
Ordinary savers are in the dark when it comes to navigating retirement options. Schemes must act now
Almost four million pensioners are punished financially for not using the internet to pay for services
Source: Mail Online - 14th April 2018
Nearly four million pensioners are routinely ripped off because they do not use the internet.
MPs to unveil solutions for Waspi plight
Source: FT Adviser - 13th April 2018
A group of MPs is going to present solutions to help women affected by an increase in the state pension age by the end of this month.
WI-FI is now one of the top factors in choosing a retirement home
Source: Express - 13th April 2018
IT’S not just millennials who demand easy access to wi-fi in their new homes. According to retirement housing provider Anchor, well over half of older people want it too.
Sleepwalking pension savers
Source: Money Week - 13th April 2018
All income-drawdown providers should be required to offer a default product for savers who don’t take control of their retirement planning, says an influential cross-party group of MPs.
Men living in the UK’s poorest areas are more likely to die younger than women
Source: iNews - 13th April 2018
Men living in the UK’s poorest areas are more likely to die younger than women, according to a new study, which showed that five of the most deprived districts are in the north of England.
Pensioners paying £4,300 each to bankroll children and grandchildren, study finds
Source: Independent - 13th April 2018
Retirees still providing financial support to family members, survey finds
Pensioners paying £4,300 each to bankroll children and grandchildren, study finds
Source: Independent - 13th April 2018
Women are slightly more generous than men, expecting to provide an average of £374 a month to family members
Pension WARNING: Millions of women at risk of outliving their savings
Source: Express - 13th April 2018
MILLIONS of women taking advantage of new pension freedoms are at risk of outliving their savings and running out of money in their old age, experts have warned.
Fraudster who promised to help pension holders unlock their funds then blew £1million of their cash on gambling, luxury holidays and supercars including an Aston Martin Vantage and a Porsche 911 faces jail
Source: Mail Online - 13th April 2018
A businessman who cheated cash-strapped pension holders out of £1m and blew their cash on gambling, holidays and supercars is facing jail.
Knight Frank warns of 'chronic undersupply' of retirement housing
Source: Financial Reporter - 12th April 2018
With increased awareness of the benefits of retirement housing, clarity at the planning stage, and some much needed incentives, retirement housing can be delivered at scale
Report: 38% of UK Workers Can’t Afford Pensions
Source: Chief Investment Officer - 12th April 2018
A recent survey by workplace pension provider Now: Pensions has found that 38% of UK workers who have opted out of auto enrollment workplace pensions have done so because they cannot afford the required employee contributions.
Teachers scheme to provide same-sex survivor benefits
Source: FT Adviser - 12th April 2018
The Department for Education will equalise survivor benefits for male and female same-sex couples in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme.
Lowest earners lose out on pensions tax relief, report finds
Source: Financial Times - 12th April 2018
Hundreds of thousands of low earners are missing out on tax relief on their pension contributions due to a tax anomaly, according to new research.
The big problem with auto-enrolment - and expert tips to make sure you get a decent pension pot
Source: Mirror - 12th April 2018
Workers may be surprised to see a bit less in their pay packet this month as the minimum legal contributions for workplace pensions have risen
Plymouth is officially the best place in the UK to retire
Source: The Herald - 12th April 2018
New data revealed that Plymouth is the best place to spend your later years - and apparently it's because the sun's out a lot!
"Gender drawdown gap" leaves women 37 per cent worse off in retirement than men
Source: City A.M. - 12th April 2018
Women in drawdown find themselves 37 per cent worse off on average than men, while the average pension wealth of millennials is in rapid decline.
How to protect the elderly from financial abuse
Source: FT Adviser - 11th April 2018
Financial abuse is a growing problem for the 18 per cent of the UK’s 65.6m population who are aged 65 and above.
Women in drawdown face £47,000 shortfall in retirement - Zurich
Source: Professional Adviser - 11th April 2018
Women in drawdown face a 37% shortfall in their annual retirement income compared to men, leaving them more than £47,000 worse off throughout retirement, according to a report by Zurich.
Expat retirement planning – probably the most valuable advice you can give
Source: International Adviser - 11th April 2018
Advising expat clients on any matters relating to personal taxation can be a complex affair – but an area that advisers can provide a most valuable service.
The big problem with auto-enrolment - and expert tips to make sure you get a decent pension pot
Source: Mirror - 11th April 2018
Workers may be surprised to see a bit less in their pay packet this month as the minimum legal contributions for workplace pensions have risen
Many under-45s worry they may never be able to retire, survey shows
Source: Breaking News - 10th April 2018
Around one in seven under-45s worry they will never be able to retire, a survey has found.
Some 14.8% of people aged under 45 have this concern, according to
Former government employees want tribunal to determine their retirement benefits
Source: Standard Media - 10th April 2018
April saw lots of changes to people's benefits come into effect.
More than 200 former bank and Government employees have asked a court to compel the Treasury Cabinet secretary to appoint a tribunal to determine their pension claims.
The pensions and benefits changes still to happen in 2018
Source: Nottingham Post - 10th April 2018
April saw lots of changes to people's benefits come into effect.
Everything from Universal Credit to help paid to people struggling to meet mortgages to pension deductions in paychecks were given a shake-up.
Retirement expectations fall short
Source: Money Facts - 10th April 2018
There's a 11% gap between the income people want in retirement and the income they're expecting to get, our latest study reveals, with respondents hoping for 63% of their current income, but expecting 52%.
Return of volatility first cut for freedoms pensioners
Source: FT Adviser - 10th April 2018
Investors who chose stock markets over annuities in the three years since pension freedoms have enjoyed strong returns,...
How not to run out of money in retirement
Source: Mail Online - 9th April 2018
Americans aren't terrific at saving for retirement. Many are even worse when it comes to figuring out how much to spend once they get there.
Poor value pensions targeted in latest FCA paper
Source: Money Marketing - 9th April 2018
Poor value retirement income and personal pension products can cause “significant harm” to consumers, the FCA has ruled in its view on the sector this morning.
The retirement nightmare - and how to find help if you're worried you just won't have enough cash to cover it
Source: Mirror - 8th April 2018
James Walker asked 10,000 people how they felt about retiring, and one answer came up every single time: savings
Retirement – can you make your pension last at least 20 years?
Source: Tha Guardian - 7th April 2018
This week millions of workers will be forced to save more into a pension, as “auto-enrolment” takes a 3% cut from pay packets, and employers are obliged to chip in a further 2% of salary.
Where to move for ... retirement
Source: The Guardian - 7th April 2018
Groovier baby boomers will return to cities, but generally they retire to Britain’s southern and East Anglian coasts
Workers' pension deductions triple to 2.4% - but those sticking with auto-enrolment could see retirement pots quadruple
Source: This Is Money - 7th April 2018
Millions of workers face a tripling of pension contributions to 2.4 per cent of their wages under auto-enrolment changes starting today.
‘Shocking’ disparity in pension incomes recorded across the UK
Source: The Actuary - 7th April 2018
New government data reveals that average pension incomes in the City of London are almost three times larger than those in Stoke, analysis by Royal London has found.
New pension rules explained - we answer the most common questions about the increased deductions coming from wages
Source: Mirror - 7th April 2018
Far more money is now being pulled from people's wages automatically to cover their pension later in life - and it will go up again soon - this is what it all means
Shock of pension freedoms blamed for 3 years of ‘dangers’
Source: FT Adviser - 6th April 2018
The abrupt announcement from HM Treasury about pension freedoms - introduced three years ago today (6 April) - left the industry with little or no time to prepare for the potential dangers of the new rules as witnessed in the fallout in the years that have followed, several experts have said.
Barry Davidson: Make sure your pension decisions are on the money with the right advice
Source: The Scotsman - 6th April 2018
There’s always a good reason to buy chocolate. Confectioners have hijacked our celebratory moments throughout the year and seamlessly market their wares linked to the annual cycle of special days and ­holidays.
Three years on: Over-55s encouraged to save more by pension freedoms
Source: Professional Adviser - 6th April 2018
Around a one in ten (11%) of workers aged over 55 said pension freedoms had encouraged them to save more since the rules came into effect in April 2015, Prudential has found.
Pension news: Millions of middle-aged workers are saving more for retirement
Source: Express - 6th April 2018
PENSION freedoms are persuading millions of middle-aged workers to save more for retirement because they know they can spend the money as they please, finds new research.
Pay into a pension or work into old age?
Source: Financial Times - 6th April 2018
A pensions crisis is brewing within the UK’s rapidly growing army of the self-employed.
Pension contribution increases a 'harsh jolt' for millions
Source: Financial Times - 6th April 2018
Older workers are now planning to retire later because of pension concerns, the research found
Pension contribution increases a 'harsh jolt' for millions
Source: Independent - 6th April 2018
Older workers are now planning to retire later because of pension concerns, the research found
Pension contribution increases a 'harsh jolt' for millions
Source: BBC - 6th April 2018
Millions of workers face a "harsh jolt" to their incomes this month, as the amount they have to pay into their pensions triples in value.
The case for reimagining the UK’s pension models
Source: Financial Times - 6th April 2018
A risk-sharing structure should include employers, current employees and pensioners
Can these changes fix the problems with pension freedom?
Source: Which - 6th April 2018
MPs recommend a cap on charges and new technology to help retirees make better decisions
Tax deadline 2017/18: use your tax-free pension, capital gains, ISA allowances and more
Source: Love Money - 6th April 2018
The end of the tax year is almost upon us, so what tax breaks and benefits should you be grabbing before it is too late?
46% of savers thinking long-term
Source: Money Facts - 6th April 2018
With the near future of the UK still uncertain, it's heartening to see that almost half of savers are focused on the long run, as research from Lloyds Bank reveals that 46% of savers have a long-term savings goal in mind.
Pension pot: Scammers rip off £43m of savings
Source: Express - 6th April 2018
TENS of millions of pounds have been scammed from pension savers since the introduction of pension freedoms in 2015, a new parliamentary report shows.
Workplace pension pots set for boost from minimum contribution rates increase
Source: Mail Online - 5th April 2018
Workplace pension savers will see their minimum contributions increased from Friday, as the next stage in boosting people’s future retirement incomes gets under way.
Pension CRISIS: Now 10 million expect to work till they drop and NEVER retire
Source: Express - 5th April 2018
MILLIONS of people are planning to work until they die because they will not be able to afford to retire.
State pension pay rise and bigger allowances: all of 2018-19’s pension changes/ - Which?
Source: Which - 5th April 2018
From a £250-a-year pay rise for pensioners to a boost to private retirement savings, the new tax year brings plenty of changes to pensions.
Guided drawdown – a solution for the retire-as-you-go generation?
Source: The Director - 5th April 2018
Evolving retirement patterns are causing concern, as people are shunning the security of a guaranteed income for life from an annuity, in favour of a more flexible approach.
Default fund can end savers’ pension confusion, say MPs
Source: The Times - 5th April 2018
The government could help hundreds of thousands of savers who receive their retirement income through pension drawdown but are confused by the choices on offer.
Pensions: Government demands new clarity on investments
Source: Express - 5th April 2018
A DEFAULT pathway should be offered to people receiving their pension to protect those who are not engaged with their retirement savings, according to a committee of MPs.
Growing debt among older Americans threatens retirement
Source: Yahoo Finance - 4th April 2018
When Fay was laid off from her job in her 70s, she contemplated retirement.
Then a painful reality hit when she realized she didn't have a nest egg that could cover her expenses or current debt.
HMRC data reveals 'shocking disparities' in pension income
Source: Professional Adviser - 4th April 2018
There are 'shocking disparities' in pension incomes including within the same region of the country, according to a Royal London analysis of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) data.
How to protect the elderly from financial abuse
Source: FT Adviser - 4th April 2018
Financial abuse is a growing problem for the 18 per cent of the UK’s 65.6m population who are aged 65 and above.
Women face 20% workplace pension gap
Source: Financial Reporter - 4th April 2018
Women aged 25 will accumulate a workplace pension that is 20% less than men by the age of 65 based on auto enrolment minimum contributions, according to research from NOW: Pensions.
Three-quarters of UK housing wealth held by over-50s – Savills
Source: Mortgage Solutions - 4th April 2018
Homeowners aged over 50 hold £2.8trn of housing equity, a new study from Savills has revealed, the equivalent of around three-quarters of the UK’s entire housing wealth.
Prepare for Jump in Pension Contributions
Source: Morning Star - 4th April 2018
Friday rings in the new tax year, and with it, new minimum contribution requirements for auto-enrolment workplace pension schemes
How to invest to profit from the plan to build more homes: The funds backing housebuilders and firms that will benefit
Source: This Is Money - 4th April 2018
It has become a hot topic at dinner parties and barely a day passes when it’s not causing a stir in the House of Commons.
Britons risk entire retirement savings pot as millions withdraw cash from pensions
Source: Express - 4th April 2018
BRITONS withdrawing cash under new pension freedoms risk blowing their entire retirement savings pot in just eight years and ending up in poverty.
How to invest in retirement: We get the experts' tips at the Investing Show Live
Source: This Is Money - 4th April 2018
Pensions have changed radically in recent years and many more people now choose to stay invested in their retirement years.
No holidays, no restaurants, no phone upgrades – what the older generation got wrong and what younger Brits NEED to learn
Source: Mirror - 4th April 2018
Imagine spending 20 years without enough cash to eat out, go on holiday or even upgrade your phone. That's the life many older Brits are living thanks to a single mistake
Over 65s should be FORCED to pay National Insurance to fund for UK's social care crisis
Source: Express - 3rd April 2018
OLDER workers may be forced to pay National Insurance to avoid a “significant social care disaster” in controversial plans rallied by a key adviser to Jeremy Hunt.
DB deficits rose £26bn over March; volatile markets remain 'benign for pensions'
Source: Professional Pensions - 3rd April 2018
The combined deficit of the UK's defined benefit (DB) pension schemes rose by 25% to £131bn on an accounting basis during March, JLT Employee Benefits analysis has revealed.
Average £280,000 in equity among those aged 55+
Source: Moneyfacts - 3rd April 2018
The average homeowner aged 55 or over has accumulated £289,000 in property value with an average of only £8,306 left to pay on their mortgage, research from SunLife has found.
HMRC data reveals 'shocking disparities' in pension income
Source: Professional Pensions - 3rd April 2018
There are 'shocking disparities' in pension incomes - including within the same region, according to a Royal London analysis of HM Revenue & customs (HMRC) data.
Could auto-enrolment into drawdown solve the pensions saving crisis?
Source: Money Marketing - 3rd April 2018
Recent research from Columbia Threadneedle has highlighted just how overwhelmed people nearing retirement feel about the financial decisions they face.
Pensioner incomes vary by £627k across UK
Source: FT Adviser - 3rd April 2018
Pensioners can see their retirement income vary by more than £25,000 a year depending on where they live.
Teachers attack plans to extend the official retirement age to 68 and say they should be getting their pensions at 60
Source: Mail Online - 3rd April 2018
Teachers say their pension age should be reduced to 60.
They attacked plans to extend the official retirement age to 68, saying the pressures of the job would make it ‘an impossibility’ for many.
'Shocking' disparity in pension income revealed by latest HMRC data
Source: The Guardian - 3rd April 2018
Pensioners in one central London local authority receive three times as much as those in Stoke
Number of NHS doctors retiring early DOUBLES after senior GPs become tired of Tory cuts and soaring waiting lists
Source: Mirror - 3rd April 2018
Almost 4,000 GPs have retired early in the past five years - nearly 1 in 10 of the profession - and pay cuts and huge workloads are being blamed
£550m of our money lies dormant in 'sleeping' pensions
Source: The Irish News - 3rd April 2018
LUCIANO Pavarotti was the world's most famous operatic tenor, who brought the famous classical aria ‘Nessun Dorma' to the masses when he sang it for the World Cup in 1990.
Teenagers should take Saturday jobs to prepare for future employment, says work and pensions secretary Esther McVey
Source: Independent - 1st April 2018
'It's about people understanding what a boss wants and what you want out of a job'
Plan ahead for a singular retirement
Source: Moneywise - 31st March 2018
Richard Elms (pictured below), 64, from Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, is carefully planning his retirement as a single person.
Pension news: 12% of Britons are retiring with no pension in 2018
Source: Express - 31st March 2018
SHOCK research has found one in eight people retiring this year has made no plans for their retirement.
New minimum wage rates, 3% pension rise and relief for graduates: 10 big changes that could make you richer - or far poorer from Easter Sunday
Source: The Mirror - 31st March 2018
April annually marks the end of the tax year and the time many new financial changes - and laws - kick in. Here are the ones that will directly impact you
From April £540 will disappear from the annual salary of 4million workers – but you SHOULDN'T ask for it back
Source: The Mirror - 31st March 2018
More money will be taken at source from the pay packets of millions of Brits starting from April 6. You can get it back if you know how, but you really, really shouldn't
What is pension auto-enrolment? What are the contributions, does my employer have to pay in and can I opt out?
Source: The Sun - 31st March 2018
The Government initiative aims to make sure every worker has saved up for their retirement by forcing employers to offer the scheme
Beware a hasty pension grab
Source: The Times - 31st March 2018
Too many savers are investing their pots without taking advice
PENSION SCAMMERS: Growing number of workers being TARGETED before they retire
Source: Express - 31st March 2018
A GROWING number of workers are being targeted by pensioner scammers before they retire, new research reveals.
PENSION 2018: Act now! FIVE DAYS left to EARN THOUSANDS with simple pensions tweak
Source: Express - 30th March 2018
UK SAVERS can beat the taxman by filling their pension pots before the end of the tax year. As the tax year end approaches on April 5 2018, finance experts have championed pension contributions as the most tax-efficient investment with the deadline looming.
Ageing population presents 2025 ‘workforce crisis’ for UK businesses
Source: The Actuary - 29th March 2018
Falling migration caused by Brexit, combined with an ageing population, will create a “perfect storm” leading to severe shortages in Britain’s labour market by 2025.
Good news for defined-benefits pensions
Source: Money Week - 29th March 2018
If the huge deficits in the UK’s defined-benefit (DB) pension schemes have kept you awake at night in recent years, I have some good news.
Wages set to drop as workplace pension savings rise
Source: Independent - 29th March 2018
Watch out for a cut in your income as the workplace pension contribution increases next tax year
Could you run out of money in retirement? Watchdogs warn that savers are not using their pension pots wisely
Source: This Is Money - 29th March 2018
Savers who start taking pension cash without getting advice are making potentially harmful decisions and could run out of money in retirement, watchdogs warn.
Easter 2018 payments: When are DWP benefit payments due over the Easter holidays?
Source: Express - 29th March 2018
THE Easter holidays can be an uncertain period for the recipients of DWP benefit payments. Here is everything you need to know about when payments are due over the Easter 2018 holidays.
UK university staff to vote on latest pensions offer
Source: The Guardian - 29th March 2018
University and College Union to ballot members on offer but April strikes will go ahead
Forget retirement! London pensioners reveal they're spending their golden years working as extras on some of Hollywood's biggest productions – and have rubbed shoulders with Meryl Streep, Colin Firth and Jude Law
Source: Mail Online - 29th March 2018
A couple who decided to switch careers as retirement approached have revealed how they've now worked on almost 100 films, TV shows and commercials as extras - and have shared space on set with dozens of A-listers.
UK postal workers ‘overwhelmingly’ vote for pay and pensions deal
Source: Financial Times - 29th March 2018
British postal workers have backed a deal on pensions, pay and working conditions at Royal Mail that averts the threat of strikes and lays the foundations for a groundbreaking new retirement fund.
FCA opens door to interest-only mortgages lasting into retirement
Source: Which - 28th March 2018
Older borrowers will have more options to refinance their home or release equity through interest-only mortgages, after a rule change by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
Crunch time for the UK's pension reforms as auto-enrolment hike looms
Source: City A.M. - 28th March 2018
The evolution of Britain's pension system will move forward in the coming weeks as part of the government's attempt to defuse our demographic timebomb.
BENEFIT GLITCH Pension payments will happen on time following computer glitch
Source: The Sun - 28th March 2018
The Department for Work and Pensions said that some Brits living overseas could see their pension delayed by 24 hours - but the problem has now been resolved
One in eight people retiring in 2018 `have no private pension´
Source: Mail Online - 28th March 2018
One in eight people retiring this year have no private pension savings, a study has revealed.
PENSION WARNING: Tens of thousands of workers set to retire with NO savings
Source: Express - 28th March 2018
TENS of thousands of workers are set to retire with no pension savings leaving them facing a poverty-stricken old age, a new study has warned.
Pension news: 12% of Britons are retiring with no pension in 2018
Source: Express - 28th March 2018
SHOCK research has found one in eight people retiring this year has made no plans for their retirement.
Fraudster conned victims including former British Lions rugby player out of nearly £200,000 of savings and pensions by posing as a professional investor but blowing their money on his gambling addiction
Source: Mail Online - 28th March 2018
A conman who swindled £200,000 from his victims - including a former British Lions rugby player - to fund his gambling addiction has been jailed for four years.
It's by far the biggest salary perk you'll get - so why are people just ignoring pensions?
Source: Mirror - 28th March 2018
How much of your pay goes to a pension? And how much does your boss add? Remarkably few people know the answer even though they'll live off these savings for decades
Brexit may pose threat to expats QROPS transfers
Source: Emigrate - 28th March 2018
In spite of the recent agreement giving both EU and UK expats the right to remain provided they enter not later than the end of the transition period, Brexit could still cause chaos for those wishing to transfer their pensions to a QROPS.
Are Retirees Spending Too Little?
Source: Forbes - 28th March 2018
Despite all the talk about a retirement crisis, BlackRock — the world’s largest asset manager — says its research shows that many retirees aren’t spending enough of their money.
HMRC confirms overseas pension transfer advice requirement
Source: Professional Adviser - 28th March 2018
HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has confirmed it will maintain the requirement for savers giving up "safeguarded" benefits worth £30,000 or more transferring to an overseas pension scheme to take regulated advice from a UK-based adviser.
How to protect the elderly from financial abuse
Source: FT Adviser - 28th March 2018
Financial abuse is a growing problem for the 18 per cent of the UK’s 65.6m population who are aged 65 and above.
Pension scammers continue to target over-50s with free advice offer
Source: Money Marketing - 28th March 2018
One in seven non-retired people aged over 50 were targeted by scammers in the past three months, according to Retirement Advantage.
UK gov’t decides against ‘watering down’ advice requirement for ‘safeguarded’ benefits
Source: International Investment - 28th March 2018
The UK government has today confirmed it will maintain a requirement that savers who are considering an overseas pension transfer that would see them giving up “safeguarded” benefits worth £30,000 or more must first obtain regulated advice from a UK-based adviser.
Pension Deficits Improve But Still Languish In Red
Source: Money International - 27th March 2018
The see-saw deficits of Britain’s workplace pensions have improved so far in 2017 – but are still worryingly in the red for retirement savers.
Scale of pension scammers activity revealed
Source: FT Adviser - 27th March 2018
Around one in five (14 per cent) of non-retired people aged 50 plus with defined contribution (DC) or individual pensions have been approached by potential pension scammers, research has revealed.
UK workers face mandatory pension contribution increase
Source: IPE - 27th March 2018
Millions of UK workers will see their pension contributions increase from next week as part of the latest stage of the country’s auto-enrolment programme.
Pension FRUSTRATION: Transfer rules REVERSED after savers given WRONG ADVICE
Source: Express - 27th March 2018
PENSION holders are set to be warned about transferring their savings to a cash lump sum as the UK’s financial regulator wakes up to the “significant proportion” of savers being given bad advice.
Less than half of private sector contribute 2% of salary to pension pot
Source: Business Leader - 27th March 2018
Today new ONS figures on workplace pensions show a stark disparity between private and public sector pension schemes, with contribution rates significantly lower in the private sector than in the public sector.
It's by far the biggest salary perk you'll get - so why are people just ignoring pensions?
Source: Mirror - 27th March 2018
How much of your pay goes to a pension? And how much does your boss add? Remarkably few people know the answer even though they'll live off these savings for decades
Employers 'must do more' to help workers understand pensions, says new research
Source: Independent - 27th March 2018
Youngers workers and low earners are more likely to not take an interest in their pension, according to findings from the CBI and Aegon
Pension payments will rise next week, and could add at least £100,000 to your retirement pot
Source: iNews - 27th March 2018
From next week, the amount that workers have to pay into their pensions is rising.
FCA crackdown on dodgy pensions advice after thousands of people hit by scandal
Source: Independent - 27th March 2018
Frank Field says proposed reforms do not go far enough to protect people’s retirement funds from unscrupulous advisers
Are you on track for a rich retirement? Work out if you're saving enough - and tips to grow your pension faster
Source: This Is Money - 27th March 2018
When it comes to saving for old age, too many of us bury our heads.
Advisers face ban on 'no transfer, no fee' offers, to protect savers thinking of cashing in final salary pensions
Source: This Is Money - 27th March 2018
Watchdogs could ban financial advisers from offering 'no transfer, no fee' deals to savers looking to ditch final salary pensions.
Pensions ‘by far the most valuable employee benefit’
Source: People Management - 27th March 2018
Study finds saving for retirement is seen as more important than bonuses or private medical insurance
A third of savers dumping pensions cash in savings accounts
Source: Financial Reporter - 26th March 2018
Thousands of pension savers could be jeopardising their retirement income by taking cash out of their pensions just to deposit it in a savings account.
'Shocking' pensions gender gap trebles in ten years
Source: Financial Reporter - 26th March 2018
Royal London has criticised the "shocking growth" in the gap between retirement incomes of men and women, which has trebled in the past ten years.
News: Growing number of over 60s choosing to rent
Source: - 26th March 2018
There has been a sharp rise in the number of over 60s renting privately, according to new research from the Centre for Ageing Better.
Pensions gender gap widens in past decade
Source: Money Marketing - 26th March 2018
The gap in retirement incomes between men and women has nearly trebled in the past decade, Royal London has found.
Battered by Great Recession, underfunded public pensions to persist
Source: Business Insider - 26th March 2018
Ten years on from the financial crisis, many U.S. state and local public pension systems are still the worse for wear.
UK pensions gender gap widens in past decade, figures show
Source: The Guardian - 26th March 2018
Average single woman receives £85 less than a man, up from a £31 income gap in 2006-07
Retirement: This UK region is the cheapest to retire - as one in four struggle with money
Source: Express - 25th March 2018
RETIREMENT can be a worrying time as one in four people struggle with money after retiring. But where is the cheapest destination in the UK to retire?
Did the British firm which lost out on making post-Brexit passports inflate its bid to fill a pensions black hole?
Source: Mail Online - 25th March 2018
The British firm that lost out on a lucrative contract to print the UK's first post-Brexit passports is facing accusations that its bid was inflated in an attempt to fill a vast pensions black hole.
Aussies given an extension to apply for a British pension
Source: The Sydney Morning Herald - 24th March 2018
My partner and I lived in London for five years in the Noughties. I read your article last year saying that we had until April this year to make additional national insurance contributions
Top 5 'get rich quick' cons you need to avoid - by Pension Detective who has reclaimed millions
Source: Mirror - 24th March 2018
A financial expert shares her top tips on how to avoid falling prey to bogus get rich quick schemes
Payments - and how you could be missing out
Source: Chronicle Live - 24th March 2018
Pension bosses had kept half of Hazel Richardson's money because they made a wrong assumption about the Gateshead pensioner
Revealed: the true cost of pension drawdown
Source: Which - 24th March 2018
Exclusive Which? research reveals the high charges retirees face to access their own money
How not to be lonely in your new retirement destination
Source: Emigrate - 24th March 2018
Deciding to retire overseas can be challenging, especially for single would-be expats.
Retirees tap their homes for cash
Source: Money Week - 24th March 2018
Although equity-release products are becoming increasingly popular, don’t forget the risks.
Retirement interest-only set for comeback after FCA green light
Source: Mortgage Strategy - 23rd March 2018
Retirement interest-only mortgages are set to become more popular following the FCA removing hurdles to selling them.
82% view workplace pension as an important benefit
Source: Employee Benefits - 23rd March 2018
More than three-fifths (82%) of respondents cite their workplace pension scheme as an important employee benefit, according to research by Jobsite.
One in three expect to retire in their seventies
Source: Money Observer - 23rd March 2018
The Retirement Expectations study, which explores individuals’ attitudes to their health and retirement benefits,...
Struggling homeowner pensioners get least state support
Source: FT Adviser - 23rd March 2018
Struggling homeowner pensioners are the group most likely to miss out on state benefits, according to analysis from Just group.
Tens of thousands risk missing out on full state pension
Source: Which - 23rd March 2018
Failing to claim benefits could cut your retirement income
My generation is the healthiest, wealthiest and most active to date and so we won’t retire before we get old
Source: Mail Online - 23rd March 2018
My generation is the healthiest, wealthiest and most active to date and so we won’t retire before we get old
Early retirement put on hold
Source: The Times - 23rd March 2018
Those looking forward to early retirement should prepare for disappointment. One of Britain’s biggest insurance and pension providers has said that the days of people retiring early will have disappeared within 20 years.
Pension CRISIS: ‘Almost NO-ONE’ to stop working at 65 as early retirement to end
Source: Express - 22nd March 2018
PENSION experts have warned almost no-one will be able to give up work before the age of 65 as the goalposts keep moving for savers.
Hot Money: Assessing three years of pension freedoms
Source: Money Marketing - 22nd March 2018
As the pension freedoms approach their third anniversary, advisers are reflecting on how the watershed policy has affected both their businesses and their clients.
Property vs pension – what’s best for your retirement? The attractions of buy-to-let are waning, claims expert
Source: This Is Money - 22nd March 2018
‘My property is my pension’ is a popular notion, but what is the reality?
How much state pension can I receive and when can I get it?
Source: Metro - 22nd March 2018
Knowing you’ll have two coins to rub together in old age is a comfort. Unless those coins are pennies, of course.
More Brits expect to retire in their 70s
Source: Moneywise - 22nd March 2018
The number of employees who expect to work in their 70s has almost doubled in seven years, according to new research.
Pensioners: A million OAPs are depressed and say life is 'pointless
Source: Express - 22nd March 2018
ALMOST a million pensioners think their lives are meaningless, a study revealed yesterday. With no work or family responsibilities, over-65s fall victim to loneliness and depression.
Women reach retirement with pension funds TWO-FIFTHS the size of men's, and spend them at half the rate
Source: This Is Money - 22nd March 2018
Older women are making pension withdrawals at half the rate that men do after retiring with vastly smaller funds, new research reveals.
Source: The HR Director - 22nd March 2018
Low earners will have to put in an extra £540 a year to avoid poverty in retirement. Getting rid of the lock will reduce pension pots for the poorest and the young, say TUC, Age UK and Centre for Ageing Better.
Number of people retiring after age 70 doubles since 2010
Source: Independent - 21st March 2018
A third of the British workforce expects to retire after their 70th birthday as older-age debt levels soar
Scrapping state pension triple lock could increase number of elderly living in poverty, report warns
Source: Independent - 21st March 2018
Young people, especially on low pay, would bear the brunt of any change, according to new report
Surge in number of grandparents claiming state pension boost for looking after grandchildren
Source: Independent - 21st March 2018
Grandparents looking after their grandchildren could be missing out on a pension boost
Property v pension – what’s best for your retirement?
Source: Money Observer - 21st March 2018
The British have a long love affair with the idea of owning property as a tangible evidence of wealth, but can a buy-to-let investment ever play a leading role in your retirement plan?
New pension deal: When will you retire?
Source: IoM Today - 21st March 2018
Tynwald this week approved legislation that provides for the introduction of the new single-tier Manx state pension in April 2019.
Financial protection awareness impacts pension saving decisions
Source: Moneywise - 21st March 2018
Pension savers’ appetite for risk alters depending on their knowledge of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and the protections it provides.
Why women have less than half the pension of their male colleagues
Source: Moneywise - 21st March 2018
The average amount in a woman’s workplace pension scheme is less than half that of their male colleagues (£53,000 compared to £120,000), according to a new report by Close Brothers Asset Management.
Should you give up pension perks for an 80% bonus? Why Royal London is ofering retirees a sweetener if they forgo generous yearly income
Source: This Is Money - 21st March 2018
Customers of one of Britain's biggest insurers could be left thousands of pounds worse off if they accept a sweetener to give up valuable pension perks — and then live a long retirement.
Early retirement to disappear by 2035
Source: FT Adviser - 21st March 2018
Early retirement will disappear by 2035, as the number of people retiring before the age of 65 is decreasing, according to analysis from Aviva.
National Insurance Credits: Tens of thousands still missing out on pension perks
Source: BBC - 21st March 2018
As many as 90,000 grandparents and family members are missing out on a little-known perk that can increase their State Pension.
Life can be an adventure if you retire early
Source: Express - 21st March 2018
LIFE has been one long adventure for Richard and Rachel Barton since they decided to retire in their 50s and indulge Richard’s life-long passion for sailing.
Retirement destination: Cornwall has the world at its feet
Source: Express - 21st March 2018
There’s an unexpectedly international flavour at Tregolls Lodge, Churchill Retirement Living’s first development in Cornwall.
State Pension: How much is my State Pension pot worth? How can I check the amount?
Source: Daily Star - 20th March 2018
STATE Pension is due to increase this year, which means eligible pensioners will see more money in their pockets – but how can you check how much your pension pot is worth?
My parents are buying a retirement flat but I'm worried about fees they might face - what are they?
Source: This Is Money - 20th March 2018
My parents are buying a retirement flat from the specialist developer McCarthy & Stone.
I am worried about the fees they might face – would they be charged escalating ground rents?
Why retirement was the biggest handicap of all for Britain's greatest jockey (because lifestyle changes left him on the brink of diabetes)
Source: Mail Online - 20th March 2018
Since retiring from racing more than two years ago, the former champion jockey, AP McCoy, admits he’s gained more than a little weight.
Why the government wants to provide a ‘mid-life MOT’ for your finances
Source: Which - 20th March 2018
Pensions minister Guy Opperman talks exclusively to Which? about this new initiative
Pension 2018: State pension increase is coming into force in April – how much will you get
Source: Express - 20th March 2018
STATE pensions will increase next month with the biggest jump since April 2012, the Government has confirmed. But how much will you gain from the state pension changes?
MAY'S PENSION U-TURN Theresa May accused of binning manifesto pledge to protect the pensions of British workers
Source: The Sun - 20th March 2018
A new policy paper revealed the Government has dropped plans to give the Pensions Regulator the power to stop mergers or takeovers that threaten the solvency of a UK retirement fund
MAY'S PENSION U-TURN Theresa May accused of binning manifesto pledge to protect the pensions of British workers
Source: The Sun - 20th March 2018
A new policy paper revealed the Government has dropped plans to give the Pensions Regulator the power to stop mergers or takeovers that threaten the solvency of a UK retirement fund
BT: We're shuttering final salary pension scheme
Source: The Register - 19th March 2018
Hybrid arrangement hatched, union says it's best they'll get
Pensions: Retirees urged to shop around for income drawdown
Source: The Money Pages - 19th March 2018
Retirees would benefit financially by shopping around and comparing deals for an income drawdown provider rather than simply sticking with their existing pension provider.
Six ways people are making themselves poorer in retirement
Source: Your Money - 19th March 2018
Those saving for retirement may already be shrinking their pension pots, according to a white paper from Age Partnership
The death of retirement is looming – and the fallout will be disastrous
Source: The Guardian - 19th March 2018
Striking lecturers are not the only ones whose pensions will be impossible to live on
Fewer people in the UK considering using property for an income in retirement
Source: Property Wire - 19th March 2018
Fewer people in the UK are willing to become a buy to let landlords or to downsize in order to boost their retirement income, new research has found.
Retirement planning in five key points
Source: Professional Adviser - 18th March 2018
Working with employer clients to assist their workforce with retirement planning is a key part of an adviser's role.
Could Home Equity Release (Lifetime Mortgage) Be The Best Way To Fund Your Retirement?
Source: The Money Daily - 18th March 2018
With delayed retirement, uncertain economic stability and growing inflation, could Home Equity Release provide the financial benefits retirees are seeking?
Women push for equal pay settlement to be made pensionable
Source: Pensions Expert - 18th March 2018
Former and current female employees of Glasgow City Council are pushing for pensions to be included as part of an equal pay settlement, as parties opt for negotiation over litigation.
OLD AGE PEN-SHUNNERS This is the depressing reason why experts warn you may die in poverty
Source: The Sun - 18th March 2018
Millennials want an ideal retirement fund of £300,000 - but 20 per cent of 18-34 year olds aren't saving anything at all
2017 sees £12.3bn buy-ins and buyouts; second busiest year behind 2014
Source: Pensions Age - 18th March 2018
Last year saw the second busiest year on record for buy-ins and buyouts, with transactions totalling £12.3bn, according to data from Lane, Clark and Peacock.
How to retire rich: How much do you have to save each month for your pension
Source: Daily Star - 18th March 2018
SAVING for a happy retirement is a worry on many peoples’ minds – so how much do you have to pay each month to have a healthy or luxury pension?
HMRC loses court battle over blocked pension relief
Source: Citywire - 18th March 2018
HM Revenue & Customs has been told to allow pension tax relief at source on non-cash contributions.
I’m about to retire and will lose my work private health insurance
Source: The Guardian - 18th March 2018
Is it worth paying for private cover and will premiums leap up?
Your ten-point guide to retirement
Source: Sunday Times - 18th March 2018
Are you planning to draw your pension this year? Don’t make any plans until you read this checklist
Why did Bill Shorten light retirees' short fuse in such an explosive week?
Source: The Guardian - 18th March 2018
Labor folks are scratching their heads about the cash refund policy’s timing
Pension 2018: How changes in state pension in April could mean you’re set for a CASH boost
Source: Express - 18th March 2018
The Pensions Regulator has been given new powers to weed out reckless bosses
Bosses who are reckless with staff pensions now face up to three years behind bars
Source: Mirror - 18th March 2018
The Pensions Regulator has been given new powers to weed out reckless bosses
May pledges to fine company bosses if they endanger staff pension funds
Source: The Guardian - 17th March 2018
New criminal offence of neglecting pension responsibilities to be announced this week
Don’t be shy: here are the best places in the UK to retire to
Source: The Times - 17th March 2018
Many of our locations for downsizers are buzzing, with excellent shops and restaurants and a lively cultural scene
Fears of a UK pensions time bomb as the total bill soars to £7.6trillion threatening higher taxes for working-age families
Source: Mail Online - 17th March 2018
Britain has been warned it faces a pensions time bomb after figures revealed the nation’s retirement bill soared by £1 trillion in just five years.
MPs warn thousands of middle-class mothers could lose up to £23,000 off their state pensions as they did not register for child benefit
Source: Mail Online - 16th March 2018
MPs have issued a stark warning that thousands of middle-class stay-at-home mothers are on course to lose tens of thousands from their state pensions because they did not register for child benefit.
Pensions minister Guy Opperman on the future of the state pension
Source: Which - 16th March 2018
Watch part one of our video interview with Guy Opperman, answering your pension questions
Changes to child benefits may have caused thousands of parents to lose out on pension entitlements says former minister
Source: Mirror - 16th March 2018
The issue stems from 2010 when the government outlined plans to remove child benefit from households containing a higher earner
The simpler way to a good retirement
Source: The Times - 16th March 2018
Before anyone heads for the hills, this is not the ubiquitous “pensions time bomb” handwringing article but a look at how pensions are managed, especially as retirement approaches,...
You'll need 125 years to save enough money to retire on at current rates - how to get there a LOT sooner
Source: Mirror - 16th March 2018
Unless things change, younger Brits will need to keep working for an astonishing 125 years before they have enough cash put away to retire on
Pension increase 2018: When will pension contributions rise? How much will I have to pay?
Source: Daily Star - 16th March 2018
THE minimum pensions contributions for your workplace pension is going to rise this year – but when is it going to happen and how much will it rise?
Pension minister hints at step closer for hybrid pensions
Source: FT Adviser - 15th March 2018
The government is looking for the least disruptive way to introduce collective defined contribution (CDC) schemes and will consider 2011 legislation to phase in the new rules needed, the pension minister has said.
New Tata Steel UK pension scheme to be set up after meeting minimum criteria
Source: Reuters - 15th March 2018
New Tata Steel UK pension scheme to be set up after meeting minimum criteria
How homes can help you bankroll the golden years
Source: Express - 15th March 2018
GROWING numbers of pensioners are releasing equity from their homes to make ends meet as retirement incomes fall behind the soaring cost of living, making later life a struggle.
Investing in Isas can rescue your retirement plans
Source: Express - 15th March 2018
As the deadline for using this year’s tax-free Isa allowance looms, millions of Britons risk financial disaster in retirement by failing to save anywhere near enough for their future.
UK to pay £8.4bn pensions bill in EU divorce settlement
Source: Citywire - 14th March 2018
The UK is on the hook to pay £8.4 billion towards European Union pension costs after Brexit, according to the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR).
Thousands could have to repay their pensions – are you affected?
Source: Which - 14th March 2018
Thousands of retirees could be forced to pay back money that they’ve already received from their company pensions thanks to a huge project to clean up old pension records.
Retirement boosts men’s health (but women may as well keep working)
Source: The Times - 14th March 2018
Retirement is a boon for men’s health but not necessarily for women’s, according to a study of 50,000 people nearing the end of their working lives.
PENSION POTS Minimum pension contributions 2018 – when will it increase and how much will employers contribute?
Source: The Sun - 13th March 2018
A workplace pension is a way of saving for your retirement with a small percentage of your pay cheque added to the pot each month - but how much will it rise by?
Four pension shake-ups set to come into force next month
Source: Money Observer - 13th March 2018
While the Chancellor’s latest Spring Statement had little to say on any forthcoming tax or pension tweaks, there are still plenty of changes coming this April.
Don’t call it a comeback: the celebrities who love to ‘retire’
Source: The Guardian - 13th March 2018
Elton John and Paul Simon are the latest stars heading out on farewell tours – but you can bet they’ll be back
TAX TRAP: Middle-class earners STUNG as Treasury nets £110 million
Source: Express - 13th March 2018
MIDDLE-CLASS earners are being dragged into a tax trap that netted the Treasury £110 million last year.
University strikes to continue after staff reject pension offer
Source: The Guardian - 13th March 2018
Union forced to throw out deal reached with employers in attempt to end dispute
Five retirement income risks
Source: City A.M. - 13th March 2018
Investing always involves taking some risks. However, there are a further set of risks relevant to those in retirement and needing to take income from their investments.
Next month £540 will disappear from the salary of 4million workers – but you SHOULDN'T ask for it back
Source: Mirror - 12th March 2018
More money will be taken at source from the pay packets of millions of Brits starting from April 6. You can get it back if you know how, but you really, really shouldn't
University strikes may be called off after talks lead to new proposals
Source: The Guardian - 12th March 2018
Employers and staff to consider latest plan to end bitter dispute over pensions
The retirement wave?
Source: FT Adviser - 12th March 2018
The opportunities for advisers giving retirement advice in the UK are huge, and are set to keep growing, with the value of savings in defined contributions estimated to exceed £1 trillion by 2025.
Will savers opt out of pensions next month?
Source: Moneywise - 12th March 2018
Next month the contributions levels of those auto-enrolled in a pension will rise from 2% to 5%, which has raised concerns there will be a sharp rise in the number of workers choosing to opt out of their pensions.
What the latest ONS data says about pensions
Source: Professional Pensions - 12th March 2018
The latest ONS data on pensions offers a snapshot of the UK's pension entitlements. Victoria Ticha takes a look at what the numbers show.
Young workers opting out of workplace pensions could miss out on a £450K pot by the time they retire
Source: Mail Online - 12th March 2018
Young workers who decide to opt out of their workplace pension scheme could potentially lose out on a pot worth £450,000 by the time they retire, an insurer has claimed.
Altmann says Pensions Bill amendments are too weak
Source: FT Adviser - 12th March 2018
Ros Altmann, the pensions expert and former pensions minister, has criticised the government’s proposed cold calling ban, saying that the amendments to the bill are “not strong enough”.
Making retirement personal
Source: Pensions Expert - 12th March 2018
Five years have passed since the UK’s largest employers went through auto-enrolment. A number are starting to review the decisions they made and some are considering if those choices are still giving their employees the best possible outcomes at retirement.
What's an 'acceptable' pension pot to retire on? Can I use some of it now to buy a house? Steve Webb replies
Source: This Is Money - 12th March 2018
I realise this is a very broad question, and one which will depend on a number of factors, but I wonder if you have a view on what would constitute an acceptable pension fund heading into retirement.
How annuities help in a steady income flow
Source: Yahoo Finance - 12th March 2018
Annuity products are the only financial instruments that provide long-term, open-ended guarantees in the form of a fixed income for a lifetime.
Revenue puts heat on retirees living abroad
Source: Sunday Times - 11th March 2018
Changes to tax rules on approved retirement funds have hit the income of Irish pensioners who have escaped to sunnier climes
Pensions And Property Boost UK Household Wealth
Source: iExpats - 10th March 2018
Soaring pension and property values have helped boost UK household wealth by a massive £1.7 trillion, according to official figures.
The taxman is earning millions more from pensions
Source: The Times - 10th March 2018
The amount of tax the government is collecting from pension savers who breach the lifetime limit has risen 2,100 per cent in the past decade.
Pension freedoms: six savings statistics
Source: Citywire - 10th March 2018
Women have to play catch up with private pensions savings, but luckily the pension freedoms lend a helping hand
A million fewer pensioners are eligible for cold weather payments than when Tories took power
Source: Mirror - 10th March 2018
Exclusive: Figures show 1.7million people on Pension Credit can qualify for Cold Weather Payments, down from 2.6million in 2010/11
It’s time to close the gender gap when it comes to pensions
Source: The Times - 9th March 2018
Women’s retirement savings are a third the size of men’s, and it’s time to take action. We outline what you should know
Why the state pension age is bound to rise
Source: Money Observer - 8th March 2018
Total UK pension liabilities increased by a massive 15 per cent over the five years to 2015, rising to £7.6 trillion from £6.6 trillion in 2010, according to the latest pension statistics from the Office for National Statistics.
Five things to do before your Pension Wise appointment: How to prepare and get the most out of free help sessions for over-50s
Source: This Is Money - 8th March 2018
The Government's free Pension Wise service was set up to help over-50s plan their retirement finances following the pension freedom reforms in 2015.
Will legislation stop pension fraud?
Source: FT Adviser - 8th March 2018
From April this year, changes in the legislation will help to crack down on pension fraud.
How prevalent are pensions scams?
Source: FT Adviser - 8th March 2018
Pension scams are hitting the headlines nearly every week, either because of a new crackdown or a new fraud coming to light.
The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected – the lives of UK pensioners
Source: Mortgage Introducer - 8th March 2018
In the financial services sector, we’ve become pretty good at labelling customers, or worse still, putting them in neatly defined silos.
PENSIONS DEBT RISE Britain’s pension bill rises to a staggering £7.6trillion — with only enough to cover a THIRD of future OAPs
Source: The Sun - 8th March 2018
The Office of National Statistics say there is only enough to cover a third of that owed to future OAPs
Baby boomers fall too easily off the wagon
Source: The Times - 8th March 2018
It is quite boring to emerge from the drama of Storm Emma and find that we are still being told to drink less.
The state pension top-up fiasco: Savers are paying to boost their incomes only to find payouts don't rise and they can't get a refund
Source: This Is Money - 8th March 2018
Today This is Money and Money Mail call for an overhaul of the state pension top-ups offered to millions of savers.
12% regret not being more engaged with their pension savings
Source: Employee Benefits - 7th March 2018
More than one in 10 (12%) of respondents regret not being more engaged with their pension savings, wishing they had either joined their workplace pension scheme or moved out of their pension scheme’s default fund, according to research by Aegon.
42% of Americans are at risk of retiring broke
Source: The Edge Markets - 7th March 2018
At this rate, retirement is more of a fantasy than a reality for many people in this country.
Millennial women at risk of retiring in poverty
Source: Moneywise - 7th March 2018
High levels of debt, low earnings and a lack of financial confidence are combining to put millennial women at a greater risk of poverty in old age, according to a report from Insuring Women’s Futures.
'ACT YOUR AGE' Baby boomers are UK’s biggest problem boozers and drug users, report warns
Source: The Sun - 7th March 2018
Experts warn the highest rises in rates of substance misuse are among the over-50s
My confidence in state pension top-up system has been drained by disturbing letters from readers, says DAN HYDE
Source: This Is Money - 7th March 2018
All my confidence in the state pension top-up system has been drained by the stream of disturbing letters you have sent us.
NI pension fund urged to get out of fossil fuels
Source: BBC - 7th March 2018
Anti-fossil fuel campaigners are to try and pressurise Northern Ireland's biggest pension fund to divest itself of hundreds of millions of pounds invested in oil and gas companies.
Oxford U-turn in university pension cut dispute
Source: BBC - 7th March 2018
Oxford University has reversed its support for pension cuts, which have sparked strikes at 64 universities.
UK pension liabilities grew by £1trn in five years
Source: IPE - 7th March 2018
The UK’s gross pension liability across workplace and state provision grew by £1trn (€1.1trn) in five years, according to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).
Pensions are the other gender pay gap
Source: Actuarial Post - 7th March 2018
One hundred years after women first got the vote in the UK, Britain is still an unequal society with men earning, on average, 8.9%* more than women.
The state pension top-up fiasco: Savers are paying to boost their incomes only to find payouts don't rise and they can't get a refund
Source: This Is Money - 7th March 2018
Today This is Money and Money Mail call for an overhaul of the state pension top-ups offered to millions of savers.
Oxford University backs down in pensions dispute
Source: The Guardian - 7th March 2018
Oxford is latest institution to break with Universities UK stance on pension reform
Pension cold-calling could be banned by June
Source: FT Adviser - 7th March 2018
A new amendment to the Financial Guidance and Claims Bill could see pension cold-calling banned by June.
We should all be as angry as university staff about the state of our pensions. They’re a crisis in the making
Source: Independent - 7th March 2018
The proposal to convert pensions into private investment product is one of the central issues in the dispute. For most of us, this is already the reality
Oxford University blocks staff attempts to challenge pension cuts
Source: Express - 7th March 2018
Arcane procedures used to halt move to debate proposals that sparked universities strike
Oxford University blocks staff attempts to challenge pension cuts
Source: The Guardian - 7th March 2018
Arcane procedures used to halt move to debate proposals that sparked universities strike
Your retirement plan probably funds nuclear weapons — here are the top 20 biggest companies and their investors
Source: Business Insider - 6th March 2018
It's easy to sign up for a retirement plan and take advantage of employer matching, robust tax savings, and a sizable nest egg waiting for you at the finish line.
Pension cap pushes GPs to quit early
Source: The Times - 6th March 2018
Pension rules that encourage GPs to retire early are piling pressure on the health service, the chief executive of NHS England told MPs yesterday.
Hostile GKN takeover 'would hit pensions of 32,000 staff', regulators warn
Source: This Is Money - 6th March 2018
Melrose's takeover of GKN would damage the pensions of 32,000 workers, a watchdog has warned.
University strike talks suspended without agreement
Source: BBC - 5th March 2018
Talks in the university pension dispute have been suspended until Wednesday without an agreement.
The university pension strike will only end when we’re listened to
Source: The Guardian - 5th March 2018
Staff walk out on Monday for at least four days. With exams looming, time is running out to resolve this dispute
Cyprus still a retirement haven despite fall in sterling
Source: Emigrate - 5th March 2018
The Mediterranean island of Cyprus has long been a favourite with British expats, especially those looking for a sunny retirement haven with a reasonable cost of living and certain tax advantages.
Bristol students stage staff pensions strike occupation
Source: BBC - 5th March 2018
Students in Bristol are occupying part of the city's university to back staff in a national strike over pensions.
How pension planning can turn dreams into reality
Source: FT Adviser - 5th March 2018
A goal without a plan is just a wish – this is among the sayings of author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, famous for his book ‘Le Petit Prince’.
Equitable Life is poised to 'hand hundreds of millions of pounds back to 300,000 policyholders after mismanagement 18 years ago left them without savings'
Source: Mail Online - 5th March 2018
Scandal-hit life insurance company Equitable Life is planning to give hundreds of millions of pounds back to people who lost out when it nearly went bust.
Shock tax raid on pensions sees millions hit with massive bills
Source: Express - 5th March 2018
MILLIONS face poverty in retirement because they fail to take tax advice before plundering their pension pot. The Treasury is pocketing a £5billion windfall from unsuspecting savers in extra taxes following freedoms over retirement cash launched in 2015.
Do YOU want to be a pensioner millionaire? Thousands already are and you could be too
Source: Sunday Express - 5th March 2018
WHO WANTS to be a millionaire when they hit retirement? Actually, that is the wrong question to ask because frankly, who would not want to be a pensioner millionaire?
Adrian Boulding: Building a vision for the pensions dashboard
Source: Professional Adviser - 2nd March 2018
Ahead of the publication of the DWP's own dashboard feasibility study later this month, Adrian Boulding sizes up the potential roles of the pensions dashboard and what it could deliver in the future
Pension firms must start pushing rivals' best annuity deals from today, just as rates finally start creeping up
Source: This Is Money - 2nd March 2018
Pension firms must give annuity buyers the top rival quote on the market to help them avoid shoddy deals under new rules starting today.
Do you know who will inherit your pension pot?
Source: Which - 2nd March 2018
Around 750,000 people in the UK are at risk of passing their pension to the wrong person, new research has revealed. But do you understand the rules for passing on your pension?
'Stagnating' life expectancy rates will not halt state pension age hikes
Source: Professional Adviser - 1st March 2018
Figures showing life expectancy improvement rates have significantly slowed are unlikely to prompt the government to rethink planned state pension age hikes, AJ Bell has said.
£150m in pensioner benefits left unclaimed
Source: Money Marketing - 1st March 2018
Close to a million British pensioners who qualify for the Government’s Cold Weather Payments and Warm Home Discounts scheme have missed the boat as winter ends, Royal London has found.
Pension savings hit record high: Britons putting money aside for old age
Source: Express - 1st March 2018
PENSION savings hit a record high last year as more people are putting aside money for old age than ever before.
Cold calling pension fraudsters targeted by police and pensions watchdog
Source: Emigrate - 1st March 2018
If you’re coming up to retirement and thinking of heading overseas, you’ll need to watch out for fraudsters aiming to steal your hard-earned cash.
Scottish Income Tax loophole boosts pensions by thousands
Source: Which - 1st March 2018
A loophole in the new Scottish Rate of Income tax could boost the government top-up on pensions for savers in the country.
The pensions industry risks betraying Generation X
Source: Pensions Expert - 1st March 2018
The intergenerational contract, the long-held view that any generation will and should be better off than the one that preceded it, is broken.
Retired businessman's pension should be worth £100,000 - but after shares were sold behind his back he was left with just £3,000
Source: This Is Money - 1st March 2018
A man who expected to retire with a pension pot worth £100,000 has been left with just £3,000 because his provider sold all his shares to cover unpaid fees — without his permission or knowledge.
How pension planning can turn dreams into reality
Source: FT Adviser - 1st March 2018
A goal without a plan is just a wish – this is among the sayings of author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, famous for his book ‘Le Petit Prince’.
Pension: New rules to target great annuity rip-off
Source: Express - 1st March 2018
RETIREES have been throwing money away for years by purchasing annuities without first comparing rates, but a new scheme aims to reduce the number making this costly error.
Lecturers can’t expect us to pay their pensions
Source: The Times - 1st March 2018
Striking university teachers deserve sympathy but not a publicly funded bailout for their shrinking retirement income
Are YOU a pension millionaire? Almost a million couples enjoying golden retirement
Source: Express - 28th February 2018
A GOLDEN age of generous final salary pensions and above inflation pension rises have turned almost a million couples into 'pension millionaires'.
Retired businessman's pension should be worth £100,000 - but after shares were sold behind his back he was left with just £3,000
Source: This Is Money - 28th February 2018
A man who expected to retire with a pension pot worth £100,000 has been left with just £3,000 because his provider sold all his shares to cover unpaid fees — without his permission or knowledge.
A Guide to Retiring to Portugal
Source: Property Showrooms - 28th February 2018
Whilst people relocating for work purposes tend to buy in property hot spots like Porto and Lisbon, retirees can take their pick and usually choose the sunny Algarve.
University staff pension dispute moves to Acas
Source: The Guardian - 28th February 2018
Employers ask union UCU to end industrial action as both sides agree to start arbitration talks
Retirees must 'explore all options' on income, adviser urges
Source: Professional Adviser - 28th February 2018
It is essential retirees explore all their retirement income options before making big decisions such as buying an annuity, national IFA LEBC has said.
University dispute: More talks but strikes continue
Source: BBC - 28th February 2018
The two sides in the university pensions dispute have agreed to mediation by the conciliation service Acas - but the strikes will continue.
Businessman, 32, 'who preyed on cash-strapped pension holders by promising to release their savings early blew £1million of their cash on gambling, holidays and supercars'
Source: Mail Online - 27th February 2018
A businessman who promised cash-strapped pension holders he could release their savings early blew £1million of their cash on gambling, holidays and supercars, a court heard.
Grandparents generous with time and money
Source: Moneyfacts - 27th February 2018
As parents are increasingly struggling with the demands of the modern workplace, grandparents are stepping up to the plate.
When Do Expats Pay The Overseas Transfer Charge?
Source: iExpats - 27th February 2018
The overseas transfer charge is a fiendishly complicated rule that can cost expats up to a quarter of their retirement savings if they make a wrong decision about if they should pay the money or not.
CASH FOR ASH What is the winter fuel allowance from the DWP, how much could you get and is it different to the cold weather payment?
Source: The Sun - 27th February 2018
Elderly people can receive a payment of up to £300 to help cover the cost of heating their homes in winter
What we can learn from Australia’s ‘super’ retirement plan
Source: Financial Times - 27th February 2018
Stunning beaches, superb weather and, ahem, a good performance by the Aussie cricket team proved strong distractions on a recent trip Down Under to visit family.
50 places in the US where retirement is affordable, healthcare is excellent, and life is good
Source: Business Insider - 27th February 2018
Deciding where to live in retirement may be one of the last major financial decisions you'll make, and picking the right spot is important.
University strike: Lecturers' pension action solid, says union
Source: BBC - 27th February 2018
Staff at four more universities have joined the strike over pension cuts, with 61 now affected, the University and College Union said on Monday.
Homeowners risking retirement finances due to “property blindspot”
Source: Property Reporter - 27th February 2018
Homeowners are at risk of hindering their retirement finances by undervaluing their property as a source of income, according to Retirement Advantage.
Ex-Carillion CFO sold £800,000 in shares after retirement
Source: The Guardian - 27th February 2018
Carillion’s former finance director sold nearly £800,000 of shares after retiring last year shortly before the firm’s collapse, according to evidence published by MPs.
Property undervalued for retirement
Source: Moneyfacts - 27th February 2018
Homeowners may be at risk of missing out on some crucial retirement income by forgetting about their property, as the number of people who don't know whether their property is worth more than their pension has increased substantially,...
Full of good cheer! Get your pom-poms ready, because retirement villages are geared up for sporty life
Source: Mail Online - 27th February 2018
Nancy Jordan had never done any exercise before buying her two-bedroom apartment last year at Audley St George's Place in Edgbaston, Birmingham.
Underestimating Your Life Expectancy Could Hurt Your Retirement
Source: Yahoo Finance - 27th February 2018
It's never easy to contemplate our own mortality, but estimating our life expectancy is something all of us need to do in the course of our retirement planning.
If you look at the economics, it's completely reasonable for university lecturers to strike over pension changes
Source: Independent - 27th February 2018
The question of academics' pension entitlements should be determined by considerations of fairness, not panic over an inherently volatile accounting deficit
Generational battle lines harden over pensions
Source: The Guardian - 27th February 2018
Thinktank warns that older workers are not bearing their share of the pensions burden
How Your Debt Could Sabotage Your Retirement Plan
Source: Yahoo Finance - 27th February 2018
You work hard to save for retirement, stashing away as much as you can and diligently staying on track to meet your goals.
‘Kiss my age’! Meet the Instagram star, 68, who started her fashion blog in her retirement after advice from her godchildren
Source: Mail Online - 27th February 2018
If you visit any coffee shop across the UK right now it wouldn't come as a surprise to you to see someone hovering above their table trying to capture the perfect brunch shot.
£13m pension hole at lecturers’ trade union
Source: The Times - 27th February 2018
The trade union behind the strike by university lecturers over changes to their pensions has a huge deficit in one of its own retirement funds, The Times has discovered.
Retiring at 62 vs. 70: Pros and Cons
Source: Yahoo Finance - 24th February 2018
When most people think of retirement planning, they think about how much money they need to save. But saving is only half the battle; determining when to retire is just as important.
Ex-BHS boss Dominic Chappell must pay £87k for silence over pensions fund
Source: Express - 24th February 2018
THE failed businessman at the centre of the collapse of high street giant BHS was yesterday hit with a record fine for failing to hand over documents and answer questions over its pension fund.
Here's the Average Length of Retirement. Will Your Money Last That Long?
Source: Yahoo Finance - 24th February 2018
If you're financially savvy, you're diligently saving and investing for retirement. You're probably a little uneasy about it all, though, not knowing exactly how much you need and, therefore, how on- or off-track you are.
Need to know QROPS facts for expat retirees
Source: Emigrate - 24th February 2018
Much has been written on expat forums about the pros and cons of transferring a personal pension to a QROPS, but the exact definition of the overseas pension scheme is often missing.
Begin the dash to pension understanding
Source: The Times - 24th February 2018
The government’s one-stop site for retirement savings will arrive in 2019, but you can get a sneak peak now
University strikes: Ministers urged to step in to guarantee lecturers' pensions after mass walkouts
Source: Independent - 24th February 2018
Vince Cable calls on the Government to intervene over changes which could leave some up to £10,000 worse off
The price of reckless caution with your pension
Source: The Times - 24th February 2018
Many of those taking advantage of the pension freedoms are losing out, not only from fraudsters, but from poor financial choices.
Divorcees suffer £4k pension cut
Source: FT Adviser - 24th February 2018
Divorcees can expect to retire on £3,800 a year less than those who have never divorced, according to new research.
University strike: Pension plan could be reversed, say bosses
Source: BBC - 24th February 2018
University bosses say they could reverse changes to lecturers' pensions if economic conditions improve.
Government plans to raid £500m in ‘forgotten’ pension funds for charity
Source: Independent - 23rd February 2018
Experts call for a rethink on ‘dormant asset’ expansion plans that would see people’s personal retirement money and other investments seized
Thousands of people in Great Yarmouth area are saving more in pensions
Source: Great Yarmouth Mercury - 23rd February 2018
New figures show that 7,000 more people in Great Yarmouth are now saving more for their retirement.
Is it time for the care pension? Gov't urged to combine pensions with care cost insurance
Source: Professional Pensions - 23rd February 2018
The government has been urged to enable the creation of a new at-retirement product which would combine existing income drawdown arrangements with insurance against future care costs.
Divorcees lose £3,800 a year in retirement income
Source: Financial Reporter - 23rd February 2018
Expected annual income for divorcees retiring in 2018 is £17,600 compared to £21,400 for those who have never experienced a marriage break up, according to new research from Prudential.
What Expats Need To Know About QROPS Pensions
Source: iExpats - 23rd February 2018
If you move overseas, you can take your pension with you by switching to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS).
Why millennials need to stick up for pensioners – even though they've had all the advantages we've lost
Source: The National - 23rd February 2018
THIS morning, most of Scotland’s lecture halls are quiet. There is no hubbub of conversation in university seminar rooms, no bashful students avoiding their tutor’s gaze, no knowing looks, no nods of recognition,...
Home economics: serious innovation required to boost retirement housing
Source: Property Week - 23rd February 2018
None of us is getting any younger. Yet, at the same time as ministers are fretting about young people getting on the housing ladder, there are precious few homes for the older age group to step down to.
US retirement home model brought to UK
Source: The Construction Index - 23rd February 2018
There’s a new player in the ‘later living’ market in the UK with Elysian Residences investing £500m in the construction of four developments in the southeast.
Spain hit by HUGE protests: Thousands of retirees take to streets over pensions fears
Source: Express - 23rd February 2018
THOUSANDS of OAPs have been marching in Spain to demand "decent pensions" - even cutting access to the Spanish Parliament in Madrid and stopping traffic from passing.
Divorcees retiring in 2018 `£3,800 a year worse off than those who are married´
Source: Mail Online - 23rd February 2018
Divorcees retiring this year typically expect to be £3,800 worse off annually than people retiring in 2018 who are married, research has discovered.
University strikes: Academics warn pension reforms could push 'large numbers of people into poverty'
Source: Independent - 23rd February 2018
Lecturers and students dance along to steel drums on the steps outside the university building.
Millions of women forced to work until they drop: Number of those still employed in their 50s and 60s hits a record high and reaches 4.2million
Source: Mail Online - 23rd February 2018
The number of women working in their 50s and 60s has hit a record high.
The total reached 4.2million in December – up 3.5 per cent in a year.
WORK TILL THEY DROP Number of women working into their 50s and 60s hits record high as millions feel ‘forced to soldier on’
Source: The Sun - 23rd February 2018
Poor pensions, higher life expectancy and a rising state pension could be making people stay in work for longer
Time of your life - our guide to making the most of your golden years
Source: Daily Record - 23rd February 2018
With better health and greater spending power the over-50s can look forward to ageing well.
Lower paid workers could lose out as a result of pensions auto-enrolment
Source: Daily Echo - 23rd February 2018
Workers earning the National Living Wage could be left “significantly worse off” in their retirement as a result of the Government’s pensions auto-enrolment scheme, new research has suggested.
I’m striking with university colleagues as our pensions are being destroyed
Source: The Guardian - 22nd February 2018
Staff are already struggling with poor working conditions. Now our employers’ plans will lead to zero security in old age
Your 2018 Guide to Retirement Planning
Source: Yahoo Finance - 22nd February 2018
Whether you're in the early stages of your career or have spent three decades or more in the workforce, it's never the wrong time to be focusing on retirement.
Lecturers walk out in row over pensions
Source: BBC - 22nd February 2018
Lecturers at universities across Scotland are taking part in a strike in a row over pensions.
Universities braced for 14 days of strikes over pensions
Source: BBC - 22nd February 2018
A month of strikes over changes to lecturers' pensions, affecting a total of 64 universities and more than a million students, is starting.
Millions of women forced to work until they drop: Number of those still employed in their 50s and 60s hits a record high and reaches 4.2million
Source: Mail Online - 22nd February 2018
The number of women working in their 50s and 60s has hit a record high.
The total reached 4.2million in December – up 3.5 per cent in a year.
Pensions risk as number of unemployed women rises
Source: FT Adviser - 22nd February 2018
The number of unemployed women in the UK jumped in the fourth quarter of 2017, as the state retirement age for women is pushed back this year.
In advice we trust: 14 stats on public's pension awareness
Source: Citywire - 22nd February 2018
More than a quarter of those who should know better, the over 55s, do not know how their pension works.
20% believe they will never be able to retire
Source: Employee Benefits - 22nd February 2018
One-fifth (20%) of employee respondents believe they will never be able to retire due to poor financial planning, according to research by Wealth Wizards.
One third of people don’t recognise pension scams
Source: Moneywise - 22nd February 2018
New research shows the difficulties of spotting a pension scam as fraudsters get more sophisticated.
Plan your strategy for a comfortable retirement
Source: Financial Times - 21st February 2018
Retirement is not what it used to be. When the National Assistance Act was introduced in Britain in 1946,...
Government backs stronger rules for pensions dashboard
Source: Which - 21st February 2018
Department for Work and Pensions says law needed to make dashboard work
Could ‘care pension’ proposal resolve long-term care funding crisis?
Source: Money Observer - 21st February 2018
Royal London is urging the government to introduce a ‘care pension’ to tackle the long-term care crisis.
Warning as one in four ‘baby boomers’ jobless
Source: Yorkshire Post - 20th February 2018
More than a quarter of people in Yorkshire who have turned 50 but are not yet drawing a pension are now out of work, according to a charity.
My mum was 'contracted out' by the NHS - did this help her pension and where did her money go? Steve Webb replies
Source: This Is Money - 20th February 2018
My mother worked in the NHS in Scotland for around 46 years and retired in 2005. She was in a final salary scheme which was contracted out in the 1980s.
FRAUD WARNING: Elderly UK savers being tricked out of half a million pounds EVERY DAY
Source: Express - 20th February 2018
ELDERLY savers are being duped out of half a million pounds every day after a rise in foreign “clone fraudsters” targeting UK pensioners.
‘Pension insurance’ floated to tackle long-term care challenge
Source: Your Money - 20th February 2018
A mutual insurer has come up with an innovative potential solution to the puzzle of how to pay for long-term care.
Carillion bosses 'contemptuous' about paying into pension schemes while handing out bumper dividends, MPS say
Source: Independent - 20th February 2018
“Their private pleading that the company could not afford more was in stark contrast to the rosy picture – and bumper dividends – being presented to the outside world,” Labour MP Frank Field said
Where to retire if heathcare is important
Source: Emigrate - 20th February 2018
More and more older people approaching retirement are considering leaving their countries of birth for warmer, more exotic and less expensive surroundings.
Your essential guide to benefits and perks in retirement
Source: Your Money - 19th February 2018
As well as gaining more time and freedom in retirement, pensioners can also receive a number of benefits, discounts and perks.
Over-55s choosing gig work ahead of retirement
Source: Moneyfacts - 19th February 2018
A survey of gig workers aged 55 or over has shown that 36% take on freelance 'gig' jobs as a way to ease themselves into retirement.
Impending pension disaster: self-employed failing to plan for retirement
Source: - 19th February 2018
Official figures suggest almost a third of self-employed workers aged over 55 have no pension plan in place.
Calls for authorisation regime to stop pension scammers
Source: FT Adviser - 19th February 2018
Four fifths of savers believe there should be stricter rules and checks from providers and schemes to ensure that pension pots are secured, research has revealed.
Source: The Olive Press - 19th February 2018
The UK has the second-least hours of sunshine per year, the highest retirement age and the third lowest spend on health as a percentage of GDP.
Pensioners could be given a tax break to pay for their own care which would cover all nursing fees
Source: This Is Money - 19th February 2018
Pensioners could be given a tax break to pay for their own care under plans being considered by the Treasury.
Pensions boost for millions: Relief as deficits in final salary schemes halve in a month
Source: Express - 19th February 2018
PENSIONS experts yesterday hailed a “perfect cocktail” of conditions that have boosted many company schemes.
Savers lose millions to retirement fraudsters
Source: The Times - 19th February 2018
Savers are being tricked out of half a million pounds every day after a surge in criminals targeting British pension riches, The Times can reveal.
On the road again: Retirement is sweet with a campervan and a lock-up-and-leave flat
Source: Express - 19th February 2018
ANNE MOORE’S new luxury retirement apartment brings back happy memories: It’s on the exact spot where the council offices – in which she once worked – used to stand.
'They offer peace of mind': Retirement home sector shows signs of maturity
Source: Express - 19th February 2018
THE RETIREMENT housing sector is increasingly big business, as growing numbers of older people rent or buy homes in purpose-built retirement developments.
Former minister calls for pensions shake-up to fund social care
Source: Express - 19th February 2018
A “CARE pension” which helps cover costs for people later in life should be introduced, a former minister said yesterday.
Will This 1 Expense Prevent You From Living Your Dream Retirement?
Source: Yahoo Finance - 18th February 2018
Countless workers look forward to retirement and the carefree lifestyle with which it's often associated. Unfortunately, 28% of today's seniors say life is worse in retirement, and part of that sentiment boils down to financial woes.
GKN to pump £150m into pension pot: Engineer steps up fight against hostile takeover
Source: This Is Money - 18th February 2018
GKN is preparing to plug a black hole in its pension scheme as it battles a £7.4billion hostile takeover attempt from turnaround firm Melrose.
Mexican lakeside haven is affordable expat retirement hub
Source: Emigrate - 17th February 2018
If you’re looking for a retirement hub outside the EU, you could start by investigating these two Mexican lakeside cities already popular with US expats.
Huge pension fund deficits are a global crisis in waiting
Source: The Conversation - 16th February 2018
In the past decade, the banking industry has been a central focus of attention for regulators, academics and the general public.
The self-employed must save more for their retirement
Source: Moneyweek - 16th February 2018
Britain’s boom in self-employment threatens to leave millions of people short of money in retirement, with large numbers currently making little or no provision for later in life.
Steel pensions scheme victim to 'major mis-selling scandal'
Source: BBC - 16th February 2018
British Steel pension scheme members were targeted by "vulture" financial advisers after Tata was allowed to offload its retirement fund, MPs say.
The impact of living longer on retirement planning
Source: FT Adviser - 16th February 2018
The challenge facing investors in retirement.
Since the pension reforms of 2015, investors have a greater degree of flexibility and choice when accessing their savings.
Taking care of the practicalities before you retire overseas
Source: Emigrate - 16th February 2018
If you’re looking to spend your retirement abroad, a certain amount of advance planning will make the transition far easier.
Pension vultures swindle savers by telling them to transfer lucrative pots so THEY profit
Source: Express - 15th February 2018
THE Work and Pensions Select Committee has blasted “dubious” financial advisors as “vultures” over bad advice that saw thousands of savers withdraw their lucrative pots and then be hit by huge transfer fees.
Time to tame the pension sharks: MPs blast regulators as steelworkers are targeted in major mis-selling scandal
Source: This Is Money - 15th February 2018
Steelworkers were preyed upon by vultures in a major pensions mis-selling scandal that MPs warn could spiral out of control.
Top pension tips for married couples: How to make sure you get all the benefits you're entitled to - and make the most of your retirement pot
Source: This Is Money - 15th February 2018
It may not seem like a grand romantic gesture, but making sure your spouse is financially comfortable in retirement, will go a long way towards securing your future happiness together.
Vulture advisers 'bamboozled' British Steel workers and other pension savers are at risk too, say MPs
Source: This Is Money - 15th February 2018
British Steel workers were 'shamelessly bamboozled' by vulture financial advisers in an erupting mis-selling scandal that threatens many other savers, say MPs.
Urgent action needed over erupting pensions mis-selling scandal, say MPs
Source: News and Star - 15th February 2018
A major pensions mis-selling scandal is erupting according to MPs, who said British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS) members had been "shamelessly bamboozled".
Steel pensions scheme victim to 'major mis-selling scandal'
Source: BBC - 15th February 2018
British Steel pension scheme members were targeted by "vulture" financial advisers after Tata was allowed to offload its retirement fund, MPs say.
Co-habiting couples risk financial disaster
Source: Independent - 14th February 2018
Happy Valentine's Day: Unmarried couples believe they have more rights than they do. And that’s not the only financial penalty they face
Cold calling ban ‘won’t work’ as pensions scammers move to LinkedIn – Cracknell
Source: Pensions Age - 14th February 2018
The pension cold calling ban will not stop scammers, as they are finding new ways to target people through social media sites such as LinkedIn, according to The Pensions Advisory Service chief executive Michelle Cracknell.
UK expat retirees advised to transfer personal pensions before Brexit
Source: Emigrate - 14th February 2018
British expats overseas who’ve left their personal pension back in the UK are being advised to transfer it before Brexit kicks in.
Retirement poverty is REAL: FCA to discourage savers from pension raids - experts' views
Source: Express - 13th February 2018
PENSION firms are acting ahead of forthcoming Financial Conduct Authority regulation aimed at discouraging British savers from raiding their pension pots and getting into financial trouble later in life.
Retired homeowners' property wealth breaches £1trn
Source: FT Adviser - 13th February 2018
Retired homeowners have gained more than £7,900 each in property wealth in the past year, according to analysis from Key Retirement.
Stable 3% inflation eases pressure on pensioners - Aegon
Source: Professional Adviser - 13th February 2018
Inflation in the UK remained flat at 3% in January indicating levels have now peaked and pressure on fixed income households, including pensioners, would ease, according to Aegon.
UK government responds on pension scams
Source: Your Money - 13th February 2018
The UK government has published its response to the Department for Work and Pensions’ Select Committee’s report on Britain’s pension scam crisis, outlining plans to ban cold-calling, and encourage retirees to take advice.
Government fails to set a date for pensions cold call ban, again
Source: Moneywise - 13th February 2018
Despite repeated calls from the pensions industry and the Work and Pensions Committee, the government has again failed to set a date for the implementation of a pensions cold calling ban.
One million employers enrol staff into a workplace pension
Source: GOV.UK - 13th February 2018
One million UK employers have enrolled staff into a workplace pension, helping more than 9 million employees save towards a more financially secure retirement.
Gov't speeds up pension cold calling ban
Source: Citywire - 13th February 2018
The long awaited ban on pension cold callers will be sped through parliament, the government has announced.
Retired homeowners gained almost £8k in 12 months
Source: Property Reporter - 13th February 2018
The latest data and analysis from over-55s financial specialist, Key Retirement, has revaled that despite a rollercoaster year for the property market, retired homeowners have gained more than £7,900 each in property wealth in the past year.
Govt’s plans to tackle pension scams ‘light on detail’
Source: Money Marketing - 13th February 2018
Government plans to combat the increasing pension scam epidemic have been described as “light on detail” by Old Mutual Wealth.
UK regulators working on joint pensions strategy
Source: Out-Law - 12th February 2018
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Pensions Regulator said they intend the strategy to set out how they will work together "to tackle the key risks facing the pensions sector" over the next five to 10 years.
April poses a first true test of the recent rise in saving for pensions
Source: The Times - 12th February 2018
Global share prices fell by more than 5 per cent last week. It was the largest weekly decline for two years as an unusually long period of calm came to a turbulent end amid concerns over rising American interest rates.
Gig economy faces retirement crisis: Millions have NO pension as saving among self-employed plunges
Source: This Is Money - 12th February 2018
Self-employed workers are facing a big financial shock when they retire as the numbers failing to save into a private pension are soaring, official data has shown.
How to bridge the pension gender gap
Source: FT Adviser - 12th February 2018
The fact there is a gender pensions gap in the UK is widely known.
Your pension at risk: Firms warn savers against raiding their pensions for quick cash
Source: Express - 12th February 2018
BRITISH savers will be warned against withdrawing from their pensions as fears mount that the Cameron Government's pension freedoms could lead to a spell of irresponsible spending that could affect their ability to live comfortably later in life.
Britain pays retirees the worst state pension in the developed world with a basic payout of £122.30 a week
Source: Mail Online - 12th February 2018
Britain pays retirees the worst state pension of any country in the developed world, analysis has found.
Stock market crash shows dangers of income drawdown
Source: Express - 12th February 2018
LAST WEEK'S stock market crash should act as a wake-up call for pensioners who have abandoned the safety of annuities and put their faith in income drawdown instead.
Guess How Many Seniors Say Life Is Worse in Retirement
Source: Yahoo Finance - 12th February 2018
We all like to think of retirement as a carefree, fulfilling period of life. But those expectations may not actually jibe with reality.
The three types of pensions - and what you need to know about them
Source: Mirror - 11th February 2018
Are you looking forward to retiring? With Monday just around the corner, you might be fantasising about an extra hour or two in bed with - ideally - nothing to stress about.
A new civil partnership law going through parliament could add billions to companies' pension liabilities, warns major UK firm
Source: City A.M. - 10th February 2018
A new law currently going through parliament could add billions of pounds to companies' pension scheme liabilities, the UK's largest mutual life insurance and pensions company has warned.
5 Reasons Not to Retire Before 66
Source: Yahoo Finance - 10th February 2018
Just over half of Americans retire between the ages of 60 and 65, making this the most popular age range for retirement. By comparison, just 12% retire between 66 and 69 and just 10% retire in their early 70s.
How pensions will become dinner party discussion
Source: Citywire - 9th February 2018
Consumer engagement in pensions is low in the UK. Evidence suggests people are almost hostile to pensions in terms of retirement planning.
‘We took early retirement and get paid to stay in other people’s houses’
Source: iNews - 9th February 2018
More than half of Britons are thought to be planning early retirement, but the thought of abruptly stopping work altogether can be daunting. Instead,...
Pensions Ombudsman investigating 150 British Steel complaints
Source: Professional Adviser - 9th February 2018
The Pensions Ombudsman is investigating a group of more than 150 complaints about transfer values from British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS) members.
Maintaining SPA at 66 is ‘simply unaffordable and cannot be justified’ – Opperman
Source: Pensions Age - 9th February 2018
The opposition party’s suggestion to keep the state pension age at 66 is “simply unaffordable and cannot be justified,” Undersecretary of State for Pensions and Financial Inclusion Guy Opperman has said.
The 3 Spending Stages of Your Retirement
Source: Yahoo Finance - 9th February 2018
Popular thinking is that you'll spend less once you retire, but that's not what I've seen in my own clients, at least in the first few years.
Waspi fury as minister rejects state pension age increase rethink
Source: iNews - 9th February 2018
Women campaigning to reverse changes to the state pension age suffered a setback yesterday when they were told there will be no change to the law.
‘Care pension’ plan to cover costs of help in later years
Source: The Times - 9th February 2018
People approaching retirement would be able to make tax-free payments into a new “care pension” designed to protect them against long-term care costs under plans being considered by the government.
State pension age changes for women rejected by government
Source: Which - 9th February 2018
The UK government announced today that it rejected calls to aid women who stand to lose up to around £45,000 from the recent state pension changes
Tories slammed for denying ‘dignity and respect’ to 1950s women hit by pension age rise as they rule out compensation
Source: Mirror - 9th February 2018
The Tories have been slammed for failing to give women born in the 1950s ‘the dignity and respect they deserve’ when it comes to the raising of the state pension age.
Friendliest places for expat retirement
Source: Emigrate - 8th February 2018
If you’re determined to retire overseas to a warmer, less expensive country, one of the most important considerations is the ease of fitting in with the established expat community as well as with local people.
Fears that pension freedoms will be restricted
Source: Money Observer - 8th February 2018
The Work and Pensions Select Committee is rumoured to be considering whether to restrict the pension freedoms, according one of Britain’s biggest pension providers.
Low-earning millennials worst hit by scrapping triple lock
Source: FT Adviser - 8th February 2018
Lower-earning millennials will be most affected by scrapping the state pension triple lock, losing up to 5.2 per cent of their retirement income, new research from Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) shows.
Self-employed lack pension savings
Source: Moneyfacts - 8th February 2018
Official figures released yesterday reveal that the number of Brits who are self-employed increased to 4.8 million in 2017, which now accounts for 15.1% of the labour force.
Self-employed 'pension crisis': 14 stats that show savings struggle
Source: Citywire - 8th February 2018
Yesterday the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published figures on the wealth and savings of those in self-employment. They make pretty grim reading.
Govt continues to exclude self-employed from pensions, experts warn
Source: Professional Adviser - 8th February 2018
The government's response to the Taylor Review into working practices are a good first step, but have failed to address issues surrounding pensions for the self-employed, experts have warned.
Universal credit project review full of 'gobbledegook', says Commons committee
Source: Independent - 8th February 2018
'They have produced no evidence to back up the key, central economic assumption of the biggest reform to our welfare system in 50 years. William Beveridge will be rolling in his grave'
How can being transgender affect your workplace pension?
Source: Pensions Expert - 8th February 2018
The Department for Work and Pensions has updated its guidance on the effect of acquired gender recognition on pension benefits.
Scottish Waspi women call for pension justice
Source: BBC - 8th February 2018
Women affected by the accelerated changes to the state pension age have been telling the BBC of the hardship and inequality they say they face.
Pensions FEAR: Middle-aged workers risk poverty in old age over poor planning
Source: Express - 8th February 2018
MIDDLE-AGED workers are risking poverty in old age as they refuse to tackle their pension planning, a survey revealed today.
Pensions Dashboard could deliver significant benefits
Source: Actuarial Post - 7th February 2018
Pensions Dashboard is an exciting prospect for UK financial services and FinTech providers like Origo, that are able to deliver the technology to make Dashboard happen and to help develop it further in the years to come.
How to bridge the pension gender gap
Source: FT Adviser - 7th February 2018
The fact there is a gender pensions gap in the UK is widely known.
Property still perceived as best way to save for retirement
Source: Moneywise - 7th February 2018
A new survey reveals that 49% of the population believe property is the number one way to make most of your money when saving for retirement.
Government urged to consider retirement homes for farmers
Source: The Planner - 7th February 2018
England’s planning policy on homes for farmers ready to retire needs to catch up with the rest of the devolved nations in the UK before changes as a result of Brexit take effect, according to the CLA.
Pension vs property: Which is best when saving for retirement? Expert reveals ANSWER
Source: Express - 7th February 2018
PROPERTY or pension? Britons have revealed what they believe is the most lucrative way of saving for retirement. Ray Withers, CEO Property Frontiers explains his opinion
Take stock on pensions
Source: Socialist Worker - 7th February 2018
Global stock market gyrations this week should send a warning to millions of workers about their pensions.
Millions saving for retirement will be hit by £3trillion global stock market crash
Source: Mirror - 7th February 2018
The FTSE 100 on Tuesday suffered its worst one-day fall since the aftermath of the 2016 Brexit vote as it dropped 193 points to 7141.4
Leave our pensions alone! Aegon reveal people AGAINST removing pension freedoms
Source: Express - 7th February 2018
THE PENSION system should not be changed, Aegon has revealed after a survey showed opposition to proposals to place restrictions on pension freedoms by the Work and Pensions Select Committee.
Universal scheme looms as pension time bomb ticks
Source: The Irish Times - 7th February 2018
Government to launch review of auto-enrolment and State pension
Carillion boss accused of being 'asleep at the wheel' as chiefs face grilling by MPs
Source: Express - 6th February 2018
TOP bosses of defunct construction giant Carillion today faced a grilling by MPs over the company’s collapse.
Over half of people confident about pension savings
Source: Professional Pensions - 6th February 2018
Some 54% of savers are 'very' or 'fairly' confident their retired income will provide their desired standard of living, data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed.
Millions wiped off pensions as FTSE 100 loses £77BILLION in shock global plunge
Source: Express - 6th February 2018
MILLIONS of pounds could be wiped off pension schemes as the FTSE 100 this week lost £77billion on the sixth consecutive day of losses for the index, its longest losing streak since November.
Pensions regulator fires warning shot at banks
Source: FT Adviser - 6th February 2018
Banks ring-fence plans that are likely to cause material detriment to their defined benefit (DB) pension schemes will have to be cleared by The Pensions Regulator (TPR),...
21% of Britons aiming to use their home to fund a pension
Source: Express - 6th February 2018
ONE in five working homeowners is relying on their property to provide a pension in retirement.
Adrian Boulding: The digital pensions future started last month
Source: Professional Adviser - 6th February 2018
'Open banking' could mark the start of a new era of digital financial transparency that will impact every corner of personal finances from retirement savings to life assurance and beyond, predicts Adrian Boulding
Baby boomers are taking more out of the welfare state than they put in – but is taxing their assets the way to redress the balance?
Source: Independent - 6th February 2018
For all that millennials and the older members of Generation X get cross about the raw deal they’ve been handed, many of them are banking on a tasty inheritance when they get their hands on their parents' homes
£1BN BLACKHOLE Former bosses of bust outsourcing giant Carillion were accused of “trampling over the rights” of staff over a £1 billion pension blackhole
Source: The Sun - 6th February 2018
MPs revealed a bombshell report which warned Carillion its dividend payouts were so high they were putting “financial constraints” on the rest of the business.
Unison calls for investigation into potential shorting of Carillion pensions
Source: Pensions Age - 6th February 2018
Workers union Unison is calling for a “proper investigation” into major Carillion shareholders including BlackRock, to find out if worker’s pensions were used to bet on the firm’s share price falling, just days before Carillion collapsed.
Buy-to-let taxes fail to curb property appetite among retirement savers
Source: Mortgage Solutions - 6th February 2018
Almost half the population believe that saving for retirement through property is the best use of their money, despite a recent increase in buy-to-let taxes, according to official data.
Call for withdrawal from the Retail Prices Index
Source: Actuarial Post - 6th February 2018
Alistair Russell-Smith, Partner, Hymans Robertson responds to Mark Carney’s call for a “deliberate and carefully timed” withdrawal from the Retail Prices Index (RPI)
Call for withdrawal from the Retail Prices Index
Source: Actuarial Post - 5th February 2018
Alistair Russell-Smith, Partner, Hymans Robertson responds to Mark Carney’s call for a “deliberate and carefully timed” withdrawal from the Retail Prices Index (RPI)
BT shuts down defined benefit pensions for 10,000 managers
Source: Evening Express - 5th February 2018
Telecoms giant BT has announced that it is to close its defined benefit pension scheme for 10,000 managers as part of efforts to contain a yawning deficit.
10 ways pensions are changing round the world
Source: Citywire - 5th February 2018
As Willis Towers Watson's annual report reveals some key facts and figures about the global pension market, we get behind the numbers to bring you key conclusions from the report.
Nic Cicutti: Auto-enrolled pension guidance is a no-brainer
Source: Money Marketing - 5th February 2018
MPs should ignore their whips and reinstate the Financial Guidance and Claims Bill amendment
Personal pensions under investigation, as watchdogs probe charges and fairness of savers' plans outside work
Source: Mail Online - 5th February 2018
City watchdogs are to probe whether personal pensions work fairly and offer savers value for money.
'Silent generation' who get least out of the welfare state: Pensioners born before the War will get just 5% more from the State than they paid in taxes
Source: Mail Online - 5th February 2018
Pensioners born before the Second World War are the biggest ‘losers’ from Britain’s welfare system, according to a report.
Buy to let as an overseas retirement strategy
Source: Emigrate - 3rd February 2018
If investing in buy-to-let is part of your overseas retirement strategy, checking out the new rules may save you money.
Almost Half of Retirees Spend More Than Expected on 2 Common Expenses
Source: Yahoo Finance - 3rd February 2018
Let's face it: Planning for retirement is hard. There's no way to predict with 100% accuracy how much you'll need, so it's hard to determine exactly how much to save.
‘I’m 78 with an £18,000 income and live a very good life in London’
Source: The Guardian - 3rd February 2018
An ex-council worker on how she makes her pension stretch to holidays, a car and theatre trips
Military wives hit out at pension changes that leave them shortchanged
Source: iNews - 3rd February 2018
Thousands of former military wives are missing out on valuable pensions credits simply because they reached state pension age before the rules changed.
Could This Be the Reason Your Retirement Is at Risk?
Source: Yahoo Finance - 3rd February 2018
When we think about the ways Americans are putting their retirement at risk, we tend to point fingers at inadequate savings levels and overly conservative investing.
Retiring in debt as pensioner debt increase by forty percent
Source: Actuarial Post - 3rd February 2018
Debt in retirement is continuing to climb with nearly one in five expecting to stop work this year owing an average £33,900, according to new research by Prudential.
Private pension wealth rises to £5.3trn, ONS reveals
Source: Pensions Age - 2nd February 2018
Total private pension wealth increased to £5.3trn between July 2014 and June 2016, up from £4.4trn between July 2012 and June 2014, the Office for National Statistics has revealed.
Ex-BHS boss Dominic Chappell issued with £10m pension bill
Source: The Guardian - 2nd February 2018
The former BHS boss Dominic Chappell has been issued with a formal demand for about £10m relating to the pension scheme of the collapsed department store chain.
One in five workers retires with £34K of debts as many dig deep for their offspring's house deposits and uni fees
Source: This Is Money - 2nd February 2018
One in five people retiring this year will be weighed down by debts worth an average £33,900, new research reveals.
UK ‘silver spenders’ contributed more than £7bn by releasing equity in 2017
Source: Property Invester - 2nd February 2018
The UK economy was bolstered by more than £7 billion in 2017 thanks to Britain’s older homeowner’s releasing equity for retirement, according to new research from Legal & General Home Finance and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR).
Nearly one in five retiring in 2018 `still have debts to clear´
Source: Mail Online - 2nd February 2018
Nearly one in five people retiring in 2018 will be doing so in debt – owing £33,900 on average – a report suggests.
DOCTOR WON'T SEE YOU NOW GP waiting lists are rising thanks to doctors taking early retirement
Source: The Sun - 1st February 2018
A tax clampdown on pension pots and an increased workload are causing many doctors to quit their job
Pension savers help to offset widening wealth inequality
Source: Financial Times - 1st February 2018
Housing and financial affluence remains unequally distributed across population
Private pensions dwarfed by public sector
Source: FT Adviser - 1st February 2018
Official data has revealed the growing gulf between pension provision in the private and public sector.
New deal agreed for postal workers’ pay, pensions and hours
Source: - 1st February 2018
The threat of strikes by Royal Mail has been averted after a deal with the Communication Workers Union.
‘Gender pension gap’ leaves women with half the savings of men at 50
Source: The Actuary - 1st February 2018
UK women typically have half the retirement savings of men by the time they reach 50, with the ‘gender pension gap’ found to dramatically widen with age.
No wonder you can’t get a GP: Doctors’ average retirement age falls to 58 after nearly 4,000 quit early over the past six years to avoid taxes once their pension pot reaches £1m
Source: Mail Online - 1st February 2018
GPs are now retiring at an average age of just 58, official figures reveal today – risking the workforce being left ‘on its knees’.