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Retirement and Pensions News Headlines

We see no reason why the State Pension Age should go beyond 66
Source: SNP - 26th July 2017
I hope everyone is having a good summer and has been able to enjoy some of the fine weather we’ve been having (is it me or has the weather been a wee bit better this year than most? Touch wood).
Hotspots for retiring overseas
Source: AoL - 26th July 2017
The top ten destinations for expats retiring abroad - and the main things to consider
Why you're set to miss out on £10,000 of your pension if you are born between 1970 and 1978
Source: Chronicle Live - 25th July 2017
The Government is raising the pension age to save £74billion with rival parties accusing the Tories of making people work for longer to fund austerity
NOW: Pensions exits regulator 'assurance' list after admin bungle in processing savers' money
Source: This Is Money - 25th July 2017
Workplace pensions provider NOW: Pensions has left a voluntary 'assurance' scheme operated by industry watchdogs after they raised concerns about the firm's administration and governance.
Scammers target nearly five million elderly people
Source: FT Adviser - 25th July 2017
Nearly five million older people have been targeted by scammers according to Age UK
How much should you save for decent retirement? Young workers told, put 18 PER CENT of your salary into a pension
Source: This Is Money - 25th July 2017
Twentysomethings entering the workforce now need to save 18 per cent of their earnings into a pension to enjoy a comfortable retirement, a new report has found.
Pension loss for MILLIONS under new plans to up state pension age earlier than planned
Source: Express - 25th July 2017
MORE than seven million people in their 30s and 40s will lose £10,000 each under Government plans to increase the state pension age earlier than planned.
Older people increasingly caught by pension scams
Source: Moneyfacts - 25th July 2017
The pension freedoms that were launched in April 2015 have given retirees far more choice in how they spend their pension pot, yet it's also opened the floodgates for pension scammers...
Drawdown projection allows couple to retire early
Source: Citywire - 25th July 2017
Deon, aged 53, is married with two children in their 20s. After a 25-year career with a national employer, he is now self-employed, working full time and earning around £60,000 per year.
Hotspots for retiring overseas
Source: AoL - 24th July 2017
The top ten destinations for expats retiring abroad - and the main things to consider
Pension age hike displays ‘Tory trickery’
Source: The National - 24th July 2017
MORE than half a million Scots will be affected by the latest pension age hike, it has been revealed, which shows the latest form of “Tory trickery”.
State pension changes will cost 7 million people £10,000 each
Source: The Guardian - 24th July 2017
Analysis shows each person affected may lose £9,800 after government announces raising pension age earlier than planned
And here is the news... leave pensions alone
Source: This Is Money - 23rd July 2017
You can argue about the fairness of it until you are blue in the face as I today will no doubt do over a long lazy lunch with friends.
Property or pension? Analysis claims investing in a pension will DOUBLE the returns on homes due to buy-to-let tax changes
Source: Mail Online - 23rd July 2017
Investing in a pension could now double the returns of bricks and mortars over 20 years as a direct result of the unfavourable tax changes affecting buy-to-let landlords.
Raising the age of the state pension makes perfect sense
Source: Independent - 23rd July 2017
The Government’s proposal to raise the age at which people qualify for a state pension produced predictable responses.
Hands are tied over Manx ex-pats not getting pensions increases
Source: IoM Today - 23rd July 2017
Treasury Minister Alfred Cannan has admitted his hands are tied over Manx ex-pats in certain countries whose pensions cannot be increased.
Pension freedoms come with a caveat
Source: Scotsman - 22nd July 2017
People who have worked hard and saved hard all their lives, and done the right thing, should be trusted with their own finances.
Your state pension in Dorset – £124,000. In Glasgow? £38,000
Source: The Guardian - 22nd July 2017
The UK’s ‘one size fits all’ pension is simplistic, ignoring regional differences and life expectancy
BBC spends more than £8 a year from every TV licence fee on gold-plated pensions for long-serving staff
Source: Mail Online - 22nd July 2017
More than £8 a year from every TV licence is being spent on final salary pension schemes for some of the BBC's staff.
Savers warned as pension SUPER tax stings 80% more people
Source: Express - 22nd July 2017
SAVERS have been warned as the number of people caught out by a pension 'super tax' almost doubled last year.
REVEALED: BBC is spending nearly £8 from every licence fee to plug pension black hole
Source: Express - 22nd July 2017
THE BBC is plunging more than £8 from every licence fee into its pension pot amounting to an eye-watering £2million sum waiting for its top talent when they retire.
The state pension age will now rise to 68 for everyone in their mid-forties and under - is this fair?
Source: Mail Online - 21st July 2017
The state pension age will rise to 68 between 2037 and 2039, affecting everyone aged 46 or under now.
State pension benefits rich and UNFAIR on ill or manual workers, says ex-pension minister
Source: Express - 21st July 2017
BRITAIN'S flat state pension age favours wealthier and healthier people and punishes those who can't work into their later years, according to former pensions minister Ros Altmann.
Young must save fifth of salary for ‘adequate’ retirement
Source: FT Adviser - 21st July 2017
People entering the workforce today face a “monumental savings challenge”, the International Longevity Centre-UK has said in a report published today
Trade group warns that buy to let taxes could trigger pension crisis
Source: Letting Agents Today - 21st July 2017
The impact of recent changes to the way buy to let properties are taxed could create the next pension crisis, a trade body is warning.
Even if you love your job, this new retirement age is scary
Source: The Guardian - 21st July 2017
In an era of change, the assumption that people can work continuously up to the age of 68 simply isn’t borne out by the facts
The Government's position on pensions is unsustainable, and can only make intergenerational inequality worse
Source: Independent - 21st July 2017
So generous is the triple lock now, by comparison with wages growth and growth in the wider economy, that the country couldn't cope if there was any effort to continue it in future decades
What is the state pension age? When will I get my state pension? State pension age RISES
Source: Express - 21st July 2017
MILLIONS are being forced to wait even longer for their pension after the state pension age increase from 67 to 68 was brought forward. But when will you retire?
If the UK is going to make more people retire later, it needs to get creative
Source: The Conversation - 21st July 2017
The UK government has made a surprise announcement that the rise in state pension age to 68 is to be phased in from 2037, instead of 2044. Made just days before the end of an unusually troubled parliamentary session,...
Scottish Widows launches adviser retirement planning guide
Source: Financial Reporter - 21st July 2017
Scottish Widows has launched a new guide for advisers who feel their service would benefit from more support when planning retirement income for their clients.
Making workers wait longer for their pension will hit the poor hardest – yet another cynical Tory move
Source: Daily Record - 21st July 2017
Just as statistics show life expectancy in the UK has stalled the Tories announce that you have to work an extra year before retirement.
Don't let your pension savings dwindle: Five of the best funds to invest in for income in retirement
Source: This Is Money - 21st July 2017
The financial watchdog has sounded the alarm over savers using the pension freedoms to move retirement money to ordinary bank accounts, or into drawdown plans without getting investment advice. So what's the alternative?
The under the radar pension tax scandal
Source: Money Marketing - 21st July 2017
I want to highlight a major pensions injustice concerning employers who choose an auto-enrolment scheme administered on a net pay basis.
Outcry from people in 40s facing longer wait to retire
Source: Yorkshire Post - 20th July 2017
THE GOVERNMENT has been accused of “picking the pockets” of millions of people in their forties after announcing that anyone born between 1970 and 1978 will have to wait for an extra year before receiving their state pension.
Personal pensions worse than workplace schemes
Source: FT Adviser - 20th July 2017
People who take out an individual personal pension will receive lower returns than those who invest in a group personal pension plan, according to research from the University of Bath
Government accused of 'picking the pockets' of millions with state pension move
Source: Yahoo Finance - 20th July 2017
The Government has been accused of "picking the pockets" of millions of people in their forties after announcing that anyone born between 1970 and 1978 will have to wait for an extra year before receiving their state pension.
Advisers break state pension news to clients in their 40s
Source: FT Adviser - 20th July 2017
The war between the generations is set to take a new twist as baby boomers enjoy a state pension protected by the triple lock at 65 while under 40s will not only have to pay for their elders' pensions but will not receive their state pension until the age of 68
Blended retirement income options: Cottoning on to the 'new norm'
Source: FT Adviser - 20th July 2017
We live in a world where early access to pensions is, in the words of the Financial Conduct Authority, "the new norm".
A longer life means a longer wait for your pension
Source: BBC - 20th July 2017
Here's the problem. In 1948 the average 65-year-old could expect to live 13.5 years.
Pensions need to be smarter, not just start later
Source: The Guardian - 19th July 2017
At the moment, the state pension is flexible only for those healthy and wealthy enough not to have to take it at the statutory age. Is this really the best we can do?
State pension age: Millions of people will have to work an extra year before retiring at 68
Source: Independent - 19th July 2017
Millions of workers will have to work an extra year before retiring after the Government announced plans to extend the retirement age to 68.
Proposed new timetable for State Pension age increases
Source: - 19th July 2017
The government’s review proposes a new timetable for the rise to 68, in line with continuing increases in life expectancy.
UK slips to 18th place in retirement security ranking
Source: International Adviser - 19th July 2017
Retirement security in the UK took a hit in a global ranking, falling one notch to number 18 among 43 developed countries.
The brutal complexity of Brexit's pensions nightmare
Source: - 19th July 2017
Britain needs to come to an agreement with the EU about how much it is on the hook for and how it can pay to have the hook removed"
Rule change means over-55s who withdraw money from pension funds could be punished
Source: Express - 19th July 2017
A MILLION older Britons have taken advantage of pension freedom reforms to withdraw cash from their pots, but many could now be in for a shock.
Retirement security: Dividend stocks now key for pension income
Source: Express - 19th July 2017
CASH may no longer be king, but the good news for pension savers and investors is that dividends have claimed its throne.
Pension annuity betrayal that left disabled widow Dawn a prisoner in her own home
Source: Mail Online - 19th July 2017
Three years ago, Dawn Smith fell down the stairs at home and was left disabled. Due to osteoporosis, the 73-year-old widow shattered bones in her feet, ankles and legs, and spent six months in a wheelchair.
Beware new limit on pension saving: Over-55s already taking cash out can now put only £4,000 a year back in
Source: Mail Online - 19th July 2017
Controversial new rules will restrict the amount people can pay into their pension after they have started taking withdrawals.
Next pension CRISIS could be caused by buy-to-let properties, experts claim
Source: Express - 19th July 2017
PENSION crisis could be caused by the way buy-to-let properties are taxed, according to experts. Are you relying on your property to prop up your state pension?
Scientists reveal the one thing you should be doing to keep your brain younger for longer
Source: Mirror - 19th July 2017
Experts used online cognitive tests to assess core aspects of brain ­function in the over-50s
Doing a crossword every day could keep your brain 10 years younger, a study suggests.
Japan's doctors propose raising 'outdated' retirement age to 75
Source: The Guardian - 19th July 2017
Campaigners say 65 to 74-year-olds should be classified as pre-old age to empower those who want to work or volunteer
Retirement Dread Is Replacing the American Dream
Source: Yahoo Finance - 19th July 2017
With informed discussion, creative thinking, and timely legislative action, Social Security can continue to protect future generations.
The man who won a landmark legal battle for same-sex pension rights
Source: The Guardian - 18th July 2017
John Walker was on a river cruise through Bangkok with his husband when he heard the supreme court was finally about to end his 11-year legal battle.
Pension raiders resist splashing out on frivolous sports cars - but savings accounts aren't much better
Source: Mail Online - 18th July 2017
Pity the poor Lamborghini salesmen. Though a million pension pots have been tapped to the tune of nearly £12billion since new freedoms were introduced two years ago, it seems few retirement savers have chosen to blow their money on a fast car.
If home ownership continues to shrink, the retirement system is in trouble
Source: The Guardian - 18th July 2017
One of the more quirky aspects of economic debate in this country is how much attention is focused on interest rates given around two-thirds of the population don’t pay mortgages.
“Pretirement” is the new norm for many retirees
Source: Moneyfacts - 18th July 2017
The traditional idea of retirement is changing. No longer do the majority give up work as soon as State Pension age hits, but for the fifth year in a row, more than half of people planning to retire this year (51%) will consider working past that age,...
Half of workers WOULD consider working past state pension age
Source: Express - 17th July 2017
MORE than half of people planning to retire this year would consider, or already are, working past their state pension age, research has found.
I'm in my work pension - can I relax? Five ways to check you're on track for a comfortable retirement
Source: This Is Money - 17th July 2017
I pay into a pension at work and won’t retire for ages. Can I not think about it for a few years or is there something else I should be doing? What should I check on and how often?
Pension planning: Avoid these costly mistakes with your savings
Source: Sunday Express - 16th July 2017
MORE than a million Britons have seized on pension freedom reforms to take control of their savings pots, but many are making expensive mistakes as a result.
Here's why retiring at 65 is becoming more of a luxury than a mandate for some seniors
Source: Yahoo Finance - 16th July 2017
A person's 65th birthday used to be a milestone. That was the age at which your working days were over and your retirement began.
Retirement age: Half of workers WOULD consider working past state pension age
Source: Express - 15th July 2017
MORE than half of people planning to retire this year would consider, or already are, working past their state pension age, research has found.
Retirement age MUST rise or young families pay the price, pension committee head warns
Source: Express - 15th July 2017
BRITONS face further rises to the official retirement age or their children will be hit with higher taxes and fewer benefits, the returning head of the Work and Pensions committee has warned.
Webb defends success of pension freedoms
Source: FT Adviser - 15th July 2017
Former pensions minister Sir Steve Webb has defended his landmark pension reforms in a week when the Financial Conduct Authority has sought to address some of the issues they have raised
Supreme Court refers part-time pensions entitlement case to EU court
Source: Employee Benefits - 14th July 2017
The Supreme Court has referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) to clarify the amount a retired part-time judge can receive in pension income.
'Pretirement' the new norm for many - Pru
Source: Professional Adviser - 14th July 2017
A rising trend towards 'pretirement' - people scaling back on work or changing jobs rather than stopping work entirely - has now persisted for five years in a row, according to research by Prudential.
Annuity rates climb to pre-referendum levels
Source: FT Adviser - 14th July 2017
Annuity rates have climbed backed to pre-Brexit referendum levels after reaching their lowest point in September 2016, with ten rate increases since the beginning of May
How ill health is turning retirement into hard work
Source: The Times - 14th July 2017
The average man or woman will spend their entire retirement in ill health, a watchdog has warned.
Life expectancy on the rise but half of Brits will not retire in good health
Source: Mirror - 13th July 2017
Public Health England has released its first 'state of the nation' report to outline problems set to blight the ageing population, with those in poorer areas set for bleaker futures
Retirees miss £1,000s by not switching pension provider
Source: Your Money - 13th July 2017
Consumers are missing out on £130m by sticking with the same pension provider after retirement, according to a major insurance group.
Public sector pension liabilities have nearly DOUBLED since 2010 and abandoning the 1% pay cap would add another £20billion, report says
Source: Mail Online - 13th July 2017
Liabilities for public sector pensions have nearly doubled over the past seven years - and abandoning the 1 per cent pay cap would add £20billion more to the costs.
Cut to pension tax relief for elderly savers who dig into their pots is back on - and applies to withdrawals from last April onwards
Source: This Is Money - 13th July 2017
A Government move to stop people recycling retirement savings to gain a tax advantage, which was put on hold due to the election, will apply from April onwards after all.
Pension raiders warning: 72 per cent of savings being plundered BEFORE retirement
Source: Express - 13th July 2017
SO many pension savers are raiding their pots before retirement that it has become a ‘new norm’, the financial regulator has warned.
Drawdown overtakes annuities – but seek advice
Source: Moneyfacts - 13th July 2017
Once upon a time, annuities were the most popular way to secure an income in later life, with the vast majority of retirees opting for this form of guaranteed income.
Do YOU know about the cash boost for your retirement? Half of workers are unaware of pension tax relief that can be worth thousands
Source: This Is Money - 13th July 2017
Half of workers are unaware the Government helps people save for retirement by not taxing pension contributions and could be missing out on free cash paid into their pension as a result, a new survey reveals.
The 'bonkers' decision most people are making for no good reason that costs them THOUSANDS in tax
Source: Mirror - 13th July 2017
People are paying thousands in tax they don't need to and missing out on benefits they are due, simply because they can't get to grips with how pension freedoms work and don't ask for help
Cold call crooks who prey on pensioners let off hook as ban is shelved
Source: Mail Online - 13th July 2017
Plans for a ban on cold calls about pension transfers have been shelved.
Plan for dreaded 'death tax' ditched before election could be imposed with little warning, experts say
Source: Mail Online - 13th July 2017
Controversial plans for a death tax, scrapped in April, could be reintroduced without notice, experts warn.
Same sex couple win landmark pension equality case
Source: FT Adviser - 12th July 2017
A gay man has won a landmark court case to secure the same pensions benefits for his husband as a wife would enjoy
Man wins equal pension rights for husband at supreme court
Source: The Guardian - 12th July 2017
Landmark ruling means former cavalry officer’s husband will enjoy the same pension rights as a widow would
FCA: More taking out drawdown pensions without advice
Source: BBC - 12th July 2017
More people are taking out so-called drawdown pensions without taking advice, the City regulator has warned.
Early pension access is 'new norm'
Source: FT Adviser - 12th July 2017
The Financial Conduct Authority has said accessing pension pots early has become the “new norm” for retirees
Over 50s use equity release to future proof homes
Source: FT Adviser - 11th July 2017
Making home improvements is the biggest reason those aged 50 plus are turning to equity release, with two thirds spending the new-found funds on their home
Scammers flogging fake certificates 'exempting' employers from giving staff pensions at £58 a pop
Source: Mail Online - 11th July 2017
Fraudsters have duped dozens of employers into thinking they can avoid auto-enrolling staff into pensions by buying a fake 'exemption' certificate for £58.
Most people blow 70% of their money on 3 things — and cutting back could be the key to retiring much earlier
Source: Business Insider - 11th July 2017
Retirement might seem light-years away, but if you get to your golden years with insufficient funds, it's guaranteed to be even further.
How to retire at 40: six ways to live the dream
Source: The Guardian - 11th July 2017
Want to achieve the impossible? Ahead of a new show, Rhik Samadder gives the golden rules for early retirement – from the heroes who have managed it
Pension savers with ‘guaranteed’ small pots no longer need to pay for advice
Source: Moneywise - 11th July 2017
The government announced that thousands of pensioner savers with small pots no longer have to pay for advice in order to transfer out of their scheme.
Nest sees black hole increase to £87m
Source: FT Adviser - 10th July 2017
The National Employment Savings Trust saw its expenditure after interest and income increase in 2016/17 to £87m
Regulator makes highest pension recoveries since creation
Source: FT Adviser - 10th July 2017
The Pensions Regulator recovered over £650m for defined benefit pension schemes last year, over half of the entire amount it has recovered since its launch in 2005
UK's BMW workers accept new pensions deal, ending dispute
Source: Euro News - 10th July 2017
British workers at BMW (BMWG.DE)'s Mini and Rolls-Royce operations have overwhelmingly accepted a new offer from the German carmaker on Monday over the closure of its final salary pension scheme, ending a disagreement which had led to strikes.
Most people blow 70% of their money on 3 things — and cutting back could be the key to retiring much earlier
Source: Business Insider - 10th July 2017
Retirement might seem light years away, but if you get to your golden years with insufficient funds it's guaranteed to be even further.
A newspaper article isn’t an acceptable way to tell women that their pension age is changing
Source: iNews - 10th July 2017
Westminster recently held the latest in a long line of passionate and angry debates on the issue of fair transitional arrangements for the WASPI women.
How to retire at 40: six ways to live the dream
Source: The Guardian - 10th July 2017
Want to achieve the impossible? Ahead of a new show, Rhik Samadder gives the golden rules for early retirement – from the heroes who have managed it
Half of Brits don’t know the taxman tops up their pension
Source: Moneywise - 10th July 2017
Half of Brits do not realise that the government boosts any payments they make into private pensions, according to a new survey from Blackrock.
Quarter of Brits would increase pension saving if aware of govt top-up
Source: Professional Adviser - 10th July 2017
A quarter of Brits would increase their pension savings if they realised the government topped up their contributions, BlackRock's Investor Pulse survey has found.
Sleep-walking towards a disappointing retirement
Source: The Irish News - 10th July 2017
Do you know anyone who walks in their sleep?
Well, according to the Office for National Statistics, you probably do. Just look in the mirror.
Funeral plans 'are the latest mis-selling con': Fears over-50s have been misled into thinking plan will cover entire cost after being cold-called by salesmen
Source: Mail Online - 7th July 2017
  • Fairer Finance found that millions of over-50s have been mis-sold funeral plans
  • Customers are misled into thinking the plan will cover the entire funeral cost
  • Research says that six million people over 50 have been contacted by salesman
  • The products sold allow people to put money towards the cost of their funeral

Pensioners are an underrated and underserved market
Source: The Economist - 7th July 2017
From adventure travel to dating websites, older consumers display resolutely young tastes
How to retire at 40... even if you don't earn a fortune: Impossible? These couples prove anyone can do it - but you'll have to make Scrooge look like a shopaholic!
Source: Mail Online - 7th July 2017
  • IT executive Jason Buckley bid farewell to his stressful corporate life last year
  • His wife Julie, a marketing manager, had also grown weary of corporate life
  • They are both featured in a new Channel 4 programme, How To Retire At 40

Workers who make phones for super-rich face £500,000-plus hole in their pension fund as company goes bust
Source: This Is Money - 7th July 2017
Workers who make phones for the super-rich face a £500,000-plus hole in their pension fund as their company goes bust amid a huge row between the current and former owners.
DWP delays pensions cold calling ban legislation further
Source: Citywire - 6th July 2017
The Conservative Department for Work and Pensions representative for the House of Lords has said the government will not include the pensions cold calling ban in the Financial Guidance bill, despite heavy pressure from campaigners.
'Shame on you!' Fury as Tory minister suggests women 'robbed' of their pensions could take up an apprenticeship
Source: Mirror - 6th July 2017
Guy Opperman faced heckles of "shame on you" and "disgraceful" from WASPI pension campaigners in a packed debate in the House of Commons
Tory minister savaged after suggesting older women facing pension wait should take up an apprenticeship
Source: The Sun - 6th July 2017
More than two million women born in the Fifties face having to work an extra six years before retiring after changes to their retirement age
Baby boomers are nowhere close to reaching their retirement goals
Source: Business Insider - 6th July 2017
Baby boomers are falling short of their retirement savings goals, and it could be due to their conservative approach to investing.
Women hit by pension age change 'can take up apprenticeships'
Source: The Guardian - 6th July 2017
The pensions minister is facing criticism after suggesting that millions of women in their 60s who are facing cuts to their state pension could take up apprenticeships as a route to re-employment.
Pension tax relief is safe for now: Plans to scrap bung worth £38bn to savers kicked into long grass by Work and Pensions Secretary
Source: This Is Money - 5th July 2017
The threat of abolition or dramatic cuts to pension tax relief was lifted today by the new Work and Pensions Secretary, who said he 'wouldn't expect to see any fundamental changes in the near future'.
Retirees lose £8,460 of pension income: Make sure YOU don't make THIS mistake
Source: Express - 5th July 2017
PENSIONERS have missed out on thousands of pounds of retirement income after making a crucial mistake over the past two years, analysis has showed.
Silver spenders feel ignored by finance
Source: FT Adviser - 5th July 2017
Over 50s feel ignored by brands in favour of younger consumers, according to the latest research by SunLife - despite wielding almost £120bn of annual spending power
Over 50s ignored by financial service providers
Source: Moneyfacts - 5th July 2017
A new study has found that a majority of Brits aged 50 and over are feeling ignored by financial services brands, despite spending more on these products than those under 50.
Work and pensions secretary Gauke: I will change pension system where necessary
Source: Citywire - 4th July 2017
The recently installed secretary of state for work and pensions David Gauke has said he will not ‘shy away from big decisions’ in his new position.
'Stress and sleepless nights': readers' stories of working post-retirement
Source: The Guardian - 4th July 2017
Ageism is the most widely experienced form of discrimination across Europe. We asked readers to share their experiences of working later in life
Why retirement savers are ditching the 'do-it-yourself' approach in favor of target date investments
Source: Yahoo Finance - 3rd July 2017
It turns out "do-it-yourself" investing is not all that it's cracked up to be.
Employees saving for retirement in workplace 401(k) plans are increasingly eager (or willing) to autopilot their allocation and portfolio management decisions.
1 million to opt out of pension in 2019
Source: Moneyfacts - 3rd July 2017
A million people will choose to miss out on crucial retirement saving in 2019, Government figures predict.
Paul Lewis: Scrap National Insurance contributions
Source: Money Marketing - 3rd July 2017
Is it time to scrap the National Insurance fund? Despite its name, it is not a fund and it is not insurance, though a fiction is carefully woven around it to make it appear as if it is both.
UK Workers Missing Out on £2 Billion of Pension Contributions, Study Finds
Source: Chief Investment Officer - 3rd July 2017
An analysis by insurance company Royal London has found that more than 3 million British workers are passing up approximately £2 billion ($2.53 billion) in employer pension contributions every year.
The rise of the £1million pension offer: As firms try to buy out final-salary members, what you must consider before taking the cash?
Source: Mail Online - 3rd July 2017
Record sums are being offered to workers to entice them to quit defined benefit pension schemes and invest the cash in a personal pension.
Don't delay pension cold calling ban and blocks on fraudulent pot transfers, Government warned by firms and campaigners
Source: Mail Online - 3rd July 2017
The Government is being urged to crack on with a pension cold-calling ban and blocks on suspicious pot transfers to help combat devastating scams.
Pension Deficits Fall as BOE Hints at Future Interest-Rate Hikes
Source: Bloomberg - 3rd July 2017
U.K. pension deficits fell to the lowest level since the end of 2015, dropping 10 percent in June as yields on government bonds rebounded.
5 powerful steps towards financial independence and retiring early
Source: AoL - 2nd July 2017
Many people dream of retiring early with enough money to be able to do as they please for the rest of their lives.
Don’t be too quick on the draw taking pension pot, says HARVEY JONES
Source: Express - 2nd July 2017
OLDER savers are enjoying a pension bonanza as buoyant stock markets drive their investments to record highs, but experts fear this is tempting thousands into a decision they may regret. 
Why retirement savers are ditching the 'do-it-yourself' approach in favor of target date investments
Source: Yahoo Finance - 2nd July 2017
It turns out "do-it-yourself" investing is not all that it's cracked up to be.
Employees saving for retirement in workplace 401(k) plans are increasingly eager (or willing) to autopilot their allocation and portfolio management decisions. 
3 Vexing Money Matters for Retirees
Source: Morning Star - 2nd July 2017
Reverse mortgages, credit snafus, and financial scams are especially troublesome for the retired, says contributor John Wasik.  
Savers warning: Pension tax relief could soon be SLASHED
Source: Express - 1st July 2017
SAVERS could lose out on generous tax relief offered on pensions in the wake of the new Government, experts have warned.  
EU pension plot EXPOSED: Bloc wants SINGLE pot where savings can be moved ACROSS STATES
Source: Express - 1st July 2017
THE retirement savings of millions of people across the European Union could be pooled into a single pension product that can be transferred across states, under plans revealed this week by the European Commission.  
PENSIONS WARNING: Could this tax loophole affect YOUR savings?
Source: Express - 1st July 2017
A PENSIONS warning has been issued by a former government minister amid fears hard-working savers are being short-changed thanks to a tax loophole. 
Here's how much money you need to save to retire on a beach and play golf all day by age 40
Source: Business Insider - 30th June 2017
How much you spend today — and how much you expect to spend in retirement — dictates how much you need to save before you can live your best life on a beach or golf course somewhere far away from the office. 
Britain is exporting droves of retirees to Spain, in exchange for young Spanish workers
Source: Quartz - 30th June 2017
Immigration was at the heart of the Brexit debate, yet little attention was paid to a key factor: the age of migrants coming in and out of the UK.
Four in ten millennials have no pension savings
Source: Director - 30th June 2017
New research from YouGov reveals 44 per cent of 18-34 year olds have no pension savings provision
UK the top exporter of insurance and pensions worldwide
Source: International Adviser - 30th June 2017
Britain is the world’s leading exporter of insurance and pension savings products, selling £13bn (€14.7bn, $16.8bn) to the rest of the world, according to latest figures released by the Association of British Insurers (ABI).
Over-65s are the biggest savers of any age group - and a quarter have had a savings account for more than 50 years
Source: This Is Money - 30th June 2017
Two thirds of pensioners are still saving in retirement, putting away more than any other age group, according to new research.
Britain is exporting droves of retirees to Spain, in exchange for young Spanish workers
Source: Which - 30th June 2017
Immigration was at the heart of the Brexit debate, yet little attention was paid to a key factor: the age of migrants coming in and out of the UK.
Women's pension income trails men's by £6,400 in 2017, as gender gap in retirement widens again
Source: Mail Online - 29th June 2017
  • Women are retiring on £14,300 this year and men on £20,700, finds Pru survey
  • The pension gender gap has got £1,100 bigger over the past year, bucking the general trend over the past 10 years
  • Pru said the rise in women's state pension age could have led to the wider gap
  • Women could be retiring despite not yet qualifying for the state pension, it says

ONS figures point to savers relying on property for their pension
Source: Citywire - 29th June 2017
Delving into the latest figures from the ONS, we find the latest retirement saving trends.
Guide to the pensions dashboard
Source: FT Adviser - 29th June 2017
  • Gain an understanding of whether the pensions industry is prepared for the launch of the pensions dashboard.
  • Comprehend the level of technology required for the dashboard and whether it signals the end of advice.
  • Learn about the pros and cons of the pensions dashboard

PENSIONS WARNING: Young workers sleepwalking into £9k cash shortfall by not saving enough
Source: Express - 29th June 2017
SEVEN in 10 younger workers are sleepwalking towards a £9,000 cash shortfall in their pension because they are not saving enough, experts have warned.
'EU pension' planned for people who move between countries
Source: The Guardian - 29th June 2017
European commission sets out proposals for pension that will let workers save seamlessly into one pot wherever they are
Retired women £6,400 worse off per year than men, finds study
Source: The Scotsman - 28th June 2017
Women entering retirement in 2017 will be £6,400 worse off a year on average than their male counterparts, according to a new survey which highlights a widening income gender gap among retirees.
Double blow for pensions: Millions of Britons face crisis in their retirement
Source: Express - 28th June 2017
MILLIONS of Britons could be sleepwalking towards a poverty stricken retirement, Government figures reveal.
A quarter of Scots 'are saving nothing for retirement'
Source: Insider - 28th June 2017
The Scottish Widows Adequate Savings Index reported the number of workers failing to put any money away for life ater work had risen 6% since last year
Million of Brits face poverty in retirement because they’ve not saved enough for their pensions
Source: The Sun - 28th June 2017
Shock reports say two thirds of us are not thinking ahead to funding our future after work
Gender gap of annual expected retirement income widens by £1,000 over last year
Source: Independent - 28th June 2017
Women retiring in 2017 can expect an average annual retirement income of £14,300, which is the second highest on record but down on the £14,500 for those retiring in 2016
State pension means testing will be necessary, says report
Source: Financial Times - 27th June 2017
People whose income is more than £30,000 should receive less, analysis recommends
Twenty million sleep-walking to a disappointing retirement
Source: Actuarial Post - 27th June 2017
Figures released by the ONS suggest that 20 million working-age adults (aged 16 to 64) may be sleep-walking towards a disappointing retirement.
Four in five savers are loath to give up valuable final salary pensions despite big cash offers
Source: Mail Online - 27th June 2017
Four out of five savers are loath to give up guaranteed and typically generous final salary pensions and only 3 per cent have done so, new research from Prudential suggests.
'Mum signed her life away': Retirement village charged woman, 97, with dementia $2,000-a-month to 'maintain' an apartment she'd left a year earlier - as Chinese company's bosses collected millions in profit
Source: Mail Online - 27th June 2017
Retirement village bosses at Aveo allegedly charged a 97-year-old woman with dementia $2,000 a month to 'maintain' an apartment despite the fact she moved out a year earlier.
State pension BOMBSHELL: Payments 'to be MEANS-TESTED for high-earners to stop crisis'
Source: Express - 27th June 2017
THE state pension will have to be means-tested for better-off pensioners to keep it affordable and fair for the poor, research suggests.
UK makes pension and healthcare pledge for British expats post-Brexit
Source: The Local - 27th June 2017
The UK Prime Minister Theresa May laid out the country's post-Brexit offer to EU nationals living in the UK on Monday, but also made some key pledges that may ease the worries of the tens of thousands of British expats in Spain.
Call to cut state pension for wealthy
Source: FT Adviser - 27th June 2017
An actuarial professor has advocated means testing as a a way of keeping the state pension age at 65 for both men and women
Tories pledge to protect uprating of British expats' pensions in the EU
Source: Citywire - 27th June 2017
The Conservatives have pledged to continue to uprate the state pension for British expats living in the EU, a policy document on Brexit has revealed.
Should you take your 25% tax-free pension lump sum? And are fears the Government could axe it justified?
Source: This Is Money - 27th June 2017
The chance to pocket a tax-free 25 per cent lump sum from your retirement fund when you stop working is one of the most popular perks of saving into a pension.
The political concerns you should have on your radar
Source: Investment & Pensions Europe - 26th June 2017
Panellists at last week’s IPE 360 conference in London highlighted a range of political concerns for investors – not all of which were necessarily on the radar yet.
Drawing on your pension? Your income limit could fall from July
Source: Your Money - 26th June 2017
Retirees drawing funds from their pension could see their income limit fall from 1 July. Here’s what you need to know and what action you can take to prevent a drop in retirement earnings.
State pension triple lock and winter fuel payouts for all are SAVED: Tory deal with DUP junks key manifesto promises
Source: Mail Online - 26th June 2017
Conservative plans to scrap the state pension triple lock and means test winter fuel payouts have been scrapped under the party's deal with the Democratic Unionist Party.
When it comes to retirement savings, millennials could use some help.
Source: Yahoo Finance - 26th June 2017
According to a recent Merrill Edge report, only about one third prioritized retirement as a savings goal. Instead, millennials are budgeting for things like travel, dining and fitness.
DUP deal: Tories drop changes to pensions triple lock and winter fuel payments to secure working majority
Source: Independent - 26th June 2017
The Tories have dropped changes to the triple lock for pensions and winter fuel payments in order to secure a deal for a with the Northern Irish DUP for a working majority.
'Bleed them dry until they die': Claims retirement villages are ripping off their elderly residents by charging $5 for a cup of Milo and $10 for BAND-AID
Source: Mail Online - 26th June 2017
A large Australian retirement village operator has been accused of operating under the motto of 'bleed them dry until they die'.
Triple locked saved as Tories announce deal with DUP
Source: FT Adviser - 26th June 2017
The state pension triple lock and winter fuel payments will be staying as part of a deal between the Conservative Party and the Democratic Unionist Party
Prudential pledges redress for pension customers
Source: FT Adviser - 25th June 2017
Prudential has pledged to provide ‘appropriate redress’ following reports customers have been hit financially by administrative issues with its recently launched Retirement Account
Should the triple lock be saved? Work and Pensions Secretary says 'ratchet effect' means it can't last - is he right?
Source: Mail Online - 24th June 2017
The state pension triple lock cannot last and could still be axed in 2020, according to Work and Pensions Secretary David Gauke.
Triple-lock on pensions will go eventually, says pensions secretary
Source: The Guardian - 22nd June 2017
‘Do I think in 10, 20, 30 years’ time we will still have a triple lock? I cannot see in all honesty how we can,’ says David Gauke
Pension advice call for workers with 'gold standard' retirement pots
Source: Express - 22nd June 2017
WORKERS with “gold standard” pensions will be better advised when tempted to cash them in, if regulators get their way.
Should you ditch your final salary pension? Watchdog proposes new advice for savers tempted by employers dangling huge incentives
Source: Mail Online - 22nd June 2017
People looking to transfer out of valuable final salary pensions must be advised in more personal detail on the benefits they will be giving up, watchdogs have proposed.
City watchdog enforces tighter rules to better protect pensioners with final salary schemes
Source: This Is Money - 22nd June 2017
Retirees tempted to cash in their final salary pensions will get better protection under new rules announced by the City watchdog.
Is the triple lock saved? Queen's Speech is silent on plans for stingier state pension rises - but it's still packed with plans that could affect your finances
Source: This Is Money - 22nd June 2017
A plan to ditch the state pension triple lock in 2020 was absent from today's shrunken Queen's Speech, along with a raft of other controversial Tory manifesto promises.
What happens to your pension when you die?
Source: Unbiased - 22nd June 2017
If you’ve made a will, well done. But the job’s not quite finished yet. Many people don’t realise that wills don’t cover pension pots – so you need to make separate arrangements. Chartered Financial Planner Carl Roberts explains.
How to grab a hidden £237 a year state pension boost: A million early retirees set to benefit from little-known loophole
Source: Mail Online - 21st June 2017
An estimated one million early retirees could boost their state pension for a knock-down price.
Average retired households 'handed over £7,400 in tax last year'
Source: Mirror - 21st June 2017
Pensioners charged £7,400 a year in tax each - the shocking amount the government is clawing back from retired Brits
Average retired households 'handed over £7,400 in tax last year'
Source: Yahoo Finance - 21st June 2017
Retired households handed over £7,400 typically in tax last year - the equivalent of nearly a third (30%) of their annual income, according to analysis.
Those nearing retirement planning to take £26K
Source: Moneyfacts - 21st June 2017
It's been over two years since the pension freedoms were introduced, opening up a whole raft of options for those nearing retirement to consider.
Over 50s ‘lurching like zombies’ towards retirement
Source: Your Money - 19th June 2017
The over 50s aren’t adequately preparing for retirement because they’re daunted by the prospect, a survey reveals.
U.K. Companies Least Able to Pay Pensions Since 2009 Recession
Source: Bloomberg - 19th June 2017
Some of Britain’s top companies are the least able to meet their pension obligations since the 2009 recession, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.
How pension freedoms boosted multi-asset investment
Source: FT Adviser - 19th June 2017
Hundreds of thousands of savers have cashed in £9.2bn from their retirements pots since pension freedoms were introduced in April 2015, according to the latest government figures (from January).
Are you losing £650 a year in free pension cash? Many employers toss extra into your pot if you do too
Source: Mail Online - 18th June 2017
More than three million workers are spurning an average £650 a year of free pension cash from employers, new research reveals.
British workers are missing out on ‘buy one, get one free’ pension offer
Source: The Guardian - 17th June 2017
Millions fail to take up an average of £650 a year through schemes that large employers offer
Pension savers 'missing out on top-ups'
Source: BBC - 17th June 2017
Workers are missing out on pension top-ups from their employers by only saving at a minimum level, research suggests.
Martin Lewis warns not claiming THIS benefit could be putting your pension at RISK
Source: Express - 17th June 2017
MARTIN LEWIS revealed some Britons could be missing out on a key benefit - and not applying for it could reduce your pension.
Five money-saving tips for pension planning
Source: FT Adviser - 17th June 2017
Pension planning can be complicated but there are ways to mitigate tax and maximise potential growth for your clients' retirement pots
Redundancy rate among over-50s hits record high
Source: The Actuary - 17th June 2017
One third of workers made redundant in the UK last year were aged over 50 – the highest proportion recorded this century, according to research by financial services company, Just.
Over-50s under pressure to look good as 230,000 baby boomers go under the knife for cosmetic ops
Source: The Sun - 17th June 2017
BABY boomers are opting for cosmetic procedures to keep them youthful after they hit the age of 50, new research suggests.
The Brexit and pensions fallout of a hung parliament
Source: Money Marketing - 16th June 2017
Brexit is set to take centre stage with pension policy reform pushed to the sidelines in the wake of the UK’s new political era.
Pensions gap widens between UK private and public sector
Source: Financial Times - 15th June 2017
Workers in the public sector are saving twice as much into their pensions than those in the private sector according to official data, with the gap widening over the past four years.
Pressure on pensions as Over-50s redundancy hits new high
Source: Actuarial Post - 15th June 2017
Over-50s accounted for more than one in three workers made redundant last year, the highest proportion this century, according to official figures that raise concerns about the pressure on private pensions to produce sustainable incomes.
Inflation is the hidden force to wreck retirement plans
Source: Actuarial Post - 15th June 2017
Andrew Tully, pensions technical director, Retirement Advantage commented: ‘Households across the UK will be left reeling from the latest inflation numbers.
Pensions minister 'musical chairs' sees Richard Harrington shifted aside by Government whip Guy Opperman
Source: Mail Online - 14th June 2017
A Government reshuffle has seen the job of Pensions Minister pass to Guy Opperman, following an 11-month stint in the post by predecessor Richard Harrington.
PENSION CHAOS: Election leaves retirees in the dark over pension tax rules
Source: Express - 13th June 2017
THE election result has left savers with a raft of unanswered questions over pension tax rules that must be urgently addressed, experts have warned.
Life really was better in the old days when there wasn't so much traffic and we didn't live our lives on the internet - but at least we can treat diseases and people don't smoke everywhere
Source: Mail Online - 13th June 2017
It's official - life really was 'better in the old days', according to a new study.
Cornwall is a hotspot for retired tenants as pensioners spend record £3.7bn on rent
Source: Cornwall Live - 13th June 2017
New research by the letting agency has revealed that pensioners have spent a record £3.7billionn on rent in the past year. 
How do we solve the DIY retiree problem?
Source: Money Marketing - 13th June 2017
Not only are too many people going it alone, many of those are making pretty complex decisions  
UK Millennials need to save £1 million for comfortable retirement
Source: Consultancy - 13th June 2017
Around £1 million is needed to retire with a similar quality of life to someone with around £24,000 per year in their mid-20s, a new study from Mazars has revealed.  
‘Saved more money than anything’ Is this the REAL reason Osborne sped up pension changes?
Source: Express - 13th June 2017
CLAIMS George Osborne that the pension changes would “deliver dignity in retirement” have been thrown into doubt after newly unearthed footage reveals the former Chancellor might have had other motives.  
Dutch government fears losing UK as partner on EU pensions
Source: Investment & Pensions Europe - 12th June 2017
The Dutch government has added its voice to concerns from the country’s pension funds that the UK’s exit from the European Union will mean the loss of an ally on pension matters.  
UK Workers’ Expect to Retire Early, But May Not Be Saving Enough
Source: Chief Investment Officer - 12th June 2017
A new report from insurance company Prudential says British workers expect to retire well before state pension age, but they may be disappointed as one in 10 won’t begin saving for retirement until they are 46.
Pensions triple lock: What is the triple lock and will Theresa May get rid of it?
Source: Express - 12th June 2017
THE Conservative Party’s failure to win a majority could spell an end for Theresa May’s plan to remove the triple lock on pensions.
BMW workers reject new offer in pensions dispute
Source: BBC - 12th June 2017
Workers at car giant BMW have voted to reject an offer aimed at resolving a long-running dispute over pensions.
Renting on a pension - all time high in people who have no job or home in retirement
Source: Mirror - 12th June 2017
Imagine if after a lifetime of work you still couldn't afford a home, and now were forced to spend the rest of your life renting on a pension - it's now more likely than ever
PENSION WARNING: Tory MP reveals the party will 'tear up key pledge' to seal DUP deal
Source: Sunday Express - 11th June 2017
OWEN Paterson has admitted this morning that the Tories would "tear up" a key pledge for pensioners in order to secure power with a DUP deal.
Altmann: Tory campaign took older votes for granted
Source: Citywire - 10th June 2017
The ‘appalling’ election campaign run by the Conservatives neglected the older vote in favour of chasing younger people, says former Tory pensions minister Ros Altmann.
Will the triple lock stay? Election stalemate means pensioners look set to keep the golden promise
Source: This Is Money - 10th June 2017
Pensioners have been handed a boost after the Conservatives’ plans to scrap the state pension ‘triple lock’ from 2020 were thrown into disarray in the wake of today’s shock general election result.
REVEALED: This trick helps YOU to avoid thousands of pounds in pension tax
Source: Express - 9th June 2017
SAVERS taking cash from their pensions have been urged to use a simple trick to reduce the risk of overpaying thousands of pounds in extra tax.
Amber Rudd knocks Thornberry's Labour retirement pledge for six with devastating jibe
Source: Express - 9th June 2017
Amber Rudd knocks Thornberry's Labour retirement pledge for six with devastating jibe
Survey reveals what Baby Boomers want from retirement property
Source: Buy Association - 8th June 2017
As the UK population continues to age the property market needs to be increasingly in tune with the needs and wants of what is currently an under-represented market sector
Paying ‘excessive’ care costs could put over 50s off saving, survey finds
Source: LocalGov - 7th June 2017
A third of over 50s say if they had to pay care costs down to their last £100,000 they would not save for their future, survey reveals.
Election UK 2017: What happens to pensions if the Conservatives or Labour win?
Source: Express - 7th June 2017
LABOUR has accused the Conservatives of “ditching pensioners” in their Tory manifesto. But how will the general election result affect your pension?
Women get 40 per cent less than men in retirement
Source: iNews - 7th June 2017
Women can expect to receive 40 per cent less than men in retirement, with a pensions pay gulf twice as large as the wage gap leaving many facing poverty in their older years.
Setting care cap too high will stop us saving, say over 50s
Source: Moneywise - 7th June 2017
Over 50s are willing to pay towards the cost of social care, but if the government expects them to pay too much, it will discourage them from saving.
Why pension dashboard must be free to users
Source: FT Adviser - 7th June 2017
No-one thinks it is a good idea for the customer to pay for a pensions dashboard, Ben Cocks, director Altus Business Systems and Consulting, has warned
How to make your money go further in retirement
Source: Moneyfacts - 6th June 2017
When you're retired, money is undoubtedly a key concern – or more specifically, how to make sure you've got enough of it, with many worried that their money won't last.
The best value destinations for Brits retiring abroad
Source: AoL - 6th June 2017
Brexit hasn't killed off our desire to retire overseas. The draw of better weather - combined with a lower cost of living and a slower pace of life - means we're as keen to retire in the sun as ever.
Young people want to scrap pensions triple lock
Source: AoL - 6th June 2017
Young people want to see the state pension triple lock axed. It's easy to see why, as they will shoulder much of the burden for paying for it, but they could be making a huge mistake.
New study shows what kind of homes older people in UK want in retirement
Source: Property Wire - 6th June 2017
The majority of older people in the UK have no plans in place for what kind of property they want to live in as the move through retirement, according to new research.
Smart Pension backed by Norway's richest family
Source: FT Adviser - 6th June 2017
One of Norway's richest families is buying a stake in a British provider of auto-enrolment pensions, according to reports
UK’s state pension SHAME: How women born in 'abandoned decade' feel 'robbed' & penalised'
Source: Sunday Express - 4th June 2017
CONTROVERSIAL state pension changes which saw retirement ages pushed back have meant many 1950s women have been left feeling 'penalised' after losing thousands in their pensions.
Putting off retirement by five years could DOUBLE amount of pension received each month
Source: Express - 4th June 2017
WORKING five years longer can almost double the amount of pension received each month, new figures show.
Retiring five years later than planned could add £46,000 to pension pot
Source: Independent - 3rd June 2017
Retiring five years later could boost British workers’ pension income by a staggering two thirds according to the latest data, after news that thousands of people fear running out of money in old age.
The Tory treatment of women approaching state pension age may cost them in this election
Source: iNews - 3rd June 2017
As Women’s Editor for i, I’ve been examining the issues at the heart of this election that primarily affect women.
More than half of Scots 'choosing to retire early'
Source: STV News - 3rd June 2017
More than half of people retiring in Scotland this year will be doing so earlier than expected, a new survey shows.
Thousands of former workers at Hoover face a retirement hit after the appliance maker's owner refused lifeline
Source: Mirror - 2nd June 2017
The Italian company that closed Hoover's two UK factories and moved production to China, sparking hundreds of job losses, says no to pension scheme bail-out
‘UK faces a pensions time-bomb’
Source: Money Marketing - 2nd June 2017
World Economic Forum calls for the lifetime allowance to be scrapped and faster pension age rises to tackle a potential £25trn savings gap
Six out of 10 still retire before state pension age
Source: FT Adviser - 2nd June 2017
Younger generations may be forced to work well into their 70s yet the early retirement dream lives on for many baby boomers retiring this year., according to Prudential.
Retirement age must move as life expectancy grows, says WEF
Source: The Register - 2nd June 2017
The ratio of people in the workforce to those in retirement will fall from 8:1 to 4:1 by 2050 if retirement ages do not change, and the global economy will not be able to bear the burden, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has said
Millennials can't rely on the state pension and need to save more and prepare to work for longer, warns IMF
Source: Mail Online - 2nd June 2017
Millennials cannot rely on the state pension and need to take steps now and save more into their retirement fund, a new report has warned.
More than HALF of Britons retiring this year are giving up work earlier than expected
Source: Express - 2nd June 2017
MORE than half of Britons retiring this year are doing so earlier than they had expected, according to new research.
Millions quitting work early - and it's costing them £1,250 a year.... how to retire younger and get it right
Source: Mirror - 2nd June 2017
More people are now quitting work early than sticking it out to their official retirement age as the daily grind wears people down - but it's costing them huge amounts and it doesn't need to
How much is the triple lock worth? The state pension safeguard the Tories plan to ditch would cost you £115k if you bought it yourself
Source: Mail Online - 1st June 2017
If the Conservatives win the day on the 8 June, you can kiss goodbye to the state pension triple lock as they plan to downgrade it to a double lock instead.
UK’s state pension SHAME: How millions born in 'abandoned decade' were 'ROBBED' of £106bn
Source: Express - 1st June 2017
CONTROVERSIAL state pension changes which saw retirement ages pushed back have meant 1950s women have have lost out on a staggering £106 billion, the can reveal.
Wales named as early retirement capital of UK
Source: ITV - 1st June 2017
Wales is the early retirement capital of the UK, according to Prudential.