Pensions and Retirement News

Irish governments pensions plan ‘falls short’ of helping workers
Source: Sunday Times - 24th June 2018
Asset manager expert insists employer contributions must be at least 10% to benefit workers
Millions of Brits could be making a huge retirement mistake
Source: Motley Fool - 24th June 2018
In the old days, we had no control over our pensions. Pension fund managers decided where to invest the cash, though their decisions were tightly regulated by the government.
‘Britain is ageing but few want to retire. We three epitomise that...’
Source: Express - 24th June 2018
IN A PLUSH Soho studio Angela Rippon, Gloria Hunniford and Julia Somerville are busy catching up.
Thousands of retiring Britons vote for Brexodus
Source: Sunday Times - 24th June 2018
Fear of tax rises and a post-Brexit slump are driving older people to secure their EU residency
Retired people go to Rio for new lease of life
Source: Sunday Times - 24th June 2018
New mortgages let you hurdle the age barrier to borrow against a property
Living the high-life: Enjoy a fabulous retirement with everything from luxurious pools to penthouses
Source: Mail Online - 24th June 2018
Retirement shouldn’t mean retiring from the finer things in life – it ought to mean finally having a chance to enjoy them.
In 2010 we stopped getting any older. The implications are huge
Source: The Guardian - 24th June 2018
Maybe we should be thinking about cancelling increases in the state pension age, not raising it
Millions of savers are denied pension drawdown
Source: Sunday Times - 24th June 2018
The huge default platform at the heart of government plans to nudge millions of low earners into pension saving will not be allowed to develop a product to allow people to keep their money part-invested after retirement.
Eight UK company pension schemes warned on rogue adviser threat
Source: Financial Times - 22nd June 2018
Advisers hope to earn fees by persuading members to transfer out of final salary schemes
UK government rejects call for default at-retirement option
Source: Investment and Pensions Europe - 22nd June 2018
The UK government has rejected calls from an influential group of MPs to introduce default drawdown products for retirees,...
Call for cheap and easy 'default' pension investing rebuffed by Government - but a 0.75% charges cap is still under review
Source: This Is Money - 22nd June 2018
The Government has rejected MPs' idea of giving people investing pension a simple 'default' drawdown option, but left open the possibility of capping industry charges at 0.75 per cent.
Combating Pension Scams
Source: Actuarial Post - 22nd June 2018
“Pension scams continue to be a growing menace ruining peoples’ lives and future retirement plans. Today’s updated code is a step in the right direction to help snuff out the activities of scammers.
Hundreds of thousands of UK owners want to downsize but cannot find the right home
Source: Property Wire - 22nd June 2018
More than 1.4 million home owners in the UK aged over 65 will consider downsizing in the next five years but they are struggling to find the right kind of property, new research suggests.
Providers reveal plan to stop pension scams
Source: FT Adviser - 22nd June 2018
A code on combating pension fraud has been rewritten to reflect the new world of scamming, with an even greater focus on the changes to market, vulnerable customers and fraudsters’ tactics
Nat Geo surveys effects on colonial cities of expat retirement hubs
Source: Emigrate - 22nd June 2018
Latin America is now almost as popular with older British and European expats as it is with their American equivalents.
FRAUD HELL Retired NHS worker lost £40k life savings to scammers pretending to be from NatWest
Source: The Sun - 22nd June 2018
Jo Wilson, 61, from Middlesex, had her bank account emptied by fraudsters who pretended to be from the bank using a 'number spoofing' scam
Throwing Retirees’ Money Into the Sea
Source: Bloomberg - 22nd June 2018
Pensioners shouldn't be funding big and untested renewable energy projects.
Reasons to loosen your retirement purse strings
Source: Investors Chronicle - 22nd June 2018
‘Spend more money’ is not something you would expect to be advised to do with your retirement assets, but according to a recent study it might be the only antidote to increasing conservatism among retirees.
How to outlast a job you hate until you can retire
Source: Market Watch - 22nd June 2018
First, the good news: You’re closing in on retirement. After decades of long hours and loyal service, you only have another few years until you can kiss your job goodbye.
Retirement savers should wonder: Are investor protections a thing of the past?
Source: Market Watch - 22nd June 2018
Hidden fees may make a comeback as Merrill Lynch ponders retreat from fiduciary rule
Young workers least likely to drop out of work pension
Source: FT Adviser - 21st June 2018
Young workers in small and micro businesses are less likely to opt out of auto-enrolment than older workers, despite there being a sense they won’t stay in a job for long, the government has found
Three in four employees will work beyond 65 as rising cost of living and poor returns on savings takes its toll
Source: HR News - 21st June 2018
The proportion of UK employees who say they will work beyond the age of 65 has remained at three-quarters (72%) for the second year running, significantly higher than in 2016 (67%) and 2015 (61%), according to Canada Life Group Insurance.
Pensions minister: Govt won’t rush into auto-enrolment solution for self-employed
Source: Money Marketing - 21st June 2018
The government will not rush into a “single saving intervention” for self-employed workers because such a move could be counter-productive, Pensions minister Guy Opperman says.
Will you get a windfall from Equitable Life? More than 250,000 savers are set to receive surprise payouts as scandal-hit pension firm is shut down
Source: This Is Money - 21st June 2018
More than 250,000 savers with scandal-hit pension firm Equitable Life are set to receive surprise payouts worth thousands of pounds as the firm is shut down and its pension book is taken over by another company, Reliance Life.
Nearly 4m to use property to fund retirement
Source: Property Reporter - 20th June 2018
The latest research from OneFamily has has shown that around a fifth of over 50s are planning to draw income from their property to help fund retirement.
Over 50s are not taking enough investment risk
Source: Money Observer - 20th June 2018
Research has found there’s a mismatch between risk and reward when it comes to investing ahead of and during retirement.
Pensions minister: Govt won’t rush into auto-enrolment solution for self-employed
Source: Money Marketing - 20th June 2018
The government will not rush into a “single saving intervention” for self-employed workers because such a move could be counter-productive, Pensions minister Guy Opperman says.
The art of managing income in retirement
Source: Money Marketing - 20th June 2018
Managing income in retirement has become a conundrum for our times, with advisers, clients and the pension industry all offering different ideas on the best way to solve the same problem.
Tens of millions of insurance and pension contracts at risk post-Brexit
Source: The Actuary - 20th June 2018
Europeans face a “looming crisis” that could see their personal finances wiped out should the EU and UK not come to an agreement on cross-border contracts post-Brexit.
Don’t bank on property as a retirement pot
Source: Express - 20th June 2018
MILLIONS of Britons are planning to raid their property wealth in retirement as their pensions are not large enough to live on, but experts warn many risk coming unstuck.
Three in four employees will work beyond 65
Source: Actuarial Post - 20th June 2018
According to Canada Life Group Insurance the proportion of UK employees who say they will work beyond the age of 65 has remained at three-quarters (72%) for the second year running, significantly higher than in 2016 (67%) and 2015 (61%).
FCA finds state pension main income for over 40% of retirees
Source: FT Adviser - 20th June 2018
The state pension is the main source of income for 44 per cent of retirees in the UK, a figure that jumps to 51 per cent in rural areas, according to data from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
FCA: Pension scammers target East of England most
Source: Money Marketing - 20th June 2018
The East of England is the region where people have experienced the highest percentage of scam attempts on their pensions or investments over the past 12 months, the FCA says.
23 million face working until they drop: Scores work past retirement as living costs soar
Source: Express - 20th June 2018
AROUND 23 million people will need to keep working beyond retirement age.
Millions in the UK and EU at financial risk because of Brexit contract problem, new study shows
Source: Independent - 20th June 2018
Issue of contract continuity should be dealt with separately to political negotiations, researchers state
A guide to Sipps: How savers can take control of their own pension investments
Source: iNews - 20th June 2018
A self-invested personal pension (Sipp) is a private pension that, unlike traditional workplace or private stakeholder pensions, gives you full control over where and how the money inside it is invested.
British Expats Flock To Spain, But Bring Debt With Them
Source: The Leader - 20th June 2018
Brexit is looming which is forcing thousands of older UK residents to hurriedly gather their belongings and move to sunny Spain.
Retirement age needs rethink after rise in deaths, pensions specialists warn
Source: People Management - 20th June 2018
Experts say government may need to ‘push back’ plans to raise pension age to 68
Fresh data could push back state pension age rise
Source: FT Adviser - 19th June 2018
A reduction in the rate of improvement in life expectancy has raised hopes the planned state pension age increase to 68 could be pushed back
Millennials pressure Britain into making pension billions do more good
Source: Reuters - 19th June 2018
Pension companies will have to reveal the social and environmental impact of the billions they invest on behalf of those saving for their retirement under new rules prompted by demand from millennials,...
I've helped thousands of people prepare for retirement, and those who retire the richest have 9 things in common
Source: Business Insider - 19th June 2018
The sweet life of retirement is a lifestyle that just about everyone is looking forward to.
UK pension funds get green light to dump fossil fuel investments
Source: The Guardian - 19th June 2018
Government directive means trustees will be able to push harder for green investments
I used to work at a care home that went bust, so how do I track down my pension? Steve Webb helps his 100th This is Money reader
Source: This Is Money - 19th June 2018
Today, our pensions columnist Steve Webb answers his 100th question from This is Money readers, this time helping someone track down an old fund from an employer that went bust.
Interest-only home loans for retirees
Source: The Times - 18th June 2018
Hodge Lifetime is offering the first “retirement interest-only” mortgage available in England, Wales and Scotland.
Half of Scots scam victims are elderly, survey reveals
Source: Express - 18th June 2018
HALF of all Scots who have been targeted by fraudsters are pensioners, a survey has revealed. More than 60 per cent of victims are contacted online, and a third are told they are eligible for a tax refund.
How much can I withdraw from my pension?
Source: Irish News - 18th June 2018
ONCE, retirement was straight forward. You built up a reasonable fund of money and bought an income for life through an annuity.
Russian men will now DIE before they retire in 'OUTRAGEOUS' new policy announcement
Source: Express - 18th June 2018
RUSSIA have raised their retirement age to higher then the average male’s life expectancy whilst the World Cup is being held in Vladimir Putin’s superstate, causing outrage across the nation.
46% of Brits could be making a huge retirement savings mistake
Source: The Motley Fool - 16th June 2018
According to HMRC statistics, at the end of the 2016/17 financial year, Britons had a total of £585bn saved across adult ISAs.
New Zealand still a great expat destination for jobs and retirement
Source: Emigrate - 16th June 2018
For many decades, New Zealand has been a dream destination for British expats, but recent increases in the cost of living have reduced its popularity with retirees.
Brit retirees rushing to secure residency in Europe before Brexit
Source: Emigrate - 16th June 2018
The 2017/18 long, cold winter lasted well into spring, encouraging many who’re concerned about the UK’s present political challenges to imagine life in a far warmer, more welcoming climate.
The winners and losers in UK pension miscalculation
Source: Financial Times - 15th June 2018
Tens of thousands of former workers face cuts to their retirement benefits
Releasing £50k from your home could end up costing £133k
Source: FT Adviser - 15th June 2018
Equity release might have significant disadvantages that many seem to have become blind to, since releasing £50,000 could cost £133,000 over 20 years, research has concluded
Chris Curry: State pension knowledge too low for informed decisions
Source: Money Marketing - 15th June 2018
A lot of recent work in the pensions world has been aimed at helping individuals engage with retirement saving: to better understand what they have already, how much they might need and what they will have to save to reach their target levels.
Two 'Super Seniors' Share Their Reasons For Volunteering In Retirement
Source: Female First - 15th June 2018
'I really enjoy helping with activities and also spending time with individual residents who just need someone to chat to.'
Elderly homeowners still face obstacles to downsizing - but affordable alternatives to pricey retirement homes are emerging
Source: Mail Online - 15th June 2018
With just two per cent of UK housing designed specifically for older people — much of which is priced at the higher end of the market — the pressure is on to build more affordable retirement schemes.
Brexit fears for pension pots: UK workers plagued with anxiety over their retirement savings
Source: This Is Money - 15th June 2018
Nearly 40 per cent of people across Britain are worried about their ability to retire comfortably, with many having no idea how much they are saving into their pension.
UK's POOREST pensioners will save £140 on their energy bills as Minister CAVES in to MPs
Source: Express - 15th June 2018
THOUSANDS of the UK’s poorest pensioners will get £140 off their electricity bills as Energy Minister Claire Perry prepares to give in to mounting pressure from campaigners and MPs on lowering the Warm Home discount threshold.
Frugal pensioners more likely to save than spend, says IFS
Source: This Is Money - 15th June 2018
Tens of thousands of people are being paid WRONG state pension due to massive data bungle
Frugal pensioners more likely to save than spend, says IFS
Source: Citywire - 15th June 2018
Pensioners are defying the worst fears around the pension freedom reforms and are holding on to their wealth in retirement, research by Institute of Fiscal Studies reveals.
Four in five UK savers face poorer living standards in retirement
Source: Actuarial Post - 14th June 2018
The majority of British pension savers are set to experience a fall in living standards when they stop working, with many facing retirement with no savings at all.
One in five approaching retirement can maintain lifestyle
Source: Actuarial Post - 14th June 2018
New research by Aegon reveals that 38% of individuals are not confident about their ability to retire comfortably with many in the dark when it comes to their pension savings and arrangements for funding their retirement.
Retirees face state pension cuts after review uncovers errors
Source: Financial Times - 14th June 2018
Overpayments and disparities discovered in records going back 40 years
Retiring to Europe: the Brexit race is on
Source: Financial Times - 14th June 2018
Many would-be expats are scrambling to move before transition period begins next March
British Expat Pension Pots Hit £210k
Source: iExpats - 14th June 2018
British expats have a far greater pension spending power than stay-at-home retirees, according to new research.
Evaluating the Philippines as a retirement destination
Source: Emigrate - 13th June 2018
Despite its present political problems, expats living in the Philippines are still convinced they made the right choice.
Vietnam versus Thailand as an expat retirement destination
Source: Emigrate - 13th June 2018
Southeast Asia is now one of the most popular destinations for retirees looking to expand their horizons whilst benefiting from a relatively low cost of living.
Ban funding for pension cold-callers, MP Frank Field says
Source: BBC - 13th June 2018
Pensions cold-calling companies should not be given public money in future, a senior MP has said.
Millennials will benefit from the good luck of the baby boomers' generation when they inherit massive windfalls (but might not get them until they are past retirement age themselves)
Source: Mail Online - 13th June 2018
Most wealth held by retired people is likely to be bequeathed to future generations rather than spent, research has found.
Source: Business World - 13th June 2018
Bank of Ireland has today released its latest Retirement Optimism Index in conjuction with ESRI.
4 easy ways to increase your retirement income
Source: Yahoo Finance - 12th June 2018
Retirement planning today is not what it used to be.
Decades ago, retirees could simply shift their investments into fixed income, which historically paid higher rates of interest.
Are clients aware of State Pension Survival Day?
Source: Money Marketing - 12th June 2018
People still need to wake up to the dangers of relying on the state pension in retirement
The UK’s pensioners may have never had it so bad
Source: Express - 12th June 2018
A POPULAR myth that pensioners “have never had it so good” is laid to rest in the Age Audit, a devastating report compiled by the National Pensioners Convention which looks at the harsh realities of life for many of British pensioners and...
How Do We Solve the Trillion Dollar Time Bomb Called Pension?
Source: News BTC - 12th June 2018
For many of us, pensions are a big deal. The thought of what we’ll do for money after retirement is something that can keep us awake at night, something to which we devote hours of anxious overthinking.
‘There’s a pension scandal looming, but no-one’s doing anything about it’
Source: Lovemoney - 12th June 2018
More low-earning workers are losing out in pensions as the problem of net pay schemes keeps getting worse, writes former pension minister Ros Altmann.
Older workers contribute £9bn a year to UK’s finances through income tax
Source: Your Money - 12th June 2018
Pensioner households contribute almost £9bn a year in tax from their earnings, according to analysis by Aegon
How the pensions lifeboat works for the common good
Source: Financial Director - 12th June 2018
The pensions lifeboat plays a key role in ensuring the security of corporate pensions says Andy McKinnon, CFO of the Pension Protection Fund
Grim report reveals OAPs are ‘surviving not thriving’
Source: Express - 12th June 2018
THE hardships and pain facing UK pensioners are laid bare in a hard-hitting report today.
DC Debate Q2: Default retirement pathways, flexibility and guidance
Source: Pensions Expert - 12th June 2018
Five defined contribution experts discuss default pathways, striking a balance between flexibility and secure income, and the importance of guidance at retirement.
Australian pensioners ‘reckless conservativism’ now in UK market: AJ Bell
Source: International Investment - 12th June 2018
A situation where retired people in Australia are overly worried about running out of money during retirement and are underspending as a result,...
Institute launches to tackle EU-wide pension crisis
Source: FT Adviser - 11th June 2018
European pensions institute (Fepi) has been launched to address the pensions crisis faced in several European countries.
Staying put:how to future-proof a central London home for retirement
Source: Homes and Property - 11th June 2018
Retirement brought Julia Tayler the chance to give her Islington maisonette an airy, modern makeover.
Rich pensioners hoard cash and reject urge to spend
Source: Financial Times - 11th June 2018
Baby boomers likely to pass down large bequests, study shows
Retiring abroad: will your state pension be frozen?
Source: Which - 11th June 2018
Dreaming of a sunny retirement by the sea? You can still receive your UK state pension if you decide to move abroad – but the amount you’ll receive will depend on where you go.
Millennials will benefit from the good luck of the baby boomers' generation when they inherit massive windfalls (but might not get them until they are past retirement age themselves)
Source: Mail Online -11th June 2018
Most wealth held by retired people is likely to be bequeathed to future generations rather than spent, research has found
Should you transfer a final salary pension?
Source: Express - 11th June 2018
AS IF WE had not suffered enough pension scandals, yet another one appears to have been going on right under our noses.
Forget early retirement — people who saved enough money to travel for weeks or years say a 'mini-retirement' is just as rewarding
Source: Business Insider - 11th June 2018
For some people, early retirement just isn't feasible. But neither is the rat race.
'Fewer over-50s' to seek professional advice on retirement
Source: Professional Adviser - 9th June 2018
Fewer over-50s plan to seek professional financial advice than the age group did one year ago, according to a study undertaken by Retirement Advantage.
Want to Be a Millionaire by Retirement? Here's How Much You'll Need to Save Each Month
Source: Yahoo Finance - 9th June 2018
Saving for retirement is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make, and it's not cheap.
Time to take back control of your retirement
Source: The Times - 9th June 2018
A Sipp can provide financial protection in later life, and be fun to manage
A little tax system trick that can give you an extra pension boost
Source: iNews - 8th June 2018
I am a 72-year-old pensioner receiving an income from a defined benefit (DB) pension scheme.
EU must 'stick together' to provide pensions amid Brexit challenges
Source: Professional Pensions - 8th June 2018
The EU must "stick together" amid Brexit challenges as a strong economy is needed to provide pensions, Pensions Europe chairman Janwillem Bouma says.
Gov’t report calls for end to emergency tax on pension withdrawals
Source: Citywire - 8th June 2018
A report commissioned by the government has called for a rethink to the use of the emergency tax code on pension withdrawals.
How good are people in your job at saving into a pension? We reveal the best and worst for building a nest egg
Source: This Is Money - 8th June 2018
Pensions have jumped in popularity again over the past year with 84 per cent of workers now saving for retirement, new official figures reveal.
Public sector pension funds put millions in tax haven-linked PFIs
Source: The Guardian - 8th June 2018
Report traces nearly 30% of investments in Scottish schemes to offshore firms
Half of people retiring this year plan to work past state pension age, research finds
Source: Independent - 8th June 2018
More than a quarter of those planning to delay their retirement would like to reduce their hours and go part-time with their current employer
Longevity and low returns threat to 'unprepared' over-50s - research
Source: Professional Adviser - 7th June 2018
Longevity and a decade of low interest rates are proving dangerous for those unprepared and approaching retirement,...
FTSE 350 pension deficit cut by almost a third in one month
Source: The Actuary - 7th June 2018
The combined pension deficit of the UK’s 350 largest companies fell by a whopping £16bn in May, with the gap between assets and liabilities now standing at approximately £34bn.
Charity issues scam advice for the elderly during Scam Awareness Month
Source: The News - 7th June 2018
THIS week The News is highlighting different types of scams, and as June is Scams Awareness Month, charity Age UK has issued advice about how vulnerable, old people can stay safe.
One in 10 open to cashing in whole pension
Source: FT Adviser - 7th June 2018
About a tenth of the UK’s adult population is open to cashing in their whole pension pot when they retire, as widespread confusion about retirement options persists.
Could you get £244 more a year by topping up your state pension?
Source: Which - 7th June 2018
Early retirees could find themselves significantly better off in retirement by topping up their National Insurance contributions.
Pros and cons of favourite expat retirement destinations
Source: Emigrate - 7th June 2018
Planning the next adventure after shrugging off a former career is attracting an increasing number of Britons to overseas locations.
Over-50s “dangerously unprepared” for retirement
Source: Moneyfacts - 7th June 2018
A new report from The London Institute of Banking & Finance and Seven Investment Management (7IM) raises concerns over the readiness among those nearing retirement for their post-work life.
Workplace pensions: more people are saving but not as much cash as before
Source: Moneywise - 6th June 2018
Government data shows a 5% increase in the total amount being saved in workplace pensions, but average savings levels fall to an all-time low.
People in their twenties should be paying £190 a month into their pension, say experts
Source: iNews - 6th June 2018
The number of young people saving enough for retirement has surged over the past year, as auto-enrolment continues to sweep more workers into the pensions system.
Call for Auto Enrolment threshold to be scrapped
Source: Actuarial Post - 6th June 2018
Scottish Widows calls for auto-enrolment threshold to be scrapped to help more people save for later life. The number of under 30s saving enough for retirement has risen sharply by 9%, according to the 14th annual Scottish Widows Retirement Report.
Why young people face a £100 a week shortfall when they pack up work
Source: Mirror - 6th June 2018
Record numbers are putting cash aside for retirement, but there are concerns that we aren’t saving enough
More Scots saving for retirement, but fewer are saving enough
Source: Insider - 6th June 2018
Scottish Widows warns that auto-enrolment is no 'silver bullet' to ensuring a comfortable future
Record numbers save in pensions ‘revolution’
Source: Express - 6th June 2018
A PENSIONS revolution is underway in Britain as a record number of workers save for their old age, official figures show today.
Hardest-working Brits denied £90million of free money thanks to "unfair" Government rules
Source: Mirror - 6th June 2018
Everyone earning more than £10,000 a year is automatically entitled to extra money from their boss and a tax break to help out with their retirement savings - except for the 1.8 million people who aren't
UK workers happy to pay double into their pensions
Source: Your Money - 5th June 2018
UK workers would be happy to pay more than double the minimum required into a pension every year to help build a bigger pot for retirement.
PENSION WARNING: Thousands 'at grave risk' of running out money in retirement
Source: Express - 5th June 2018
HUNDREDS of thousands of pensioners are at ‘grave risk’ of running out of money in retirement as the stampede to cash in pensions early continues.
Pension payment access after retiring overseas
Source: Emigrate - 5th June 2018
Retiring overseas after a lifetime of work is an exciting possibility and a fresh new start to a new phase in your personal history.
Fury at call to ditch triple-lock pension so the wealthier can help to meet costs
Source: Express - 5th June 2018
PENSIONERS should sacrifice their “triple lock” pension rises so the money can be diverted towards Britain’s crisis-hit care system, according to a think-tank.
Seven questions to ask if you are tempted to ditch a final salary pension, to help spot red flags ...
Source: This Is Money - 5th June 2018
The pitfalls of giving up final salary pensions too readily were exposed in the recent British Steel debacle. In that case,vulture advisers swooped in to ...
It pays to be 'pension savvy' when planning your retirement
Source: Irish News - 4th June 2018
ARE you ‘pension savvy' about planning your retirement?
A major new report has indicated that in general, pension savers are mostly ‘saving blind' into their pensions,...
Advertisers ‘better off’ targeting blissful retired
Source: The Times - 4th June 2018
Workers are less happy about their lot and more worried about their mental health than those who have retired, research has found.
Why You Need a Retirement Backup Plan
Source: Yahoo Finance - 4th June 2018
Leaving the workforce isn't the sort of decision you make on the fly. Rather, you'll need to assess your savings and career before you determine whether the time is right to call it quits.
‘Cut pensions to fund care bill’
Source: The Times - 4th June 2018
The pension triple lock should be scrapped to free up funds for social care, according to the Adam Smith Institute, a free market think tank.
The Completely Unpredictable Retirement Expense You Somehow Must Prepare For
Source: Yahoo Finance - 4th June 2018
If you've read any personal finance content online, you know about the need to predict your retirement expenses.
Why Are Women Only Saving Half as Much as Men for Retirement?
Source: Yahoo Finance - 4th June 2018
All working Americans need retirement savings, regardless of gender. But the need is particularly strong for women, since they have a tendency to live longer than their male counterparts.
Helping hand for life after the world of work
Source: Yorkshire Post - 4th June 2018
After 35 years in a career she loved so much that it “felt more like a hobby”, Annie Stirk was a reluctant retiree.
More than half of the South West's over-50s are not prepared for the future
Source: Bournemouth Daily Echo - 3rd June 2018
MORE than half of people over the age of 50 living in the South West do not feel financially prepared for the future, a Salvation Army survey has found.
Pensioners who invest savings into an over-50s plan get THREE times more from a regular savings account — and it’s a grave shame for ex-soldier Eddie Edwards
Source: The Sun - 3rd June 2018
TODAY The Sun reveals pensioners investing cash into an over-50s plan can get almost three times more return from a regular savings account.
Over-50s plans ‘waste of money’ and OAPs better off using regular savings account
Source: The Sun - 3rd June 2018
PENSIONERS who invest their cash into an over-50s plan would get almost three times more return if they used a regular savings account instead.